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Eve Pillow Review


Written by Kyle

Last Updated: 1st January, 2022

Before we start this Eve pillow review, we have to mention that this review is on the Eve memory foam pillow.

From the three pillows, Eve has to offer, the Eve memory foam is by far the most popular as it appeals to the majority of sleepers here in the UK. The carefully thought out pillow design with clever cooling memory foam structure makes this pillow one to keep in mind.

Let us begin the Eve pillow review, SUMMARY AT THE END.

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Pillow Construction

To start this Eve pillow review we take a look deep inside. The core of the pillow is a soft yet supportive visco-elastic memory foam portion. Eve has always been known for their leading foam materials and the pillow is no exception. The foam has an OEKO-TEX® Class 1 label for safety, which in laymen terms means it follows the strictest limit values making it safe enough for babies and toddlers. Additionally, Eve also treated the pillow with an antimicrobial shield, which sanitises and eliminates harmful microbes and bacteria present.

eve pillow layers review uk
(Image credit: Eve)

The Eve pillow is created by a product design team in London and is manufactured in the European Union.

Eve Memory Foam Pillow Cover

The Eve memory foam pillow cover is made from 100% polyester which is an optimal material as polyester is shrinking and wrinkle resistant. It's also engineered and sown in such a way to allow for airflow making it very breathable.

If you are an allergy sufferer you'll be thrilled to know that the surface of the Eve pillow is hypoallergenic, which means it is highly unlikely to cause any sort of allergic reaction.

A great feature the Eve pillow has which is an absolute must in today's world is a washable cover. To keep a fresh and hygienic cover, Eve has made the cover removable and machine washable at up to 40° so you can wash it as often as you like. However, if you are looking to cover it you will be glad to know the pillow perfectly fits a standard pillow cover size 50x70 cm or 50x75.

eve pillow cover review
(Image credit: Eve)


In this case, the Eve pillow is composed of only one core layer.

  • The core memory foam (visco-elastic). Memory foam is known to be slow in response meaning it will mould to the shape of your head and give added pressure relief where necessary.

If you were wondering why there are holes throughout the foam its because this gives way to airflow that way you never have to turn the pillow to find the cool spot as it will be cooled all around.

Eve memory foam pillow layer
(Image credit: Eve)

Support & Comfort

As previously mentioned this is Eve's most popular pillow model and its no surprise as to why. Eve has found the optimal combination, not too hard and not too sinky which is why they have received so many great customer reviews. Memory foam is an ideal material as it cushions the head and supports the spine in every position, making it a great option for variable sleepers.

eve pillow support
(Image credit: Eve)

Eve Pillow Trial

Eve will deliver the memory foam pillow at no additional charge, you will then have a 30-night trial which means exactly what it says. 30 nights to try the pillow and if you are not 100% convinced you can send it back.

Finally, the Eve pillow is covered by a 3-year guarantee. Eve makes it very simple, if it fails within 3 years they will replace it with a brand new one.

Eve Pillow Price & Size

As we get to a close in this Eve pillow review we would like to mention that it is very well priced for the materials used when compared to other pillows here in the UK. Please check out our DISCOUNTS PAGE so you can get the best price for your pillow.

42x66x13 cm£59

*prices and availability may be subject to change

Should I Buy an Eve Pillow?

To conclude this Eve pillow review, we have summarised the most important points below and have also included a review score breakdown. If you are looking to see where it compares against other pillows head on over to our 10 Best Pillows UK page. We would recommend the Eve pillow if you are looking for:

  • A breathable and balanced pillow great for any sleeping position.
  • A memory foam pillow that is very well priced.
  • A pillow with a trial period and guarantee.
Eve Pillow Review
Material Quality
Value for Money
30-night trial
3-year guarantee
Free delivery
Machine washable cover

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