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Eve Baby Mattress Review


Written by Kyle

Last Updated: 1st January, 2022

In this Eve Baby mattress review, we will look at the award-winning toddler edition mattress from Eve UK. Filled with cooling properties, waterproof layers to protect from leaks, a mix of memory foams, springs and a lovely cloud-patterned cover. The hybrid design, making use of springs and foam, will have babies backs as they grow. 

The Eve baby mattress is full of wonderous design features and materials, all there to make a better, cleaner, supportive and more comfortable place for your child. It makes sense that this mattress would be full of special details, as one of the most important parts of growth, in infants, is time to rest and rest well.

Come along as we discover what Eve has in store for us with the Eve Baby mattress. We recommend you take your time and go through the whole in-depth review but if you feel like skipping the detailed review ahead just scroll to the (SUMMARY AT THE END)

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Eve Baby Mattress Construction 

The Eve baby mattress has 5 unique layers which are wrapped up in a lovely cloud-patterned cover. The cover is made from a super breathable material and Eve has given it an antibacterial treatment to keep the bugs at bay from your child.

The middle layer is a spring layer. The Eve baby mattress has a layer of springs, these are pocket size and move individually. This helps with support as your baby moves. 

Surrounding the spring layer, the Eve Baby mattress has a high-density foam layer on either side (top and bottom). This layer is to ensure that the mattress doesn’t dip or loose any of the all-important support.

The last layer is a waterproofing PVC layer. This layer surrounds the foam and springs, ensuring the mattress stays free from any spills or liquids penetrating deep into the mattress.

The Eve Baby mattress is designed by leading professionals in London and made in the UK. Since the Eve baby mattress is for children, they meet UK regulatory and safety requirements. Additionally, the foam used is CentiPur certified, meaning it contains no harmful CFO’s or other chemicals. To a further point, the foam used meets the British nursery standards requirements. Which are the BS 1877-10:2011+A1:2012 and BS 7177-2008+A1:2011 standards. So all this means is that this is a well regulated and governed baby product.

eve baby mattress layers review
(Image credit: Eve)

Eve Baby Mattress Cover Review

The Eve baby mattress cover is made up of side panels and a top panel. The side panels are 100% polyester spacer panels, and the top panel is a 100% polyester Carefull® fabric. Eve makes use of Argentum fabrics, these contain silver ions that have natural antibacterial properties. The process here, of sterilising the surface is a natural one and thanks to silicon being used, the fabrics are soft and durable. This design allows for up to 400 times more breathability than regular mattress fabrics and even wicks away moisture.

The Eve baby mattress cover can be unzipped with ease and popped into the wash at 60 degrees Celsius.

eve baby bed cover review
(Image credit: Eve)

Eve Baby Mattress Layers 

1. Waterproof Protector Layer    

The first and last layer of the Eve Baby mattress design is the waterproof protector layer that surrounds both the springs and foam layers. This layer helps keep bugs out of the breathable spaces between the springs and away from the foam layer. The waterproofing also protects the inner layers from any leaks, spills or baby doo-doos.

top waterproof protector
(Image credit: Eve)

2. High-Density Foam Layer   

Surrounding the springs is a high-density foam layer. This layer prevents the mattress from sagging and is a nursery grade foam. Additionally, this layer protects the springs and provides a comfortable sleeping surface for your baby.

1 eve baby foam layer
(Image credit: Eve)

3. Pocket Spring Layer   

The premium springs used in the Eve Baby mattress are high-quality, individual pocket springs. The individual aspects mean that your baby will be supported even when they move. The springs react to pressure and move one by one, this allows the rest of the springs to remain supportive as your baby moves. The individual springs allow for breathability, meaning that air can pass through the mattress keeping your baby at a cool resting temperature.

eve baby pocket springs
(Image credit: Eve)

4. Foam Layer

Here we have the second foam layer to keep the springs in place and add that extra comfort. This layer also serves as a base and foundation for the springs to lay on.

2 eve baby foam layer
(Image credit: Eve)

5. Protector Layer   

As previously mentioned the waterproof panel is at the top and bottom of the mattress ensuring the mattress does not allow any leaks or liquids to get deep into the mattress.

bottom waterproof protector
(Image credit: Eve)

How Thick Is the Eve Baby Mattress?

The Eve Baby mattresses are 10cm in depth to prevent any dipping or sagging with use. Eve also states that their mattress is well suited for babies from birth until your child turns six.

Mattress Firmness 

As toddlers up to the age of 6 can weigh around 20 kg. This Eve Baby mattress is well equipped with the layers to be supportive until this age.

eve baby mattress firmness review
(Image credit: The Mattress Guide)

Mattress Design 

The Eve Baby mattress top cover is a clean white colour, with the cloud-patterned finish, giving it that extra detail. The mattress is complete with yellow side panels creating a simple yet creative design. Eve's Baby mattress can fit on a smaller frame or in one of Eve’s cots.

eve baby design and colour
(Image credit: Eve)

Eve Baby Mattress Trial and Warranty 

The Eve Baby mattress comes with a 30-night risk-free trial. If this isn’t the mattress for you and your baby then Eve will collect the mattress for free and give you a full refund. If you can’t wait for Eve to collect, then they also have a no-hassle return policy. Where you can get a label, via email from Eve, and use this label to send it to Eve using UPS. Eve will refund your ‘delivery’ once they have received it. 

The Eve baby mattress comes with a 5-year guarantee. This means that if the mattress fails within the 5 years period, Eve will exchange it for you. Considering the mattress can be used until your baby turns 6, its safe to say they will outgrow the mattress before it fails. 

Eve Baby Mattress Delivery 

The Eve Baby mattress is delivered straight to your doorstep for free within the UK. Deliveries take up to 3 working days from when the order was placed. The time slots for deliveries are between 8 am and 7 pm.

Additional Services Offered by Eve

The Eve baby mattress can also be delivered on the day of your choice, with the additional cost included. You can choose to receive your package between 8 am and 7 pm (from £6) or between 8 am and 2 pm (from £10) on a day of your choice. 

Next day delivery is available if you order before 12 pm between Monday and including Thursday, or before 11 am on a Friday.

Payment Options

  • Debit/Credit Card  
  • Paypal

Eve Baby Mattress Price and Sizes

An Eve Baby mattress review would not be complete without a sizing and pricing list. Below you can find the standard prices for the little mattress.

For discounts, check our SAVINGS HERE for the best possible price. 

SIZEDIMENSIONSPRICE (excl. discount code)
Eve Baby cot size mattress60x120x10 cm£149
Eve Cot bed size mattress70x140x10 cm£169

Eve Baby Mattress Customer Reviews

Apart from our Eve Baby mattress review, here are many Eve customers that are very pleased with their purchases, this is evident in the customer reviews.

Eve Baby Mattress Awards

The Eve Baby mattress is known in the baby and toddler domain here in the UK. Take a look at the awards and associations Eve is included in. The Eve baby mattress also came top on our Best Cot Bed Mattress picks.

  1. The Mattress Guide Best Cot Bed Mattress
  2. Junior Design Awards
  3. Baby Products Association Member

Should I Buy an Eve Baby Mattress? 

If you’re looking for a great mini hybrid for your mini person, then Eve’s award-winning baby mattress might end your search right here. Designed and made in the UK, it gives your baby the supportive, safe and clean sleep they need as they grow. So clean in fact, thanks to natural antibacterial properties of the materials used by Eve. Available in two sizes, the mattress is suitable for your baby from birth until they turn six.

To finish off this Eve Baby mattress review, we would recommend the Baby edition from Eve if you want a:

  • Well recognised baby mattress.
  • Waterproof option.
  • Mattress with excellent feedback from customers.
Up to 45% OFF
eve discount code voucher uk
Eve Discount Voucher Code
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Eve Baby Mattress Review Summary
Material Quality
Motion Isolation
Edge Support
Company Reputation
Value for Money
30-night trial
5-year guarantee
Free delivery to your door
Antibacterial and breathable Waterproof lining
Great customer reviews
No mattress handles

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Material Quality
Motion Isolation
Edge Support
Company Reputation
Value for Money
Final Score


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