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Emma vs Simba Mattress Review


Written by Kyle

Last Updated: 1st January, 2022

Welcome to our Emma vs Simba mattress review, today we compare two of the biggest names in the UK bed-in-a-box industry, Emma and Simba. At The Mattress Guide we regard both mattresses highly however there are some differences you should be made aware of in order to make a better decision.

This Emma vs Simba comparison is based on the best awarded Emma Original mattress and the ever so popular Simba Hybrid mattress, comparing them side by side for you to get a better idea of which one is more suited for you and your needs.

Comparison table in conclusion

Although we cover the main differences in this Emma vs Simba comparison we would highly recommend looking at our full detailed reviews below:

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Emma vs Simba Mattress Construction

This part of the comparison looks at all the layers including the cover. It is important to understand the materials used as these produce different effects and depending on your unique sleeping needs they can be more or less suitable to you.

We will break it down layer by layer to see where they differ in terms of materials and construction, starting from top to bottom.

Cover Comparison

Emma Cover

The Emma mattress cover is made from 100% polyester which is a very versatile material. The 3D meshed cover allows for better air circulation for those hotter nights. Emma had also made the cover very practical by including 4 handles for manoeuvring and making the cover machine washable for easy maintenance.

Simba Cover

The Simba cover is an impressive 700g hand-knitted cover which gives it that extra comfort. Just as the Emma cover it is also 100% polyester with a diamond stitching pattern to allow for more breathability and also has handles on the side. What's great about the Simba cover is that it is hypoallergenic making it great for those prone to allergies.

Both covers are soft and made with comfort in mind. The Emma cover scores a few extra points for being machine washable as it just makes cleaning a mess as easy as possible. That way you can always be sure to keep your mattress cover fresh on a regular basis. However, we do have to add the hypoallergenic properties of the Simba are great, especially if you are inclined to having allergies. The handles on the Simba also feel a bit more sturdy than the Emma ones.

Materials & Layer Comparison

Now when we compare the Emma and Simba mattress we have to keep in mind we are comparing a memory foam mattress with a hybrid mattress. The Emma Original mattress is foam only mattress whereas the Simba Hybrid as its name suggests is a mix of traditional springs and foam layers.

All-foam mattresses tend to be excellent at adapting to your body, providing a hugging sensation which some people love and some don't. Hybrid and pocket-sprung mattresses tend to be more supportive and bouncy which can be great when sleeping alone, but sometimes not ideal when sleeping next to a partner.

*Emma also has a hybrid mattress available take a look at our Emma Hybrid mattress review for more info.

Emma Layers

The Emma Original mattress is made up of 3 simple layers:

  • Airgocell® - This is Emma's secret weapon when it comes to cloud-like comfort and breathability. This trademarked layer is an open-cell polyfoam which has greater air pockets than regular polyurethane foam.
  • Memory foam - Memory foam has the ability to relieve the pressure with its slow response. This layer conforms to the shape of your body to create constant comfort in any position.
  • Base layer - This is where most of the support comes from and what is great about this layer is it is also castellated which means it has cut-outs in certain regions in order to keep your spine aligned.

Simba Layers

Inside the Simba Hybrid mattress, you will find 4 layers that are very similar to those from Emma with the addition of a mini-spring layer:

  • Simba-Pure® layer - Similarly to the Emma the Simba also has an open-cell top layer which is great for sleeping cool with the difference that Simba has also added graphite to it, which is said be great at transferring heat away from the sleeper's body.
  • Mini pocket springs - The mini springs are conically shaped to allow for better contraction and individual responsiveness. A UK king size mattress will have about 2,500 of these springs.
  • High-Definition foam layer - Used as a transition between the upper and lower levels and to contour the shape of your foam. It features edge-lift technology which is meant to give you great support from edge to edge.
  • Polyfoam base foam - Adds aid in the form of support and also includes zoning areas to allow for more sinkage for extruding areas like the hip and shoulder area.

From the layers, we can agree they are very similar in terms of the materials used and the order of them. The main difference is the Simba mattress has no memory foam layer but an extra mini pocket spring layer for an added bounce (slightly as they are mini).

Keep in mind that generally the more bounce a mattress has the more motion transfer it also has, so you will need to find the right fit for you and your situation.

Comparing Firmness & Feel

*Emma also has a hybrid mattress available take a look at our Emma Hybrid mattress review for more info.

Emma Firmness

As Emma is trying to make the perfect mattress for all sleeping types they have opted to create a medium feel mattress. On our virtual scale, we have rated it about a 6.5/10 with 10 being the firmest.

Simba Firmness

With Simba also made to appeal to the majority of UK sleepers a 6.5/10 on the firmness scale is given to the Simba Hybrid mattress.

As both brands are online it is wise to create a firmness that would suit the majority of sleepers whether they are side, back or variable sleepers. As both are regarded medium feel mattresses it is important to take note of our comments on the bounce and motion transfer trade-off which will affect the feel.

Those sleeping with a restless partner might prefer the Emma while those who enjoy a bit of extra bounce might want to go for the Simba.

Simba Vs Emma For Couples

As we've already mentioned, getting a new mattress for yourself is different from getting a new mattress for yourself and your partner. In the lucky case of you both having similar preferences when it comes to firmness, materials and types of mattresses, you still need to find one that isn't gonna wake both of you up when someone shifts position in bed.

Most mattresses today come with pretty good motion isolation but it is known that all-foam mattresses tend to be even better at this than mattresses that include springs. On the plus-side, hybrid and pocket-sprung mattresses give a nice, springy feel to the mattress which can be great for sex and to easier shift position as they less hugging than foam mattresses.

Emma Motion Isolation

The Emma Original mattress is said to be great at isolating motion and our tests confirm it. Despite heavy bouncing, very little motion is transferred over to the opposite side of the mattress.

Simba Motion Isolation

The Simba also showed great results on our motion transfer tests for being a hybrid model. Compared to the Emma we can notice a bit more movement on the opposite side of the bouncing, however the difference is very small.

Once again we see that the difference is very small between the two mattresses, although the Emma shows slightly better results for motion isolation. Worth keeping in mind is the fact that the springs in the Simba are very small which can provide better motion isolation compared to a hybrid with larger springs.

Pressure Relief Comparison

Proper pressure relief is important in a mattress and especially so for people who suffer from pains and aches in different joints of their bodies. A good mattress should be able to take pressure off critical point such as your shoulders or your hips where most of your body weight is placed when you lay down.

Foam mattresses are often good at providing pressure relief and memory foam is usually the best option if this is important to you. Both the Emma and the Simba provided very good results in our tests but it's clear to see that the Emma, an all-foam mattress that contains a layer of memory foam, performs a bit better than the Simba which contains a layer of springs and no memory foam.

Emma Pressure Relief Results

Simba Pressure Relief Results

Emma vs Simba Comparison

For this Emma vs Simba mattress comparison review, we wanted to make your life a bit easier and provide a simple table comparing the major aspects.

TypeMemory FoamHybrid
Cover(100% polyester) with handles and machine washable100% polyester with handles
Top LayerAirgocell® (3cm) Simbatex® Open-Cell (4cm)
Layer 2Memory Foam (2cm)Conical Pocket Spring Layer (2cm)
Layer 3Polyfoam Base (19cm)Memory Foam Layer (3,5cm)  
Layer 4NAPolyfoam (15,5cm) 
Max Weight (2 people)20 stone or 130kg per person18 stone or 114kg per person
DeliveryFree, 2-5 business daysFree, 3 business days
Price £449-£899£649-£1,109
DiscountsBest Emma Discounts CompilationBest Simba Discounts Compilation
Our ReviewEmma RatingSimba Rating
Although we update The Mattress Guide regularly, data and information can be changed by the manufacturers/ brands. Please confirm with the mattress company before purchasing.

Should I Buy an Emma or Simba

Although both mattresses are very well received by the public there are some slight differences but if you are not sure both offer a 200-night trial so you can change your mind if you find you aren't 100% satisfied with your purchase. Always remember to read the fine prints before getting a mattress with a trial.

The Simba Hybrid is a great mattress for those who are looking for a mattress with a bit of bounce that is breathable and supportive in most sleeping positions. The presence of springs and the absence of memory foam could help you sleep slightly cooler in the Simba compared to the Emma.

If what you're looking for is a easily maintained mattress for you and your partner to sleep comfortably and undisturbed then you might want to go for the Emma. The combination of foam and memory foam tends to please most sleepers and it is supportive while providing excellent pressure relief throughout the night.

We have also created our top mattresses in the UK right now if you want to head on over there to see where the Emma and Simba rank.

We Would Recommend Buying an Emma Mattress if you are Looking For:

Emma vs Simba mattress comparison
  • A balanced memory foam mattress.
  • A mattress with excellent accolades and awards.
  • A durable and easily maintained mattress.

We Would Recommend Buying a Simba Mattress if you are Looking For:

41% OFF
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Simba Discount Voucher Code
T&Cs apply.
T&Cs apply. Show Less
Mattress comparison Emma vs Simba
  • A hybrid mattress made from a variety of unique layers.
  • A well-rounded mattress made from high-quality materials.
  • A mattress created from data of millions of sleepers.

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  1. This is a very well written article. I still think I will buy the Simba Hybrid. Your comprehensive information has reinforced the reasons for my choice. Thank you.

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