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Emma Select Mattresses Now At Furniture Village


Written by Andrea

Last Updated: 31st December, 2021

Furniture Village has announced it is the first major UK retailer to stock the new range of mattresses by Emma, called Emma Select. The three different types of mattresses all feature their own special sleep technology in order to be able to offer a suitable option to all types of sleepers, no matter what your preferences are.

These mattresses are said to be some of the most advanced Emma mattresses so far and each mattress comes in two different comfort levels: hybrid/medium or firm. All in all the line includes six mattresses for you to choose from and in this article, we're taking a closer look at all of them.

The mattresses can be bought online through Furniture Village but you can also try them out in-store in case you are hesitant towards buying a mattress online, based only on reviews and recommendations.

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Emma Select SmartFoam or HybridMedium & Firm21cmExtra body support100 Nights
20 Years
Emma Select HelixFoam or HybridMedium & Firm23cmTemperature regulation100 Nights
20 Years
Emma Select DiamondFoam or HybridMedium & Firm25cmBody support & temperature regulation100 Nights
20 Years
Prices are referring to the single size. Information may be subject to change, please check with the brand/manufacturer before purchasing.

1. Emma Select Smart Mattress

emma select smart mattress
(Image credit: Furniture Village)
• Adaptable, open-pored AquaGEL foam
• Removable and washable cover
• Reduced motion transfer
• Sleepers looking for added body support
• Couples
• Most sleeping positions

One of the mattresses in the Emma Select range is their Smart mattress that is designed to offer excellent body support to those who need it, even when changing their sleeping position throughout the night. It features HRX foam layers both as top and base layers, which are meant to provide pressure relief in critical spots, such as around the hips and in the shoulder area.

The HRX foam base layer is also zoned, which is made to help keep the sleeper's spine correctly aligned while sleeping and thus prevent future back problems. On top of the base layer sits an open-pored AquaGEL foam layer that is meant to adapt to the sleeper's body for a more ergonomic sleep. The hybrid version also features a pocket spring core apart from the previously mentioned foam layers. If you're looking for a bit more bounce in your mattress, the hybrid version might be a good pick for you.

For practical reasons the cover of this mattress comes with handles for easy manoeuvering, is removable and washable at 40ºC.

2. Emma Select Helix Mattress

emma select helix mattress
(Image credit: Furniture Village)
• Airflow vents to let hot air out
• Helix foam with continuous zoning
• Body-contouring Visco foam
• Hot sleepers
• Restless sleepers
• People in need of improved spinal alignment

If you are a hot sleeper looking for a mattress that can help to regulate your temperature while sleeping, the Emma Helix from the Select range could be just the one for you. This mattress is designed to optimise breathability thanks to its various channels of airflow, such as the two zoned foam layers as well as airflow vents to let the hot air out of the mattress.

The second layer of this mattress uses advanced Helix foam that is continuously zoned, which can also help with spinal alignment. The base layer is made of HRX foam with a grooved core in order to add even more breathability to the mattress and to provide pressure relief to the sleeper. The top layer is made of adaptive Visco foam and works together with the HRX foam to further enhance pressure relief while offering comfortable body contouring. For added breathability, to your Helix mattress you could opt for the hybrid version which also features a core layer of pocket springs. This can allow for even more airflow through the mattress, helping to keep you cooler at night.

The Emma Helix also comes with a removable and washable cover that has handles on the side for you to easily flip your mattress. The bottom also has an anti-slip coating in order for your Helix mattress to stay safely in place.

3. Emma Select Diamond Mattress

emma select diamond mattress
(Image credit: Furniture Village)
• Diamond degree graphite foam
• Can help prolong deep sleep phases
• Enhanced body support and pressure relief
• Sleepers with a larger budget
• Hot sleepers
• Persons looking for reduced motion transfer

The Emma Diamond mattress has, according to the brand, been engineered for those looking for an even deeper and more regenerating sleep. It's the most luxurious member of the Emma Select range and comes at a higher price point as it contains a layer of diamond degree graphite foam. This layer features a technology that includes graphite particles that are meant to dissipate excess heat from the sleeper's body out of the mattress.

This can help the sleeper achieving the ideal body temperature quicker and also prolong the deep sleep phases, making the sleeper waking up feeling more rested. There are also two additional foam layers in this mattress. One is an adaptive comfort foam that is designed to provide pressure relief and one zoned HRX foam layer for additional body support and enhanced spinal alignment. Finally a core pocket spring layer for added breathability and bounce effect.

The Emma Diamond also comes with a removable cover that is machine washable up to 40ºc and features the side handles commonly seen on Emma mattresses which come in handy when you want to rotate your mattress.

Emma Select Mattresses At Furniture Village

The Emma Select range is available online and in Furniture Village’s 54 nationwide stores. This is in fact one of the few places where you can try out an Emma mattress before buying it, which is something that some customers worry about.

This mattress range stands out from the other Emma mattresses as they have all been specially designed to help with a particular sleep problem. The Emma experts have engineered this line in Germany and the result is six different mattresses with three different technologies to help you fall asleep faster as well as sleeping longer and more comfortably.

emma select mattresses hybrid or firm
(Image credit: Furniture Village)

Make sure to pinpoint what needs you have at night and which aren't being met at the moment. If you are looking for better body support, the Smart mattress is your ally. If you are easily overheating at night or waking up several times during the night, feeling unrested in the morning check out the Helix and the Diamond mattresses for improved airflow.

Emma Select Mattresses 100-Night Trial

The Emma mattress follows a free trial concept. You can try the mattress for 100 nights and if you find the mattress is not the right one for you, you can then contact the customer support team and they can arrange to collect it for you and offer you a refund.

Keep in mind that the mattress will need a mattress protector throughout the time of use if you will want to return it.

About Furniture Village

Furniture Village has been around since 1989 when they opened their first store in Abingdon, Oxfordshire. Their philosophy of offering high-quality furniture at a great price has remained the same for over thirty years now and today they are the largest independent furniture retailer in Britain with 54 stores across the country.

furniture village mattresses
(Image credit: Furniture Village)

Their stores are spacious and bright and filled with everything you could desire for your home, offering different styles for every room and making sure there's something suitable for everyone's taste. Furniture Village takes great pride in caring for every detail of the process and making sure that the customers can enjoy an excellent shopping experience, as well as continued service after the sale.


The Furniture Village philosophy seems to be a winning concept as the brand has won several awards over the years, such as the Furniture Industry's Retailer of the Year Award on multiple occasions. They have also gotten the title of Bed Retailer of the Year two years and been awarded Retail Family Business of the Year in 2020.

furniture village awards
(Image credit: Furniture Village)

Why Buy A Mattress From Furniture Village?

Apart from their award-winning shopping experience and customer service, there are many other reasons behind the success of Furniture Village. The brand champions traditional, British craftsmanship and mixes it up with high-quality pieces from around the world and is today a home for many of the leading brands of the world, including sleep brands.

20-Year Structural Guarantee

When shopping for mattresses we tend to look for quality that will last us for many years to come, especially now when sustainability is a hot topic. Furniture Village offers 20 years structural guarantee on all of their beds and mattresses, as well as many other products.

Every sofa, every bed, and all dining and bedroom furniture comes with our free 20 year guarantee. The guarantee covers all structural elements of our furniture including frames, springs and webbing, timber, veneers, structural stability and joints, bed frames and springs. All of our Clearance products are purchased with a 2 year structural guarantee.

This guarantee from Furniture Village is twice the length of the guarantee you would get from Emma for the Emma Original mattress.

This speaks for the quality of the Furniture Village mattresses and if you want you can also, at a cost, add the 5-year Guardsman protection plan that could help you sleep better, knowing you are covered against any inconveniences.

Lowest Price Guarantee

Another thing we like when shopping is knowing that we are not paying more than we should be paying for an item. Furniture Village offers a lowest price guarantee, which means that if you can find the exact same item and that it's not a reconditioned or end-of-the-line/clearance stock item and that the entire offer is the same (including delivery, guarantee and payment options) they will match the price.

Interest Free credit

If you are looking to spread the cost of your purchase you can do so of up to 4 years 0% APR interest-free credit on any orders over £375. Below is an example of how interest-free credit is calculated. This model is based on the Emma Mattress Select Smart Hybrid Double size

emma select financial credit model
(Image credit: Furniture Village)

Recycling Service

An additional service that Furniture Village offers is its recycling service. Each year, around 7 million mattresses end up in landfills✓ around the UK and to help to get mattress disposal numbers down you can let Furniture Village take care of your old mattress or another piece of furniture at a modest price. They work together with the disposal service Speedy Clear that is fully licensed with the Environment Agency and will take care of the recycling. Any parts that can't be recycled can still be reused in other products.

Furniture Village offers recycling options

Delivery, Returns And Cancellations

Furniture Village offers a no-contact delivery, following strict health protocols in order to keep everyone safe. Their premium delivery service includes the item being delivered to a room of your choice as well as assembly of most products. An estimated time of delivery will be given to the customer based on the information that Furniture Village receives from their supplier and customers are asked to understand that these are estimates and that exceptions can occur, especially during the pandemic.

At a lesser cost, you can also opt for a no-contact doorstep delivery where you might have to do the assembly yourself. The items will be delivered to your doorstep instead of inside your home and could be a good option for smaller items or if you want to save some money and don't mind carrying the piece the last few metres into your room of choice.

Emma Select Mattresses Now At Furniture Village
Trusted brand
In-store testing
100-night trial
20-year structural guarantee
Different firmness options
Only UK sizes

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