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Emma Pillow Review


Written by Kyle

Last Updated: 1st January, 2022

In this Emma pillow review, we will be taking a closer look at an additional product offered by the ever so popular Emma brand.

The Emma pillow was not well received at first as it was absolutely massive but Emma has corrected this and now offer a great pillow that's a great addition to any mattress. Good to know, Emma now also sell a softer pillow known as the Emma Premium Microfibre Pillow.

The Emma Original and Emma Hybrid mattresses have received great customer reviews and even awards, will the Emma live up to highly-regarded mattresses?

Let's dive right into the Emma pillow review SUMMARY AT THE END.

Pillow Construction

The Emma pillow has a unique customisable 3-layer design. Yes, you read correctly, the cover is removable and the layers can be removed to better suit your needs. But we will speak about this later in the review.

It is also manufactured here in the United Kingdom, which means it meets strict testing to ensure the Emma pillow meets the highest standards of quality.

emma pillow construction
(Image credit: Emma)


The cover is made from 98% polyester and 2% elastane. If you read our other reviews you will know that we highly recommend polyester as a cover material, as it is not only durable and easily dried but also resistant to shrinkage. What stands out in this pillow are the pored indentations in the cover which create airflow for an ideal sleeping climate.

Something nearly every pillow should have is a removable and washable cover and the Emma pillow does.

emma pillow cover review
(Image credit: Emma)


The Emma pillow is very unique in this regard as they offer 3 interchangeable foam layers.

  • The top Airgocell® layer which is also used in the mattress is made from polyurethane and provides support as well as a bit more breathability compared to the middle layer.
  • Middle cold foam (regular polyurethane foam), this layer is the meaty part of the pillow. It is used as a transition between the surrounding two layers that way you feel all the pressure-relieving benefits from all the layers.
  • Finally, the memory foam layer which is slow in response to completely mould the shape of your head and provide a soft cloud-like feeling.

What makes this design so great is that now you can choose which side of the pillow to lay your head on, supportive side? or soft memory layer?

pillow layer review
(Image credit: Emma)

There have been some reports where customers did struggle at first to remove and put back the foam layers in the pillow but eventually managed, so that is something to keep in mind.

Support & Comfort

This is where the Emma pillow shines, no matter what you prefer, supportive or soft the Emma pillow has got you covered (see what I did there). You can use either side of the pillow depending on your preferences so you get the most out of your pillow.

Remember that the layers are removable which means you can remove any layer and adjust the overall height of the pillow. No matter if you are a side sleeper, back sleeper or stomach sleeper, the Emma pillow will probably suit your needs.

emma pillow support and comfort
(Image credit: Emma)

Side Sleepers

For side sleepers, we recommend using all three layers as the gap is biggest when on your side, that way your head is well supported.

Back Sleepers

Removing a layer is perfect for those who like to sleep on their back as your head is not kept too high above your natural spinal position. This way your shoulders are also well supported.

Stomach Sleepers

A pillow that is not too high will suit stomach sleepers best. If you are a stomach sleeper just a single layer will do, depending on your preference, you can choose which foam insert you want to remain.

Emma Pillow Trial

Emma offers a 100-night trial with their pillow that way you can really tell if it's the right one for you. It is delivered at zero cost to you and if you decide to return it, Emma will collect it free of charge.

Emma Pillow Price & Size

The Emma pillow is priced at just about the industry standard here in the UK, remember if it's not right you get your money back. Please don't forget to head over to our DISCOUNTS PAGE so you can get the best price for your pillow.

70x40x12 cm£49
*Prices and availability may be subject to change

Emma Pillow Awards

The Emma Original mattress has received great awards and now the Emma pillow is following suit. The Emma pillow also made it onto our Top 10 Pillows UK list.

  1. Woman & Home Approved

Should I Get an Emma Pillow?

We would now like to share our final words on this Emma pillow review, we would highly recommend the Emma pillow if you are looking for the following:

  • A versatile pillow.
  • At a reasonable price.
  • With a great trial period.
Emma Pillow Review
Material Quality
Value for Money
100-night trial
Free delivery and return
Machine washable cover
Interchangeable layers
Can be tricky changing the layers

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