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Emma Mattress Protector Review

Today we look at the Emma mattress protector review or as Emma calls it the Smart sleeve. A mattress protector is always a great idea in order to protect your investment (your mattress) especially when you have added risk of damage such as animals and toddlers. With this Emma mattress protector review, we take a deeper look at what it has to offer and if its worth a buy or not.

Take your time and go through all the crucial points that you should consider before making a purchase and enjoy our SUMMARY AT THE END.

Emma Mattress Protector Materials

The Emma mattress protector is made from an Innovative Cairfull® material which is 100% polyester with applied Purotex® technology. This is a bit of a mouth full so we will go into depth into each of these benefits.

Firstly, Cairfull® material is a fabric that creates a layer of air between the mattress and the protector which not only enhances the benefits of the underlying mattress but also CSIRO (The Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation of Australia) found there is 400 times more airflow as compared to regular mattress fabrics.

The material is also 100% polyester which has multiple benefits which include durability, easily cared for, soft, fast-drying and doesn’t wrinkle easily.

Finally, Purotex® technology is applied to the mattress protector which contain microcapsules that are filled with natural probiotics. These probiotics are a 100% natural remedy against allergens. This makes the Emma mattress protector hypoallergenic making it perfect for those prone to allergies.

emma mattress protector construction
Emma Mattress Protector Materials
(Image credit: Emma)

The 3D-knitting of the protector is what makes it fully waterproof, no more damaging spills, yes, please! Just as impressive is that the Emma mattress protector is machine washable, so you can easily remove it and just pop it into the washing machine for practicality. Just make sure you put it in at about 40 degrees Celsius.

Delivery & Trial

Emma believes that delivery costs are a nuisance and we can’t complain about that sort of customer-centric belief. So the Emma mattress protector is delivered at zero cost to you and if you don’t feel its the right addition for your mattress Emma will also pick it up for free. Dispatch is currently 1-3 working days from date of order.

Now the Emma mattress protector trial is what sets it apart from the other mattress protectors we have reviewed. Emma offers a 100-night trial with its protector, that is crazy. It is the same trial they offer with their Emma Original and Emma Hybrid mattress. If you are not satisfied within that time frame simply contact Emma and they will handle the rest.

emma protector 100 night trial
100-Night Risk-Free Trial
(Image credit: Emma)
free delivery and returns uk
Free Delivery & Returns
(Image credit: Emma)

Emma Mattress Protector Price & Sizes

In this Emma mattress topper review, we also summed up the available sizes and prices available. For the best prices take a look at our DISCOUNTS PAGE for the best prices out there.

UK Single size mattress protector90×190 cm£110
UK Small double size mattress protector120×190 cm£125
UK Double size mattress protector135×190 cm£125
UK King size mattress protector150×200 cm£135
UK Super king size mattress protector180×200 cm£145

*prices may be subject to change

Emma Mattress Protector Customer Reviews

To do a bit of your own research for this Emma mattress protector review, we would recommend you find out how other customers liked or disliked the mattress protector.

emma smartsleeve reviews
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Emma mattress protector customer reviews

emma customer reviews trustpilot
(Image credit: Trustpilot)

Trustpilot customer reviews

Should I Buy the Emma Mattress Protector?

If you are already looking for mattress protectors we are assuming you are probably inclined to look after your mattress and add a few years of life to it or you may be very messy like us. Either way, a mattress protector doesn’t hurt and with the 100-night trial offered by Emma what can actually go wrong?

To finish up this Emma mattress protector review, we would recommend it if you are looking for:

  • A hypoallergenic mattress protector.
  • A fully waterproof & breathable protector.
  • A machine-washable mattress protector.
Emma Mattress Protector Review Summary
The Emma mattress protector uses a 100% polyester, Cairfull® material with Purotex® technology to help against dust mites. This not only makes the protector waterproof but also is highly breathable. Combined with a 100-night trial what can go wrong?
Material Quality
Value for Money
Fully waterproof
Very breathable
Machine washable
100-night trial