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Emma Premium Microfibre Pillow Review


Written by Kyle

Last Updated: 31st December, 2021

The Emma brand has been growing rapidly and gaining momentum with the help of online exposure, awards and press. There is no wonder why they are now extending their product portfolio and introducing a new pillow to customers - the Emma Premium Microfibre Pillow which was once called the Emma Cloud Pillow.

The Premium Microfibre Pillow from Emma follows a similar design to their Emma Original Pillow however instead of incorporating memory foam in the pillow they have opted for a plumper and cooler pillow design.

In this Emma Premium Microfibre Pillow Review, we will uncover the layers and materials as well as point out if it's worth consideration or not.

Pillow Construction

The Emma Premium Microfibre Pillow follows a unique adjustable design. The design consists of two Inner layers which can be removed to adjust the height and firmness of the overall pillow.

Cooling pillows will all have their unique selling point, whether that be the gel layer, the fabric used or air vents incorporated. In the case of the Emma Premium Microfibre Pillow, it is its 'airy' internals and breathable 'UltraDry' cover.

Plump and airy pillows such as the Emma Premium Microfibre Pillow can be great alternatives to duck or goose down pillows. It is a common belief that synthetic pillows are better for those prone to allergies or asthma. However, there is little evidence to support this.

For added practicality, you can find the Emma Premium Microfibre Pillow and all inner pillow layers are machine washable (up to 60 °C). You may also tumble dry it however, you will have to do so on a low setting.

emma cloud pillow construction
(Image credit: Emma)

Emma Premium Microfibre Cover

The cover is made completely from polyester. Polyester offers good flexibility, is durable, wrinkle-free and non-iron. These properties make it a desirable material to use as pillowcases.

An added benefit of the 'UltraDry' cover (as Emma describe it) is it's also quick-drying, this helps to keep your sleeping environment clean and hygienic.

The cover is also padded which adds additional comfort and acts as a transition layer from the outer cover to the inner layers.

cover review
(Image credit: Emma)


The Emma Premium Microfibre Pillow consists of two siliconised micro elastic fibre polyester inner pillow layers :

  • The flat layer
  • The bulky layer

The bulky layer is stuffed with a large amount of microfibre filling, giving it its fullness and overall support. The lighter layer is similar in materials used however is made to be thinner.

emma cloud pillow layers
(Image credit: Emma)

Support & Comfort

Every sleeper has their own preferences and unique sleeping styles. The Emma Premium Microfibre Pillow is designed to suit the majority of sleeping positions and comfort preferences.

The Emma Premium Microfibre Pillow is classified as 'soft', however, by incorporating two inner pillow layers you can adjust the support and overall comfort. Pillows for side sleepers should help elevate your head and promote an aligned spine. By using both layers you should receive adequate support, depending on your stature. For those sleeping on your back or stomach, you would need a low profile pillow or even no pillow.

There is no doubt that having the ability to alter the overall height of a pillow is an advantage, you will just have to experiment to see what combination works best for you.

If you are used to or prefer firm pillows, then the Premium Microfibre Pillow from Emma may not be suitable.

support and feel
(Image credit: Emma)

Emma Premium Microfibre Pillow Trial

One of the most impressive services that accompany the Emma Premium Microfibre pillow is it comes with a 200-night trial. This gives you months to try it out at home and decide for yourself if it is worth keeping or returning. This by the way is the same trial they offer on their popular Emma Original Mattress.

This takes away the risk you may face when purchasing a new pillow that may not be right for you.

Emma Premium Microfibre Pillow Price & Size

One of the most important factors in this Emma Premium Microfibre Pillow Review is its price and where it sits in the overall market.

The Emma Premium Microfibre Pillow is considered to be placed on the more expensive side of the price spectrum. For the materials used we would expect this pillow to be priced lower. We assume that Emma is justifying its price by its unique customisability and generous trial period offering.

This pillow would make the most sense to purchase when Emma run a sale or discount, luckily this is relatively often.

70x50 cm£99
*Prices and availability may be subject to change

Should I Get an Emma Premium Microfibre Pillow?

To conclude this Emma Premium Microfibre Pillow review, we will mention that it is definitely a pillow to consider. If price is not a deal-breaker then this adjustable soft pillow may be worth giving a trial.

Take the time to view other pillows offered in the UK, especially adjustable pillows such as the Simba Hybrid Pillow and Otty Adjustable Pillow to get a better sense of what is out there.

We would recommend the Emma Premium Microfibre Pillow for those looking for:

  • A soft customisable pillow.
  • A fluffy down pillow alternative.
  • A Pillow with an exceptional trial period.
Emma Premium Microfibre Pillow Review
Material Quality
Value for Money
200-night trial
Free delivery and return
Machine washable cover
Interchangeable layers
Expensive without a discount

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  1. 2.5
    Avoid. No customer service

    Five months after purchase from Emma the pillow became very lumpy.
    No reply to two emails sent to Emma.
    Expensive forlittle use obtained.

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