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Duvalay Easysleep Mattress Review


Written by Andrea

Last Updated: 31st December, 2021

Duvalay is a family-run business in the UK with an impressive backstory, that produces high-quality mattresses both for the home and for the outdoors, such as for caravans, boats and motorhomes. Their mattresses are being sold all over the country through different retailers as well as online and are widely popular.

Their mattress-in-a-box range, Easysleep, includes three different mattresses and each one has its own specific composition and benefits. If you are looking to buy a high-quality mattress at a great price that comes delivered with minimum hassle, the Easysleep line could have just what you're looking for.

We have taken a closer look at the brand and its exciting trajectory, as well as at what these mattresses can offer in terms of comfort, body support, spinal alignment, firmness rating and temperature regulation.

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Duvalay Easysleep OneFoamFirm100 Nights
3 Years
Duvalay Easysleep TwoHybridMedium100 Nights
3 Years
Duvalay Easysleep ThreeHybridMedium100 Nights
3 Years
Prices are referring to the single size. Information may be subject to change, please check with the brand/manufacturer before purchasing.
20% OFF
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Duvalay Discount Voucher Code
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1. Duvalay Easysleep One Mattress

Duvalay Easysleep one
(Image credit: Duvalay)
• Mouldable memory foam
• Supportive, ergonomic foam base
• Breathable softcover
• Guest bed
• Those enjoying a firmer feel
• Shoppers on a tight budget

The Duvalay Easysleep One could be an excellent option for a guestroom mattress, a kids mattress or for those who are on a tighter budget. This all-foam mattress has been designed by the brand to relieve pressure wherever needed, after listening to years of feedback from their customers. It is rated as a firm mattress, which could make it a good option for a front-sleeper or those needing a bit of extra support.

The Easysleep One contains two layers of foam. The top layer is an open-cell memory foam layer, meant to adapt to the sleeper's body as they move in bed. The open-cell structure can also allow for more airflow throughout the mattress in order to prevent you from getting too hot.

The base layer is a sturdy and supportive ergonomic foam layer that is meant to give stability and durability to the mattress while providing the sleeper with added body support, especially in the lumbar area. Holding the two layers together is a smooth, knitted polyester cover that provides a soft and breathable sleep surface. There is no flipping needed for this mattress, only occasional rotating head to toe.

(Video credit: Duvalay)

2. Duvalay Easysleep Two Mattress

Duvalay Easysleep two
(Image credit: Duvalay)
• Good value for money
• Quilted knitted cover
• Enhanced body support
• Most sleeping positions
• Sleepers needing support in spinal alignment
• People enjoying a hybrid feel

If you are on the hunt for a quality hybrid mattress that comes at a great price and zero complications, the Duvalay Easysleep Two could be just the option for you. This mattress-in-a-box contains three layers, combining both springs and foam and aims to provide excellent body support and pressure relief where needed.

The top layer consists of a body moulding memory foam that is designed to adapt to your body, providing you with added comfort for a good night's rest. Underneath sits a layer of individually encased 'S-line' pocket springs, meant to improve postural support as they are highly receptive to the sleeper's body and any movement during the night.

Under the springs you'll find a felt pad that provides a smooth and even insulation. Wrapping everything together is a quilted knitted cover that is designed to provide a breathable and soft area to rest on without having to worry about overheating. The Easysleep Two is rated as a medium firmness mattress which makes it suitable for most sleeping positions and firmness preferences.

(Video credit: Duvalay)

3. Duvalay Easysleep Three Mattress

Duvalay Easysleep three
(Image credit: Duvalay)
• Freshtec open-cell foam layer
• 3D mesh ventilation strip
• Good value for money
• Hot sleepers
• Most sleeping positions
• People needing added body support

The most popular member of the Duvalay Easysleep range is the Easysleep Three and it is easy to understand why. At just a slightly higher price point you get all the benefits of the Easysleep Two but with much-enhanced breathability and temperature regulation. This hybrid mattress comes in medium firmness to suit most sleeper's preferences and positions.

It consists of three layers, combining foam and springs to achieve that comfortable hybrid feel. The springs are luxury 'S-line' springs, individually pocketed in order to respond individually to the sleeper's movement and body weight. These are designed to provide extra body support while improving postural support. Underneath sits a felt pad for smooth insulation.

The top layer is an open cell memory foam with added cooling Freshtec technology that, according to the brand, offers 30 times better airflow through the mattress than standard memory foam. It offers moisture management for improved comfort while sleeping and the temperature regulating features don't end there. There's also a 3D mesh ventilation, letting the hot air out of the foam layer, incorporated in the quilted, knitted cover that envelopes this mattress.

(Video credit: Duvalay)

The Inspiring Story Of Duvalay

The story behind the Duvalay brand is an inspiring success saga that started back in 2003 when the spouses Liz and Alan Colleran, caravanning enthusiasts, were suffering from insomnia due to back pain caused by their uncomfortable caravan bed. They came up with the idea of making a comfort-enhancing mattress topper that would make an enormous difference in their life, as well as filling an existing hole in the market.

Working from their home and set on reaching their dream, the Colleran's started designing what would become the Duvalay memory foam and it became an immediate success. The small family business started growing rapidly and the original portable Duvalay mattress topper soon evolved into custom-made mattresses, toppers and pillows for boats, trucks, campervans and homes. Instead of working from their kitchen, Liz and Alan were able to move into their first factory in Dewsbury, Yorkshire. 

Duvalay production
(Image credit: Duvalay)

Duvalay On Dragon's Den

It was in 2011 when the real breakthrough came for Duvalay as they embarked upon their Dragon's Den journey, giving the brand and its flagship product - the Duvalay memory foam sleeping bag - national coverage as well as an important investment by the Pall-Ex founder Hillary Devey.

This economic boost helped the company to move into a bigger factory in Gomersal that also came with a welcoming showroom, improved production line and the office space needed for the increasing workforce. It also helped the brand broaden its product portfolio by starting to manufacture mattresses, divan sets and beds for the home and within the following 18 months, they managed to establish a nationwide retail network.

I invested in Duvalay because it has fantastic, versatile products.

Hillary Devey

Recent Years

The brand continued to grow during the upcoming years, launching new collections such as D-Lite (previously known as Duvalite), their range of lightweight motorhome and caravan mattresses that can help save money on reduced fuel consumption. In 2018 their popular FreshTec® foam entered the market and made a big impact with its ability to minimise sweating and regulating the sleeper's temperature.

In the past few years, Duvalay has partnered with some of the widely renowned brands, such as Mercedes-Benz and Disc-O-Beds, as well as signing a licensing agreement with Chinese manufacturers to produce and distribute their products in East Asia, making Duvalay the global brand it is today.

Duvalay products are handmade in the UK
(Image credit: Duvalay)

Every day, we search for new ways to make it easier to sleep better. We believe that with the right product, anywhere can be a comfy, luxurious place to sleep – from a caravan in a field to your own bed at home.


Why Should I Get A Duvalay Easysleep Mattress?

Aside from their inspiring story, there are many other reasons why you could be interested in getting yourself a Duvalay mattress:

  • They are caringly handmade in the UK
  • The brand offers a 100-night trial
  • The brand offers free delivery on orders over £250
  • Duvalay has won several important awards
  • Hassle-free delivery in a box

Media And Awards

Duvalay has gotten a lot of positive media coverage over the years, not only through Dragon's Den but also in The Independent, Mumsnet and Good Housekeeping Magazine where they received excellent reviews. For two years straight, 2017-2018 and 2018-2019, they were also awarded the prestigious ‘Bed Manufacturer of the Year’ by the National Bed Federation at their Bed Industry Awards.

Duvalay has won several awards

100-Night Trial Exchange Guarantee

Buying a mattress online can be a daunting task as you will spend a third of your day in it for, hopefully, many years to come and you want to make sure the choice is 100% right for you. Luckily, Duvalay offers a 100-night trial for you to properly test your new mattress and see how you truly feel about it. Should you not be satisfied, they will exchange it for a different Duvalay mattress for free.

A few things to keep in mind about this guarantee are (read the full list on the brand's website):

  • The guarantee is only applicable on the Easysleep range bought directly through the Duvalay website.
  • If you want to exchange your current mattress for a more expensive one you will need to pay the difference in price and there will be no refund if the new mattress is of a lower price.
  • The mattress needs to be in perfect shape with no marks or damages in order for the guarantee to be applicable.

Delivery, Returns And Exchanges

Duvalay offers free delivery on orders over £250 (excluding full mattresses 15-20 cm deep) and delivers products all over the UK mainland but also beyond if needed. For deliveries outside of the mainland, the customers are requested to call the Duvalay sales team at 01924 600757 for a personalised quote on the delivery costs. For mainland deliveries the prices are as follows:

Small items
(Pillowcases, single duvets, bedding covers etc.)
Standard delivery - £5,95
(Around 10-14 working days)
Expedited Delivery - £18.95
(Around 2-3 working days)
Larger items
(Sleeping bags, toppers, pillows, dog beds etc.)
Standard delivery - £24,95
(Around 10-14 working days)
Expedited Delivery - £18.95
(Around 2-3 working days)
Full mattresses
(15-20 cm deep)
Standard delivery - £24,95
(Around 3-4 weeks)
Expedited Delivery - NA
Prices and information are subject to change.
Duvalay delivers all over the UK mainland

Should your products have been damaged during delivery you are asked to refuse the delivery and to contact the brand for a refund. Should you notice any damages or incorrect products after receiving the delivery you also have the right to a replacement or a full refund and the brand will organise the collection of the faulty delivery.

In case you change your mind and want to return your purchased products you can do so within 14 days and will be fully refunded, minus the postage costs, as long as the products have not been used and are still in their original package or a similar one in order for the brand to be able to re-sell the item. Custom made and bespoke orders will not be refunded.

Duvalay Easysleep Mattress Review
Affordable quality mattresses
100-night trial
Different firmness options
Award-winning brand
Only UK sizes

2 comments on “Duvalay Easysleep Mattress Review”

  1. Can you tell me whether your mattress has a rubbery smell when laying on it. Also is it suitable for a bed with an electronic risin back.

    1. According to Duvalay, when the mattresses are first unpacked they may have a slight smell – this is the case for any rolled mattress. However, they just recommend to leave the mattress for 24 hours in a well ventilated space to reform its full shape and allow it to air. The smell will then disappear. This is all explained in the care guide that comes with the mattress.

      To find out more about the smell and VOC's head on over to our page about 'New Mattress Smell & How To Prevent It'

      In regards to using the mattress on an electronic bed base this probably would not be suitable.

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