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We want to help you explore, analyse, and pick the mattress or sleep products that match your needs, desires, and budget. We regularly research, create and update our mattress reviews to ensure our recommendations are always as detailed, correct and valuable to you the reader as possible. We pride ourselves in our thorough research.

Affiliate Links

To keep The Mattress Guide up and running we have a few relationships with the online mattress companies. As may have noticed, all of our reviews and articles are created for you for free, we also don’t display any annoying ads. We believe this distracts from the in-depth reviews and content and also adds to a poor consumer experience.

Our mission and principle are to provide value-driven content and reviews. That being said we have created this disclosure page to be as transparent as possible with you so you are informed with all this information before you purchase any of the products.

In order for us to continue reviewing all this sleep, The Mattress Guide uses affiliate links. These are referral links that don’t cost you a single cent but by using one of these links tell the online mattress brands that you came from The Mattress Guide and we then may earn a commission from the sale.

We are truly grateful for all the support from all of you who have used any of the links whereby you don’t lose anything but help us continue doing what we love, so thank you

Ultimately, we at The Mattress Guide want to thank all of you for your support from simply telling friends and family about us, as well as all the comments, messages and feedback we have received. We continue to grow because of readers such as yourself. If you ever have a comment or have a question that needs to be answered please do contact us using our contact form.


In order for us to deliver a comprehensive and accurate product rating, we gather our information from a range of sources, not limited to public information. Images are also taken from our partners and publicly shared information sites if we are not permitted to use these images or would like us to change them please do get in contact with us.

We would like to mention that we are not experts and any recommendation we provide is entirely own opinion, it’s not intended to be used as a medical recommendation. If you have any health issues please see a doctor or specialist.

Discussion Boards

A large portion of our knowledge is predicated on client experiences and reviews denote in forums and discussion boards. We conduct intensive researches for every product review by reading legitimate threads among online communities and verify the comments to confirm it’s valid and relevant for our analysis.

Customer reviews from Product Pages

Our knowledge comes from verified client reviews from online product pages. We tend to take into account sites like Amazon and Trustpilot.

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