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As much as we enjoy all things sleep we also love giving. A portion of our income goes towards the Peggy Nesta Foundation. By using any of our links (at no cost to you) helps us to donate more and we truly thank all of you who have helped for your support.

The Peggy Nesta Foundation is a non-profit organisation based in East London, South Africa. Their mission is the pursuit of the following principles:

  • Inspire strong pro-social partnerships and hope for the future
  • Encourage gratitude and tangible affirmation of the role of the elderly in the society
  • Awareness of their duty to society to improve the lives of the disadvantaged and needy
  • Demonstrate compassion and understanding to those less fortunate

Peggy Nesta Programmes

We are truly in awe at all work the foundation has done to change the lives of the less fortunate. Below we listed just a few of the life-changing initiatives they are actively involved in.


The Foundation through partnerships with various schools in East London (South Africa) select disadvantaged students who urgently require assistance with the payment of school fees, uniforms and textbooks.

bursary east london

Dignitary Functions

‘Dignity functions for the elderly’ is where special functions at no cost to the individuals are arranged on Mothers’ Day, Women’s Day and Christmas. The elderly from all walks of life are invited and treated to a wonderful meal and given gifts to show appreciation and acknowledgement.

giving east london

Wheelchair Handouts

This program provides wheelchairs to individuals who, because of their financial circumstances would ordinarily not be in a position to be able to acquire these themselves.

wheelchair east london
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If you would like to help the Peggy Nesta Foundation on their mission to change the lives of the less fortunate in South Africa you can make a direct donation below. On behalf of The Mattress Guide and the Peggy Nesta Foundation we sincerely thank you for your support.