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Best Pillow Protector 2022

When you pick out a pillow for your bed, you probably put a lot of consideration into the softness, the quality of the materials and any additional properties such as breathability. So, would you put the same level of consideration into your pillow protector? Choosing a pillow protector isn’t just about choosing something that adds […]

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Best Pillow Spray 2022

Your sleep environment can be a huge factor acting on your sleep. Being an anxious or stressful person can affect your sleep and this is very commonly overlooked. Rather than looking to find out what works for them personally, many people make the mistake of purchasing the wrong products in hope that they will help […]

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Best Mattress Cleaner 2022

Reviewed by: Vladimir Todorov Cleaner Cleaner MD We spend so much of our time in bed, but while we will regularly wash our bedclothes we can rarely think of the mattress underneath. However, it is vital that we do take steps to keep our mattresses clean. This can help to prevent dust mites and bad […]

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Best Deep Fitted Sheets 2022

There is no better way to ensure your bedroom is at its peak than by choosing superior bedding. Not only do we love the feeling of fresh sheets, but we also need to make sure our beds are at maximum comfort levels to support us while we sleep. As well as having general bedding sheets […]

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Best Silk Pajamas/ Pyjamas 2022

Pyjama or pajama, or however else you have grown up spelling it, we all deserve great sets of nightwear and loungewear to keep us comfortable. Especially now that COVID-19 is keeping us indoors for the foreseeable, we need to make sure we have plenty of comfortable clothes to keep content while staying home. Many have […]

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Best Duvet Protector 2022

A duvet can be expensive and difficult to clean, and a duvet protector can be a helpful addition to your bedding setup. They form a cover around your duvet, and sit underneath your duvet cover protecting your duvet during use, as well as increasing its lifespan. Duvet protectors are also generally easy to use, remove […]

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Best Electric Blanket and Heated Blanket 2022

When winter comes around and the long cold nights draw in, there is nothing more pleasant than climbing into a pre-warmed bed. Electric blankets and heated blankets are considered a must for many if they want to make sure that they get a cosy and restful night’s sleep. However, there are many considerations that need […]

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Best Silk Pillowcase 2022

Silk pillowcases could be the secret to beautiful skin and hair and are reported to have some interesting beauty benefits. Before we jump into our Best Silk Pillowcase UK list, there are some interesting claims made about silk. According to Fiona Stewart, the Founder of SLIP, silk fibres are much less absorbent as compared to other […]

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Best Sleeping Eye Mask 2022

Sleeping eye masks have been around for decades and date back to the early 20th century. They are commonly used to block out light and provide the sleeper with a well-rested sleep. Over time, eye masks have become available in various materials, with the most popular often being silk or foam. Advancements in design and […]

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