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Best Firm Pillows 2022

There are many pillows on the market, including different firmness levels and lofts, and getting the right pillow can help provide a better night's sleep. A firm pillow has the potential to provide pressure relief and offer added support. According to a piece published in the Harvard Medical School✓, firmer pillows are better suited for […]

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Best Wedge Pillow 2022

If you suffer from any conditions such as acid reflux✓, sleep apnoea✓ or sinus pressure✓, you may find it hard to get to sleep from time to time. This kind of discomfort can sometimes be resolved with the right pillows that are placed in the right position to keep certain parts of your body elevated […]

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Best Cooling Pillow 2022

Many factors contribute to the quality of our sleep, and one of the most common complaints from sleepers is that they get too hot. "Hot sleepers" may experience this discomfort for many reasons, and the addition of specialised bedding for cooling purposes may help to eliminate or at least minimise the problem. Cooling pillows are […]

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Best Goose Down Pillow 2022

If you are looking for a pillow that will provide the ultimate plush feel, then a goose down pillow may be a good option for you. Down is the layer of fluffy feathers found under the tough protective exterior feathers of birds. The fine and light down feather fibres create the soft and sinking feeling […]

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Best Anti-Snore Pillow 2022

Snoring is caused by your tongue, mouth, throat, or nose vibrating whilst you sleep, as your muscles have relaxed. While snoring is benign, it can be very bothersome – especially if your partner is the one who snores. It can disrupt your sleep, ruin your mood and leaving you fatigued for the rest of the […]

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Best Children's and Kids Pillows 2022

Young children are often not used to having pillows at a young age, so it can be helpful to find the right one for them the first time around. This is especially true when you consider how important sleep can be for their development. As adults, we know how difficult it can be to find […]

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Best V-Shaped Pillow 2022

V-shaped pillows are designed to provide comfort, support, and pressure relief to your neck, shoulders and back whilst you are sleeping or sitting upright. These pillows are versatile and can be used in various ways and for different reasons. For example, people with pain, pregnant or new mums, bed-readers, those with breathing problems, or simply […]

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Best Knee Pillow 2022

Knee pillows are pillows specifically made to fit between or underneath the knees. These pillows have the potential to increase a person’s comfort while sleeping by promoting optimal spinal alignment, pressure relief, and friction between the knees themselves. People with hip or back pain, pregnancy-related discomfort, restless legs syndrome, or side and back sleepers may […]

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Best Bamboo Pillow 2022

The correct pillow is equally as important as a mattress as it will ensure that our head and neck receive the necessary comfort and support and keep correctly aligned with the spine. Bamboo pillows are among the many different types of pillows on the market. They have experienced a surge in popularity as many people […]

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Best Pillow 2023

Given that we spend an estimated one-third of our lives sleeping, our sleep position should not cause discomfort or pain, and sleeping on the wrong pillow can lead to many restless nights. However, sleeping on the right pillow can eliminate or minimise discomfort and pain by keeping the head and spine in optimal alignment and […]

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