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Best Hybrid Mattress 2022

Hybrid mattresses are popular amongst many as you are able to get the best of both worlds. Hybrid mattresses combine pocket springs for support and longevity as well as the pressure-relieving benefits of memory and poly foams to create a very balanced feel. Due to the layering found in hybrid mattresses, the average price of […]

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Best Cot Bed Mattress 2022

Reviewed by: Andrea Grace Baby Sleep Expert If you consider the amount of time babies and toddlers spend sleeping, selecting the best cot bed mattress for your child should require thorough research and consideration. Finding the ideal mattress can ensure a comfortable night's sleep while avoiding any issues that may arise due to selecting the […]

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Best Memory Foam Mattress 2022

Memory foam mattresses are popular amongst many because of their soft and cushioning feel, which is known to provide pressure relief for many sleepers. Besides being a favourite mattress type for pressure and pain relief, memory foam mattresses are also great at reducing motion transfer, making them an especially suitable mattress for couples. (Important Facts, […]

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Best Luxury Mattress 2023

There are many reasons why people rather look for a luxury mattress as compared to a regular mattress. Luxury mattresses are known for being more comfortable, using higher-quality materials as well as being more durable and long-lasting.  (Important Facts, Studies, Advice, Considerations & FAQs in Conclusion). MATTRESS TYPE FIRMNESS TRIAL & WARRANTY PRICE DreamCloud mattress […]

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Best Mattress for Back Pain and Bad Backs 2022

Reviewed by: Mr. David Cumming MBChB FRCS (Tr&Orth) Finding the best mattress for back pain is something many people dream about. Back pain can have a massive impact on our daily lives but choosing the correct mattress can help reduce the pain and get you a great night's sleep. Back pain is very common in […]

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Best Mattress UK 2022 and 2023

If you're in the market looking for a new mattress, informing yourself about the best mattress UK has to offer is a great start. Not only are there many options to be found at brick-and-mortar establishments, but there are an infinite amount of mattresses offered in the fragmented bed-in-a-box industry with trials. But what’s the […]

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Best Mattress for Couples 2022

Selecting a mattress is a difficult task on its own; with a partner, it adds another set of preferences into the mix. Many factors have to be taken into account with the hope that no one has to compromise. We at The Mattress Guide hope to guide you in choosing the right mattress for you […]

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