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Best Zip And Link Beds/Mattresses 2022


Written by Kyle

Last Updated: 10th January, 2022

Zip and link beds or also known as zip link mattresses are two smaller mattresses that can be joined together to form a king, super king size and sometimes even an emporer size bed (200 x 200cm). You can find zip and link beds commonly in hotels and various accommodation providers as they regularly make room adjustments.

If you are looking for a mattress as a couple, a zip and link mattress may make sense. In some instances, they offer the individual comfort of a single mattress for each partner. Depending on the manufacturer you can choose the firmness tension for each side of the zip and link bed that way no one has to compromise.

There is a general consensus that these beds last longer as opposed to a regular king or super king mattress because the inside or centre now has the edge support from the walls of the two individual mattresses.

Here are some of the top zip and link beds/mattresses we could find in the UK (Important Considerations in Conclusion).

John Lewis & Partners Classic Collection Comfort Support 800 Zip Link mattressPocket SprungKing, Super king7 Years£749
SleepeezeePerfectly British Strand 1400 mattressPocket SprungSuper king10 Years£1,449
HypnosPremier Bedstead mattressPocket SprungKing, Super king10 Years£1,499
Spring KingPocket Tuscany 2000 Natural mattressPocket SprungKing, Super king1 & 5 Years*£1,099
Giltedge BedsSussex Zip & Link mattressPocket SprungKing, Super king1 Years£374
*Prices are referring to the super king size, king size zip and link beds will be cheaper. Information may be subject to change, please check with the brand/manufacturer before purchasing.

1. John Lewis  800 Zip Link Mattress

Up to 20% OFF
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Visit John Lewis and Partners for the latest sales!! | T&Cs apply. Show Less
john lewis 800 pocket spring zip link mattress
(Image credit: John Lewis)

John Lewis has a broad range of zip and links beds that cover all budgets and preferences. The John Lewis Classic Collection Comfort Support 800 Pocket Spring Zip Link mattress grabbed our attention because it is one of the highest-rated (almost all reviewers left a 5 or 4 star) and it's offered at a very competitive price.

The mattress itself is created using polycotton fillings as comfort and their supportive ReActive Pocket spring system, as they call it. A bit of craftmanship also went into the manufacturing of this zip-link mattress as the side sticking which helps keep the mattress form in place is hand-stitched. Finally, It's a no turn/flip design but it is recommended to rotate (head to toe).

The mattress is regarded as a medium tension, so if you are not explicitly looking for a firm or soft mattress then sticking with the "just right" tension is your best bet.

From looking through the information provided it doesn't look like you can individualise each side so this zip link mattress may make the most sense to couples of equal weight.

Currently, John Lewis offers their own zip link beds as well as mattresses from Vispring. Vispring has a very unique story and has positioned themselves on the luxury mattress spectrum so be prepared to splurge a few extra quid.

2. Sleepeezee 1400 Mattress

Up to 55% OFF
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Up to 55% OFF selected items | T&Cs apply. Show Less
sleepeezee 1400 pocket mattress
(Image credit: Sleepeezee)

This particular Sleepeezee zip and link mattress is only available in a super king size however if you follow the button below it can take you to all the options including king sizes.

Sleepeezee, if you are not aware of them are royal warrant holders and have held this for over 35 years. This is just an indication of the standards they adhere to when manufacturing their beds. Aside from that Sleepezee as a brand get some pretty good reviews over at Trustpilot.

This particular NBF approved zip and link bed/mattress has a fair amount of springs, around 1,400. A good quality pocket sprung mattress will have around 1,000 - 2,000 springs. The more springs the more we are inclined to say its better for heavier sleepers but there are more things to take into consideration (spring diameter, height, material etc).

The mattress is slightly firmer than medium but not quite as firm as most orthopaedic mattresses. This provides extra support especially if you are needing a bit more push back from springs.

What we are excited to see with the Sleepeezee is that they offer a 60-night comfort trial (trials are an online bought mattress' best friend). This allows you to exchange your mattress for another Sleepeezee if you have not fallen in love with it (please read all the terms and conditions).

(Video credit: Sleepeezee)

3. Hypnos Premier Bedstead Mattress

20% OFF
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hypnos premier bedstead mattress
(Image credit: Hypnos)

Hypnos mattresses which are commonly found in Premier Inn Hotels where some people have expressed that they have had their best nights sleep there. Hypnos similarly to Sleepeezee also are Royal Warrant holders setting them apart from many rival premium mattress brands.

The Hypnos Premier Bedstead is available in a king and super king zip and link mattress size as well an option to include a divan base where you can choose the material, headboard and storage options.

Hypnos with their slogan "the most comfortable beds in the world" are known to include natural premium materials and top-notch craftsmanship. This particular model includes 1,200 pocket springs, fibre fillings as well as lambswool and hand-stitched side sticking to reinforce the circumference of the mattress and help keep its form in the long run. It is suitable for average to heavily weighed individuals and is regarded as a medium-firm tension mattress.

It's also worth noting that it is one of the highest-rated (by customers) zip and link mattresses we could find from online mattress retailers.

There are a few Hypnos mattress models which we explain in our full review below, however not many offer zip and link configuration as this Hypnos Premier Bedstead mattress.

(Video credit: Mattressman)

4. Spring King Tuscany 2000 Natural Mattress

Up to 70% OFF
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spring king tuscany 2000 natural mattress
(Image credit: Spring King)

This exclusive to MattressNextDay zip and link bed is available in king and super king sizes and as the mattress retailers' name suggests, can be delivered to you the next day.

The Spring King Pocket Tuscany mattress from what we can see is the most popular in the zip link category with also one of the highest customer ratings. However, this relates to all the sizes and are not exclusive comments to the zip link sizes.

Regarding the mattress, you will find it has a more traditional design as compared to the modern bed in a box concept. The mattress includes individual pocket springs (springs are in separate cotton pockets allowing them to move independently), wool, cashmere and finally, a silk layer as a top comfort layer.

The fusion of sturdy pocket springs and softer natural materials ultimately give this mattress a slightly firmer than "medium" feel. This would be best for those not looking for something too soft or firm.

The mattress includes a 1-year guarantee and a 5-year warranty which is below the average but with the regular specials MattressNextDay runs it may be worth your while.

5. Giltedge Beds Sussex Zip & Link Mattress

Up to 60% OFF
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Bedstar Discount Voucher Code
Up to 60% OFF selected items | T&Cs apply.
Up to 60% OFF selected items | T&Cs apply. Show Less
giltedge beds sussex zip and link
(Image credit: Giltedge Beds)

For those looking to keep a few quid in the pocket, this budget zip and link bed from Giltedge Beds (manufacturing beds for over 30 years) would be one to take a closer look at. Giltedge are known to design and create mattresses at very competitive prices and have a reputation for having a great price-value ratio.

This particular model is available in the most common zip link sizes, king and super king. The Giltedge Sussex is what you would expect from a mattress at this price. Standard pocket springs and synthetic fillings should pop into mind, don't expect any bells and whistles.

Overall the mattress is considered a firm tension, which means this may be best for heavier individuals or those that don't typically sleep on their side.

Best Zip & Link Bed Conclusion

Overall finding a zip and link bed can be tricky as there are not many options available in the UK that are ready to be delivered to you. However, we have narrowed the search down to a few models but also to some of the best online mattress retailers with a variety of beds.

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