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Best Wooden Bed Frames 2022


Written by Kyle

Last Updated: 10th January, 2022

In many modern bedrooms, wooden bed frames can really add to the overall décor. They often offer a rustic look that a metal bed frame can't, and can fit in with a large variety of styles. Whether you are looking at wooden frames for your children or one for your master bedroom, there will be a manufacturer out there offering a high-quality option.

Some frames will be more costly than others but often, you are paying for a frame that will stand the test of time on the high-end of the scale. It is important that you don’t just go for the frame that suits your décor; it also must be stable. If you are buying a bed for your child, you must also be aware of how safe it is.

When you are on the hunt for the perfect wooden frame, there are a few considerations to be made. What size is the frame? Does it come with a solid slat or a sprung slat base? You’ll also want to know more about the shade of the wood and of course, the size of the frame in general.

There are also different styles of wooden beds, such as ottoman storage beds, bunk beds, sofa beds, divan beds and more.

Gathering all the information you need on all the beds on the market can be a large task, which is why we are here to help. We’ve searched the internet for some of the best bed frames UK that come in wood, and have put it all of our findings together right here in this buying guide.

Check out some of our favourite wooden bed frames (Important Considerations in Conclusion).

DreamsWoodstock Wooden Bed FrameAsh1 Year£179
John Lewis & PartnersWilton Bed FramePineNA Years£175
Home TreatsSolid Wooden Frame NANA Years£131.69
SilentnightDakota Oak Wooden Bed FrameOak1 Year£249.95
BirleaCorona High Foot End Wooden BedPine1 Year£149*
Happy BedsBergamo Wooden Bed FrameOak5 Years£259.99*
Prices are referring to the single size, (*) refers to double . Information may be subject to change, please check with the brand/manufacturer before purchasing.

1. Woodstock Wooden Bed Frame

Up to 60% OFF
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woodstock wooden bed frame
(Image credit: Dreams)

The Woodstock Wooden Bed frame from Dreams comes in three sizes, single, double and king. You can purchase it in white or ash wood and select your style of base – solid slat or sprung slat. These options give you the chance to find the perfect bed for you and we must say, the ash wood style for these beds is very attractive. If you were to pair this bed with a light room, you would have a very modern, cosy design.

When you buy this frame from Dreams, you’ll get a 1-year guarantee. This means that if you have any issues, they will replace it or repair. You shouldn’t have too many issues with these beds, however, as they are very sturdy and provide a strong base for your mattress. If you want extra comfort, you can upgrade to sprung slats which we would recommend.

To assemble this bed frame, you’ll need two people and around 30 minutes. There are downloadable instructions that you can view before you purchase to check if this is right for you. You will need to purchase a mattress separately but Dreams offers a range of comfortable options that you can buy alongside this frame.

This bed frame has a lot to offer and it really does look attractive in a bedroom setting. There isn’t much space underneath for storage but the low bed is very on-trend right now.

It's worth noting that the price, quality, look and sturdiness are praised by the hundreds of positive reviews.

2. John Lewis & Partners Wilton Bed Frame

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john lewis wilton bed frame
(Image credit: John Lewis & Partners)

If you are looking for a bed frame for your child’s bedroom, this model from John Lewis & Partners could be perfect for your home. The Wilton Child Compliant bed frame comes in a single size and has three colour options – white, grey and natural. This gives you the option to find one of these bed frames that suits the décor that you have chosen for your child’s room. We think that the white frame is the most attractive, followed by the grey.

According to John Lewis & Partners, you’ll find that this bed is safe for your children. In fact, it conforms to the safety requirements for children’s beds (BS 8509:2008+A1:2011). However, it is important to note that it is not suitable for any children under 4 years old. You should always check for extra safety precautions when purchasing a bed for your children. On the John Lewis & Partners website, you can view more information about the safety of this bed.

This frame has solid slats that provide a firm base. There is also a slatted headboard for those who prefer a traditional style. If you are hoping to store some items under the bed, you should know that the clearance is 27.5cm.

This bed frame can be easily cleaned with a soft, dry cloth. You will need to assemble it yourself on arrival. This bed has hundreds of ratings over 4 stars which indicates that it is popular with buyers at John Lewis. Many reviews have suggested that the bed is easy to assemble and that the quality is excellent.

Based on the price of this frame, we would suggest that this bed frame offers good value for money. Ultimately, these are simple beds that could work well in a child’s bedroom or a guest room.

3. Home Treats Solid Wooden Frame

home treats solid wooden frame
(Image credit: Home Treats)

The Home Treats Wooden bed frame is a stylish option that comes currently only in white. This frame is well-made and will suit a huge range of interior design styles. This frame excludes a mattress so you will need to buy the mattress separately. Just make sure that you choose a comfortable mattress that fits the bed snugly so that you don’t have any overhang. You can view more information on all of the dimensions on Amazon, where you can purchase this bed.

According to Home Treats, this wooden bed frame is sturdy and built to last. It is also suitable for both children and adults although it is recommended that you check the size before purchasing. The great news is that the bed comes flat packed with instructions for easy assembly. In each pack, you’ll receive a set of slats, the frame, instructions and an assembly kit.

The reviews for these bed frames suggest that they are, in fact, very sturdy which is great to hear. It was noted that it was a low bed and so storage space underneath is limited. There are plenty of slats on this bed, which means that the load is shared well amongst it. Cleaning is also easy due to the wood frame; you should just make sure to use a soft damp cloth.

Overall, we found the Home Treats Wooden bed frame to be a good option for those who are looking for a white frame that is made from high-quality wood. A large number of slats is certainly a selling point. Make sure to check out this bed if you haven’t already.

4. Silentnight Dakota Oak Wooden Bed Frame

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Up to 55% OFF selected items | T&Cs apply. Show Less
silentnight dakota oak wooden bed frame
(Image credit: Silentnight)

The Silentnight Dakota Oak Wooden bed frame is the perfect option for those who are looking for an ethically-sourced bed. It comes in white oak and has a natural wood finish that makes it a great modern option.

The bed frame itself has a farmhouse style design with a matching head and foot end. There is also plinth detail and sprung slats. These slats will provide a Flexology Sleep Support System that you are not going to want to miss out on. This creates pockets that encourage sounder sleep when you're using these beds.

You can purchase this bed frame from Mattressonline in single, double or king size. The bed is of medium height so you can use the underneath area for storage. Based on the reviews, we found that this bed frame was easy to assemble. Customers have also noted that the bed looks great in a modern bedroom which is great to hear.

If you choose to purchase these beds from Mattressonline, you’ll get a 1-year guarantee. The beds are made from high-quality wood and the price reflects this. You will need to purchase your mattress separately but it is advised that you purchase one from Silentnight in order to really take advantage of the Flexology Sleep Support System. These beds have a lot to offer and they can be delivered very quickly. We would recommend these beds to anyone hoping for a modern décor that doesn’t compromise on quality.

5. Birlea Corona High Foot End Wooden Bed

20% OFF
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birlea corona high foot end wooden bed
(Image credit: Birlea)

If you are looking for a traditional style of bed frame, the Birlea Corona High Foot Wooden bed frame might just be perfect for you. This bed has a Mexican design with a curved headboard and a bold look. The chunky finials are made of solid pine and this brings the entire design together. Pine looks great on bedroom furniture and this piece could work well in many styles of bedrooms.

This bed frame has solid slats which means that they are completely straight. You will enjoy a comfortable sleep in this bed as it has firm support. You can purchase this bed in single, double or king size, depending on your preference. Matching wardrobes and bedside tables can also be purchased with this product.

The Corona High Foot End bed frame comes highly reviewed with customers noting that they are very pleased with the product. They noted that it was sturdy and that it was easy to assemble as it comes flat packed.

Should you find anything wrong with this frame, you will receive a 1-year manufacturer guarantee against material faults and workmanship. This should put your mind at ease.

This bed frame is made from natural wood and has a really great appearance. We would recommend this bed for any traditional décor lovers who want a study bed. The price is also very reasonable with Mattressman promising that they won’t be beaten on price.

6. Bergamo Solid Oak Wooden Bed

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bergamo solid oak wooden bed
(Image credit: Julian Bowen)

The Bergamo Solid Oak Wooden Bed is a stunning piece that has been designed in a shaker style and has an American white oak natural finish. The high headboard and footboard add to the overall design and these have been slatted to ensure comfort.

It is possible to purchase this bed frame in either double or king sized. The base has been sprung slatted to ensure ultimate comfort. The frame itself is very sturdy despite the slats and it has plenty of room below for storage. When you buy this bed from Happy Beds, you’ll receive a 5-year manufacturer’s guarantee so that you don’t need to worry about it. On top of that, Happy Beds has been rated excellent by over 7,000 customers according to feefo.

When it comes to assembling this bed frame, you’ll find that it comes flat packed. Customer reviews have suggested that it is very easy to erect and that it looks exactly as it does in the picture. It has a few five-star reviews which are excellent. Customer reviews should always be something that you check out before purchasing a bed.

You will need to purchase your own mattress for this bed so make sure to choose the right size. If you choose a mattress that is too large for the bed, you could damage it. The full list of measurements for each size can be found on the Happy Beds site so make sure to look at this carefully before purchasing. Overall, we think that this bed frame is very stylish and is clearly well-built. For those who are looking for sprung slats, this might be the best option.

Best Wooden Bed Frames UK Conclusion

Finding the right bed frame is not always easy and when you choose one that isn’t sturdy, it is very obvious each time you lay on it. For this reason, you should make sure to check out all of the information that we have covered in this guide and find the perfect bed frame for you.

One of the things that you should check for when looking for a bed frame is the style of slats. You can find both solid or sprung slats and it is up to you to make the final decision. Make sure to always look out for a manufacturer’s guarantee so that you know that you can sort any issues that occur.

Hopefully, our guide has helped you to choose a bed frame that works for your home. Make sure to consider everything that we have discussed to help you find the perfect solution.


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