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Best Thick Mattress Topper 2021

Last Updated: July 5, 2021

Do you find it hard to sleep on your current mattress but can’t seem to fork out a fortune for a new one? If so, don’t worry because a lot of people are in this position. Many different brands have worked with the top sleep experts to create products suited for their customers. When you are not ready to buy a new mattress, one of the best options is to purchase a mattress topper. Out of the many that are available, they all serve the same purpose – to prolong the life of your mattress.

We will discuss the different benefits of mattress toppers throughout this article by reviewing some of the top thick mattress toppers on the market at the moment.

A decent topper is around 5cm thick which in most cases should solve the problem. A thicker topper should offer more support and comfort (particularly if its made from foam), especially when the current mattress has lost its effectiveness.

Each topper falls into the ‘thick’ or 'extra thick' category which is useful for people whose mattresses are not fit for purpose. Continue reading to find out more (Important Considerations in Conclusion).

High LivingMicrofibre Mattress TopperHollow Fibre10cmNA Nights
NA Years
Lancashire BeddingSlight Second Mattress TopperHollow Fibre10cmNA Nights
NA Years
SimbaHybrid TopperHybrid6.5cmNA Nights
1 Year
Memory Foam WarehouseEssentials TopperMemory Foam Mattress10cmNA Nights
1 Year
DormeoOctasmart Plus Mattress TopperMemory Foam Mattress7cm60 Nights
8 Years
SilentnightAirmax 600 Mattress TopperHollow Fibre6cmNA Nights
2 Years
Prices are referring to the single size. Information may be subject to change, please check with the brand/manufacturer before purchasing.

1. High Living Microfibre 10cm Thick Mattress Topper

High Living Microfibre 10cm Thick Mattress Topper
(Image credit: High Living)

When it comes to shopping for a thick mattress topper, Amazon is always a great shout. It consists of products from all around the world and you’re sure to find exactly what you are looking for. One of the best things about purchasing on Amazon is that the reviews always tell the truth, and that is why we are recommending the High Living Microfibre Mattress Topper.

Verified purchasers on Amazon note how this mattress topper has made a huge difference within their sleep environment as it has helped relieve their back pain. Others have also said how the topper is thick, supportive and comfortable to sleep on.

High Living has made this extra thick mattress topper with their customers in mind and has created four different sizes – single, double, king and super king – meaning there will be something for everyone. What is great to add is this topper is also affordable. No matter what size you decide to purchase, each topper is four inches or 10 centimetres thick, made to provide maximum comfort and support.

This extra-thick mattress topper is made from 100% polyester virgin hollow fibre which provides a great surface to revitalise your mattress. It is also baffle box stitched meaning that the filling is kept equally spread across the whole surface of the topper. This is a very useful feature for people who move around throughout the night as you can sleep peacefully knowing the topper will remain stable and even. If you are a fidgety sleeper, you’ll benefit from the ergonomically satisfying elasticated corner strap that lets you attach the topper onto your current mattress.

2. Lancashire Bedding Hollowfibre 10cm Thick Mattress Topper

Lancashire Bedding Hollowfibre 10cm Thick Mattress Topper
(Image credit: Lancaster Bedding)

At a slightly higher price point than some of the other toppers discussed in this article, we have the Lancashire Bedding Hollowfibre Extra Deep Mattress Topper. Coming in at six different sizes with many four and five-star reviews.

The topper has a box-stitched design allowing for the even distribution of the topper’s filling each night. Designed and manufactured in the UK, Lancashire Bedding make it their aim to create products suited for their customers.

The best feature of this mattress topper is the anti-allergy and anti-dust mite hollow fibre filling. When we suffer from allergies and have sensitive skin, we must aim to keep an extra-clean sleep environment. This goes for everything from our floors to our mattress toppers. Lancashire Bedding’s hollow fibre materials provide a soft and light platform to transform your mattress. It is certainly a bonus that the fibres are suitable for sensitive skin and those who are prone to allergies. Furthermore, the hollow fibre filling is enveloped by a cotton cover that has a two-hundred thread count. Cotton is known for being ideal for all seasons and less toxic, which is perfect for protecting your sensitive skin.

Overall, the hollow fibre provides four inches worth of thickness ready to provide an extra platform.

3. Simba 6.5cm Thick Mattress Topper

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Simba 6.5cm deep Mattress Topper
(Image credit: Simba)

Simba are well-known for their high tech products. Each product is designed with the top designers and sleep experts in the industry. It is one of the priciest mattress toppers so do keep in that mind, it's not as expensive as a Tempur Mattress topper but can be classified in the higher price range. It has received an Indy Best Buy Award, showing it has been well received. Additionally, this mattress topper also has hundreds of encouraging reviews with people believing that “going to bed never felt so good.” Others have noted that the topper has entirely transformed their sleep space by rejuvenating their mattress.

The Simba Hybrid Topper does not fall short in hitting the right spots we expect from a thick mattress topper. It comes in five different sizes (each varying by price point) meaning there is something for everyone. Simba has marketed this topper by suggesting that it essentially ‘tops up’ your comfort and adds some hybrid life to any mattress.

One of the best features of this topper is that it is designed with open-cell foam which has a cooling nature to it. The Simbatex air-flow layer, the pocket springs and the 3D mesh fabric allow customers to sleep cool. Each feature is designed to let heat escape from the topper which is the perfect option for those who tend to overheat throughout the night.

It is also worth mentioning that Simba describe this thick topper as 'pro-planet' as the foam used is TCPP free.

(Video credit: Simba)

4. Essentials 10cm Thick Memory Foam Mattress Topper

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Memory Foam Warehouse Discount Voucher Code
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Essentials 10cm Thick Memory Foam Mattress Topper
(Image credit: Memory Foam Warehouse)

The Essentials 10cm Memory Foam Mattress Topper is thick and designed to support your whole body while you sleep. It comes in five different sizes and each is priced fairly for the quality of the product. You can also have it delivered rolled directly to your door. You also get a one-year warranty so if anything goes wrong, you can rely on Memory Foam Warehouse’s customer service team to help.

The thick 10cm mattress topper is made up of medium density memory foam which contours to your body. Memory foam as a material is often used to help with chronic pain and general muscular, joint and bone pain.

Memory mattress toppers are also known to be very supportive and pressure relieving. It helps relieve pressure from the different parts of your body that really need it. This includes your back, shoulders, hips, pelvic area and knees.

To conclude, It is a British made product and made in Yorkshire. One thing to keep in mind is that this topper is sold coverless which is why it is so affordable.

5. Octasmart Plus 7cm Deep Mattress Topper

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dormeo Octasmart Plus 7cm Deep Mattress Topper
(Image credit: Dormeo)

Awarded with Best Buy, the Dormeo Octasmart Plus Mattress Topper promises to entirely rejuvenate your sleeping surface. The topper is designed to have a medium comfort on the firmness scale, which is a great option for individuals who do not like anything too soft or too firm to sleep on.

This mattress topper form Dormeo is also at a higher price point. The Octasmart Plus Mattress Topper consists of what seems like an endless list of features. Its main feature is a supportive layer of visco-elastic memory foam. This material is pressure-relieving and moulds your body shape while you sleep. Memory foam is a fantastic option for people who toss and turn while they sleep as the material helps keep you comfortable and stable no matter what position you sleep in.

Within the foam, Octasprings offer bodily comfort and support at three different zones, providing maximum support at your head, shoulders, torso and legs.

The mattress also has an Ecocell foam structure which is breathable and helps with air circulation throughout the night. It has excellent ventilation which allows the topper to stay cool. Moreover, a smart Octavent air system is embedded into the topper’s cover which is said to cool your bed temperature by three degrees. When it comes to looking for a mattress topper that can do it all, the Dormeo Octasmart does not fall short.

6. Silentnight Airmax 600 6cm Deep Mattress Topper

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Silentnight Airmax 600 6cm Deep Mattress Topper
(Image credit: Silentnight)

Being one of the more affordable mattress toppers in this review, it seems to be a very popular option among British shoppers. The topper has multiple features and the fact that it comes in four different sizes makes it even better. As an added extra, Silentnight is offering a two-year guarantee with this purchase which allows you to have peace of mind if anything goes wrong. With that being said, Silentnight is confident that all customers will love their products. They have been operating as one of the top sleep brands within the UK for some time and are trusted by customers.

Silentnight’s Airmax 600 Mattress Topper is extra deep, coming in at 6cm. It consists of a deep dual-layer construction. The topper also consists of air mesh walls which increases airflow and breathability, making it perfect for those who overheat when sleeping. It also consists of hypoallergenic fibres allowing allergies and respiratory issues to stay at bay. Moreover, the Airmax topper’s cover is machine washable which allows you to keep your sleep space clean and hygienic every night.

The problem with a lot of thick mattress toppers is that the covers are not machine washable and removable, so this is something to keep in mind while searching.


This review has consisted of some thick mattress topper options, each with its own great features and benefits.

When it comes to purchasing a mattress topper, you should consider what you need and want. For example, what type of sleeper are you? Do you get too hot and fidgety?. Consider our suggestions and do your research to find the right option for you.


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