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Best Smart Bed 2022


Written by Lauren

Last Updated: 10th January, 2022

A smart bed is considered a step up from the standard bed, as it has many technological features and storage solutions that typical beds may lack. Despite having a higher price tag, a smart bed can offer many benefits to help improve your quality of sleep and help you relax.

Smart beds can appeal to those who enjoy listening to music before bed as many have speakers or TV's built into the bed. Many smart beds come accompanied by smart mattresses, massage chairs or LED lights to create some extra ambience for those seeking relaxation. The storage space found with smart beds can also help keep the bedroom tidy and uncluttered. Here are our recommendations for the best smart beds available in the UK.

(Important Facts, Studies, Advice, Considerations & FAQs In Conclusion)

Dreams Sleepmotion 800i Adjustable Platform BedAdjustable base 1 Year£1,099
Ultimate Smart Bed X400 Massage BedMassage system 1 Year£2,599
Mode Smart BedMemory modes 5 Years£2,899
Kudy Smart BedBluetooth speaker NA Years£2,199
Happy Beds Griffin Ottoman Media Electric TV BedBuilt-in TV lift NA Years£1,849.99
KMK Bluetooth Speaker Led Light Storage Bed LED lights NA Years£314.99
Prices are referring to the smallest or double size. Information may be subject to change, please check with the brand/manufacturer before purchasing.

1. Sleepmotion 800i Smart Bed

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dreams Sleepmotion 800i smart bed
(Image credit: Dreams)
• Zero Gravity technology
• Adjustable areas
• Wireless remote
• Sleepers who snore
• Those seeking pressure relief
• People looking to improve circulation

The Sleepmotion 800i Adjustable Platform Bed is a smart bed with several features to help relieve pressure and use technology to create a more relaxing experience. This includes the massage features which target the back and feet.

The Sleepmotion bed comes with four adjustable areas, which are included to support the head, back and feet. These areas are also beneficial when you want to change position, allowing you to sit up or lay down. The adjustable head area is also included to help reduce snoring as the elevation can help keep the airways open. To help ease pressure points, the smart bed also has Zero Gravity technology to give a weightless feeling, ease pressure points and improve circulation.

Other technology features include 2 USB ports, so you can easily charge your phone. There is also a wireless remote and a Dreams app, which you can use to control the height and support of the adjustable areas. The smart bed also comes with a 1-year guarantee to help protect your purchase.

2. Ultimate Smart Bed X400

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Ultimate Smart Bed X400
(Image credit: Ultimate Smart Bed)
• Massage system
• Adjustable base
• Built-in bookcase
• Those looking for extra storage
• People who enjoy reading in bed
• Individuals seeking a massage chair

The Ultimate Smart Bed comes from a British company that specialises in smart beds and TV beds. The Ultimate Smart X400 Bed has many technological features, as well as added storage. The bed comes in 4 different colours, three different sizes and two different materials - so you can customise the bed to suit your preferences.

The technology features of the smart bed include a massage system, sound system and an adjustable base. The latter involves changing the shape of the bed parts to suit your preferences. You can also move the small wooden table, located at the top of the bed, so you can use it to watch TV on your laptop or when enjoying a morning coffee.

Aside from the technological features, there is also plenty of storage solutions. This includes a bookcase, cube seat, hidden cabinet and drawers. The cupboards and drawers are located at different points of the bed, making it easy to store various items. Whatsmore, there is also a safe and a reading lamp included with the smart bed.

3. Mode Smart Bed

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Mode Smart Bed
(Image credit: Mode)
• Dual function massage feature
• Split bases
• 5-year electrical warranty
• Those with a bigger budget
• All sleeping positions
• People seeking durability

The Mode Bed has been designed by Mode, who specialise in creating superior beds with smart technology. Their smart bed has been tried and tested, as well as their mattress, which has also been engineered to support all sleeping positions.

Firstly, the smart bed has been constructed with an adjustable base; this includes split bases which are able to move and adapt to your different positions. There is also a dual function-focused massage feature for added comfort, with a pulse and continuous setting. Other technological features include the memory modes, which allow you to save your favourite positions, and the under-bed lightning with a 30-minute timer.

To help you control the features, there is a Bluetooth wireless remote control that is touch-sensitive, and you can also connect to the bed with your phone. In addition to the technological features, the bed also comes with an upholstered headboard and frame. The Mode Bed also comes with a 5-year electrical warranty.

4. Kudy Smart Bed

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Kudy Smart Bed
(Image credit: Kudy)
• Bluetooth speaker
• Reclining massage chair
• Hidden safe
• Those who enjoy a customised design
• People seeking under-bed storage
• Those who enjoy music in bed

The Kudy Smart Bed comes in four different sizes, ranging from double to emperor. There are two different fabrics and multiple colours to choose from, including a custom colour. You can also select if you want the massage position to be on the left or right.

The Kudy bed includes several smart features to help provide comfort and convenience. There is a Bluetooth speaker with a USB and AUX, so you can easily connect to your phone or listen to your music. For extra relaxation, a massage chair is located at the end of the bed, with a reclining feature and an added cup holder. The Kudy Bed also includes a clock and a safe to store your belongings.

In addition, there are plenty of storage spaces, including a bookshelf, under-bed storage and side pockets attached to the massage chair. There are also two bedside tables, one has drawers, and the other can be raised to reveal further storage hidden underneath.

5. Griffin Ottoman TV Smart Bed

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Latest sales on selected mattresses! | T&Cs apply. Show Less
Griffin Ottoman TV Smart Bed
(Image credit: Happy Beds)
• Electrical TV lift
• Aerial adapters
• 5-year guarantee
• Those who enjoy watching TV in bed
• People wanting hidden storage
• Individuals who value durability

The Griffin Slate Grey Fabric Ottoman TV Bed has an emphasis on its built-in TV; however, there are many more technological features that could be beneficial for those who enjoy their entertainment.

The main feature of this smart bed is the TV lift, which can be controlled with the wireless remote and touchpad. The TV is stored at the foot of the bed and can be easily raised with the electrical TV lift. The slimline TV compatibility is 43 inches, and there is a built-in sound system to help create a more immersive experience. Whatsmore, there is also a 90 degree HDMI and aerial adapters included with the smart bed.

The Griffin TV Bed also includes spacious ottoman storage, which can be accessed by lifting the bed upwards. It´s worth noting that this smart bed comes with a five-year guarantee, which can attest to its durability and protect your purchase over time.

6. KMK Smart Bed

KMK Smart Bed
(Image credit: Amazon)
• LED lights
• Built-in headboard speakers
• USB charging port
• Individuals on a budget
• Those seeking sturdiness
• Mattress depth up to 20cm

The KMK Smart Bed can be purchased on Amazon and is a cheaper alternative to other smart beds available on the market. The bed has received a majority of positive reviews from verified customers, who have rated the bed highly for its sturdiness and how easy it is to assemble.

The technological features include LED lights, which can be found under the bed and can be controlled with the remote control. There is also a USB charging port connected to the bed, so you can easily charge your devices. If you want to listen to music or audiobooks in bed, there are speakers connected to the headboard which can connect to Bluetooth or AUX. You can lift the bed to find a spacious space to store your belongings for those seeking extra storage.

The KMK bed has a maximum mattress depth of 20cm, and the dimensions are W155.5cm x L210cm x H79cm. You can choose from a double or king-size, as well as choosing from either black or black and white.

Definition Of A Smart Bed

The global smart bed market was estimated to be around USD 1,786.40 million in 2019 and is expected to increase to 2,661.85 million by 2027. This rise in popularity coincides with the increase in technology and could show that people expect more technological features found in their everyday products and furniture. 

To be categorised as a smart bed, there should be plenty of technological features which aren’t typically found in standard beds. This often includes massage features, specialised smart mattresses, built-in speakers and USB charging facilities. As well as this, it’s common to find extra storage built into the smart bed. 

Smart beds in the UK are not typically sold in standard furniture and bedding stores. Instead, you are more likely to find one with companies that specialise in smart beds or higher-end furniture retailers. You can also find cheaper options on Amazon, although the quality may not be to the same standard. 

Smart Bed Considerations 

Smart beds can often be more expensive than the standard bed; therefore, before investing, it’s helpful to consider all the different features you may expect to find in a smart bed. Take into consideration which features appeal to you the most so you can select the right smart bed to suit your preferences. 

smart bed considerations
  • Adjustable base: Most smart beds will allow you to adjust the base to align with your position. This means you can change the base depending if you are sitting or laying in your bed. You can also make adjustments to provide extra support to particular body parts. 
  • Massage system: To provide that added relaxation, many smart beds will come with massage features. This often comes in the form of a masage chair, which is attached to the bed. However, you can also find beds with the massage features built-in to the mattress. 
  • USB ports: A simple but effective feature, USB ports will allow you to charge your devices whilst in bed. This also means you don’t need to worry about if your smart bed is located near a plug socket. 
  • Speakers: For those who enjoy listening to music in bed, or hearing audio books while drifting off the sleep; speakers could be a beneficial feature. The speakers are usually built-in to the bed frame and can often be connected via Bluetooth. 
  • Storage: Aside from the technological features, smart beds can also come with plenty of storage solutions. This can include bookcases, drawers, bedside tables and underbed storage. This could help you save costs as you don’t need to worry about purchasing extra storage items. 
  • Remote control: To help you control all the technological features, many smart beds come with a wireless remote. Some smart beds also come with touchpads or phone apps for ease of use. 
  • Price: The cost of a smart bed is often more expensive than the typical bed, due to all the technological features. Prices typically vary from around £1000 - £3000. However, you may find cheaper options through online retailers, such as Amazon. 

Effectiveness Of Massage Chairs 

Many smart beds come equipped with massage features or with a massage chair. This can appeal to those who are seeking added relaxation or for those who suffer from aches and pains. 

massage chair smart bed

Massage chairs often work by using vibrations to help massage the muscles. Other massage chairs may use rollers, which can move in different directions and often target the back. Chiropractor Dr. Peter Schubbe, states that massage chairs can be beneficial for various reasons, such as increasing blood flow and relieving tension. It is also believed to increase endorphin levels, which may help with pain and anxiety. 

A study✓ comparing massage chairs to physiotherapy found that, while physio was more effective with pain control, massage chairs also showed good promise for managing pain and general quality of life. Another experiment✓ involving ten healthy volunteers and three different massage modes also found massage chairs to be effective. It was concluded that the roll-stretch and shiatsu massage chairs could rapidly encourage muscle relaxation and calming. 

Good to know!
An experiment✓ was conducted in which ICU patients were given a back massage for three consecutive nights and mornings. The back massage was shown to help induce sleep and improve sleep quality.

Music In Bed 

There are plenty of smart beds available which come with built-in speakers. You can often connect to these speakers via Bluetooth and listen to audio from your phone or laptop. While some sleepers prefer silence, there are also many benefits to listening to music to help you drift off to sleep. 

music and sleep
  1. Depression: A study✓ involving 94 students revealed that listening to relaxing classical music before bed saw a decrease in depressive symptoms, as well as improved sleep quality. 
  2. Elderly People: An experiment✓ with 60 elderly volunteers showed that by listening to sedative music at beddtime, saw a significant improvement in sleep quality, sleep duration and sleep efficiency. It also helped to reduce sleep disturbances. 
  3. Stress: Music is able to get in touch and influence the emotional part of the brain. Due to this, relaxing music can help to relax and reduce stress levels, which can be beneficial to help unwind before bed. 
  4. Pregnancy: Research has indicated that specific music genres can help facilitate sleep amongst sleep-distrurbed pregnant women. A study✓ found that pregnant women listening to lullabies and classical music, reported reduced stress, anxiety and better sleep quality. 
  5. Insomnia: Listening to relaxing music can also help to reduce symptoms of insomia. Research✓ has indicated that music can help improve sleep quality in adults suffering with insomnia.
  6. Young Children: Relaxing music has also been proven to help toddlers and young children before taking a nap. A study✓ showed that guitar music helped children to go to sleep faster. 

Important to note:
While bedtime music can have many benefits, research✓ has found there could be some risks. Sleep researcher Micheal Scullin found that instrumental music has the potential to disrupt sleep by inducing earworms as the sleeping brain continues to process music.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a smart bed?

A smart bed is a bed that comes with extra technological features such as speakers, lights and massage features. Smart beds also often have added storage spaces.

How much is a smart bed?

Smart beds can vary in price but often range from £1000 - £3000.

What is the best smart bed?

This can depend on your personal needs and preferences. If your goal is to achieve comfort and relaxation, try looking for a smart bed with massage features and pressure relieving qualities. For entertainment lovers, a smart bed equipped with speakers and a TV may be an appealing option.

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