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Best Sleeping Eye Mask 2021

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Are you looking for the best sleeping eye mask for you or wanting to know if you even need one? If you had to ask science, then yes, you do. When you dose off and prepare to sleep, melatonin or the “sleep hormone” is released in your brain and drives the sleep force. Melatonin naturally secretes when its dark, and our bodies prepare for rest. Muscles begin to relax, body temperature drops and drowsiness creeps in. During rest, any light that enters our eyes stops melatonin production and your body slowly wakes up. So, with a sleeping mask, you’re able to keep all the lights out and let the melatonin flow.

With an enormous variety of products from many different suppliers, finding the right sleeping mask for you is quite the task. So, allow us at The Mattress Guide UK to lay out some of the best sleeping masks currently on the market.

1. Panda Bamboo Eye Mask – £17.99

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panda bamboo sleeping eye mask uk
(Image credit Panda)

Topping our Best Sleeping Eye Mask list in the number 1 spot is the Panda Bamboo eye mask. This mask is made from 100% bamboo and 100% hand-pulled mulberry silk. The Panda Bamboo eye mask is a sleek white on grey, with the inner silk lining white and the outer bamboo layer grey.

Bamboo requires less water and grows more rapidly and densely, meaning its more environmentally friendly than cotton and traditional materials. Additionally, Bamboo is naturally anti-bacterial, which helps protect from skin irritation and allergies.

The inner part is odourless silk and is also hypoallergenic. The Panda bamboo eye mask contains anti-ageing properties, claiming to reduce bags below eyes and improving the elasticity of your skin. The panda also comes with temperature regulation properties, keeping you cool in summer and warm in winter.

Panda also has a great pillow made from similar materials, to see our review on it follow this link.

2. Mela Eucalyptus Eye Mask – £29.99

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mela eucalyptus eye mask
(image credit Mela)

After Mela’s mega-successful weighted blanket launch they have now introduced a eucalyptus range including a sleeping eye mask.

This sleeping eye mask from Mela is woven from extra soft 100% eucalyptus thread. There are no harmful chemicals used, so it’s safe for skin and hypoallegenic.

Eucalyptus is a new trend in the bedding sector as it’s said to be more breathable than cotton and bamboo, has a similar soft texture to silk (without the high price tag) and is more environmentally friendly as opposed to cotton.

Eucalyptus uses 10x less water than cotton to grow. We did a bit of investigation and found they source their eucalyptus material from forests in Austria and the Czech Republic where they regrow everything they harvest.

It comes in two finishes, stone (as in the image) and blush which is a pinky rose colour.

3. Masters of Mayfair Sleep Mask – £50

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masters of mayfair aqua sleep eye mask
(Image credit Masters of Mayfair)

For those looking for a more luxurious sleeping eye mask, the eye mask from Masters of Mayfair may be your best bet.

These eye masks are made from ethically sourced Fairtrade cotton, with a bamboo silk backing which is designed to give a more soft and comfortable contact with your face.  

They have a range of models/ colours and you can select if you want lavender infused into the mask or not. The eye masks that include lavender are infused with dried natural lavender flowers (British grown) which are alleged to have a variety of therapeutic properties including helping you achieve a deeper, more restful sleep.

For stability, an adjustable strap is included which features a flat clip, which is engineered to ensure no discomfort. Adding to practicality, they have also made the sleep mask machine washable, but bear in mind that the lavender scent may fade over time (this can always be rejuvenated with a lavender spray which they also offer). 

It seems that Masters of Mayfair pay careful attention to the complete customer journey as the product is beautifully packaged for gifting and they include a silk carry case for practical transportation, especially during travel.

(Video credit: Masters of Mayfair)

4. Orihea Sleep Mask – £19.99

orihea sleep mask
(Image credit: Orihea)

Next, on our Best Sleeping Eye Mask list, is the Orihea sleep mask. This combination of memory foam, polyester and super soft silk create a complete blackout experience for the sleeper. Suitable for men or women.

The Orihea sleep mask is complete with an inner nose bridge that is adjustable for any size nose. This completely keeps light out around the nose.

Complete with a unique eye structure on the inner part of the mask, the Orihea sleep mask has ample space for your eyes. There will be no pressure on your eyes or eyelids. Made from premium foam and silk lining, the Orihea is soft, comfortable and breathable.

5. Sleep Master Sleep Mask – £19.70

sleep master eye mask
(Image credit: Sleep Master)

A largely popular sleep mask in the USA, this sleep mask is available on Amazon UK. 

The Sleep Master sleep mask has a unique design and supportive feel. The mask comes down past your nose and continues around the back of your head.

With sturdy velcro straps, this sleep mask will stay in place through the night. Speaking of staying in place, the sleep master comes with free earplugs, that are held in place by the wrap-around straps.

The most important aspect of this mask is that it completely blocks out light while in use. For when the mask is not in use, it is washable by hand.

6. Plemo Sleep Mask – £7.99

plemo sleep mask uk
(Image credit: Plemo)

Next on our list is the revised sleep mask from Plemo. The Plemo sleep mask is a memory foam mask with added features and breathability. Best suited for bedtime.

The Plemo sleep mask has a soft and comfortable design, with a slight concave shape to keep pressure off the eyes as you sleep. It comes with elastic straps that have velcro. This means it is adjustable, comfortable and stable.

The Plemo sleep mask also comes with a massaging feature below your eyes and extra material around the nose to block light from entering.

7. LC-Dolida Bluetooth Eye Mask – £21.99

lc-dolida eye mask
(Image credit: LC-Dolida)

We couldn’t end this list without a special sleeping mask. For those who enjoy the sounds of nature, water, animals etc. instead of earplugs, here are some earphones. The Bluetooth eye mask from LC-Dolida is a breathable foam design that is washable and can last up to 8 hours. 

The Bluetooth eye mask is made from 97% cotton and 3% silk, making it soft and breathable. Complete with a removable Bluetooth receiver, this eye mask can be washed. No need to worry about your sleep getting disturbed, with a charging time of 2-2.5 hours, and a playtime of up to 8 hours, you’ll get your full nights rest and then some.

With blackout concave design, this mask allows space for your eyes as well, ensuring no pressure on your lashes. Complete with a full HD sound system and compatible with most devices (including pcs) this will have you in your zone. Completely adjustable velcro straps for ease and comfort.

8. FRESHME Sleep Mask – £19.87

freshme cotton sleep mask
(Image credit: FRESHME)

Up next is another low hanging eye mask. The FRESHME 100% cotton sleep mask comes down past your nose and rests gently upon your face. 

The cotton design assists with facial stress and in getting you into sleep more rapidly. The nose wing design allows for 100% blackout features. The cotton material provides a soft surface that relieves facial stress.

The mask is fully adjustable and won’t tangle up your hair or hurt your head. The mask is 100% hand-made, with strict standards, ensuring durability. You can handwash the eye mask and take it anywhere with a free carry bag.

9. Voluex 3D Sleep Eye Mask – £25.99

voluex contoured sleep eye mask
(Image credit: Voluex)

The Voluex 3D contoured sleep eye mask comes with: 1 pack eye mask, 1 set soundproof earplugs and 1 advanced travel pouch. Moreover, 24-hour professional service centre, 30 days full refund, 12 months warranty and 365 days of technical support.

With the Voluex eye mask, you get a memory foam build, complete with nose wings. The nose wings not only soften the feel of the mask on your face but also block ALL light from passing into the mask.

Additionally, the eye mask has 3D eye socket spaces on the inner part. This ensures that there will be no pressure on your eyes or eyelids and allows enough space for your eyes. The eye mask also comes with an adjustable, anti-slip gel back.

10. Hommini Sleep Mask – £14.99

hommini sleeping mask
(Image credit: Hommini)

The Hommini sleep mask is a memory foam mask, with unique 3D eye spacing. Making use of their upgraded, hidden nose wings and breathable, skin-friendly materials. 

The Hommini sleep mask utilises a circular design for the eye sockets. This larger design gives more space than traditional, flat masks. The circular design ensures that there is no pressure on your eyes, eyelids and won’t smudge your eye makeup. The eye mask also comes with hidden nose wings, blocking out 100% of the light.

Made from 100% skin-friendly materials and breathable memory foam, this eye mask is comfortable and lightweight. The eye masks also come with a fully adjustable strap, for any size. Suitable for men and women, with a carry pouch and earplugs included.

11. Unimi Eye Mask – £13.99

unimi eye sleeping mask
(Image credit: Unimi)

The newly upgraded Unimi eye mask. Complete with Lycra fabric, this eye mask is soft and lightweight. 

The Unimi eye mask has an inner padded nose design, blocking 100% of the light from entering the mask. The memory foam and Lycra cotton create a soft, breathable and lightweight overall build.

Complete with an adjustable strap that has a buckle, securing your mask in the position you’ve chosen. The 3D contoured design of the Unimi eye mask allows it to rest close to the nose and ensures no pressure on the eyes.

12. Bedtime Bliss Eye Mask – £8.90

bedtime bliss sleeping mask
(Image credit: Bedtime Bliss)

Included in our Best Sleeping Eye Mask list, we have the Bedtime Bliss eye mask. This sleeping mask is best used for travel and is suited for men or women. 

The Bedtime Bliss eye mask is soft in feeling and designed in a cupped shape, to keep pressure off your eyes as you sleep. The cupped shape allows for a better sit around the nose and lets less light in due to its shape. Complete with an adjustable strap, earplugs and a carry pouch, this is a convenient sleep mask for people on the move.

Best Sleeping Eye Mask UK Conclusion

Any of the above sleeping eye masks are designed with the basic function of blocking out the light, which one you choose from the above list is up to you and your preferences. One thing that is for sure, a sleep mask is crucial to an uninterrupted nights rest. So, seal those eyes and let the melatonin flow.

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