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Best Radio Alarm Clock 2022


Written by Lauren

Last Updated: 10th January, 2022

Alarm clocks have existed in many forms throughout history, from bells to traditional alarm clocks and smartphones. They can be an integral part of every day; therefore, if you are investing in a new alarm clock, it's worth taking the time to find the right one for you.

A radio alarm clock is an appealing option as it can offer multi-functionality while maintaining essential alarm functions. Radio alarm clocks are a great option for those who enjoy listening to the radio, as well as their own music in the morning. In addition, these clocks can have several other features, such as USB ports for charging and Bluetooth for connectivity. Here is a list of recommended radio alarm clocks to help start your day on a positive note.

(Important Facts, Studies, Advice, Considerations & FAQs In Conclusion)

August Dual Alarm Clock MB300485g1 Year£32.95
Roberts Revival RD70 Digital Radio with Alarm1.65kg2 Years£199
Philips Wake-Up Light Alarm Clock1.11 kg1 Year£116.99
 i-box Bedside Radio Alarm Clock910g1 Year£34.99
Philips AJ3400 Wake-Up Alarm Clock with Radio330g1 Year £22.99
Roberts Ortus 2 Digital Alarm Clock Radio490g2 Years£79.99
Prices are referring to the smallest size. Information may be subject to change, please check with the brand/manufacturer before purchasing.

1. August Dual Radio Alarm Clock

August Dual Alarm Clock MB300
(Image credit: August)
• Wireless remote control
• USB function
• Back-up battery
• Those seeking extended battery life
• People who value multi-functionality
• Individuals who enjoy their own music

The Clock Radio by August is a wooden radio alarm clock with many additional features. The radio clock has received thousands of positive reviews on Amazon, getting high ratings for battery life, the remote control function and sound quality.

The August Clock Radio uses its USB function to allow you to choose what song you would like as your alarm; then, you can simply plug your USB stick in to play in the morning. Alongside this, you can also charge the radio clock using the USB or the main power; the clock has a battery life of 5 hours. In addition to being an alarm clock, you can also use the item as a speaker as you can connect your phone, SD card or MP3 player and play music. To control the different features, the radio alarm clock also comes with a wireless remote control.

As well as playing music, the alarm clock also has the FM radio station, which you can set with a timer to turn itself off after you fall asleep. The backup battery also means that even if you lose power, your alarm should not fail to wake you up in the morning.

2. Roberts Revival RD70 Digital Radio Alarm Clock

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Roberts Revival RD70 Digital Radio Alarm Clock
(Image credit: John Lewis)
• Retro design
• Bluetooth function
• DAB digital reception
• Individuals with a bigger budget
• Those who value durability
• People seeking portability

The Roberts Revival RD70 radio has a 50's retro design and comes in several colours, such as Duck Egg, Leaf Green and Black. The product has been designed and engineered in the UK and can be purchased through John Lewis & Partners.

The vintage alarm clock uses DAB digital reception, which allows access you to access FM radio. You can also save and store any FM stations that you don't have access to or those that aren't digital. If you enjoy drifting off to music, you can set a timer for up to 90 minutes which will turn the power off after you fall asleep. Aside from the radio, you can also listen to your own music through the alarm clock's Bluetooth function. Here, you can pair with your device and control the music settings with the buttons on the radio clock.

The Roberts Revival RD70 radio also includes design features such as the customisable colour and theme display, where you can select the clock's format. There is also a handle so you can easily carry the radio clock around the home. There is also a 2-year guarantee with this product.

3. Philips Wake-Up Light Radio Alarm Clock

Philips Wake-Up Light Alarm Clock
(Image credit: Philips)
• Sunrise simulation
• Transparent glass design
• 800 watts
• Those who enjoy nature sounds
• People who prefer a dual alarm
• Individuals sensitive to light

The Philips Wake-Up Light Radio Alarm Clock has received thousands of positive customer reviews, with high ratings for the product's brightness, sleep mode, and ease of use. The radio alarm clock uses 800 watts and is primarily made from glass.

This radio alarm clock has been designed with influences of nature, as you can access five natural sounds, as well as FM radio. The radio clock's main feature is the sunrise simulation lighting technology, which uses a warm light that gradually changes as you fall asleep and wake up to simulate a natural sunset and sunrise. The 300 lux light also comes with 20 personalised brightness settings so you can customise it to suit your preferences. Upon waking, the radio alarm clock has two alarm times and a snooze function.

Philips states that their Wake-Up Light Radio Alarm Clock has been clinically proven to be effective and that 9 out of 10 consumers agree that it works well.

4. i-box Bedside Radio Alarm Clock

i-box Bedside Radio Alarm Clock
(Image credit: ibox)
• 6W stereo speakers
• QI Wireless Charging pad
• 10 FM presents
• Individuals with multiple devices
• Those sensitive to brightness
• People seeking ease of use

The ibox radio alarm clock has received many positive reviews from customers, and has received the Amazon's Choice label. Verified customers have praised the product for its brightness, sound quality and ease of use. The product also comes with a 12-month warranty to protect your purchase against damages.

The alarm clock comes with a dual alarm function which means you can set two different alarm times for those who prefer to snooze a little after their first alarm. As you wake up, you can connect to FM radio with up to 10 FM presents available. If you prefer your own music, you can connect via Bluetooth and play music directly from your device. The 6W stereo speakers comes with a Passive Subwoofer, which enhances the sound with a richer bass.

The ibox radio clock also comes with a built-in QI Wireless Charging pad which can be used to charge all Qi-enabled phones by resting your device on top of the pad. For additional charging, you can also use the USB port. The product has been made with premium materials, such as a fabric wrap and a soft touch top face.

5. Philips AJ3400 Wake-Up Radio Alarm Clock

Philips AJ3400 Radio Alarm Clock
(Image credit: Philips)
• Digital FM tuner
• Dual alarm system
• Customisable timer
• Individuals on a budget
• People who prefer a large display
• Those who enjoy falling asleep to music

Philips is a well-known brand which specialises in technological products. Their radio alarm clock comes with many features and is promised to be easy to use, with instruction-free time and a simple setup. The product comes with a power cord and a quick start guide.

With the Philips alarm clock radio, you can access the FM stations with the built-in digital FM tuner. You can also decide how long the music plays as you can set a timer for up to 1 hour, which will turn the music off automatically. As well as this, you can also select a radio station or buzzer to wake you up in the morning. For those that sleep with a partner, you can also use the dual alarm system to set two different alarm times.

Philips also claims this product is ideal for those with eyesight problems as the simple screen is large with a clear display. Customers have rated the radio alarm clock highly for its brightness and value for money.

6. Roberts Ortus 2 Digital Alarm Clock Radio

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Roberts Ortus 2 Digital Alarm Clock Radio
(Image credit: John Lewis)
• DAB digital radio
• USB charging port
• 2-year guarantee
• Heavy sleepers
• People who value good reception
• Those seeking good value for money

The Roberts' Ortus 2 radio alarm clock is being sold by John Lewis and has been popular amongst customers. Those who have purchased the product have stated that the radio clock is easy to use and is good value for money.

The radio alarm clock uses DAB digital radio, which promises to give crystal clear reception. You can access FM radio stations, which you can use as your alarm, or you can use a simple buzzer. For heavy sleepers, you can set the alarm duration from 30 to 120 minutes. You can also snooze the alarm by selecting any button, with snooze and nap settings being adjustable. To charge the device, you can use the USB charging port, which can also be used to plug in your device to play music.

In terms of design, the radio alarm clock has a digital display in which you can adjust the level of brightness, depending on your preferences and time of day. The product comes with a two-year warranty with the option to add two years Protect Plus to protect the product against any possible accidental damage.

Timeline Of The Radio Alarm Clock 

Nowadays, many of us rely on our phones to wake us up in the morning. Despite this, having a radio alarm clock can provide many benefits that a phone may not offer, such as radio stations, USB ports and speaker functions. 

radio alarm clock

Alarm clocks have been around for centuries, but not as we know it today, often using bells or even water to awaken people. However, the first modern American alarm clock was invented in 1787 by Levi Hutchins. Following this, it is believed that the inventors of the radio alarm clock were James F. Reynolds and Paul L Schroth Sr. in the 1940s, although there is little evidence to support this. Despite the popularity, production of alarm clocks halted during the second world war as factories were forced to focus on war-related production at that time.  

After the war, radio alarm clocks continued to gain popularity once more as it was a popular way to start the day off with the music of the decade. Since then, the 2017 electronic alarm clock market has been estimated to be valued at 143.58 million USD and is believed to reach 207.30 million USD by 2025.

Radio Alarm Clock Features 

There is a wide variety of radio alarm clocks available in the UK, mainly with online retailers such as Amazon.  With the number of options, getting the best product for your preferences can be challenging when there's so much to choose from. Here are some features worth considering when selecting a radio alarm clock. 

alarm clock radio features
  • Radio: Most radio alarm clocks should offer FM radio stations; however, it’s worth checking if these stations are limited or widely accessible. Other radios may use DAB radio reception, which gives the radio access to a wide network of transmitters. 
  • Alarm: Radio alarm clocks often come equipped with dual alarms, which allow you to set two alarms at different times. This can be useful for those in couples, or for those who struggle to wake up after the first alarm. 
  • USB Port: As many individuals currently own multiple devices, a USB port can be a handy tool to charge your mobile or tablet anywhere around the home. You can also use the USB port to charge the radio lock alarm itself. 
  • Connectivity: While the radio is clearly one of the main features of a radio clock alarm. There are many products that will give you the option to connect to another device using Bluetooth or USB. This can allow you to play music from your phone or tablet without the use of sleep headphones or earplugs.
  • Design: Since you’re likely to be using the radio alarm clock every day, design can be an important aspect. You can opt for a minimalist, simple design or something more stylish or retro. It’s important to note, that if you struggled with eyesight, a radio alarm clock with a large display screen could be beneficial. 
  • Warranty: If you want to protect your purchase, look out for brands that offer a warranty period or guarantee. These time periods typically range from 1 - 3 years and can help offer some peace of mind. 
  • Price: The cost of a radio clock alarm can vary depending on the brand, design and features. If you’re on a budget, you can find products for around £25, although most will range from £30 - £50. If you’re willing to splash the cash, you can find good quality radio clock alarms for over £100.

Fun fact!
A survey✓ revealed that around 59% of British people would hit the snooze button at least once. The worst culprits were the under 35's, with 58% opting to snooze their alarm.

Psychology Behind Snoozing 

One of the key features of a radio clock alarm is the popular snooze feature. Many of us are guilty of hitting the snooze button when we're not quite ready to face the day. It's also common to set more than one alarm, so you can gradually wake yourself up. Despite this, there has been some debate about whether snoozing your alarm is actually beneficial. 

snooze alarm

Director of the Anxiety and Phobia Center, Fredric Neuman, M.D, claims that hitting the snooze can disturb your sleep quality as it takes you out of deep sleep, which is more beneficial. In addition, deciding whether or not to snooze the alarm can put added or unnecessary stress into the morning routine, which isn't an ideal way to start the day. 

In addition, studies✓‌ have found that opting to snooze may be linked to lucid dreaming. This could be due to the brief awakening causing brain activation or sleep-onset rapid eye movement periods. Other medical sources also state that snoozing the alarm can disrupt REM sleep and even cause an increase in blood pressure and heartbeat. It is advised to try to avoid snoozing the alarm when possible and try to get at least 7 hours of restorative sleep instead. 

“If alarming your heart, quite literally, were not bad enough, using the snooze feature means you will repeatedly inflict that cardiovascular assault again and again within a short span of time”

Professor Matthew Walker, Centre for Human Sleep Science 

Benefits To Waking Up To The Radio 

While many of us are accustomed to the standard beeping alarm in the morning, a radio clock alarm can give you the option to wake up and listen to music. Here are some benefits to listening to music as you start your day. 

  1. Alertness: A study✓ involving 50 participants found that melodic waking sounds were more likely to increase alertness as the sounds were associated with a reduction in perceived sleep inertia
  2. Happiness: Listening to the right music at the start of the day can help you feel more positive. Research✓ has shown that music can activate the brain’s reward system and release dopamine, which can make us feel good. 
  3. Stress: It is believed that music with a slower tempo can help to relax the mind and body, as well as being an effective tool for relaxation and stress management. Therefore, listening to calming music at the start of the day may help you to de-stress.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best digital radio alarm clock?

This can depend on your own personal preferences. If your focus is on the alarm and radio, you could opt for a simple design with a good radio connection. If you would like multi-functionality, try an alarm with speakers, lights or Bluetooth connection.

How to set the alarm on a clock radio?

Setting the alarm can vary depending on the product, and instructions should be available online or with the instruction manual. Generally, you should look out for buttons that set time or time zone.

What is a radio-controlled alarm clock?

A radio-controlled alarm clock is essentially a radio alarm clock. This typically means that you can set the radio to play with your alarm when you wake up in the morning.

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