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Best Quiet Bedroom Fan 2022


Written by Lauren

Last Updated: 10th January, 2022

If your room heats up in the summer, or if you suffer from overheating at night, it may be worth considering purchasing a bedroom fan. Overheating can be caused by numerous factors, such as hot temperatures, menopause or alcohol consumption. A study✓ involving 2267 patients found that 41% experienced night sweats, with the highest numbers belonging in group ages 41 - 55 years.

If you are prone to overheating and are a light sleeper, a quiet bedroom fan could be the ideal solution. Bedroom fans can come in various shapes and designs, so there's likely to be an option to suit your preferences. Here is our list of recommended fans to help ensure a cooler and more peaceful sleep.

(Important Facts, Studies, Advice, Considerations & FAQs In Conclusion)

John Lewis & Partners Tower Fan Floor Fan45W2 Years£95
Honeywell Turbo Fan Table Fan40W3 Years£24.97
ANSIO Tower Fan Floor Fan45W2 Years£69.97
PureMate Tower FanFloor Fan60WNA Years£39.99
Meaco MeacoFan 1056 Air Circulator Table Fan9.5W2 Years£94.99
4UMOR DC Standing FanPedestal Fan24W2 Years£79.99
Prices are referring to the smallest size. Information may be subject to change, please check with the brand/manufacturer before purchasing.

1. John Lewis & Partners Quiet Tower Fan

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John Lewis & Partners Tower Fan
(Image credit: John Lewis & Partners)
• 42-inch height
• Touch panel
• 3-speed settings
• Those who prefer tower fans
• People with a bigger budget
• Individuals seeking a bladeless fan

John Lewis & Partners are selling their 42-inch floor fan to help keep you cool in hot weather. The fan has a black and white design and comes without any blades. The product has received positive feedback, with many customers noting how quietness of the fan.

The floor fan comes with a touch panel, which allows you to control the speed and time. There are three different speeds, including a sleep mode which reduces the amount of noise. The timer is included, so you are able to ensure the fan turns off after you go to sleep. The tower fan can also oscillate to help keep the entire room at a cool temperature.

The fan weighs 5.7kg and has a power of 45W. Upon purchasing, you should receive a 2-year guarantee, with the option to add two years Protect Plus, which protects the fan against any accidental damage.

2. Honeywell Quiet Turbo Fan

Honeywell Turbo Fan
(Image credit: Honeywell)
• Wall mount feature
• Variable tilt
• Quiet operation
• Those with limited space
• People seeking a lightweight fan
• Individuals on a budget

The Turbo Fan by Honeywell is a portable fan that can be easily moved around the room or taken out of the home. The product weighs 1.3kg, and the dimensions are 28 x 15.6 x 29cm.

The table fan is made from stainless steel and has an airflow capacity of 185 cubic feet per minute. Features include the variable tilt and the quiet operation. The tilt is designed to allow air to flow in any direction with a 90-degree pivot, while the quiet mode reduces sound to help you sleep better. The fan also has a space-saving wall-mount feature so that you can attach the fan to a wall anywhere in your room. There is also a choice of three different speed settings, allowing you to decide how cool you want the room.

The Honeywell Turbo Fan has received thousands of positive reviews, with customers rating the product highly for its lightweight and easy to use. The fan also comes with a 3-year guarantee.

3. ANSIO Quiet Tower Fan 

ANSIO Tower Fan
(Image credit: ANSIO)
• 30-inch height
• Remote control
• Wind mode
• Those who prefer a range of settings
• People who want to save space
• Individuals who value safety

The ANSIO Tower Fan is a 30-inch floor fan that comes in black, white and grey. Customers have praised the product for being easy to assemble, as well as its timer and remote control features.

ANSIO have designed the fan to be slim-line, meaning it can save space and fit into the room corners. The fan's control panel and remote allow you to control the timer and speed settings. The timer will enable you to keep the fan running for up to 7.5 hours, meaning you can have it running while you sleep. Speed settings include low, medium and high. In addition, there is also a wind mode, which allows you to change the air circulation to normal, nature or taper. The tower fan also has a 60-degree oscillation, allowing the air to travel around the room.

The fan has been certified by RoHS, REACH and the CE, meaning it has been tested to meet European standards. For portability, the fan also comes with a carry handle so you can switch rooms with ease.

4. PureMate Quiet Tower Fan

PureMate Tower Fan
(Image credit: PureMate)
• 60W power motor
• Fragrance tray
• 70-degree oscillation
• Those with children or pets
• Individuals seeking a powerful fan
• People who enjoy aromatherapy

The PureMate Tower Fan is a 31-inch fan with many features designed to give you a better nights rest. PureMate states their fan is ultra-powerful with a power of 60W.

The tower fan has 3-speed and wind settings which you can choose based on your personal preferences. You can control the different wind modes with the control panel on top of the fan. The product also has widespread oscillation and can rotate at a 70-degree angle. As well as cooling, the fan also has a fragrance feature, where you can place essential oils in a tray to circulate the smell around the room.

For portability, there is also a carry handle so you can take the fan into different rooms efficiently. The fan also has a safety design to prevent any fingers from getting caught if you have children.

5. MeacoFan 1056 Quiet Air Circulator

Meaco MeacoFan
(Image credit: Meaco)
• 12-speed settings
• Multi-directional oscillation
• Eco-mode
• Those who would value a built-in light
• People seeking a bedside fan
• Individuals who value portability

The MeacoFan Air Circulator is an award-winning fan that claims to be noiseless, making it a good option for when you're trying to get to sleep. The compact design means you can easily place the fan on your bedside table or move it around the room.

The table fan comes equipped with multi-directional oscillation, meaning air can circulate throughout the room. There are 12 different speed settings, allowing you to customise the fan speed to your preferences. The fan also has an eco-mode to save energy, which enables the fan to adjust the wind speed depending on the room temperature. In addition, there is also a built-in light, making it ideal for reading in bed while staying cool.

The fan comes with a magnetic remote so that you can control the settings from anywhere in the room. With thousands of highly-rated reviews, customers have praised the product for its sleep mode and noise level, which starts at a quiet 20dB.

6. 4UMOR Quiet Standing Fan

4UMOR DC Standing Fan
(Image credit: 4UMOR)
• Adjustable height
• LED light
• 9-speed settings
• Those who value a sleep mode
• People looking for durability
• Individuals seeking energy-saving power

4UMOR offers their DC Standing Fan, which uses a traditional design with a maximum power of 24W. Customers have stated that the fan is sturdy and have rated it highly for its sleep mode and noise level. One verified purchase claimed the fan was the quietest they've ever had.

The standiIt'san comes with an adjustable height, which you can change from 75cm to 98cm. There is also a 90° horizontal oscillation feature, allowing air to flow around the room. The fan includes DC motors which are included to be energy-saving and noise-reducing. In addition, the standing fan has nine different speed settings and four modes, including normal, natural, sleep and eco-smart, which you can monitor using the remote control. You can also use the timer, which ranges from 1 -9 hours, and a LED light.

4UMOR states that their fan is easy to disassemble, with only a few steps. When you purchase the fan, you get a 2-year warranty and 24/7 customer support so that you can seek assistance at any point.

How Noise Affects Sleep

It's well known that noise can have an impact on your sleep; this is primarily due to your circadian rhythm. The circadian rhythm is essentially the natural body clock that indicates when to awake and sleep. Studies✓ have found that noise can affect the circadian rhythm, particularly at night. 

noise and sleep

In addition to affecting the natural body clock, research✓ has also found that environmental noises can significantly disturb quality and negatively affect your mental, social and emotional state. Those experiencing noise throughout the night are also more likely to suffer from daytime fatigue, annoyance and mood changes. There can also be a decrease in well-being and cognitive performance. 

Noise mainly affects you the most during the lighter stages of sleep, at the start and at specific intervals throughout the night. Even while you sleep, noise can still affect your brain and have a negative impact on sleep quality. Despite this, some brains have a higher tolerance to noise than others, and familiar sounds can be less disruptive as people tend to acclimatise. For example, it's common for those who live in the city to be more disrupted by the sounds in the countryside and vice versa. 

Quiet Bedroom Fan Features

There is a wide range of quiet fans currently on the market; they can come in different sizes, designs, and varying features. Before purchasing, it could be helpful to be aware of the various features so you can purchase the right fan to suit your personal needs and preferences. 

quiet bedroom fan features
  • Design: The most popular fans are typically table fans, pedestal fans and tower fans. Table fans are ideal for portability and to place on the bedside table, whereas pedestal and tower fans tend to take up more space, but may have more widespread airflow.  
  • Speed: Many fans feature different speed options with varying power. If you´re seeking a quiet fan, it's worth looking out for settings that include a quiet or silent mode, but can still maintain a high level of speed to keep you cool. 
  • Portability: If you want to travel with your fan or move it from room to room, there are plenty of lightweight options available. Bedside fans can also be easily manoeuvred, but may not have as much widespread air circulation as tower fans.
  • Size: A possible disadvantage to owning a fan is that it can take up valuable room space. If this concerns you, there are many tower fans that are designed to be sleek and space-saving. 
  • Multi-purpose: While the main reason for buying a fan is generally for cooling, some fans have added accessories that could be beneficial. This could include LED lights, scented features and special silent modes. 
  • Price: The cost when purchasing a fan can typically range from £20 to £100. Floor fans are generally more expensive than table fans; however, it can largely depend on design, brand and added features.

Good to know!
Many people have stated that the white noise caused by fans can help them get a better nights sleep. A study✓ involving critical care patients found that white noise can help to improve sleep and mask environmental noises.

Quiet Fans: Pros & Cons 

As the months get hotter, you may be considering whether to purchase a fan, air conditioner or just sweat it out until it gets cooler. While there are many advantages to investing in a fan, it's also worth knowing the disadvantages so you can make the most informed decision.

√ A fan is a great way to keep cool and prevent overheating during the warm summer months.X The air can circulate dust and pollen, which could be triggering for those who suffer from allergies.
√ If you suffer from night sweats, a fan should help keep your body cool and ensure a better night's rest.X If you leave the fan on throughout the night, the constant airflow could cause dry skin and eyes. Aiming the fan at the body rather than the face could help prevent this.
√ A fan can often be cheaper than air conditioning, which can involve installation costs, as well as electricity bills.X While plenty of fans have quiet or silent modes, others can create unwanted noise and vibrations that could keep light sleepers awake.
√ One study✓ found that using a fan was associated with decreasing the risk of SIDS by 72%. However, if you have any concerns, it's always best to seek professional medical advice.X An electric fan could be harmful during heat waves as it could raise the core temperature by circulating hot air.

Did you know?
Keeping the room cool can also be beneficial for those suffering from obstructive sleep apnea. A study✓ found patients had better sleep efficiency and slept longer if they were in a room of 16°C as opposed to a higher temperature of 24°C.

Temperature And Sleep

While noise can affect sleep, your body temperature can also play an important part. As your body prepares to sleep, it naturally drops 1 - 2 degrees. A lower body temperature can help you fall and remain asleep, and as morning approaches, your temperature should begin to rise. Much of the body´s heat can escape through the feet, which is why wearing socks at night will increase your temperature. 

temperature and sleep

Research✓‌ has found that those who are exposed to heat exposure show an increase of awakenings and a decrease in REM (rapid eye movement). On the other hand, it was also noted that exposure to colder temperatures does not affect the same sleep stages. A study✓ spanning over a decade also found that increased temperatures led to lack of sleep, particularly in lower-income and elderly people. 

What happens is that after our core body temperature peaks, and then starts to drop, that cooling of the core tends to make us feel sleepy.

Philip Gehrman , Penn Sleep Center

Tips For Keeping Cool At Night 

The ideal temperature for sleep is said to be around 18°C - 20°C. Temperature can play an essential factor when sleeping; it can negatively impact your circadian rhythm if the temperature is too high or low. To help keep temperatures down, here are some tips you may find helpful.

keeping cool night
  1. Mattress: Memory foam is a popular choice of mattress amongst many; however, it tends to retain heat. To combat this, you can purchase cooling mattresses such as gel-infused foam or hybrid mattresses.
  2. Bed Sheets: For those who like the comfort of bed sheets, even in summer, you can find certain materials that can help cool you down. Linen and bamboo are both lightweight and can offer breathability. 
  3. Shower: Taking a freezing cold shower can likely make you feel more alert. Yet, having a lukewarm shower and avoiding hot temperatures can help your body to cool down before bed. 
  4. Exercise: While light exercise, such as yoga or pilates, can help you to relax before bed, it's advisable to avoid intense exercise. The body`s temperature can rise during intense exercise and take several hours to cool down.
  5. Food: Having a big meal before bed can also raise the body temperature, especially meals with large amounts of meat. Try having a big lunch and a light dinner to avoid feeling too hot at night.  
  6. Pyjamas: Just because you feel hot at night, doesn't mean you need to give up the pyjamas. There are plenty of cooling pyjamas available, in materials such as linen, silk and bamboo. These materials are known for being lightweight and breathable.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best ceiling fan for a bedroom?

This can depend on your personal preferences; however, 4-blade ceiling fans are often less noisy but may move slower. Fans with 3-blades often have a higher speed and can also be more efficient.

What is the quietest fan for a bedroom?

Regardless of the design, if you're looking for a quiet fan, it's advisable to find one that has a quiet, silent or night mode. Many modern fans should have this feature, but it's worth checking reviews regarding noise levels before purchasing.

How to make a fan quiet?

Try placing the fan on a flat surface or a rug to reduce any vibrations caused by the moving blades. You can also choose a slow or quiet setting to reduce noise.

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