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Best Pregnancy Pillow 2021

Last Updated: July 5, 2021

When you become pregnant, it can be very exciting, especially if you have been trying for a while. However, no one ever said pregnancy was easy and for many expecting mothers, getting to sleep at night can become difficult. Not only do you have a baby growing inside of your body, but you also may have concerns about parenthood that might cause insomnia.

Often, the best way to support your changing body and keep your baby safe when you sleep is to invest in a pregnancy pillow. The best pregnancy pillow UK options come in a range of shapes with some designed for certain body types and others for specific pain relief.

A study showed✓ that wedge-shaped pregnancy/ maternity cushions may be a greater help than standard pillows.

After doing some research we found that many physicians advise✓ pregnant women to sleep on their left side as opposed to their right side. Studies have shown sleeping on your right side have links to a higher chance of stillbirth, reduced fetal growth and lower birth weight. Keep this in mind when looking for a pregnancy pillow.

Finding the right pregnancy pillow isn’t always easy which is why we have created a guide to show some of the best pregnancy pillows which you can take into consideration (Important Considerations in Conclusion).

Queen RoseUBionic Polyethylene30 Nights
NA Years
BamibiCPolyesterNA Nights
NA Years
Kally SleepUHollowfibre14 Nights
NA Years
Koala BabycareVSiliconized PolyesterNA Nights
NA Years
HBselectCHollowfibreNA Nights
NA Years
DreamgeniiNAPolyesterNA Nights
NA Years
Prices are referring to the smallest size. Information may be subject to change, please check with the brand/manufacturer before purchasing.

1. Queen Rose Pregnancy Pillow

Queen Rose Pregnancy Pillow
(Image credit: Queen Rose)

If you are looking for a premium pregnancy pillow that will not only support your body but look great in your home, the Queen Rose Pregnancy Pillow might be a good option. This pillow is designed in a semi-circle or U shape and is made from polyester to support you as sleep and rest during your pregnancy.

One of the most attractive things about this pillow from Queen Rose is the fact that it can be moved around to suit your various sitting positions. By lying on top of the pillow, you can improve your blood circulation – something that is very important during pregnancy. Additionally, you can rest your legs on the pillow or receive back support by having it sit up.

Inside this pillow, you’ll find a filling made up of high-density bionic polyethylene. This helps to make the pillow fluffy and comfortable to rest on. The material is soft and can be easily moved around to support your position. On the outside of this U-shaped pillow, you’ll find a velvet cover that is soft to touch. This cover is also hypoallergenic to ensure it is suitable for you and your baby.

When you purchase this pregnancy pillow, you will get a 30-day refund or exchange guarantee so if you aren’t satisfied, you can replace it. According to the product listing, this pillow is suitable for more than just pregnant people as well, it can also support those with poor posture, anyone recovering from an injury and those who require more support as they sleep.

Customer reviews for this pillow are very positive with some noting that it is very comfy and worth the money. Others noted that it was suitable for those in the later stages of pregnancy.

2. Bamibi Pregnancy Pillow

Bamibi Pregnancy Pillow
(Image credit: Bamibi)

Pregnancy pillows can be a large investment, especially for those expectant parents who have a lot to purchase. However, the Bamibi Pregnancy pillow doubles up as a nursing pillow so you can continue using it once your little one comes along. It offers support for the mother and the baby and is safe to use when nursing.

During your pregnancy, this pillow should help to reduce pain, support your belly, reduce discomfort and allow you to sleep comfortably. It has been filled with polyester to ensure it offers enough support when you are resting on it. If you are concerned about your baby coming into contact with it then you should know that it has a removable cover that has a hidden zipper. This hinders it from catching on to your baby’s skin or clothing. This cover is made from ultra-soft cotton and is 100% pure, offering a hypoallergenic solution.

Keeping this product clean is easy as the removable cover can be placed in the washing machine. This is ideal if you are going to be using it for nursing your baby. If you unfold this pregnancy pillow, you can turn it into a safe anti-roll cushion that you can use for your baby.

This product can be purchased directly from Amazon where you’ll find a few colours and patterns to suit your style. It has thousands of positive customer reviews on there with some customers noting just how useful it was when it came to switching from a pregnancy pillow to a nursing pillow.

Others noted that the cover is easy to remove and that it can act as a ‘baby nest’. Overall, this option is suitable for those who need something multi-purpose.

3. Kally U-Shaped Pregnancy Pillow

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Kally U-Shaped Pregnancy Pillow
(Image credit: Kally Sleep)

Often, U-shaped pillows are best suited to side sleepers and this is a sleeping position that many pregnant women move into later in their pregnancy. The Kally U-Shaped Pregnancy Pillow offers a 5 out of 10 medium firmness so that you can remain supported as you sleep. According to the product listing, you’ll receive full body support for both you and your bump.

The filling of this pregnancy pillow is made up of a hollowfibre filling that is made to keep you comfortable as you rest on it. It has been ergonomically designed to help you find your ‘sweet spot’ and enjoy a restful night sleep before the baby comes along. The filling also ensures that you are cool as you sleep as it should prevent overheating when pregnant✓.

To help protect against bacteria, you’ll find that this pregnancy pillow has a soft cotton cover that is breathable. The manufacturer has also added some anti-allergy fibres inside this pillow to keep you safe and protected against any bacteria.

This product is suitable for each trimester thanks to the versatile design. When you purchase it from Kally Sleep, you’ll get a 14-night sleep trial to ensure it is right for you. You’ll also get free delivery on larger orders, so this is something to consider carefully.

Customer reviews for this product and the brand, in general, are typically positive. Some customers noted that it really helped them during their pregnancy and that they have continued to use it for comfort after their baby was born.

4. Koala Babycare Maternity and Pregnancy Pillow

Koala Babycare Maternity and Pregnancy Pillow
(Image credit: Koala Babycare)

If you are looking for a pregnancy pillow that is versatile then the Koala Babycare Nursing Pillow might be suitable for you. This pillow has been designed to be suitable for pregnant women and for nursing once the baby comes along. This improves the overall value for money as many women decide to purchase nursing pillows for the first few months of their baby’s life.

The filling of this pillow is made from silicon fibre flakes. According to the product listing, the brand has conducted various studies to ensure that your back and legs will be supported as much as possible when you use it. They note that they have made comfort a priority. The cover is made from 100% hypoallergenic cotton. There is also a hidden zipper that ensures your baby won’t be harmed when you are using it during the nursing stage.

This product is multi-purpose and has some features that allow you to easily tie it to your pillow or bars of the bed. There are four closing laces and some safety straps that ensure everything stays where it should be. According to the product listing, by leaving this product carefully tied in the crib, the baby will be soothed to sleep.

To keep this product clean, you can throw the cover in the washing machine at 30 degrees. It is also possible to wash the padding in the washing machine at 60 degrees, but you’ll need to be careful when it comes to drying it.

You can purchase this product on Amazon, where you’ll find some positive reviews from customers. Customers noted that it offered support, comfort and pain relief during pregnancy. Overall, this product is suitable for those looking for something that they can use for a number of different purposes.

5. HBselect Full Body C Shaped Pregnancy Pillow

HBselect Full Body Maternity Pillow 63ft & C Shaped Pregnancy Pillow
(Image credit: HBselect)

The HBselect Full Body Maternity Pillow is suitable for those who are looking for something crescent or C shaped. This product is filled to the brim with comfortable materials to ensure that your entire body is supported during your pregnancy. It offers multi-functional usage so that you can enjoy comfort when sleeping, watching TV or even nursing your baby when it comes along.

The filling in this pregnancy pillow is made from high-grade 7D PP non-allergenic hollow fibre. This ensures that the pillow is easy to adjust to your body shape. The brand has also added silicone oil to the fibre to ensure that it will reduce friction and provide resilience in the long-term.

The inner cover in this pillow is made from delicate fabric and it is covered by a 100% soft jersey. The zipper has been added in a way that it remains hidden, allowing you to remain comfortable and avoid snagging. The 100% cotton lining ensures that this pillow is breathable, which is suitable for those who may be overheating during their pregnancy.

According to the product listing, the crescent shape design helps to relieve stress and ensure the body is comfortable at all times. You can adjust the height of the pillow to make it suitable for your stage of pregnancy. Due to the nature of the filling, it will remain firm and shouldn’t go flat over the coming months.

This product has hundreds of positive reviews on Amazon with customers impressed with the quality of the pillow. Some noted that it was useful for relieving their sore hips during the second trimester and others noted that it is easy to keep clean.

6. Dreamgenii Pregnancy Support and Feeding Pillow

Dreamgenii Pregnancy Support and Feeding Pillow
(Image credit: Dreamgenii)

The Dreamgenii Pregnancy Support and Feeding Pillow has won a range of awards over the years. This includes the Silver Made for Mums Award, and it was the winner of the Best Pregnancy Pillow Award in the Loved By Parents Awards.

With a couple of awards under its belt, you might be wondering what makes this pregnancy pillow so special. This product is actually quite simple in its design, offering a U-shape for anyone who might require this during pregnancy. Due to the design, you can expect it to help you lie on your left side which is often considered the best position for your baby. It comes with a tapered tail end that can fit neatly between your legs without raising them higher than is comfortable.

This product also claims to help aid a restful sleep and support your bump, knees and back as you rest. It can be used for resting in the living room but also for sleep at night. There are two options to choose from when buying this pillow – one a hospital-grade pillow and the other better suited for home use.

The Dreamgenii Pregnancy Support and Feeding pillow is made from a white cotton jersey, a material that is typically known for being soft. It also comes with a 100% cotton pillow cover that can be easily washed in order to keep it clean for longer.

This product has hundreds of positive reviews with customers noting that it offers support for hip pain and is comfortable to rest on. Others noted that they couldn’t sleep without it now that they have tried it.

This pillow is suitable for those who are pregnant and those who are currently nursing. This ensures that you are getting the most for your money.

(Video credit: Dreamgenii)


Pregnancy isn’t easy and often; it can be difficult just trying to lie down. This is something that you’ll experience more later on in your pregnancy, but it doesn’t hurt to be prepared. The health and safety of you and your bump is crucial and often, the right pillow can help with this.

If you are looking for the best pregnancy pillows, we recommend that you take a closer look at some of the options that we have uncovered. Hopefully, you’ll find something suitable in time.


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