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Best Pillow With A Hole 2022


Written by Andrea

Last Updated: 10th January, 2022

Some people have never heard of them, but yes, they do exist. Pillows with a hole are very much a thing, especially for those who suffer from CNH or any other type of sore on their ears. A pillow with a hole is exactly what the name suggests - a pillow with a hole to place your ear. This prevents pressure and friction on the ear while sleeping and can be hugely helpful if you have an inflammation or an infected piercing for instance.

However, a pillow with a hole is not only for those with ear pain. Some people tend to overheat at night and this could be a great way to let some air in to cool down. Research suggests✓ that listening to music at bedtime can improve sleep quality, but if you are sleeping next to someone you might have to use headphones. Having a hole in the pillow can help with waking up and not feeling like your earplug is almost inside your brain from all the pressure.

Not all brands offer these types of pillows yet, but there are more brands than you think that do. In this pillow with a hole review, we're taking a look at a few different options and the different features that they offer.

(Important Facts, Studies, Advice, Considerations & FAQ's in Conclusion)

The Pillow With A Hole The Original P.W.A.H ® RectangularCotton & PolyesterNA Nights
NA Years
PureComfort Side Sleeping PillowHalf-moonBamboo & Memory Foam100 Nights
5 Years
Pillow With An Ear Hole
RectangularCotton & Memory Foam100 Nights
5 Years
Tartiery Side SleeperU-shapedCotton & PolyesterNA Nights
NA Years
Lancashire Textiles
Front Sleeper
SquarePolypropylene & PolyesterNA Nights
NA Years
Elviros Cervical Contour Rectangular (Ergonomic)Polyester & Memory FoamNA Nights
NA Years
Prices are referring to the smallest size. Information may be subject to change, please check with the brand/manufacturer before purchasing.

1. The Original Pillow With A Hole

The Original Pillow With A Hole
(Image Credit: The Pillow With A Hole)
• Hypoallergenic stuffing with cooling properties
• Hand stuffed and manufactured in the UK
• 14-day return period
• People with piercings
• People who suffer from CNH or other sores
• People who tend to overheat while sleeping

The story behind Pillow With A Hole Ltd. goes back to "a long time ago" as per the company's web page. The founder, Judy, was on a trip in the Sahara desert and given a bag full of sand to use as a pillow when they were camping for the night. Judy, who had suffered her entire life from ear pain, thought that she would not be able to sleep at all that night.

She decided to dig a little hole in the middle of the sand to put her ear in and she slept better that night than ever before. An idea took form inside her and a few prototypes later, The Original Pillow With A Hole was born and today it is available across the world.

The design is rather simple - a rectangular pillow with a hole in its middle. The pillow is hand stuffed with hypoallergenic ball fibre which makes it a good option for people with allergies. Its density is somewhat similar to down but it is fully synthetic and odourless, unlike some memory foam pillows. Furthermore, it comes with a handy YKK zipper closing, which means that you can add or remove filling to reach your desired firmness. The ball fibre is also meant to have a more cooling effect than some other stuffings, which is important when treating CNH.

The family-run company also offers pillow covers that fit this unusual design and you can get them both in normal cotton and in a silky cotton sateen finish. If you are still in doubt whether or not this type of pillow is right for you, try it out. The company offers a 14-night return period with a 75% refund in case the pillow isn't for you. Should you send the pillow back it will not go to the landfill, but to those in need.

(Video credits: Pillow With A Hole)

2. PureComfort - Side Sleeping Pillow With Holes

PureComfort Pillow With Two Holes
(Image Credit: PureComfort)
• Two holes for the ears
• Soft, hypoallergenic bamboo cover
• Inserts to adjust pillow height
• Side Sleepers
• People with pressure sores on their ears
• CPAP/BiPAP users

This pillow from PureComfort is a different take on the classic pillow with an ear hole. It is designed in a shape similar to a half-moon with not just one, but two holes in it. This can come in handy if you tend to change the side you are sleeping on during the night as we sometimes want to lay more towards one edge of the pillow and sometimes towards the other edge. It is designed to help to minimise overall facial pressure while sleeping, not only on the ears.

The height of this pillow is adjustable, thanks to the height inserts that come with it. This can be helpful in order to reduce neck pain. The memory foam used for this pillow is CertiPUR-US certified so you can rest at ease knowing it has gone through lots of tests to ensure its quality and safety. The company claims that the pillow doesn't smell like other memory foam products although some customer reviews say it does.

This side sleeping pillow comes enveloped in a soft bamboo pillowcase. It is both hypoallergenic and dust mite resistant, which could make it a good option for those suffering from allergies. It is fully machine washable and easy to care for. Happy customer reviews state that the pillow works great for those using a CPAP or a BiPAP. Why not see for yourself? The brand offers a 100-night trial plus a five-year warranty on this pillow.

3. PureComfort Pillow with an Ear Hole

PureComfort Pillow with an Ear Hole
(Image Credit: PureComfort)
• CertiPUR-US accredited memory foam
• Adjustable height
• 100-night trial
• Side sleepers
• People with ear problems
• People with infected piercings

Sleeping with ear pain is awful and PureComfort knows it. They have designed a pillow with an ear hole for those who have a hard time sleeping on a normal pillow. Not only does this loft pillow have the characteristic hole in the middle, it is also fully adjustable. It comes with a clever zipper through which you can add or remove stuffing as you please.

The Pillow With An Ear Hole comes filled with the company's own mix of shredded viscoelastic memory foam. This foam is CertiPur-US certified which means it meets their criteria for emissions, content and durability. Products go through thorough testings in order to get this certification. It also comes with a cotton cover that is machine washable, which makes it easy to care for.

This pillow is designed to promote correct alignment which should help you sleep deeper throughout the night. The manufacturer also states that it doesn't release any smell which can sometimes be the case for products containing memory foam. In fact, they are so certain that you'll love the pillow that they offer a 100-night trial, as well as a 5-year warranty.

4. Tartiery Side Sleeper Pillow With A Hole

Tartiery Side Sleeper Pillow With A Hole
(Image Credit: Tartiery)
• U-shaped for better spinal alignment
• Easy washable, hypoallergenic cotton cover
• Can help reduce snoring
• People who sleep exclusively on the side
• People with snoring problems
• People with ear problems

This one is definitely one of the funkier shaped pillows on this list. The U-shaped pillow with a hole from Tartiery serves several different purposes. First and foremost it has the common factor of all pillows in this review: a hole to place your ear in while sleeping. Its U-shape is also designed to help to promote spinal alignment as it cradles you over your shoulder and down your back.

It can also be a great gift to a snoring partner (or to yourself if your snoring keeps your partner awake at night). The shape of the pillow could help you stay on your side and not rolling over on your back. This helps to keep the airway aligned which can reduce snoring. The pillow is also suitable for travel as you could easily snuggle up against a train- or an airplane window with it.

This ear hole pillow comes with a polyester filling that is described by the manufacturer as soft yet firm. The cover is made of a cotton blend which is hypoallergenic and easily washable. If you suffer from allergies, snore, like travelling and need a pillow with a hole in your life - make sure to have a look at this one. You could be the perfect match.

5. Lancashire Textiles Pillow With A Hole

Lancashire Pillow With A Hole
(Image Credit: Lancashire Textiles)
• Larger hole than many other pillows
• Manufactured in the UK
• Bounce back hollow fibre filling
• Front sleepers
• Massage beds and benches
• People with ear problems

If you're looking for a square pillow with a bigger hole, this could be the option for you. It comes in a classic, rectangular shape but the hole measures 14,8 cm x 11,5 cm which is bigger than others on this list. Depending on what you need the hole for this could come in handy, or not, so take this into consideration. The pillow is suitable for front sleepers, as well as for a massage bench thanks to the larger hole.

The pillow itself measures 45 cm x 48 cm and is stuffed with bounce back hollow fibre which provides a medium to firm support. The outer cover is made of soft polypropylene which can only be wiped or sponge washed. These pillows are made in Lancashire, Britain and the company has been around for over 20 years.

The customers seem to appreciate the pillow a lot and many reviews mention that they have had ear problems disappearing after using the Lancashire Textiles Pillow With A Hole. A few mention that it is rather firm, but after taking out a bit of filling they were very happy with the result. Others are happy with the smaller size as it is easy to travel with.

6. Elviros Cervical Contour Pillow With A Hole

Elviros Cervical Contour Memory Foam Pillow
(Image Credit: Elviros)
• Ergonomic design with
• Breathable material
• Provides pressure relief on your head
• People who suffer from cervical problems
• People who suffer from migraines
• People who sleep with earplugs or headphones

The ergonomic shape of this pillow makes it possible to enjoy two different heights, depending on your preference. It comes with neck support which is meant to help with spinal alignment and could make this pillow a good fit for those with cervical problems. The pillow is made of CertiPUR-US certified slow-rebound memory foam that is wrapped in a cover made of polyester and silk viscose. The breathable cover lets air flow through the pillow and is meant to prevent you from overheating while sleeping.

There is a cavity in the centre of the pillow to release direct pressure on your head, which can help with neck and back pain. Many happy customer reviews claim that their headaches and migraines have improved since purchasing this pillow. There's also a small hole in the very middle where you can place your ear and release some pressure there as well.

Worth noticing is that this hole is much smaller than on other pillows in this list and not designed to fit your entire ear in it. However, not everyone is necessarily looking for a pillow with a hole because they suffer from ear diseases. There are those who sleep with earplugs due to noisy surroundings. A pillow like this could potentially be a good fit for you if you like sleeping with earplugs, or even in-ear headphones.

Let Us Take A Closer Look

Now that we have taken a look at some of the best pillows with a hole on the market, you have hopefully gotten a bit more insight into what one of these pillows can do for you. As you can see, there are plenty of different shapes, sizes and materials out there to choose from.

Trying to sleep on a classic pillow with pressure sores on your ears can be very painful, which is why it is great that there are some alternative options on the market. If you suffer from any ear-related condition or disease, such as CNH, investing in one of these pillows can be a life-saver.

Now let us go a bit more in-depth into some of the reasons why you might need one of these pillows. We will also have a look at some of the most important factors to take into considerations when making your choice.

Top 5 Reasons Why You Need A Pillow With A Hole

Here are some of the main reasons why you might want to consider one of these pillows:

  • If you suffer from CNH or other pressure-related issues on your ears
  • You might have a recent or infected piercing that needs healing
  • You could be prone to ear infections
  • If you sleep with earplugs, hearing aid or headphones
  • If you use a CPAP machine

What Is CNH And How Can The Right Pillow Help?

Chondrodermatitis Nodularis Helicis (CNH), also know as Winkler Disease, is most common in middle-aged and older men, but there are also cases among women. It can be caused by sleeping constantly on one side, but also by trauma to the ear or exposure to very cold weather. The symptoms are usually raised painful nodules on the upper part of the ear.

CNH is often treated with surgery. However, a study✓ shows that more conservative treatments, such as sleeping on a pillow with an ear hole, can prevent having to go through surgery in many cases.

A pillow with a hole can help against CNH

What To Consider When Buying A Pillow With A Hole

Sometimes we have several boxes that need ticking in order to get a good night's sleep. Just because the pillow has an ear hole in it, it doesn't mean it is the right one for you. These are some of the things worth taking into consideration when navigating through the ocean of great pillows on the market, trying to choose the right pillow for you:

Main Problem

Try to pinpoint the main problem that you want to solve. It can be a pain in your ear or just the desire to be able to fall asleep listening to your favourite podcast in your headphones. Maybe you are using a hearing aid while sleeping. Do you need a bigger hole to fit your entire ear in, or is it enough with a smaller one that relieves some pressure from your headphones? It can seem like a hole is a hole and that it doesn't necessarily have too much importance, but that hole is probably the main reason you are reading this article in the first place. So take a moment and think about what the main purpose of your pillow is.

Pillow with a hole to sleep with your airpods

Dimensions Of The Pillow

Think about what you are used to sleeping on and if that is something you like. If so, try to find a pillow with a hole that has similar dimensions to your normal pillow. If you want to switch it up, make sure to consider how wide you want the pillow, as well as how tall you want it. Studies show✓ that the height of your pillow directly affects the craniocervical pressure. This means that you will want to keep your spine correctly aligned and thus, the height you choose is important, while the width is more a matter of comfort.


If you have sensitive skin or suffer from allergies you might want to consider going for a pillow that is made of more natural materials. There are lots of options out there that come with a hypoallergenic, anti-dust-mite pillowcase. Check for badges such as the CertiPUR-US accreditation or similar, as they will only be awarded to high-quality materials. 

Some people are prone to overheating at night and should consider the breathability of the materials used in the pillow. There is nothing pleasant about waking up with a sweaty face so make sure to have a look and see if your pillow has any cooling properties. In fact, research✓ suggests that having a cooler head while sleeping can help reduce your entire body sweat rate when sleeping in a humid environment.

If you care for the environment you would want to choose a pillow that contains the maximum amount of sustainably sourced and eco-friendly material, such as a bamboo pillow for example. Think ahead to when the time has come to dispose of your pillow - is it recyclable? Consider both the cover, as well as the filling when selecting the perfect pillow for you.


It is not only in our mattress that the firmness matters. The pillow firmness plays an important part in how well-rested you wake up in the mornings. Some people prefer cloud-like, fluffy pillows while others love feeling the support of a firm pillow. Keep in mind your spinal alignment and your preferences in firmness and try to select a pillow that combines the two to perfection.

How To Care For Your Pillow

If you are a person with a busy day-to-day you should read the care instructions carefully before making your choice. Luckily, most of these pillows come with rather easy instructions such as being machine-washable and tumbler-friendly. However, there are those with more delicate materials that might need hand washing or air drying. Think about if you have time to give your new pillow the love it needs so that it lasts you for many years to come.

Other Physical Conditions And Problems

Back pain and cervical problems are very common and another important thing to factor in when selecting the right pillow for you. If you often wake up with an aching upper body it is often a sign that your pillow is not ideal for you. Luckily there are many ergonomic pillows for neck pain on the market to choose from.

Sometimes it is enough to just regulate the height of the pillow, which can be done with inserts or by adding or removing foam. Some pillows come with added neck support which aligns your spine correctly in order to prevent cervical pain.

Other common problems, often deriving from cervical pain, are headaches and migraines. Instead of stuffing your body full of painkillers, it can be worth trying a different approach and changing your pillow. Put some time and effort into selecting a pillow that feels right for you. Your body will thank you for it.


Lots of people also suffer from issues related to snoring. Whether it is you who snore, or your partner, it is often the cause of lack of sleep. There are pillows with a hole that are U-shaped which can help the snorer stay on the side and not roll over on the back. Any of the options on this list could be suitable for the non-snorer who might be wearing earplugs. Having a hole in the pillow will help take some pressure off the ear and avoid you waking up feeling like the earplug has been pressed into your brain.

A pillow with a hole can be a good option if you are using a CPAP or a BiPAP machine while sleeping. These can in some cases be quite bulky and you should take the dimensions of the mask and the tubes into consideration when selecting your pillow. There are pillows with two holes instead of one, which can sometimes come in handy. If snoring is is your main problem while sleeping, it might be worth checking out a specific anti-snore pillow.

A Pillow With A Hole Could Help Against Snoring

Price Of The Pillow

Investing in a new pillow is generally a great idea, as long as you have done your research first. How much you want to pay is of course up to you, but keep in mind that paying a bit more for a high-quality pillow can be something you can really benefit from down the line. We spend a big chunk of our life sleeping and a good pillow can make a massive difference in your well-being. That being said, it is not always the most expensive pillow that is the best one. Make sure to find a good balance between your needs and the price.

Did you find a pillow that seems to tick all the boxes for you but you still are still hesitant because of the price? Have a look and see if the company offers a trial period. This way you can try the pillow for a certain amount of nights before deciding if it is worth the money.

Pillow With A Hole Sleeping Positions

If you have made it this far, you are most likely an expert on pillows with a hole by now. To summarise, we have talked about how a pillow with a hole can be a great choice for people suffering from ear-related conditions, as well as side sleepers who are looking to get some pressure relief for different reasons.

A pillow with a hole is not ideally meant for people that sleep exclusively on their stomach or on their back. Most of these pillows are created with side sleepers in mind, as this position is often the most taxing on the ears. There are however options in the list that are suitable for stomach sleepers or even back sleepers, especially those using a CPAP machine.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a pillow with a hole in the middle?

A pillow with a hole in the middle is exactly that - a pillow with a hole to place your ear in to avoid creating friction and pressure between your ear and the pillow. This can help when treating ear-related problems such as CNH, infected piercings and similar. They can also be helpful for people who like to sleep with earplugs, headphones or a hearing aid.

Is there a pillow with an ear hole?

Yes, there are many different options on the market. There are softer ones as well as firm ones and they come in many different shapes and variations. Some come with more than one hole and some are designed with a certain sleeping position in mind.

How can I sleep without my ear hurting?

Investing in a pillow with a hole can be a great idea. This can help take pressure off your ear and facilitate the healing from whatever it is that hurts. It also helps to cool down the area as air can flow through the hole and help prevent overheating.

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