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Best Pillows 2020

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A good pillow is just as important as a mattress when it comes to getting a good nights sleep. The best pillow like a mattress depends on personal preference as well as sleeping habits, such as if you are a side sleeper, stomach sleeper or back sleeper.

So how do you choose the best pillow for you? Well, the perfect pillow for you or goal of the perfect pillow would be to provide comfort as well as be supportive around sensitive areas such as the head, neck, shoulders and spine. When the right pillow is combined with the correct mattress this combination may help or alleviate common aches associated with sleep.

A pillow serves to counterbalance and relieve pressure from the upper body as you lay down. The pillow as mentioned should be supportive and comforting depending on your unique needs and sleeping position.

Let’s begin the Best Pillows you can buy in the UK right now (Important Considerations in Conclusion).

PandaBamboo pillowMemory Foam60x40x12cm30 Nights
10 Years
SimbaHybrid pillowAdjustable50x75xXcmNA Nights
NA Years
EveMemory Foam pillowMemory Foam42x66x13cm30 Nights
3 Years
EmmaEmma pillowFoam Mix70x40x12cm100 Nights
NA Years
REM-Fit500 Cool Gel pillowMemory Foam64x40x12 cmNA Nights
5 Years
ErgoflexHD pillowMemory Foam45x65x14cmNA Nights
2 Years
NanuNanu PillowHollow-Fibre48x74xXcmNA Nights
2 Years
OTTYAdjustable pillowAdjustable65x43x25cm14 Nights
3 Years
Prices and information may be subject to change, please check with the brand/manufacturer before purchasing.

1. Panda Bamboo Pillow – £44.95

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best pillow gold awardbest pillow gold award
panda best pillow uk
(Image credit: Panda)

To begin our Best Pillow UK Award we introduce Panda, which is a company that uses bamboo fibres in their products. Bamboo is a sustainable resource and is one of the world’s fastest and densely growing plants. Additionally, bamboo uses 70% less water compared to traditional materials like cotton. The environmentally friendly Panda also comply with OEKO-TEX standard 100, which means all their materials are tested ensuring the absence of harmful chemicals. Panda is also REACH certified, which is a European Union regulation concerning the Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and restriction of Chemicals. 

Panda Pillow Construction

The Panda Bamboo pillow is made from 3 unique layers. The centre of the pillow is made from Visco memory foam, which is recommended by doctors and orthopaedic experts. This provides the support for the pillow and allows you to enjoy your rest in any sleeping position. Surrounding the foam layer is a protective mesh layer, that not only keeps your memory foam centre clean but also makes removing the cover easier. Wrapping up the construction is the plush bamboo pillowcase. Bamboo is naturally antibacterial helping against skin irritation and allergies. This makes the pillowcase ideal for those who have eczema, sensitive skin or hay fever caused by dust mites.

Thanks to the design of the pillowcase, it is highly breathable and will keep air flowing. This results in a temperature control system, keeping you cool in summer and warm in winter. Additionally, the bamboo pillowcase is washable at 40 degrees Celcius, so you can pop the cover off and toss it in the wash. 

Panda’s Extras

Additionally, with the Panda bamboo pillow, you also get some interesting added perks from Panda. Unlike most pillows, the Panda Pillow comes with a 30-night trial, where you can test it out for yourself. If you’re not completely in love with your pillow, Panda offers free delivery and return policy within the UK. last on the list of benefits is the 10-year guarantee, which allows you to enjoy the Panda Bamboo pillow for many years to come.


– Exceptional material quality
– 30-night trial
– 10-year guarantee
– Bamboo cover, naturally antibacterial
– Environmentally friendly build
– Washable pillowcase

2. Simba Hybrid Pillow – £99

pillow uk silver award

simba hybrid pillow
(Image credit: Simba)

Included in our Best Pillow UK segment is a pillow from Simba, the UK based company, focused on providing revolutionary sleep. Constantly developing and refining their products, Simba has created the Simba Hybrid pillow. This is a multi-layered design, with adjustable firmness, temperature regulation in various layers and other interesting features, all designed to improve the quality of your rest.

The Simba Hybrid mattress was voted hybrid mattress of the year by the consumer survey of product innovation. Will the pillow live up to the mattresses’ fame? Well, let’s have a quick look at the what’s what in the Simba Hybrid pillow, whether it matches up, that’s for you to decide.

Simba Hybrid Pillow Construction

The Simba Hybrid pillow is a 6 layered design, including the interesting cover, but we’ll cover that section once all layers are all explained. The first layer is the top half of the cover and uses Simba’s Stratos® technology. This layer is an astronaut inspired temperature regulation layer. Stratos’® phase change technology is applied to soft cotton, which then absorbs, stores and releases heat when you need it. The second layer is a hypoallergenic layer, which helps those prone to allergies or the sniffles. This layer not only makes the pillow softer but also disperses heat, thanks to the Arelle® cool night fibres.

In the centre of the pillow, we find the Nanocube® layer. These open-cell foam Nanocubes® can be removed or added to adjust the height and firmness of your pillow. Simba suggests that: for a firm feel – use all nanocubes; for a medium feel – remove 4 – 6 handfuls; for low/ soft feel – remove 8 – 10 handfuls. Surrounding the nanocubes is a mesh border layer, that splits the pillow in half and is designed for maximum airflow. The 5th layer, a soft, durable and hypoallergenic microfibre fill layer. This layer is designed to also add comfort to your pillow. The last layer, being the lower half of the cover, is made from BCI sourced cotton. This creates a soft and breathable layer for your pillow. Unique about the hybrid is that you can choose your side, either temperature regulation on top, or flip it for a softer feel. 

Simba’s Extras

Finally, to address its practicality, the Simba hybrid pillow is also machine washable at 40 degrees Celcius for easy cleaning.


– Machine washable cover
– Adjustable height and firmness
– Great breathability
– Excellent cover
– Innovative technology

3. Eve Memory Foam Pillow – £59

30% OFF
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bronze pillow uk

eve memory foam pillow
(Image credit: Eve)

Eve is a leading brand in the UK, known for its use of leading foam materials. The Eve Memory Foam pillow is no exception in this regard. Created by Eve’s design team in the UK, and manufactured in the European Union. The foam and polyester cover are both OEKO-TEX Class 1 label for safety, which means they are made under the strictest regulations and are even safe for toddlers and babies. The Eve Memory Foam pillow is a blend of support and soft comfort, with added air holes designed to keep things cool. Let’s find out just how cool the pillow is.

Eve Pillow Construction

The Eve memory foam pillow is made from a core memory foam layer. This core memory foam layer (visco-elastic), which is both soft and supportive. Memory foam is slow in response, which means that it will mould to your head while giving pressure relief where necessary and thanks to its height, it will also align your spine correctly, both ensuring a sound nights sleep. The core foam layer has holes cut into it, this is designed to regulate airflow, keeping your pillow cool as you sleep.

The pillow cover is made from 100% polyester, is removable, breathable promoting more airflow and has two-way stretch properties. Additionally, the cover is hypoallergenic, ensuring those prone to allergies can sleep peacefully as well, without any sniffles or allergic reactions. A great added benefit is that the cover is also machine washable at 40 degrees Celcius.

Eve’s Extras

The Eve memory foam pillow comes with a few added bonuses that aren’t common in the pillow industry. When you buy your memory foam pillow you receive a 30-night-trial, allowing you to test the pillow in your own bed for 30 nights and return it hassle-free if you aren’t pleased. The pillow also comes with free delivery and a 3-year-warranty.


– 30-night trial
– 3-year guarantee
– Free delivery
– Machine washable cover

4. Emma Pillow – £49

emma foam pillow
(Image credit: Emma)

On this Best Pillow UK list, we have one of the leading brands in the UK. All of Emma’s pillows are made in the UK and undergoing strict testing to assure that they meet the highest standards of quality. The Emma Pillow is comfortable, supportive and customisable making it suitable for all types of sleepers whether that be back, side or front sleepers.

Emma Pillow Construction

The Emma Pillow is made up of 3 inner foam layers. The first layer of foam is a supportive foam layer, that provides counter-pressure and keeps your spine perfectly aligned throughout the night. The second foam layer is the comfortable Airgocell foam layer, which not only makes the pillow exceptionally breathable but also allows your head to sink into the pillow. Additionally, this layer is naturally good at wicking away moisture and heat. The final foam layer is a pressure-relieving memory foam layer, with adaptive visco-elastic memory foam that distributes and relieves pressure, ensuring a sound rest in any sleeping position. 

Emma recommends that: side sleepers – use all 3 layers; back sleepers – use 2 layers; front sleepers – use 1 layer.

The cover is removable, washable and made up of 98% polyester and 2% elastane. The cover is naturally breathable thanks to the temperature-regulating fibres, this also ensures that the heat between your head and the pillow remains in constant circulation.

Emma’s Extras

The Emma pillow comes with a 100-night trial, where you can test it out in your home worry-free. Emma also offers free delivery and returns on all orders, with a 100% refund if you aren’t pleased with the pillow (within-trial).


– 100-night trial
– Free delivery
– Removable and washable cover
– Adjustable height
– Breathable

5. REM-Fit 500 Pillow – £89

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(Image credit: REM-Fit)

The REM-Fit 500 Cool Gel Pillow is a pillow designed for every sleeper. From the minds at REM-Fit, who have a focus on sleep recovery, this pillow filled with sleep technologies that make it line up with the company vision. The REM-Fit 500 Cool Gel Pillow received full marks for overall performance from the Good Housekeeping Institute, which no other brand has managed to achieve.

Rem-fit 500 Pillow Construction

The inner part of the REM-Fit 500 Cool Gel Pillow is made from memory foam. Memory foam is a diverse material that uses heat to mould and shape to you. The downside, usually, is that it retains heat. However, it has gel powders infused into the foam that helps reduce overheating. This design gives you the benefits of memory foam without the heat retention. The cover features special design properties as well. Made from Re-ax® fibres, the removable and machine washable cover has an interesting feature that moves sweat away from your body. The focus on breathability in this pillow was designed to create a comfortable yet breathable foam pillow.

REM-Fit Extras

The REM-Fit 500 Cool Gel Pillow includes a 5-year guarantee that protects your purchase against defects and damages during use. This is longer than the common 1-3 years guarantee for pillows that we have seen on the market. This speaks to the confidence and build-quality of the REM-Fit 500 Cool Gel Pillow, in that it was built to last at least half a decade.


– Great design for all sleep types
– Machine washable, breathable cover
– Breathable, gel-infused foam inner core
– 5-year guarantee

6. Ergoflex Pillow – £75

Up to £328 OFF
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ergoflex pillow uk
(Image credit: Ergoflex)

Ergoflex is a bed-in-a-box veteran, and the only brand on our Best Pillow UK list who has been in operation for longer than their standard mattress warranty. Established in 2006, Ergoflex has now released the Ergoflex HD pillow. According to Ergoflex, their HD pillow is designed to deliver “perfect” ergonomic posture for your head, which basically means it will support your head and neck in the most comfortable position. What else is so good about this Pillow? Let’s have a look and unpack all the particulars of this pillow. 

Ergoflex Pillow Construction

The Ergoflex HD pillow’s core is made from a visco-elastic, high-density memory foam, which cradles, relieves pressure and creates a feeling of weightlessness. The high-density foam core has a slow response, which means that it will gently shape to your head and neck without giving you that sinking feeling. Additionally, a single foam layer means that the support and pressure-relief will be present on any point of the pillow. With the single foam core layer, there is no need for fluffing, as your pillow will return to its original shape.

Wrapping up the Ergoflex HD pillow is the Tencel cover. Tencel is a wood-fibre, which requires less water than traditional cotton. Tencel also has natural benefits that make it an ideal material for your pillow cover. The luxurious cover, thanks to the Tencel, is naturally breathable and comfortably soft. The Ergoflex HD Pillow is anti-allergenic and anti-microbial, with the core preventing build-up of foreign objects and a naturally clean surface with the Tencel cover. Finally, the cover is also removable and washable. 

Ergoflex’s Extras

The Ergoflex HD pillow comes with a 2-year guarantee, allowing you to rest easy knowing you’re covered for a couple of years.


– 2-year warranty
– Free next-day delivery
– High-density foam core
– Tencel cover

7. Nanu Pillow – £35

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nanu pillow uk
(Image credit: Nanu)

Now, this is a first, Nanu a UK based company is developed by their team of experts and manufactured in Manchester. The Nanu pillow is a unique design in the industry. Nanu allows you to create your own pillow, according to a quick, 4 step questionnaire on their website. It takes your sleep-related information and creates a pillow designed for you. The Nanu pillow consists of a cotton cover and a hollow-fibre fill. Let’s get into the business of this pillow.

Nanu Pillow Construction

The Nanu pillow is made from a cotton cover and a hollow-fibre fill. The cover is 100% cotton, making it highly breathable for those with head-overheating in the night. The cover is also hypoallergenic, which means its safe for those prone to allergies, sensitive skin and also means that you won’t be getting the sniffles from your pillow. The hollow-fibre fill is what makes up the inside of the pillow. This material is made with the environment in mind and every Nanu pillow made saves our oceans or landfills from up to 20 plastic bottles. So your pillow is not only suited for you but also environmentally friendly. Additionally, the Nanu pillow is washable at 40 degrees.

Nanu’s Extras

Complete with free standard delivery and a 2-year guarantee, which ensures you that it will last for a couple of years.

In terms of creating your Nanu pillow, here is a quick overview of the process. The creation process of your pillow is a simple 1,2,3,4. 1 Launch the Nanu pillow builder (on their site). 2. Choose your firmness (from 6 preset options). 3 Tell Nanu your prefered sleeping position (side, front or back). 4. Enter basic height and weight.


– Free delivery
– Customisable firmness and comfort
– Eco-friendly hollow fibre filling
– Hypoallergenic and machine washable cover
– Very well priced

8. Otty Adjustable Pillow – £84.99

otty adjustable pillow uk
(Image credit: OTTY)

Another “adjustable” pillow on this Best Pillow UK list comes from OTTY, a very well-known company in the UK with their mattresses, we will see if the pillow matches up? Let’s have a closer look. The OTTY Adjustable pillow is filled with high-quality materials and revolutionary and up to date sleep technology. OTTY made use of their award-winning team to design the adjustable pillow. More to the point, the OTTY Adjustable pillow is designed to support side sleepers, and thanks to the removable memory foam fillings, it is suited for back and front/ stomach sleepers as well.

OTTY Adjustable Pillow Construction

The OTTY Adjustable pillow comes complete with a luxurious cover, consisting of duck down material and 300-thread Egyptian Cotton. This blend of materials creates a truly comfortable and soft-feel cover. The cover is also non-allergenic and highly breathable, ensuring that you remain cool throughout the night.

The OTTY Adjustable pillow is just that, adjustable. Thanks to a premium layer of memory foam fillings. The OTTY cell premium memory foam fillings can be removed or more can be added depending on your preference. These fillings mould to your head whilst they also provide support, pressure relief, comfort and thanks to the individual fillings, this layer is also highly breathable. The design of This layer ensures that the air will flow through your pillow, preventing overheating. The pillow comes complete with 2 zippable pouches to store any excess memory foam fillings, ensuring that you can play around with the height of your pillow according to your sleep preferences.

OTTY’s Extras 

The OTTY Adjustable pillow is designed for side sleepers whilst remaining convenient for all types of sleepers, and thanks to additional extras, it’s good for your pocket. The cover can be removed and machine washed at 30 degrees Celsius. The OTTY Adjustable pillow comes with a 14-day-trial and a 3-year-warranty. A warranty and trial show the confidence a company has in its product and its quality.


– 14-day-trial
– 3-year-warranty
– Free next-day delivery
– Removable Memory foam fillings
– Adjustable height
– Machine washable cover

Research and Resources for our Best Pillow UK Picks

In making this “Best Pillow UK 2020” article, we:

  • Researched multiple sleep brands that offer pillows, examining the materials used as well as their manufacturing processes.
  • Looked at countless customer reviews, to conclude an unbiased opinion.
  • Considered all pros and cons of the pillows, and which pillow would be best suited for each type of sleeper.
  • We spent over 35 hours writing and updating this page to ensure the latest information about each pillow is up to scratch to help you decide which is the best pillow for you.

*This Best Pillow UK list is our opinion and is created to be served as a base to your research when looking for a pillow. Please consider your sleeping position and sleeping/unique needs before purchasing a pillow. Remember the best research is research done by yourself as you know what is best for you .

Best Pillow for Your Sleeping Position

Below we have introduced a short summary of what you should look for depending on your sleeping position.

Best Pillow for Back Sleepers

While sleeping on your back the natural spinal curvature should not be overly extended and at the same time, your head should not be under-supported. Pillow height should be equal and balanced to sustain your lordosis.

Best Pillow for Side Sleepers

As the distance between your shoulder and head is greatest when sleeping on your side a thicker pillow is needed to keep a horizontal spinal alignment.

Best Pillow for Stomach Sleepers

Sleeping on the stomach is regarded as the most stressful position for the back and neck. However, if this is your preferred sleeping choice a very thin or even no pillow is recommended.

Pillow Sleeping Positions
(Image credit: Veritas Health)

Best Pillow UK Conclusion

To finish off our Best Pillow UK top 10 list we would like to add that we are not doctors or health experts. If you are suffering from any sort of pain please go see an expert.

This is our list and opinion from reviewing sleep products in the bed-in-a-box industry for years and wanted to just condense the top ten pillows we have found to serve as a basis of your own research.

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