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Best Pillow For Side Sleepers 2021

Last Updated: July 5, 2021

Side sleeping or foetal sleeping is the most common sleeping position in the UK according to the Sleep Council. People tend to sleep on their sides because it is generally the most comfortable and is the one that offers good support.

Alike choosing a high-quality mattress, you should also ensure your pillow is of high-quality too. This is especially the case for side sleepers as a mediocre pillow might not provide satisfactory support and comfort. The main things you need when sleeping on your side is support and spinal alignment as it can be uncomfortable to sleep having your back and neck hunched each night. The right side sleeping pillow can meet these standards but you will have to do your research and match it with your sleeping preferences.

This review has compiled a list of some of the best pillows for side sleepers UK has on the market (Important Considerations in Conclusion).

SnuggledownSide Sleeper PillowClusterfibreFirmNA Nights
NA Years
Kally SleepThe Ultimate Side Sleeper PillowHollowfibreMedium-Soft14 Nights
NA Years
SilentnightFirm Support PillowsHollowfibreFirmNA Nights
2 Years
£22 (pair)
SimbaHybrid PillowNanocubesMedium-FirmNA Nights
1 Year
SnuggledownDuck Feather & Down White PillowDuck Feather & DownMediumNA Nights
NA Years
£27.07 (pair)
TempurComfort Pillow CloudTEMPUR® MaterialMedium-Soft30 Nights
3 Years
Prices are referring to the smallest size. Information may be subject to change, please check with the brand/manufacturer before purchasing.

1. Snuggledown Side Sleeper Pillow 

Snuggledown Side Sleeper White Pillow
(Image credit: Snuggledown)

Specifically designed and created for side sleepers, the Snuggledown team have chosen what they believe to be the right design and materials to ensure that they are helping side sleepers get the best pillow for them. It is clear to see it is well received as it has thousands of reviews on Amazon, sold at a very affordable price point and one of Amazon’s top choices.

Customers are raving about this product and have mentioned that the pillow seems to be the answer. One reviewer specifically mentioned that this product is of better quality than other higher-end pillows that they have tried and tested.

What makes this pillow perfect for side sleepers is that of its walled sides and boxed shape. Instead of being slim, the pillow has thicker walls allowing it to maintain its fullness throughout the night. As well as this, the walled sides also promote spinal alignment as the height of the pillow should fill the gap between your neck and shoulders. This means you will have more support and extra pressure relief where you need it.

Snuggledown always ensures they choose the best materials when crafting their products. The Side Sleeper Pillow has a cotton cover with a 233-thread count. The entire pillow can be machine washed at 40 degrees meaning that it is low-maintenance; this allows you to keep your sleep environment clean and hygienic. The cover envelopes plump hollow fibre which is designed to support your spine. Having supreme comfort and support is key for side sleeping, which this pillow seems to have been ergonomically designed to do so.

2. Kally Ultimate Side Sleeper Pillow

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kally the Ultimate Side Sleeper Pillow
(Image credit: Kally Sleep)

With a unique design and great customer reviews, the Kally Sleep Ultimate Side Sleeper Pillow might be one of the best pillows for side sleepers. Reviewers believe that this pillow has entirely taken away all of their neck and shoulder pain. Some of them have even experienced a better sleep with immediate comfort from the first night of using the pillow. If you suffer from neck pain then take a look at some of the best pillows for neck pain.

The pillow contains a medium-density hollow fibre filling, giving it a medium-soft rating on the firmness scale. With soft hollow fibre filling, you can expect the pillow to maintain its plump and plush shape.

The Ultimate Side Sleeper Pillow has been ergonomically designed to feature high walled sides which ensures the head, neck and shoulders remain aligned. At times, when sleeping on your side, you can curl your shoulders and damage the muscles in your back and shoulder area. This is why side sleepers need maximum support while they sleep, to prevent pain upon waking up. The team at Kally Sleep pride themselves on being ultimate sleep experts and have designed the Ultimate Side Sleeper Pillow with you in mind.

The plump hollow fibre is enveloped by a soft quilted cotton fabric which is wholly breathable allowing for air to escape. This is a very common feature in cooling pillows and useful for those who tend to overheat throughout the night as cotton is known for its cooling properties. Moreover, the fabric also contains anti-allergy treated fibres making it a great option for people who are more sensitive to allergies and dust.

Ultimately this side sleeper pillow comes with a 14 night trial so you can be sure it is right for you.

(Video credit: Kally Sleep)

3. Silentnight Firm Support Pillows for Side Sleepers

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Silentnight Firm Support Pillows
(Image credit: Silentnight)

Silentnight as a brand are trusted by customers across the UK as they are known for designing and manufacturing high-quality sleep products. Silentnight is offering a generous two-pack of firm support pillows at a very affordable price.

The Silentnight team have designed this double pack with you in mind by ensuring that the pillows are comfortable and firm which is ideal for side sleeping. When sleeping on your side, you still need ultimate head and neck support with no compromise on comfort. The features of the pillow ensure that the product lives up to the expected standards.

Both pillows contain a firm fibre core with plump hollow fibre surroundings. This provides a bouncy and comfortable feeling while still maintaining firmer support. Both pillows are machine washable at 40 degrees which helps you keep your sleeping environment clean and fresh each week.

4. Simba Hybrid Pillow

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Simba Hybrid Pillow
(Image credit: Simba)

Known for designing high-tech sleep products, Simba is growing in popularity year after year. They are now raved about by customers across the world and specifically in the United Kingdom. The Simba Hybrid Pillow sits on the higher end of the price scale, but this comes with additional features that you wouldn't find in a typical pillow.

If you tend to move around a lot while you sleep, it can be hard to find maximum comfort on your pillow each time you move. However, the materials used to formulate the Simba Hybrid Pillow makes this easier each night when getting used to the pillow. Overall, the pillow has six layers which make it a suitable option when searching for the best pillow for side sleepers.

The first and top layer is an astronaut-inspired temperature regulating pillow cover. This feature would be a good option for those who overheat and sweat when sleeping as we can expect the pillow cover to regulate the temperature of our sleep space while drawing out higher temperatures and promoting air circulation. The second layer consists of Aerelle fibres which also dissipate heat and promote a better flow of air. The third layer consists of Nanocubes – especially formulated by Simba sleep experts – which provides the pillow with a cushioned and soft feel. The Nanocubes can be removed to tailor the firmness and height of your pillow to suit you. The next three layers consist of a mesh border, hypoallergenic microfibre and breathable cotton. Each of these layers adds to the breathable nature of the pillow and make it personalisable to your unique sleeping needs as a side sleeper.

(Image credit: Simba)

5. Snuggledown Duck Feather & Down for Side Sleepers

Snuggledown Duck Feather & Down
(Image credit: Snuggledown)

The Snuggledown team have carefully chosen a unique blend of duck feather and duck down which provides an all-natural breathable solution to help you maximise your sleep comfort. The Duck Feather & Down Pillows come in a double pack which allows you to get more comfort for your money.

The combination of materials gives the pillows medium support making them fall in the middle of the firmness scale. With this, you can expect the sinking softness feeling that is loved by many side sleepers, along with needed support. When sleeping on your side, you should expect your pillows to provide you with comfortable yet maximum support which Snuggledown seems to fulfil.

The blended selection of 85% duck feather and 15% duck down allows the pillow to remain plump. It isn’t uncommon for pillows to lose their shape with continuous use so you need to choose the right ones that will live up to their expectations and keep their quality for a longer time period. According to the reviews, it seems as if that’s what this Snuggledown double pack does. Customers note how soft and relaxing the pillows are while still providing the support required when side sleeping.

The all-natural fillings also mean that the pillows will stay warm throughout the night. The natural materials work with your body temperature and retain heat, making it the perfect option for those who like to keep warm while they sleep. Gentle, soft and warm support is what you should expect to receive when purchasing these pillows.

6. Tempur Comfort Pillow Cloud

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Tempur Pillow Cloud
(Image credit: Tempur)

Side sleepers must choose the right pillows that will suit their sleeping wants and requirements. The team at Tempur have uniquely designed their Comfort Pillow Cloud to meet the standards and requirements that most sleepers need.

This product has many positive reviews whereby customers suggest that the pillows are of great quality and provide extreme support and comfort. They also note that the pillow is perfect for side sleepers because it stays put when remaining in one position all night. This is very useful for people who consistently attempt to find a new, more comfortable position as the night passes. The Tempur Comfort Pillow Cloud will keep its shape and plumpness making your first chosen position perfect all night long.

Tempur experts have specially designed the Comfort Pillow Cloud so that you receive cushioned and personalised support while you sleep. Tempur has infused this pillow with its unique material that can be found in most of its Tempur mattresses. It consists of visco-elastic cells which contour to your unique body shape.

The internal materials are encased by a soft pillow cover that is unique to Tempur pillows. The pillow cover is machine washable up to 60 degrees which allows you to keep your bed fresh and clean.

Best Pillow for Side Sleeper Conclusion

When looking for the best pillow as a side sleeper, we recommend that you do enough research to ensure you can find the perfect pillow to suit your preferences. Side sleepers essentially need thicker pillows to ensure that the space between their head, shoulders and neck is supported. If not, this can lead to neck pain and result in consistent poor-quality sleep. Ideally, you should look for maximum cushioning too to maintain support all night long as pillows that flatten out with continuous use means you’ll only have to replace them. The warranty is a good indicator of how long they may last.

Overall, there are multiple things you should consider when shopping for your ideal pillow. Firstly, you should consider your price. This factor will shape what brands you look at and what options are within your price range. From here, you can determine what type of material will work for you best. This then leads into the third consideration of ensuring the materials will suit your wants while sleeping.

We also highly recommend looking at what customers had to say about the pillows to get a better idea before purchasing one.


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