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Best Orthopaedic/ Orthopedic Pillow 2021

Last Updated: July 5, 2021

Finding the perfect pillow is very important, especially for those who suffer from medical conditions and require relief. Orthopaedic or orthopedic pillows have become widely marketed as a useful solution for those who want to ensure their body positioning is correct when they lie down on the sofa or bed.

According to an article from Spine Health, there was a study conducted✓ that showed a roll-shaped orthopedic pillow filled with polypropylene capsules came out on top in terms of spinal alignment when compared to a contour-shaped memory foam pillow and a goose down pillow.

When you are choosing an orthopedic pillow, there are a few factors to be considered. The material filling the pillow can be anything from fibre to memory foam and the comfort levels are key. Does it offer the support where you need it? Are there any other properties such as heating or cooling materials?

Here are some of the best orthopedic pillows in the UK that should point you in the right direction, we also recommend you check out our Best Pillows for Neck Pain post which may be useful to you (Important Considerations in Conclusion).

MediflowWater Base Orthopaedic PillowWaterNA Nights
1 Year
Harley DesignerOrthopaedic Neck Support PillowMemory Foam NA Nights
1 Year
ClassicpedicOrthopedic Memory Foam PillowMemory Foam NA Nights
1 Year
MARNURContour Orthopedic Cervical PillowMemory Foam NA Nights
NA Years
NOFFASoft Orthopedic PillowFoamNA Nights
NA Years
SilentnightImpress Contour PillowMemory Foam NA Nights
2 Years
Prices are referring to the smallest size. Information may be subject to change, please check with the brand/manufacturer before purchasing.

1. Mediflow Water Base Orthopaedic Pillow

Mediflow Water Base Orthopaedic Pillow
(Image credit: Health and Care)

According to a study, water-based pillows can be useful when it comes to reducing neck pain and improving the overall quality of your sleep. Water-based pillows aren’t for everyone but if you are looking for an orthopedic pillow that offers these kinds of qualities then the Mediflow Water Base orthopedic pillow might be of interest.

According to the product listing, this pillow is clinically proven to reduce neck pain. Additionally, it has outperformed all water-based pillows during a sleep quality clinical test. Inside the pillow, you’ll find a soft, hypoallergenic fibre filling. Then, there is a water pouch that is easy to fill. Thanks to the water pouch, the pillow can mould to the shape of your neck, offering support where you need it most. You can decide how firm you want the pillow to be by adding more or less water.

This product is described as suitable for those who experience back pain, migraines, cervical stenosis✓ and snoring. It is suitable for all sleeping positions. The DuPont polyester fibre layer acts as a thermal insulating layer, ensuring that the pillow stays full over time and that there is no water lost.

To keep this product clean, you can easily replace the water inside and pop it in the machine to wash and dry. According to the product listing, it doesn’t require much looking after and can easily fit into a standard size pillowcase.

There is no need for concern over leaking water thanks to the NASA design elements in this pillow. Customer reviews have noted that they haven’t experienced any leaks and that they found the pillow to be very comfortable. Overall, the customer reviews are very positive for this water-based pillow so it might be worth considering.

(Video credit: Health and Care)

2. Harley Designer Orthopaedic Neck Support Pillow

Harley Designer Orthopaedic Neck Support Pillow
(Image credit: Health and Care)

If you are looking for something that will offer neck support, then you might be interested in checking out the Harley Designer Memory Foam Orthopedic Neck Support Pillow. This orthopedic neck pillow has been designed to suit side, stomach and back sleepers alike. It comes in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit your head and neck shape.

Inside this pillow, you’ll find memory foam, a material that moulds to the shape of your neck and shoulders as you sleep. Memory foam is often seen as the material that is suitable for those who require additional support as they sleep. The pressure-relieving qualities of memory foam allow for your weight to be evenly distributed.

When it comes to keeping this pillow clean, you’ll find that it comes with a removable velour pillowcase. This can be easily zipped off and placed in the washing machine at 40 degrees. When you purchase this pillow from Health and Care, you’ll benefit from free delivery to addresses in the UK. This product is non-refundable for hygiene reasons, so this is something to consider.

This orthopedic neck support pillow comes with a ton of positive reviews from happy customers. Some noted that it helped to improve their sleep and relieve the pressure that they feel on their neck. Others noted the high-quality materials used in the design of this product.

Overall, this product appears to be suited best to those who require neck support as they sleep or lie down. It comes in a range of sizes to suit many body types – something that is very helpful.

3. Classicpedic Orthopedic Pillow

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Classicpedic Orthopedic Pillow
(Image credit: Memory Foam Warehouse)

No one wants to have to wake up with back pain, but this is something that many people around the world experience every single day. The Classicpedic Orthopedic Memory Foam Pillow aims to relieve this back pain and prevent it from happening in the future. It has been designed to relieve pain in your joints and your neck, providing you with comfort at all times.

This product has been made with medical-grade memory foam that moulds to the shape of your body. This helps to encourage natural sleeping positions and support your pressure points. The memory foam core offers medium support and an ergonomic design that will curve around your body. On the outside of this orthopedic pillow, you’ll find a 100% cotton cover that is hypoallergenic, reducing the risk of any dust mites getting in there.

According to the product listing, this pillow is suitable for those who experience snoring and breathing problems as they sleep. It also claims to promote healthy blood circulation.

When you purchase this product from the Memory Foam Warehouse, you’ll get free delivery to UK addresses. There is also a 1-year warranty attached to this British made product.

Memory Foam Warehouse as a whole is rated highly on average according to Trustpilot. Some customers have noted that the quality of the service offered by the brand is great. This is very important when you are making a purchase as we have seen that customer service can make or break the experience.

Overall, it appears that this orthopedic pillow is suitable for a range of sleepers due to the foam filling. When you purchase this durable product, you can expect your back, neck and shoulders to be supported.

4. MARNUR Contour Orthopedic Cervical Pillow

MARNUR Contour orthopedic Cervical Pillow
(Image credit: MARNUR)

The Contour Memory Foam pillow from MARNUR has been ergonomically designed to maintain the curve of your neck. This allows your neck to be supported as you sleep. It is designed to be used by front sleepers, back sleepers and side sleepers. With a unique design, this pillow is worth considering for those with neck complaints.

The main material used in this pillow is memory foam – a material that is known to be very supportive for those with back and neck pain. This memory foam includes AirCell technology that offers maximum support and comfort as you sleep. It is made to adapt to your head shape as you sleep to ensure every part of your head and neck is hugged. The AirCell technology also ensures that it is breathable to keep you cool as you sleep, which may make this appealing for those who are also looking for a cooling pillow.

Alongside the pillow, you’ll get an inner cover and a washable zippered cover. This cover is skin-friendly and should be suitable for those who suffer from allergies. Made from rayon and polyester, this removable cover will help to prevent stains on the memory foam and keep the pillow in a good condition for longer.

One of the most notable features of this pillow from MARNUR is the wedge extension in the design. This has been added to help support the thoracic spine and allow your hands to relax as you sleep. This is totally unique and so it is worth checking out if you are looking for something with an unusual shape.

Customer reviews for this product are positive overall with some noting just how much it has helped to relieve their pain. While the shape of the pillow might take some getting used to, it is clear that the quality and the ergonomic design may shine through.

5. NOFFA Soft Orthopedic Pillow

NOFFA Soft Orthopedic Pillow
(Image credit: NOFFA)

If you are looking for a breathable pillow, then this product might be suitable for you. The NOFFA Soft Orthopedic pillows are made from foam that has no memory function. The qualities of the foam are more akin to latex, offering you a product that will keep your head dry when you sleep. For many people, memory foam does not offer this.

According to the product listing, the foam used in this pillow is soft, allowing you to remain comfortable as you sleep. Additionally, the latex like foam can help to reduce the pressure on your head, back and neck. This makes it suitable for those experiencing pain in their upper body.

There are three layers to this pillow including the foam on the inside, the inner pillowcase and the knitted cover. These three layers work together to ensure the pillow always feels free and supportive. The pillowcase can be placed in the washing machine to help you easily keep it clean.

The product listing notes that this pillow may come with a slight odour, but this is normal, and it will disappear soon enough. The product comes in a handy box, rolled up so you will need to give it time to return to its original shape.

Customer reviews have noted that this product is worth every penny and offers a good night’s sleep. Others noted that it was similar to memory foam without the heat retention qualities that memory foam offers. This might be a good product to consider if you want to steer away from memory foam.

6. Silentnight Impress Orthopaedic Pillow

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Silentnight Impress Contour Pillow - Memory Foam Orthopaedic Pillow
(Image credit: Silentnight)

The Silentnight Impress Contour pillow is made from reactive memory foam to ensure your head, shoulders and neck are cradled as you sleep. This product offers orthopedic support due to the unique design that contours to the shape of your neck. According to the product listing, it helps to relieve pain and pressure on your joints. This makes it suitable for those looking for a pillow.

The Silentnight Impress Contour pillow has a medium firmness thanks to the memory foam on the inside. The memory foam will return to its original shape each night, making it suitable for more than one body type. It also comes with a breathable pillowcase that can be easily washed to keep the pillow feeling fresh for longer. This product is hypoallergenic, making it suitable for those who experience allergies to dust-mites.

When you purchase this product from Silentnight, you’ll benefit from high-quality service as they are one of UK's trusted bed brands. Additionally, they are offering a 2-year warranty on this product so if you aren’t happy with it, you can always get in touch.

This product is currently being listed on Amazon and it has tons of positive customer reviews. Some noted that the memory foam is supportive and helps to relieve the pain that they are experiencing in their head and neck. Others noted that it was slightly firmer than they originally thought so this is something to consider.

Overall, it is clear that this pillow would be suitable for those looking for a good quality product that can be easily washed. It is priced at mid-range in comparison to other similar products.


If you are still on the hunt for the best orthopedic pillow in the UK, then we hope that we have helped you to narrow down the options. Some of these products offer extra support and ergonomic designs while others offer water-based qualities.

Take a look at some of the options and consider your budget for this purchase. You should be able to find something that suits your requirements easily enough.


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