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Best Open Coil Mattress 2022


Written by Lauren

Last Updated: 10th January, 2022

Open coil mattresses have been available in the UK for a long time and are among the most traditional mattress types due to their design and construction. Open spring mattresses tend to include a wide variety of springs, including Bonnell, Miracoil, Offset and Continuous coils. Open coil mattresses typically tend to have a spring system that consists of interconnected springs.

Open coil mattresses tend to appeal to those on a budget due to their lower price range and sleepers who prefer a firm to extra-firm feel. Below you will find our top recommended open spring mattresses, as well as some helpful information and factors regarding open coil mattresses.

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Silentnight Ortho Dream Star Miracoil Mattress24cmExtra-firm5 Years£299.95
Dreams Harris Traditional Spring Mattress17.5cmFirm1 Year£249
Sealy Posturepedic Aspen Mattress27cmFirm5 Years£420.67
Neptune Spring Quilted Cotton Fabric Mattress25cmMedium-firm5 Years£99.99
Silentnight Miracoil Geltex Mattress31cmMedium-firm5 Years £419
Clay Orthopaedic Spring Mattress 15cm Medium 5 Years £99.99
Prices are referring to the smallest size. Information may be subject to change, please check with the brand/manufacturer before purchasing.

1. Silentnight Ortho Dream Star Open Coil Mattress

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Silentnight Ortho Dream Star Miracoil Mattress
(Image credit: Mattress Online)
• Eco Comfort Fibre™
• Miracoil spring system
• 24cm depth
• Those who prefer an extra-firm feel
• Eco-friendly individuals
• People seeking extra support

Silentnight offers their Ortho Dream Star Miracoil Mattress, which can be purchased through Mattress Online. The open coil mattress has a depth of 24cm and an extra-firm feel, making it ideal for those who require added support.

The Silentnight mattress is a standard sprung mattress that uses its Miracoil spring system for the extra-firm feel. The spring run from top to bottom, which helps to create separate sleeping zones and minimise disturbance if you share a bed with a partner. To balance against the firmness of the mattress, the springs are surrounded by soft Eco Comfort Fibre™, which provide breathability and added comfort. The fibres are also 100% sustainable and eco-friendly. The combination of open coil springs and fibres are designed to relieve pressure, support the lower back and offer orthopaedic benefits. Whatsmore, the mattress is encased in a Damask cover, which adds long-lasting durability.

For those who suffer from allergies, the mattress is hypoallergenic and resistant to dust mites. The Miracoil Mattress has received thousands of positive reviews from customers, who have particularly highlighted the mattress's support, value for money, and style.

(Video credit: Mattress Online)

2. Dreams Harris Open Coil Mattress

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Dreams Harris Open Coil Mattress
(Image credit: Dreams)
• Bonnell springs
• 1-year guarantee
• Damask quilted cover
• People seeking a single-sided mattress
• Sleepers who enjoy a firm feel
• Those who prefer to buy British

The Harris Traditional Spring Mattress is an open coil mattress that is available to purchase through Dreams. The mattress comes in 4 different sizes, ranging from a small single to a king size. The firm-feel mattress has received many positive reviews, with customers noting the product's value and design.

Within the UK-made mattress, you will find 288 open sprung Bonnell springs designed to adapt to the body and provide support across the entire mattress. To provide extra comfort, the mattress also contains soft fillings and a comfortable damask quilted mattress cover. In addition, the Harris mattress is single-sided, meaning it's not necessary to flip; instead, it's recommended to rotate the mattress regularly to maintain its structure.

Upon purchasing this item, you will receive a 1-year guarantee and free delivery. Whatsmore, you can take advantage of Dreams' environmentally friendly recycling service, which will allow you to have your old bed picked up from your home and recycled, then replaced with your new mattress.

3. Sealy Posturepedic Aspen Open Coil Mattress

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Up to 55% OFF selected items | T&Cs apply.
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Sealy Posturepedic Aspen Mattress
(Image credit: Mattress Online)
• Orthopedic Advisory Board approved
• Single-sided mattress
• 5-year warranty
• People seeking pressure relief
• Individuals with a bigger budget
• Those suffering from back pain

The Aspen Mattress by Sealy is a 27cm deep mattress that has been rated as firm. The mattress is part of the Sealy Classic Posturepedic range, which means it has been approved by the Orthopedic Advisory Board. This means the mattress could appeal to those suffering from back pain.

The open coil mattress consists of the PostureTech Core Support spring system, which is designed to be weight responsive and can therefore distribute weight evenly across the sleeping area. Moreover, the springs can also provide firm bodily support and pressure relief. In addition to the springs, the mattress also includes a Damask cover which is finely woven to be comfortable and durable. Sealy has designed the mattress to be single-sided for convenience, meaning you only have to rotate the mattress rather than flip it.

The Aspen mattress has many positive reviews, which can be viewed on the Mattress Online website. Customers have rated the mattress highly for value for money, appearance and quality of materials. The Sealy mattress comes with a 5-year guarantee and has been approved by the National Bed Federation.

(Video credit: Mattress Online)

4. Neptune Open Coil Quilted Mattress

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Neptune Spring Quilted Cotton Fabric Mattress
(Image credit: Happy Beds)
• Satin pad filling
• Air vents
• UK-made product
• People who enjoy a medium feel
• Hot sleepers  
• Those seeking added comfort

The Neptune Spring Quilted Cotton Fabric Mattress is a UK-made mattress with a medium feel and a thickness of 25cm. The mattress can be purchased through Happy Beds and includes a 5-year guarantee upon purchasing.

The Happy Beds mattress contains a network of open coil springs that help create an overall sturdy feel while increasing airflow throughout the mattress. To further increase breathability, the mattress also includes air vents, which are also designed to keep the mattress fresh. For extra comfort, the mattress has been constructed with satin pads and polyester, which help to add some luxury and durability. To finish, the mattress has been encased in damask cotton fabric to add softness and comfort.

Reviews for the Neptune open coil Mattress are highly positive, and you can purchase this mattress in six different sizes, ranging from a small single to a super king. It's worth noting that it's recommended to flip and rotate the mattress every six weeks, to maintain the structure and condition.

5. Silentnight Miracoil Geltex Mattress

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Silentnight Miracoil Geltex Mattress
(Image credit: Silentnight)
• Geltex layer
• Active Response technology
• Purotex cover
• People looking for a thick mattress
• Those seeking breathability
• Couples

The Silentnight Miracoil Geltex Mattress by Silentnight is a thick 31cm mattress with a medium-firm rating, a firmness level that can generally appeal to a wide range of sleepers. The open coil spring mattress also comes with a 5-year guarantee, which should help to protect your purchase.

The Geltex mattress features Silentnight's Miracoil spring system, which helps to offer support, weight distribution and aid spinal alignment. The springs are also constructed to reduce 'roll-together if you're sharing a bed with a partner, which means there should be less movement disturbance. In addition to the spring layer, there is also a 4cm layer of Geltex which has Active Response technology to create bounce and ease of movement. The Geltex also adds breathability and helps cool down the mattress.

The open coil spring mattress has been finished with a Purotex cover. The cover has been designed to reduce moisture and create a fresh feel. In addition, the mattress is also dust-mite resistant and hypoallergenic, which means it should be suitable for those with allergies.

6. Clay Orthopaedic Spring Mattress

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Latest sales on selected mattresses! | T&Cs apply. Show Less
Clay Orthopaedic Spring Mattress
(Image credit: Happy Beds)
• Medium-firmness
• Hand-tufted design
• Approved by the National Bed Federation
• Those with smaller beds
• People with allergies
• People seeking a thinner mattress

The Clay Orthopaedic Spring Mattress is a good option for those with single, smaller sized beds or bunk beds as it's available from a small single to a double. The open coil spring mattress has been made in the UK and has received many positive reviews from customers.

The Clay Mattress is 15cm deep and has a medium firmness rating. The mattress has been described as having orthopaedic benefits due to the open coil springs. The springs have been included to help provide both support and comfort for a wide range of sleepers. In addition to the internal fillings, the mattress also features a hand-tufted design on the outside to give it an aesthetically- pleasing appearance whilst adding to the mattress' durability.

To ensure high quality, the mattress has been approved by the National Bed Federation, which means the materials and quality meet UK standards. Whatmore, the mattress is fire retardant and hypoallergenic, meaning it should be suitable for those with allergies.

Different Types of Coils 

There are many different types of coils that are used in springs mattresses. Open coils, otherwise known as connected coils, consist of more traditional spring systems, such as Bonell and Offset coils. In contrast, pocket coils are encased in fabric pockets and excel at moving independently. Below is a summary of the most popular coil types.  

types of coils

Bonnell Coils

One of the most traditional types of springs, Bonell coils, are shaped like an hourglass with the wider part at the base. To form the spring system, the coils are all interconnected and therefore tend to move as one. 

Bonnell springs are often less expensive than other springs mattresses due to their traditional construction. They are known for being durable and weight responsive; however, they can also be loud and offer little motion isolation as the coils are all interconnected. 

Offset Coils

Like Bonnell coils, offset coils also have an hourglass shape but with squared sides. They are attached together with helical wires. Offset coils are typically more expensive than Bonnell coils due to their added benefits. 

These benefits include the hinged construction, which allows them to adapt and conform to the sleeper’s body. Offset coils are also known to provide heightened support and reduced motion transfer. 

Pocketed Coils

A popular construction amongst mattresses, pocketed springs are cylinder-shaped and are individually encased in fabric pockets. The pocketed springs are designed to independently provide support and adapt to body movement. 

The pockets mean less noise disruption and reduction of motion transfer, making it a good choice for couples sharing a bed. A possible downside is that pocket sprung mattresses tend to be more on the pricey side when compared to other spring mattresses. 

Micro Coils

As the name suggests, micro coils are smaller, typically ranging between 2cm to 7cm. Like pocketed coils, the micro coils are often wrapped in small pockets and have a high gauge. 

Micro coils are designed to easily conform to the body and help offer bounce and comfort while relieving pressure. They may not provide the same comfort as memory foam mattresses, but they offer durability and a good level of support.

Open Coil Vs Pocket Spring 

Most spring mattresses fall into two general categories; open coil and pocket spring. The former is the more traditional of the two options and typically consists of Bonnell and offset coils. Here are some of the key differences between the two mattress types.

open coil or pocket sprung
Open Coil Pocket Spring
◻ The traditional open coil springs are often interconnected with metal wires. This connection creates a spring system, with the springs often moving as one.○ These types of springs are less traditional than open coils and are wrapped in individual fabric pockets. The separation of the springs means they are often more individually responsive.
◻ Since open coil spring mattresses have been around for a while, they are often cheaper than other spring mattresses, typically ranging from £100 - £300.Pocket spring mattresses are typically more expensive than traditional coils and can cost anywhere from £300 - £900.
◻ Open coil mattresses may be more suited for those who do not share a bed as the coils typically move as one, providing firm support but not much motion isolation.○ As the pocket springs are separately encased in fabric, the springs can move individually, offer reduced motion transfer, and react well to body movement.
◻ For those who prefer a firm to extra firm feel, an open coil mattress could be a good choice as many open coil mattresses have a high firmness rating available in the UK.○ The firmness rating for pocket spring mattresses can range from medium to firm and often contain softer fillings and foam to add extra comfort.
◻ Open spring mattresses are typically less durable than pocket spring mattresses and can last between 3 and 5 years. The warranty for these types of mattresses is often between 1 - 5 years.○ Pocket spring mattresses are durable and long-lasting; they can usually last between 7 -10 years and can have warranties ranging from 5 -  10 years.

Open Coil Mattress Features 

Despite having a similar spring system, there are many other differentiating features within a spring mattress that could appeal to your personal preference. Here are some features worth looking out for when buying your next spring mattress. 

open coil mattress
  • Coil Gauge: The spring coil guage refers to the thickness of the coils and often ranges from 12 to 16. A firmer mattress typically has a lower coil gauge, whereas mattresses with a higher gauge are often softer. 
  • Materials: Many spring mattresses include extra layers for added comfort. This can include foam padding for extra comfort or cotton covers for a soft surface. Different materials can offer different beenfits and it’s worth checking to see if they align with your preferences. 
  • Sustainabilty: Some mattress companies will use recycled materials or will offer to collect and recycle your old mattress. Companies can also state whether their mattress materials and fillings are sustainable and eco-friendly
  • Special Features: To help make their mattresses stand out against the crowded market, many companies will include special features. This could include edge-support, reduced motion transfer and comfort layers. 
  • Allergies: If you suffer from allergies, there are many mattresses available with hypoallergenic materials. Some open coil mattresses have also received special treatment to help elimate dust mites and other allergens for those with sensitive skin. 
  • Warranty: A typical mattress warranty can range anywhere from 1 year to 10 years, with more estabished brands usually offering an extended warranty time. If you want to protect your purchase over time.

Important to note:
Spring mattresses with a firm rating are often described as having orthopaedic benefits. However, there is often little evidence✓ to support this, and research✓ has since found that a medium-firm mattress is likely to be the most beneficial for back pain.

Coil Gauge Count Explained 

When browsing for spring mattresses, you may come across the term coil gauge. This refers to the thickness and diameter of the coils. The coil gauge can affect a mattress's firmness, feel, and durability, so it’s worth considering this before purchasing a new mattress. 

The average coil gauge often ranges from 12 to 16. If you’re looking for a firmer feel, a mattress with a 13 coil gauge or lower should be beneficial; yet if you want a mattress with some more cushion, you can look for a coil gauge of 14 or higher. 

The coil gauge is determined by the thickness of the coils, with a lower gauge being attributed to a thicker coil and a higher gauge with a thinner coil. Since mattresses with a lower gauge have thick coils, this can often mean the mattress has slightly more durability than higher gauge mattresses. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an open coil mattress?

An open coil mattress uses a traditional design containing springs that are all inter-connected with wires and therefore tend to move as one. They are often cheaper and more budget-friendly than other mattress types.

What is an open coil memory foam mattress?

An open coil memory foam mattress contains springs and layers of memory foam for extra comfort and cushion. These types of mattresses can also be regarded as hybrid mattresses.

Which is best, open coil or pocket sprung mattress?

This entirely depends on personal preference; however, an open coil mattress could be beneficial if you are on a budget and looking for some firm support. For those seeking more motion isolation, comfort and durability, a pocket spring mattress is known for providing these benefits at an additional cost.

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