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Best Memory Foam Pillow 2022


Written by Daniella

Last Updated: 29th January, 2022

If you are looking for a supportive and cushioning pillow, then a memory foam pillow may be a good option. Memory foam contours to the shape of the head and neck, relieving pressure and distributing weight evenly. In addition, these pillows are typically hypoallergenic, hygienic and retain their shape over time. 

There are, however, several factors to look out for when searching for the best-suited memory foam pillow. And, with such a variety of options available, it’s important to be sure of your needs and preferences so that you can make the most well-informed decision.

(Important Facts, Studies, Advice, Considerations & FAQs in Conclusion)

Panda Luxury Memory Foam Bamboo PillowSolid Memory Foam30 Nights
10 Years
ZenPur Memory Foam PillowSolid Memory Foam with Holes99 Nights
10 Years
Eve Memory Foam PillowSolid Memory Foam with Holes30 Nights
2 Years
Ergoflex HD PillowHigh Density Solid Memory FoamNA Nights
2 Years
Silentnight Memory Foam PillowMemory Foam with Hollowfibre NA Nights
2 Years
Kally Sleep Memory Foam Contour PillowWave Shaped Solid Memory Foam14 Nights
NA Years
Prices are referring to the smallest size. Information may be subject to change, please check with the brand/manufacturer before purchasing.

1. Panda Bamboo Memory Foam Pillow

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Panda Luxury Memory Foam Bamboo Pillow
(Image credit: Panda)
• 3rd generation memory foam
• Bamboo pillowcase
• 10-year guarantee
• People seeking a sleep trial option
• Eco-conscious individuals
• Those who prefer to buy British

The Panda Memory Foam Bamboo Pillow is made of a 3rd generation memory foam fill encased in a removable soft and luxurious bamboo cover. This comfortable memory foam is uniquely supportive so that it will fit every individual. In addition, the pillow promotes correct alignment of the head and neck and won't lose its shape or density over time.

The pillowcase is made up of 40% bamboo and 60% polyester. The manufacturers describe this product as ethically sourced from organic bamboo, grown pesticide-free, and vegan-friendly. Due to the bamboo's natural qualities, the pillow cover is naturally breathable, encouraging airflow and coolness. It is also antibacterial, hypoallergenic, sustainable, and free of harmful substances (OEKO-TEX® certified).

A built-in pillow protector made of a strong and breathable mesh fabric ensures the pillow stays intact and is dirt and dust-free. This pillow is described as having medium-firm support. Panda offers free UK delivery and returns, as well as a 30-night trial and a 10-year guarantee to make sure you are satisfied with your purchase.

2. ZenPur Memory Foam Pillow

ZenPur Memory Foam Pillow
(Image credit: ZenPur)
• 100% high-density memory foam
• Bamboo cover
• 10-year guarantee
• All sleep positions
• Hot sleepers
• Those seeking a sleep trial option

The ZenPur Memory Foam Pillow is designed to contour your body and keep your head and spine correctly aligned. Manufacturers claim that this pillow is the perfect cervical pillow and ideal for those with neck pain looking for delicate support.

The inner foam is made of 100% high-density memory foam, where micro cells provide comfort for all back, front, and side sleepers. In addition, there are holes in the foam which facilitate thermoregulation, ensuring that you have a cool and restful sleep.

This pillow has a zippered pillow protector as well as a bamboo cover which is antibacterial and hypoallergenic. The bamboo also aids in moisture-wicking and keeping your sleep surface cool and dry. In addition, these covers are removable and machine washable at 30ºC.

This product is made in the EU, certified by Oeko-Tex & CertiPUR-US and does therefore not contain any chemicals harmful to you or the environment. ZenPur offers a 99-night sleep trial and a 10-year warranty. Customers highly rate this pillow - many commenting on value for money, softness, and support.

3. Eve Memory Foam Pillow

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eve the memory foam pillow
(Image credit: Eve)
• 100% polyurethane foam
• Removable 100% polyester cover
• 2-year guarantee
• Individuals with a higher budget
• Hot sleepers
• Those seeking a sleep trial option

The Eve Memory Foam Pillow claims to achieve the perfect balance between 'not too hard' and 'not too sinky' by combining a velvety soft foam with one that's a bit denser. As a result, the head and neck feel 'hugged' yet supported without a firm or 'propped up' feel.

This pillow is made up of 100% soft and supportive polyurethane foam with specially crafted air holes to facilitate ventilation and prevent overheating while you sleep. There is a 100% polyester cover with a breathable jersey knit for a soft and stretchy feel. The cover is removable and washable at 40°C.

Also worth mentioning that this Eve memory foam pillow fits a standard pillow size. This product was designed in London manufactured in Europe. Manufacturers offer a 30-night sleep trial to ensure you are satisfied with your purchase, as well as a 2-year guarantee. Although on the more expensive side, customers generally seem very happy with their purchases and comment on value for money, quality, and comfort.

4. Ergoflex High Density Memory Foam Pillow

Up to 40% OFF
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Ergoflex HD Pillow
(Image credit: Ergoflex)
• ACPT™ memory foam
• TENCEL™ removable and washable cover
• 2-year guarantee
• Those who prefer a firm-feel pillow
• People with allergies
• Individuals with a more flexible budget

The Ergoflex HD pillow offers signature cradling, weightlessness and pressure relief. It gently shapes to provide comfort and support to the head and neck whilst avoiding a ‘sinking feeling’, making it a good potential option for those with neck pain.

This firm-feel pillow is composed of anti-allergenic and antimicrobial high-density proprietary ACPT™ visco-elastic memory foam, and manufacturers claim that no ‘pillow plumping’ will ever be required. In addition, it has an all-natural breathable TENCEL™ cover that is removable and machine washable.

The Ergoflex HD pillow comes with a 2-year guarantee as well as free next day delivery. Also, worth noting this ergonomic pillow fits standard pillowcases.

5. Silentnight Memory Foam Pillow

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Silentnight Memory Foam Pillow
(Image credit: Silentnight)
• Memory foam and hollowfibre fill
• Soft microfibre cover
• 2-year guarantee
• Budget-friendly
• People who prefer a firm feel
• Those who like to buy British

The Silentnight Memory Foam Pillow includes a fusion of memory foam, hollowfibre and soft microfibre, resulting in a supportive and comfortable pillow. A pressure-relieving memory foam outer shell surrounds a soft and bouncy hollowfibre filling. This pillow offers firm support and moulds to the contours of your neck and head, providing relief from shoulder and back pain.

This hypoallergenic pillow is covered in soft microfibre for comfort. This memory foam pillow is considered an 8/10 regarding firmness, which means it is on the firmer side. Silentnight recommends this pillow for those who sleep on their back or side. This brand is made in the UK, and the manufacturers offer a 2-year guarantee on this product. This pillow is affordable, and customers generally seem happy with their purchases - some people specifically mention good comfort and support.

6. Kally Memory Foam Contour Pillow

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kally sleep Memory Foam Contour Pillow
(Image credit: Kally Sleep)
• Wave shape design
• Slow rebound memory foam
• 14-night trial
• Those who prefer a medium-firm feel
• Back and side sleepers
• People who snore

The Kally Sleep Memory Foam Contour Pillow has a curved wave shape to support your head, neck and shoulders. This design allows you to position your head correctly at a slight tilt, facilitating optimal spinal alignment and promoting airways to open - which may reduce snoring. The filling is made of slow rebound memory foam, which offers support and durability.

Manufacturers describe the firmness as 7/10, which is medium-firm and recommend the pillow for back and side sleepers. The Kally Sleep pillow is encased with a cotton fabric cover designed to be breathable and soft. The cover is also anti-allergy and has anti-bacterial fibres.

Kally Sleep offers a 14-night trial for this product to ensure you are satisfied with your new pillow. Overall, customers seem happy with their purchases. Some people mention comfort; however, it's worth noting that some have commented on it being slightly firmer than expected.

The History Of Memory Foam

Memory foam was first developed in 1966 by NASA’s  Ames Research Centre to upgrade the safety and cushioning of aircraft seats. This foam was initially referred to as “slow spring back foam”, or more commonly “temper foam”. Then, in the 1980s, NASA sold this unique material to a group of scientists in Europe who spent ten years adapting this material for use in mattresses.

Finally, in 1991 TEMPUR® released their TEMPUR® Material mattress, which became an instant success in Europe, and then internationally. Many other companies have since developed and released their versions of this material; however, TEMPUR® is the only company permitted to use the certified technology seal by the US Space Foundation on their products. 

The history of memory foam

A quick browse online, and you’ll see a fair amount of debate about whether TEMPUR® Material bedding products are the best memory foam products - and justify their higher price tag. Whether they are the best or not may come down to personal preference. Either way, TEMPUR® Material is the original memory foam.

These days, memory foam has a wide variety of uses, not only in bedding products such as mattresses and pillows but also in shoes, headphones, wheelchair cushions and bulletproof vests.

Fun fact!
Only a few scientists know the secret formula behind TEMPUR® material.

Memory Foam Explained

Memory foam consists of polyurethane as well as other synthetic chemicals that increase its viscosity and density. It is also often referred to as viscoelastic or low resistance polyurethane foam. The temperature-sensitive foam has an open-cell structure that matches the pressure against it, allowing it to mould to the body's shape and then slowly return to its original form.

The material provides a comfortable, supportive, pressure-relieving cradle that makes it ideal for use in pillows. Pressure distribution has been shown✓ to be superior in memory foam and latex pillows compared to other filler materials. Memory foam is often used in ergonomically designed pillows for neck pain as well as orthopaedic pillows. These pillows, therefore, often have similar features.

Fun fact!
The name TEMPUR comes from an abbreviation of temperature (TEM) and an abbreviation of polyurethane (PUR).

Memory Foam Pillow Types

A quick look online or in stores will no doubt leave you with many choices when it comes to memory foam pillows. Different manufacturers often offer various designs, technologies or special construction that may sound appealing, albeit confusing and slightly overwhelming. And, like most bedding, the best choice will be dependent on your individual needs and preferences.

Memory foam pillow types

It’s a good idea to familiarise yourself with available options so that you can make the most well-informed decision and not get carried away with marketing hype. Firstly, it’s important to understand that memory foam pillows come in two types: one-piece or shredded.

  • One-piece: One-piece memory foam pillows are made of one solid piece of memory foam, which may be the standard rectangular shape of a traditional pillow or a curved shape to fit the head and neck contours. These pillows sometimes have removable inserts that allow for a customised loft. They are also usually firmer and keep their shape better than shredded memory foam pillows; however, they may also retain heat.
  • Shredded: Shredded memory foam pillows can be made of 100% memory foam or blended with other materials. These pillows could be a good idea if you would like the option of adjusting the pillow height (loft) - simply by adding or removing the filling. These shredded memory foam pillows are also generally more breathable as there is more space for air to circulate; however, they may require frequent fluffing to prevent lumps.

Memory Foam Pillow Considerations

As well as the different types of memory foam pillows, certain other factors should be taken into consideration when choosing the best option for yourself. Once again, the best choice will come down to your individual needs and preferences.

Memory foam pillows considerations
  1. Sleeping position: Memory foam pillows that are slightly higher are generally a better choice for side sleepers and back sleepers. Conversely, firmer pillows with a lower loft are typically a better choice for front sleepers.
  2. Pressure relief: Memory foam is well known for offering excellent deep body conforming ability and pressure relief. It is often used in orthopaedic pillows or other bedding products specifically designed to alleviate pressure points and is a potentially good option for those with pain.
  3. Quality of materials: The quality of materials used often determines many factors, from the degree of comfort and support to the pillow's lifespan. Over time memory foam will eventually lose its integrity; however, a higher quality memory foam may last longer than a lower quality foam. This will also, of course, be dependent on how well the pillow is cared for.
  4. Loft: The correct pillow loft is important as this will ensure that your head and spine are in optimal alignment preventing strain, and resulting pain. Most memory foam pillows have a medium to high loft; however, this will depend on the type of pillow.
  5. Firmness: The best firmness for your pillow will depend on your sleep position as well as your personal preference. Higher-density memory foam generally has a firmer feel than lower density memory foam.
  6. Cooling properties: Traditional memory foam is well-known for retaining heat, making memory foam pillows an unlikely choice for hot sleepers. However, many manufacturers employ techniques to allow for increased ventilation and breathability.
  7. Price: Memory foam pillows fall in the “mid” price range compared to all other available pillow types; however, this may vary depending on the quality of materials used (higher density foams will be more expensive than lower density foams).

Memory Foam Pillows And Heat Retention

If you've researched memory foam bedding products at all, you're most likely aware that memory foam is known for retaining heat. While this may be true for traditional memory foam, many manufacturers counter this by clever design and construction.

Memory foam pillows and heat retention

Ventilation channels or holes that allow air to flow freely and heat to move out or the addition of specific cooling infusions such as gel are some of the ways this is done. Hot sleepers may also want to look into the best cooling pillows or even bamboo pillows if battling to find just the right thermoregulating option. Shredded memory foam pillows generally maintain a more neutral temperature than one-piece memory foam pillows, as the design leaves room for airflow between the pieces.

Memory Foam Pillows: Pros & Cons

As with all bedding materials, memory foam has certain advantages and disadvantages. It is useful to be aware of these to decide if a memory foam pillow is the right choice for you.

✓ Comfort: Memory foam provides a deep cushioning feel. ✗ Slow response to pressure: Some people may experience a sinking feeling with memory foam.
✓ Pressure relief: The contouring abilities of memory foam help with pressure relief.✗ Heat retention: Some memory foams trap and retain heat resulting in sleepers feeling too warm and uncomfortable.
✓ Support: Memory foam pillows typically maintain sufficient firmness to promote head and spinal alignment.✗ Durability: Memory foam eventually loses its integrity and ability to retain its shape.
✓ Customisability: Due to the qualities of memory foam, pillows can be moulded to certain shapes for specific purposes.✗ Off-gassing: Memory foam, like other synthetic materials, may release some odour when first unpacked.
✓ Hypoallergenic: Memory foam pillows are often dust-mite and bacteria resistant.
✓ Price: Although not the cheapest pillows available, memory foam pillows offer good comfort and support for a relatively affordable price.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are memory foam pillows?

Memory foam is made from polyurethane and is also known as viscoelastic foam. In pillows, it can create a cushioning and supportive feel by using body heat and pressure to mould to the shape of the head and neck.

How long do memory foam pillows last?

Memory foam pillows are said to last about three years. This, however, depends on the quality of the foam and how well the pillow has been looked after.

How much are memory foam pillows?

The price of a memory foam pillow will vary according to size, shape, foam density and quality, cooling features, and other features such as cover materials.

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