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Best Mattress For Heavy People 2021

Last Updated: June 3, 2021

Heavier or larger people may find some difficulty when searching for a mattress. As mattresses are generally made for certain body types it can be tough to find something comfortable yet also supportive for a heavier weight.

There are a ton of factors determining the compatibility between a mattress and a heavier individual. This ranges from the mattress thickness to the materials used to even the gauge of the springs used. We have come up with some of the top mattresses for heavier persons. These vary in price, thickness, design, firmness and business model (standard vs bed-in-a-box).

Here are our most recommendable mattresses for heavier people in the UK (Important Considerations in Conclusion).

NectarMemory foam mattressMemory FoamMedium-firm25cm292 kg or 46 stone365 Nights
Forever Years
REM-Fit500 Ortho Hybrid MattressHybridFirm25cm254 kg or 40 stone100 Nights
15 Years
GhostBedMemory foam mattressMemory FoamMedium-firm27cm336 kg or 53 stone100 Nights
20 Years
Reinforced BedsThe Brick MattressPocket SprungVery firm25cm318 kg or 50 stoneNA Nights
3 Years
DreamsTheraPur ActiGel response 1600 mattressPocket SprungVery firm27cm228 kg or 36 stone40 Nights*
1 Year*
DreamsCarnell pocket sprung mattressPocket SprungVery firm27cm228 kg or 36 stone40 Nights*
1 Year*
TempurSensation Luxe MattressMemory FoamFirm30cm266kg or 42 stone100 Nights
10 Years
Prices are referring to the single size. Information may be subject to change, please check with the brand/manufacturer before purchasing.

1. Nectar Memory Foam Mattress

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nectar mattress
(Image credit: Nectar)

The Nectar Memory Foam Mattress is a full memory foam build without any springs. This clever design has been the recipient of multiple awards in the mattress industry and one of the most popular mattresses in a box. The simple 3 layered design of foams gives this a medium-firm feel making it one of the softer mattresses for heavy people on this list.

The Nectar Mattress is finished with an Adaptive Cooling Cover which was designed to move heat away from your body while also circulating cool air with every move you make. The first of the layers is a Smart Memory Foam layer, which respond to your body to dissipate heat and moisture. Basically, this layer was designed to regulate your body temperature. The middle layer is a pressure-relieving memory foam layer, this layer acts as the transition layer and provides comfort. The firmness of the mattress comes from the strong foundation layer. This 7-zone supportive base is designed to align your spine correctly regardless of your sleeping position. The adaptive memory foam layers are designed to reduce common pressure points below your hips, shoulders and legs for better spinal alignment.

Overall the mattress has a depth of 25cm, the combination of this and the materials allow the Nectar Mattress to support up to 46 stone or 292 kgs making this one of the most durable mattresses for heavy people.

When it comes to extras, Nectar is ahead of the game. The Nectar Memory Foam Mattress even comes with a 365-day trial period. This allows you to try the mattress for a full year and if you aren’t satisfied you can get a refund. On top of this, it is covered by a forever warranty this is a huge plus if you are worried about longevity in a mattress.

(Video credit: Nectar)

2. REM-Fit 500 Ortho Hybrid Mattress

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remfit 500 ortho mattress
(Image credit: REM-Fit)

The REM-Fit 500 Ortho Mattress is a multi-award winning mattress, specifically in the bad back and back pain mattress category. With a firmness rating of firm and orthopaedic mattress design, it seems this mattress will excel in this heavier person category. The REM-Fit 500 Ortho Mattress has a usual height for the industry standing at 25cm tall.

The firmness of the mattress comes from its 2,000 firm pocket springs. These 14cm tall, extra firm encapsulated pocket springs provide precise comfort and support. Each spring moves individually according to your movements causing little partner disturbance.

Between the springs and your body, REM-Fit has placed a cooling memory foam layer with zoning cut into it for extra cushioning and pressure relief properties. Surrounding the springs we find edge-to-edge support in the form of encapsulated foam walls. These ensure a firm tension is kept across the whole mattress right up to the edge, allowing you to snuggle up as close to the edge as you’d like without the roll of feeling.

The mattress inners are wrapped in a Re-Ax breathable cover which is removable and machine washable making it very practical to clean.

The REM-Fit 500 Ortho Mattress includes a 100-night trial, allowing you to put the mattress to the test and ensure it was the right choice for you. If you aren’t pleased with your purchase, REM-Fit also offers a hassle-free return policy within the 100-night trial period. They will collect the mattress and you will get a full refund. An interesting fact is that collected mattresses are donated to their charity partner, the British Health Foundation. If you are pleased with the mattress, you can be even more pleased to hear that it has a 15-year guarantee which highlights its quality and that it is built to last.

3. GhostBed Memory Foam Mattress

ghostbed heavy mattress
(Image credit: GhostBed)

The GhostBed Mattress might have been designed in the USA but it is manufactured right here in the UK which means it meets the high-quality standards set by UK regulations. Made using a 3 layer design, the GhostBed Memory Foam Mattress stands at 27cm tall and is rated as a medium-firm feel mattress.

Whats very impressive is its 53 stone limit which is a huge plus especially in this category.

It is designed to be supportive, without having to be overly firm and compromise on comfort. The cover of this mattress is a blend of polyester and viscose fibres, creating a plush feel on the surface. The cover is removable and washable, with properties that wick away both heat and moisture.

Looking into the layers, the first layer is a continuous aerated engineered GhostFlex foam layer. The naturally responsive, high-quality engineered layer was designed to absorb pressure without retaining heat. This layer is the comfort of the mattress, designed to give you an ideal level of surface softness, promoting optimal comfort and restful sleep. The middle layer is made from a 100% pressure-relieving material. Similar to the first layer, this layer was engineered to not retain heat, keeping you cool as you sleep. This is thanks to the open cell structure of the foam layer. A high-density base foam layer sits as the foundation of this mattress. The base layer was even engineered to provide ergonomic support. This layer ensures the durability and resilience of the mattress, giving support without needing to be overly firm. 

The GhostBed Memory Foam mattress includes a 100-night trial, which allows you time to test the mattress and ensure it is right for you. You can return the mattress within this period through the Amazon return function. In the long run, your GhostBed Memory Foam Mattress is covered by a 20-year warranty. This relieves some of the pressure from buying online while it also speaks to the quality, durability and resilience of the mattress.

(Video credit: GhostBed)

4. The Brick Heavy Duty Mattress

the brick heavy duty mattress
(Image credit: Reinforced Beds)

If you’re looking for a truly strong mattress, The Brick Extra Firm Mattress could definitely be the right option for you. The mattress is made exclusively for Reinforced Bed and as the name suggests it has a firmness ranking of Extra Firm. The manufacturer states that this could quite possibly be the firmest mattress out there. 

Its firmness comes from the one thousand 1,9mm thick heavy duty pocket spring units, which are reinforced with a bonding sheet that is glued both to top and bottom of the mattress to provide extra stability. The springs move individually which prevents motion transfer from one side of the mattress to the other. This will help ensure that both you and your partner will sleep undisturbed in case the other is tossing and turning. The edges of the mattress are also reinforced for extra support and to ensure the longevity of the mattress. 

The mattress is positively described as incredibly sturdy in many customer reviews (almost all 5 stars). People also mention that it is very heavy but on the flip side you don’t actually need to flip the mattress. Occasional rotating is enough, and the horizontal handles come in handy for this task. The manufacturer states that their quality filling is also adding to the weight of the mattress.

Apart from the previously mentioned features, the Brick Extra Firm Mattress also comes with added nickel vents on the sides to enhance breathability. The mattresses in ´The Brick´ range are handcrafted to order and come with a 50st/318kg heavy duty guarantee of 3 years.

(Video credit: Reinforced Beds)

5. TheraPur ActiGel Response 1600 Mattress

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therapur actigel response attress
(Image credit: Dreams)

The TheraPur ActiGel Response 1600 Mattress is a pocket sprung/ hybrid design that features revolutionary sleep technology layers giving it a comfort grade of very firm. The mattress stands at 27cm tall, a touch deeper than the industry standard of 25cm. The mattress has been tested for 228 kg or a 36 stone weight for a two-person mattress. It is also important to mention that this mattress has overwhelmingly positive reviews from customers who have bought it.

It has 5 internal layers and is finished off with a traditionally tufted finish, that is designed to be durable while still being soft-to-the-touch. The firmness in the mattress comes from the spring layer at the base of the mattress. The spring layer features 1,600 individually wrapped springs (king-size). These individually wrapped springs respond to each sleeper’s movements separately, which means that your movements won’t disturb your partner if you're looking for a mattress for couples

The layers above the springs aid in breathability and aid in pressure relief and comfort. These layers are designed to mould to your body while keeping you cool. The exclusive ActiGel zoned and profiled foam layer features zoned cut-outs for optimum support designed to support key areas of your body. As a heavy person, you will want to look for a balance between firm support to keep your spine aligned with enough comfort for your liking.

It comes with a 40-night comfort exchange, so you can exchange your mattress for another comfort level if you feel you don't get along with it. It also has a 1-year guarantee, but this is a standard manufacturers warranty, Dreams do offer a bed cover policy so for a one-off payment you can extend that to cover you for 5 years accidental damage and 8 years manufacturing faults cover.

6. Carnell Pocket Sprung Mattress

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Up to 60% OFF selected items | T&Cs apply. Show Less
carnell pocket sprung mattress
(Image credit: Dreams)

The Carnell Pocket Sprung Mattress is an upgrade of one of Dreams best-selling mattresses previously available. In order to support heavy people, a mattress must first and foremost be deep enough. The Carnell Pocket Sprung Mattress meets these criteria and more, standing at 27cm tall, which is deeper than the standard 25cm in the industry. In terms of comfort, the Carnell Pocket Sprung Mattress is regarded as a very firm feeling mattress.

This mattress features a spring layer, natural wool fillings for breathable comfort and a tufted finish soft-to-touch cover. With nearly 2,000 individually wrapped pocket springs engineered to provide support for every area of your body, the support in this mattress is the focus. The luxury layers of wool fillings are designed to produce a temperature-controlled and organic sleep experience. While the springs were designed to get down to the business of providing precise support, the natural wool fillings keep you cool with a natural freshness. The Carnell Pocket Sprung Mattress features mattress handles for easy manoeuvrability. It's suggested that you rotate the mattress head-to-toe every week for the first three months and once a month thereafter. This not only ensures that you constantly receive the best of the mattress but also helps lengthen the life of the mattress.

It comes with a 40-night comfort exchange, so you can exchange it if you feel you are not suited toward that comfort level. It also has a 1-year guarantee, but this is a standard manufacturers warranty, Dreams do offer an extended policy for 5 years accidental damage and 8 years manufacturing faults cover at an additional cost.

7. Tempur Sensation Luxe Mattress

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Tempur is running an additional power code for you to get 15% off Mattresses | T&Cs apply. Show Less
tempur sensation luxe mattress
(Image credit: Tempur)

The Tempur Sensation Luxe is the top of the range in Tempur’s Sensation range and the Sensation is the firmest mattress from the Tempur range. It is 30cm in depth (with thinner sizes available at a lower cost) and its comfort grading is firm which is another great reason why it is good for heavier sleepers. 

The Tempur Sensation Luxe does not have a spring layer, it rather uses Tempur technologies to create a bouncy feel just as you get in a sprung mattress. This is achieved using what Tempur calls their Dynamic Support Technology. The Durabase Technology layer features 2 identical Durabase layers as the foundation of the mattress. This results in 3 lower layers, 2 of which are the Durabase layers, forming the foundation of the mattress. These layers were designed to provide support and pressure-relieving comfort. The mattress is finished off with a top layer of Tempur Comfort Material, designed to provide soothing comfort and break from the firm support below. 

The mattress is wrapped in a QuickRefresh™ soft fabric top cover with grey side panels and a white under layer. All cover layers are removable and washable up to 60 degrees Celsius.

Returns can be completed within the trial period, which is a generous 100 nights. This gives you the freedom to fall in love with the mattress, knowing that you can return it if it isn’t exactly what you were looking for. In the long run, your Tempur® Sensation Luxe is covered by a 10-year guarantee. This speaks to the quality of the build, and lets you know that the mattress will last for a minimum of a decade.

(Video credit: Tempur)


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