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Best Mattress Cleaner 2021

Last Updated: July 5, 2021

We spend so much of our time in bed, but while we will regularly wash our bedclothes we can rarely think of the mattress underneath. However, it is vital that we do take steps to keep our mattresses clean. If you are cleaning your whole house from top to bottom, this can be a great time to also give your mattress a refresh with a special cleaner.

Scientists from the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, the University of Washington and Harvard University reported that by taking these simple steps✓:

Allergen-proof mattress and pillow covers, weekly laundering of other bedding and very careful vacuuming and dry steam cleaning of bedroom carpets and upholstery -- can significantly reduce the levels of dust mite allergens in bedrooms.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the ones that you could opt for (Important Considerations in Conclusion).

Iris OhyamaVacuum Cleaner£89.99
Charles KentMattress Stain Remover£9.99
Clean & TidyMattress Stain Remover£8.99
MLMLANTMattress Steam Cleaner£31.44
DirtbustersMattress Odour Eliminator£10.95
Information may be subject to change, please check with the brand/manufacturer before purchasing.

1. Iris Ohyama Vacuum Cleaner For Mattresses

Iris Ohyama, Anti Mite: Antibacterial Vacuum Cleaner For Mattresses
(Image credit: Iris Ohyama)

The Iris Ohyama vacuum cleaner uses cyclone stream technology to ensure that mites and allergens are lifted from your mattress. It utilises 6000 vibrations a minute to dislodge finer particles that might be buried with the mattress, so they are able to rise to the top and then be moved. The cleaner also has three different suction powers which are able to remove more than 98% of mites and particles.

This mattress cleaner can also be used on other soft furnishings such as your sofa and cushions, so it is a good investment that will prove to be helpful when keeping your home clean. It is lightweight at just 1kg and has easy access to the water filter so you are able to change things quickly. It also has a sensor that indicates the cleanliness of your mattress, which uses a simple traffic-light system of red, orange, and green.

(Video credit: Iris Ohyama)

2. Charles Kent Mattress Stain Remover

Charles Kent mattress stain remover spray
(Image credit: Charles Kent)

Those who are prone to sneaking a cup of tea or something else into their bed will know that mattress stains can be very difficult to remove (mattress protectors will prevent this from happening). Therefore, investing in a spray like the formula offered by Charles Kent could be a reasonable solution.

This spray can be used with multiple types of mattresses, and can also be used on other furnishings too, though the manufacturers recommend an inconspicuous patch test for the latter first. The cleaner is designed to lift stubborn organic stains and embedded dirt so your mattress is clean and fresh once more. It can even remove urine and faecal stains – useful if you have pets who might have had an accident on your bed.

You do not have to wash away the spray when using this product. Simply spray it on the stain and leave it to dry. Though you might require several applications, it should help to lift the stain away and eliminate any odours that are left behind.

3. Clean & Tidy Professional Mattress Cleaner

Clean & Tidy mattress cleaner spray
(Image credit: Clean & Tidy)

For stubborn stains and unpleasant odours, it can be a good idea to take a spray solution to them. Formulas such as the Clean & Tidy Professional Mattress Stain Remover can be helpful here as they can be applied but do not need to be scrubbed to have an effect. If there is any debris left by the remover, a stiff brush or a vacuum will get rid of it.

The Clean & Tidy mattress stain remover comes in a spray bottle, so it is easy to apply to the affected area. It can remove many stubborn organic stains, including those that might be caused by urine or blood. It also has antiallergen properties that can help to prevent the growth of dust mites.

This formula can be safely used on multiple surfaces such as pet beds, carpets and more in addition to on your mattress. It is non-toxic and solvent-free, and will work to eliminate some of the unpleasant odours that might come from these stains.

4. MLMLANT Steam Mattress Cleaner

MLMLANT handheld steam mattress cleaner
(Image credit: MLMLANT)

Having a handheld steamer on hand can be incredibly beneficial when caring for your soft furnishings and other areas of your home such as your bathroom tiles. It is lightweight, at just 2kg, which makes it convenient to move around your home to where you need to be. The water tank holds up to 350 ml, though 250 ml is the recommended amount, and this will last through several cleaning sessions.

In addition to the main steamer, it comes with 9 additional accessories that can be used to help clean certain areas further. It can be used on many different sealed surfaces, including counter tops, kids toys, and more in addition to your mattress.

The MLMLANT cleaner also comes with a 12-month warranty so you have a full year of worry-free use. It can be purchased through Amazon, where it has accrued many ratings and reviews.

5. Dirtbusters Mattress Odour Eliminator

Dirtbusters Odour and Urine mattress cleaner spray
(Image credit: Dirtbusters)

A mattress cleaner spray is often one of the best options for lifting dirt and grime from a mattress. Choosing one with a scent, like the Dirtbusters Wild Fig and Cassis Mattress Cleaning product should help to eliminate the odours left by mattress stains to leave behind something much fresher.

This product works to eliminate odour at its source, and has an odour lock built in so the issue cannot appear again. It comes in a handy spray bottle so it is easy to use. The nozzle of this bottle has two settings – spray and stream. Spray is useful for covering an entire mattress or other area, while stream can be used to focus on particularly stubborn areas.

To use this item, you simply have to spray it over the affected area and let it get to work. After a few hours, your mattress will be dry once more, and you can return to using your bed.


When trying to find the best mattress cleaners that UK brands have to offer, it is important to think of the issue that you wish to tackle.

If you are trying to remove dirt and other particles from your mattress, something like a steam cleaner might be more suitable. Particularly stubborn stains and foul odours might be better tackled with a liquid spray instead. Of course, there is also no reason why you cannot use a combination of both for the best results. Is your mattress due for a refresh? Take the time to give it a clean – especially if you have not done so in a while. You might be shocked at the difference it can make to your bed.


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