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Best Latex Mattress Topper 2021

Last Updated: July 5, 2021

Sometimes we do not want to invest in a whole new mattress, but buying a specific topper could give us the extra comfort that we desire. Buying the right mattress topper can completely transform the way that your bed feels, but how do you know which one to choose?

Latex is a great option if you struggle with temperature regulation at night. It can also be used to improve the feel of the mattress underneath. Since it is quite a durable material that still offers quite a bit of bounce, it can be just what someone might need if they feel that their current mattress is a little on the soft side.

When selecting a latex mattress topper, you will find that there are three main options – natural (Dunlop✓ or Talalay), synthetic and blended foams. Natural latexes are made predominantly from rubbers from tree sap. They are a great choice for anyone who wants to be a little more eco-friendly. However, they do tend to be a little more expensive. A cheaper option can be a synthetic latex mattress topper. These toppers can be more affordable but can also result in a duller foam.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the best latex mattress topper options that you may want to consider to select (Important Considerations in Conclusion).

UnaOrganic Latex Mattress Topper5cm Natural Organic100 Nights
10 Years
YanisLatex Plus Topper8cm NaturalNA Nights
10 Years
EVERGREENWEBLatex Mattress Topper7cm Natural (Latex Flakes)NA Nights
NA Years
SimbaHybrid Topper2.5cm SyntheticNA Nights
1 Year
InofiaLATEXPUR Topper2cm Memory Infused Latex100 Nights
10 Years
InofiaLATEXCH Mattress Topper2cm Memory Infused Latex100 Nights
10 Years
Prices are referring to the single size. Information may be subject to change, please check with the brand/manufacturer before purchasing.

1. Una Organic Latex Mattress Topper

Una Organic Latex Mattress Topper
(Image credit: Una)

Those who wish to find a latex mattress topper that is both eco-friendly and completely natural should check out the Una topper. This latex mattress topper adds an extra 6 cm to your bed. It comes with a 10-year guarantee, and you will also get to try it free for 100 nights so you can be certain that it is just the right choice for your bed. Buying directly from Una means that you can take advantage of free delivery

This latex mattress topper comes in a range of sizes from a UK single all the way up to a super king. This includes the European sizes of mattress. You should be able to find an Una topper that fits your bed perfectly, even if you do not have an Una mattress underneath.

This latex mattress topper is made from organic and all-natural foam. It is divided into 7-zones which all work together to support a body. The latex also works with the blended cover of organic wool and cotton to create a breathable surface that allows air and moisture to move and circulate properly. Wool mattress toppers tend to help with temperature regulation, and will hopefully prevent you from having a night’s rest that is ruined by overheating.

Una gets their eco-friendly stamp thanks to the fact that their toppers and products actually have a negative carbon footprint. This latex mattress topper has been certified by several governing bodies, so anyone searching for a way to make their bed more comfortable while also sticking to the highest of standards should consider the Una.

2. Yanis Dunlop Latex Mattress Topper

Yanis Dunlop Latex Mattress Topper
(Image credit: Yanis)

The mattress topper from Yanis uses Dunlop latex. This is an 8 cm topper that is designed to help support your body. It should relieve some of the pressure that limbs will feel as they are at rest. Though a mattress topper like this will cradle a body that sits on it, it will easily retain the shape that it had initially, so you can rely on it bouncing back and staying as good as new for as long as possible.

This topper is available as both a single and a double, and this includes the more unusual European sizes. It is manufactured and tested in the UK and has been made to comply with several health and safety standards. Yanis has given this topper a 10-year warranty, so it should be durable enough to last you a long time. This mattress topper can also be purchased through Amazon. This allows you to take advantage of their secure transactions and delivery, to make it more convenient for you to receive the mattress.

The latex used in the construction of this topper is anti-bacterial, so it could be a good purchase for someone who is suffering from allergens or other issues when they sleep. The latex of this mattress is wrapped in a layer of Tencel Purotex fabric. This is very durable and will help to protect the latex underneath, while also helping to promote the circulation of fresh air to help make the topper a much more pleasant place to sleep. This outer layer of fabric can also be removed and machine-washed to help further promote cleanliness.

3. EVERGREENWEB Latex Mattress Topper

EVERGREENWEB latex mattress topper
(Image credit: EVERGREENWEB)

The Evergreenweb Topper is a brilliant choice for those who want something extra on their bed. This mattress topper stands at 7 cm high. Some users have also used just this topper alone, preferring to sleep on the floor with the topper acting as a futon, and have reported that it is still comfortable. It is therefore little wonder that this mattress has managed to amass plenty of positive ratings.

Though it is made from foam, it is made to feel incredibly soft as if it is made from feathers. This is because the latex foam has been flaked instead of being put into the mattress in one big block. In turn, the mattress flakes are able to support the body in several positions and allow for a comfortable night’s rest.

In addition to the comfort that the topper can offer, it has been treated so it is anti-allergen. If you struggle with allergies in your sleep, choosing a latex topper such as the Evergreenweb may be a good way to ease your night’s sleep.

When delivered, this topper will be rolled up in its own box so you can move it easily around your house. It will also be vacuumed-packed. You need to make sure that you unravel it carefully, and then leave it to reinflate on its own. This is all it will take to get the topper ready for use, and it should retain its shape well after.

4. Simba Hybrid Mattress Topper

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simba hybrid topper
(Image credit: Simba)

In addition to their range of mattresses, manufacturer Simba has also slimmed down their hybrid model to make this topper. It uses both their springs and their foam in one slim package. Though it is so thin, there is a lot packed in. With a couple of hundred reviews on just Simba’s website, it is clear that this mattress has been well-received by many.

At the bottom is a non-slip base. This means that it should stay put on your bed. However, there are also several straps that should stop it from moving around on your bed too much. Next comes the support base. This helps to give much of the structure to the mattress, and will help it retain its shape as you rest. Above it lies 2500 of the springs from Simba’s Aerocoil system. This works with the open-cell Simba-Pure layer to properly support the body no matter how you might choose to toss and turn. The latter then works with the breathable sleep surface to help keep your body temperature down. Those who struggle with overheating should consider a topper like this.

The Simba Hybrid Topper is also a great option for those searching for a latex mattress topper UK manufacturers can offer, while still being eco-friendly. Simba has worked hard to ensure that this is a high-quality topper that is free from TCPPs and other chemicals. Throw in the straps used to hold the mattress in place, and you have a topper that can be used on any mattress that you may have.

(Video credit: Simba)

5. Inofia Sleep Mattress Topper Latex Foam

Inofia Sleep Mattress Topper Latex Foam
(Image credit: Inofia)

If you are searching for an inexpensive option for your mattress topper, you should definitely conder the Inofia Sleep topper. This can fit most beds, as it can be bought in several sizes ranging from a single to a super king. This includes the European sizes, so if you have this trickier size of bed you may still be able to invest in this topper.

The first layer of this topper is 2 cm of Latuxpur foam. This is a synthetic foam with a unique honeycomb structure. Having such a structure means that the air is able to flow through the mattress in a much easier manner, promoting a good circulation that will help with the temperature regulation of the sleepers in the bed. This honeycomb structure also helps to better support a body. No matter what side you prefer to sleep on, the foam will work hard to ensure that you are properly supported in any position.

Aiding this foam is 3 cm of a charcoal support foam. This is designed to support your body at rest even further. The bamboo and charcoal infusion will help to relieve your pressure points and should help you achieve a good night’s rest in any position.

This mattress topper has been certified by Certifipur US. Hopefully, this will give potential purchasers the peace of mind that this is a durable and reliable product that they can use for many years to come.

Inofia gives a 100-night sleep trial to customers to ensure that this is precisely the right mattress topper for them, and then also award a 10-year guarantee on top of this. This could prove to be a worthwhile yet inexpensive choice for both those wanting to refresh an old mattress or make a new one more comfortable.

6. Inofia Sleep Latex Memory Foam Mattress Topper

Inofia Sleep Latex Memory Foam Mattress Topper
(Image credit: Inofia)

Though this is designed to be a mattress topper, the Inofia Sleep memory foam mattress topper is thick and may be comfortable enough to use as a mattress alone. If you wish to go camping or you need to make up a bed for a guest in a hurry, a product such as this mattress topper from Inofia can be a massive help.

The advantage of choosing a memory foam topper such as this is that it is very comfortable while also being durable. The natural latex used to create this mattress is made into Latexch foam, and it has been certified as being organic. In addition to this, it has been given the Certipur-EU standard.

This mattress has been designed to properly support whoever might choose to lie on it. The memory foam the manufacturers have chosen will not let you sink down into a position that might be uncomfortable to maintain. Instead, you will be able to get the comfort and support that you need, with your pressure points being relieved.

The sleep surface of this mattress has also been designed to help promote comfort. It is covered in small holes that will make no difference to your comfort levels as you sleep, but will help to keep moisture away so that you can have a pleasant night’s sleep.

This mattress can be purchased in several sizes from singles up to super kings, so you should have no trouble finding one that suits the size of mattress that you already have. It also has four straps to stop the mattress from sliding about unnecessarily on your bed. The latex itself is covered in a removable cover that can be detached for cleaning. This means that you will be able to ensure that this topper is always going to be the best environment for you to rest in.


When trying to track down the perfect latex foam mattress topper for your bed, you need to consider whether you wish to select a natural latex or a synthetic one, as this can have a big impact on the price of the product. However, you should be able to find plenty of options for both on the market.

Latex is naturally anti-bacterial and anti-allergen, and its temperature-regulating properties also make it a great choice for anyone who feels like they have a restless night’s sleep. If you are searching for something that can make your mattress more comfortable overall while also adding key benefits like these, you should definitely consider these latex mattress toppers.


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