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Best Knee Pillow 2021

Last Updated: July 5, 2021

Many people often overlook different sleep accessories other than pillows and duvets. However, there are other types of bedding and sleep accessories which aid a restful night sleep. These accessories can be particularly useful for people with joint, knee and muscle problems as they are designed to relieve pressure from different areas of the body while laying down.

One accessory that sleepers are continuously turning too is a knee pillow, a sturdy and supportive support system that is designed to promote spinal alignment, particularly for side sleepers.

Depending on how you sleep, sleep experts recommend a knee pillow to be put between the knees or under the knees each night – meaning there are different options whether you are a back or a side sleeper. Having a knee pillow under your knees while laying on your back could be an option for those who suffer from pelvic pain. Often, this issue can lead to sleepless nights for many individuals, so having an accessory to counteract this is very beneficial. Knee pillows can also be great for pregnant women and those who suffer from joint pain.

If you’ve decided to try out a knee pillow, continue reading for an all-encompassing review of some options available for you. Hopefully, this review helps guide your decision (Important Considerations in Conclusion).

Sports MedicaDoctor Developed Knee Pillow with StrapMemory Foam£18.95
BonmedicoErgonomic knee pillowMemory Foam£16.90
BHGWRKnee PillowMemory Foam£15.59
Kally SleepKnee PillowMemory Foam£32.99
EssortContour Knee PillowMemory Foam£21.99
UEOTOKnee Pillow with Elastic StrapMemory Foam£15.59
Information may be subject to change, please check with the brand/manufacturer before purchasing.

1. Doctor Developed Knee Pillow with Strap

doctor developed knee pillow
(Image credit: Sports Medica)

The Sports Medica Knee Pillow is a top contender on Amazon among the vast amount of sleep accessories available. At an affordable price point, it is no wonder there are thousands of reviews from purchasers across the globe. Some customers are exclaiming that it is a product they can no longer sleep without.

Sports Medica has created this pillow with lifestyle and support in mind by choosing memory foam as its main material. Memory foam works great as it moulds to your body shape and helps relieve pressure by providing that ‘sinking feeling’ that people long after. The best knee pillows are normally targeted towards those who sleep on their side and back, this is because those who suffer from chronic health conditions such as sciatica and back pain must allow for extra comfort and support when laying down.

The Sports Medica Knee Pillow has been created with help from doctors to provide those with chronic conditions the correct support and understanding they require. This pillow has also been ergonomically approved by loads of customers who have taken the time to review on Amazon. The pillow has been created with a wedge at either side, allowing you to neatly slot your legs in the pillow. A strap has also been attached to the outer surface of the pillow, providing extra support as you can strap one leg to the pillow to ensure it doesn’t leave your side throughout the night. A knee pillow with strap is handy for anyone who wants a knee cushion for sleeping.

With the knee pillow, Sports Medica also provides you with written information from doctors to help you find the correct sleeping position for your body shape and any illness you have. The handbook also provides information about possible joint, muscle and bone conditions and the treatment options available for you.

Upon reviewing different knee pillows that are sold each day, it appears that none come with the added feature of a handbook full of advice. With that being said, it should also be noted that the pillow cover cannot be removed, making it unavailable for a machine wash. Keep this in mind if you regularly like to keep up with washing your bedding and other bedding accessories. Other than that, Sports Media is a great choice to consider when purchasing a knee pillow.

2. Bonmedico Ergonomic Knee Pillow

bonmedico ergonomic knee pillow
(Image credit: Bonmedico)

Amazon’s selection of knee pillows is exhaustive – this is great as it is all the more choice for you! Narrowing down, one of the more highly and well-reviewed products is the Bonmedico Ergonomic Knee Pillow. With thousands of excellent reviews, it’s no wonder that it is Amazon’s Choice for knee pillows – encouraging more people to purchase it.

Some of the top reviews on Amazon believe that Bonmedico has created the solution. Some suggest that it has eased both pelvic and lower back pain as well as acting as extra support and comfort throughout the night.

This knee pillow comes in either a black or white colour and is covered by a Velours material. This type of material is great for a sleep accessory as it is almost as soft as velvet, making it extremely comfortable and not harsh or abrasive on the skin.

The cover can also be removed and is entirely machine washable for your convenience. Bonmedico describes the knee pillow as being ‘high-tech’ as the pillow’s material consists of a gel mixture that allows the pillow to contour to your body shape and holds your legs in place. The materials also work well together to keep you cool throughout the night.

German company Bonmedico are well-known for their high-quality ergonomic products that are designed to promote a healthy lifestyle and to provide maximum comfort for their customers. This specific knee pillow has been designed with this vision in mind as it provides targeted relief where it’s truly needed.

3. BHGWR Knee Pillow

bhgwr knee pillow
(Image credit: BHGWR)

One of Amazon’s top choices for customers who are in search of the best knee pillow is that of the BHGWR Knee Pillow, made for side sleepers. At a slightly more affordable price than the other options on Amazon, this pillow has been made from white cotton material, helping you stay cool and comfortable all night long.

It has received many four and five-star reviews, making it a great option. Previous customers have noted that the pillow has made a huge difference to their chronic sciatica pain – as it has eased the pain in their back and shoulders. This is useful as the knees, hips, spine and shoulders tend to take on the most pressure throughout the night. Having pressure relief is sure to take away any pain, making this type of pillow a great option.

BHGWR have created this pillow with their customers in mind, choosing the materials that will provide maximum comfort. The inner materials consist of durable memory foam which is a great option for easing pressure and promoting comfort while sleeping. Memory foam essentially remembers the shape of your body allowing it to provide maximum support as you sleep. The quality of the materials means that the pillow won’t flatten out with continuous use. As such, this is a great knee pillow for sleeping.

The pillow cover is also completely removable and machine washable making it hygienic and long-lasting.

The pillow has been designed for multi-position use, helping you with any position you decide to sleep in. Whilst knee pillows are mainly designed for side sleepers, the BHGWR Knee Pillow can also be placed under your knees for back sleepers, under your neck and under your arms. The intelligent design lets you choose where you want the most comfort each night.

If you like maximum comfort in more than one spot, the BHGWR is worth a consideration.

4. Kally Knee Pillow

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kally sleep knee pillow
(Image credit: Kally Sleep)

Kally Sleep are the ultimate sleep experts, they have been talking to Harley Street doctors, Osteopaths, Chiropractors, Physiotherapists and Sleep Apnea consultants which is how they justify the pricier knee pillow.

They believe that poor sleep can highly impact day-to-day life and have made it their mission to create amazing products to counteract possible sleep issues that their customers are having. Reviewers of the Kally Knee Pillow believe that the pillow has been hugely beneficial in helping their hip and back pain – especially those with Arthritis and Sciatica.

This pillow has been expertly designed by using premium memory foam allowing the product to last longer than others. What isn’t as common with other knee pillows, Kally Sleep has taken one step further and provided extra information about the firmness of the pillow. They rate the pillow an 8 out of 10 on the firmness scale, so you know what to expect.

The memory foam promotes spinal alignment, and this material coupled with the ergonomic aspect of the pillow makes it even more attractive for customers. The pillow can be used in different sleep positions, providing support wherever you need it.

Kally Sleep has branded their best knee pillow as ‘pain relief without the meds’ as the type of pillow has been medically proven to provide support and ease pain across the body. More specifically, the pillow may be and option also for pregnant women who suffer from pelvic and back pain throughout the night.

The Kally Sleep knee pillow also comes with a 14-night trial. Please always make sure to to read the return procedure.

(Video credit: Kally Sleep)

5. Essort Contour Knee Pillow

essort contour knee pillow for side sleepers
(Image credit: Essort)

Essort have created a pain-reducing, comfortably soft, well-rounded pillow knee pillow for side sleepers. At a mid-range price, the pillow has been branded as a multi-purpose pillow that is great for general rest when awake, sleeping and yoga.

Essort also recommends that the pillow can be placed under or between the thighs, calves, knees elbows, back, head and ribs meaning that you can experience comfort and pressure relief across your whole body. With hundreds of five-star reviews, there is little that doubt that is can't perform.

The pillow has been created with materials such as durable memory foam and velvet woven cloth. Internally, the memory foam seeks to relieve pressure from the body wherever it is placed and is made that is doe not lose its quality or shape with constant use. Essort guarantee that the memory foam will promote better sleep along with great support to improve spinal alignment and simulate circulation.

The pillowcase is also made from high-quality velvet cloth which is soft and comfortable; the case is also machine washable making the product very hygienic. The manufacturers believe that the pillow is useful for those with chronic illnesses like sciatica, lower back pain and hip fatigue.

One thing to keep in mind with this knee pillow is that Essort does not recommend it for larger people and suggest that it will provide less support with weight gain. This is due to the nature of the memory foam as it is designed to take the pressure of your weight. So please do make sure to take this into consideration.

6. UEOTO Knee Pillow with Strap

ueoto knee pillow with strap
(Image credit: UEOTO)

At a fair and affordable price point, UEOTO have created a decent knee pillow designed to support you and sponsor a restful sleep.

As it is one of Amazon’s top choices for the best knee pillows, a large number of individuals have tried it out and been pleasantly surprised. The hundreds of four and five-star reviews show that customers have not been let down and believe that it is worth the money.

The UEOTO Knee Pillow has been well-designed ergonomically to match the curve of the knee, making it both useful and comfortable for customers. The internal materials of the pillow consist of a high-quality memory foam which takes to your shape for firmer long-lasting support. What’s also useful is that the pillow has been engineered to not lose its premium quality over time.

The elastic pillow cover is also completely machine washable and comes with an anti-slip strap to keep your legs in place all night. This would be useful for a light sleeper as it is designed to keep you in a comfortable position for longer.

UEOTO believe that their product will provide the best support for their customers and guarantee 100% satisfaction. When you purchase with UETOTO, you can expect great customer service along with the product.


If you’ve decided you would like to try a knee pillow, there are many options to choose from and some that will suit you more than others. This is because the best knee pillows differ in materials, weight and other features. Pregnant women have different needs to a side sleeper who wants better alignment of their knees.

With that being said, you also must consider what will work best for you and give you the alignment and support you need. Keep your weight, current sleep set up and budget in mind.


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