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Best Kids Mattress UK 2022


Written by Kyle

Last Updated: 13th May, 2022

Proper sleep is fundamental and finding the best kids mattress is an important step in the process of making sure that your children have everything that they need in order to rest peacefully. As parents, we want to give our kids every possibility of performing at their highest level and in order for them to do so they need to get their quality sleep on a daily basis.

You should ensure that you are finding a kids mattress that is well-made and capable of supporting them regardless of the position they might sleep in. If they suffer from allergies you should look more closely at the materials of the mattress to make sure they are as natural as possible.

With so many options on the market, it can be a daunting task to try and find the perfect kids mattress so here is a list of some mattresses for children available in the UK.

(Important Facts, Studies, Advice, Considerations & FAQs In Conclusion)

Simba Hybrid Bunk BedHybridSingle200 Nights
10 Years
JAY-BE Simply Kids Anti-Allergy Foam Free Sprung MattressPocket SprungSingle, EU single, small doubleNA Nights
5 Years
Little Big Dreams Dream Catcher MattressPocket SprungSingle, EU singleNA Nights
1 Year
Una Junior MattressOrganic LatexSingle, EU single100 Nights
10 Years
Stompa S Flex Airflow Children's MattressFoam MixSingleNA Nights
5 Years
Silentnight Healthy Growth 600 Mirapocket MattressPocket SprungSingle, small double, doubleNA Nights
5 Years
Prices are referring to the single kid's mattress size. Information may be subject to change, please check with the brand/manufacturer before purchasing.

1. Simba Hybrid Bunk Bed Kids Mattress

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simba hybrid bunk bed mattress
(Image credit: Simba)
• Not too tall - fits a shallow bunk safely
• CertiPUR-Us certified foam
• 200-night trial
• Bunk beds
• Kids and adults
• From 3 years and older

This hybrid mattress from Simba is designed specifically to be used with bunk beds. It is also to be used by children aged three and up. It measures 16 cm tall to make it fit properly into a shallow bunk frame, without compromising on safety in any way. 

The Simba Hybrid Kid’s Mattress is made from Simba’s trademarked hybrid technology. Inside are 324 pocket springs added to help support your children as they sleep, in addition to two layers of memory foam. Even though this mattress has been designed with children in mind, you should have no issue sleeping on it if you are an adult. Simba states that it is a good option for a guest mattress for sleepers of any age.

The mattress is CertiPUR-Us certified and also contains the brand’s own Simba-Pur technology, making this mattress kinder to the environment. Included in the price is also a 200-night sleep trial to ensure that you have found precisely the right mattress for your children.

2. JAY-BE Simply Kids Anti-Allergy Foam Free Sprung Mattress

jay be simply kids mattress
(Image credit: JAY-BE)
• Free from chemicals that can be found in foam
• Probiotic technology
• Open cell structure
• Kids who enjoy a bouncy feel
• Kids prone to allergies
• Hot sleepers

This is a spring mattress that comes in a medium firmness rating. The steel springs can help to evenly distribute your child’s weight upon the mattress. If you are concerned about having steel springs in the mattress, don’t worry. This mattress is topped with a special insulator pad to give an extra layer for added comfort, and to minimise the feeling of the springs.

The JAY-BE mattress is completely foam-free and has been treated with Purotex. This is a probiotic technology that is 100% natural and can help reduce the presence of dust mites and other microbes that could cause your child’s allergies to be set off in the middle of the night. 

It also has an open-cell structure. This helps to promote a good airflow throughout the mattress, which can aid in temperature regulation and a reduction in moisture building up. JAY-BE also has other great mattresses for kids, such as waterproof ones, and is the go-to brand for many parents for good and affordable mattresses.

3. Little Big Dreams Dream Catcher Kids Mattress

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Up to 60% OFF selected items | T&Cs apply.
Up to 60% OFF selected items | T&Cs apply. Show Less
little big dreams dream catcher mattress
(Image credit: Little Big Dreams)
• Removable and washable top-panel
• Hypoallergenic
• Waterproof layer to help with accidents
• Kids prone to allergies
• From 5 years and older
• Kids who tend to wet their beds

Though allergies can be a big concern for parents, the Little Big Dreams could help give you some peace of mind as it is made from anti-allergy fabric and is hypoallergenic and PVC-free. The mattress has a top panel that can easily be removed and washed with the rest of the bedding if needed. 

Underneath is a waterproof layer that could help prolong the life of the mattress overall. Inside the mattress, you will find 392 pocket springs that are meant to properly support your child at rest, no matter their preferred sleeping position. 

It measures 20 cm tall, comes with a 1-year guarantee and is suitable for kids from 5 years and older. You don’t need to flip the mattress, but Dreams recommends you to turn it head-to-toe weekly for the first three months of the mattress’ life. After this, a monthly rotation will be sufficient. 

4. Una Junior Kids Mattress

una junior mattress
(Image credit: Una)
• Customisable firmness
• Carbon-neutral and organic mattress
• 100-night trial
• People looking for a sustainable mattress
• Hot sleepers
• Kids in need of extra support

The Una Junior Mattress is customisable as the two layers – one medium-soft and one medium – can be arranged however you choose to best meet your kid’s needs. Both of these layers are made from all-natural latex foam and have 7 zones to best help support your child. The cover of the mattress has been made from organic wool and cotton. It is breathable and can help with your child’s temperature regulation during the night.

Una has pledged to get rid of some of the chemical foams and microplastics that can be found in some types of mattresses. Their Junior Mattress is an organic mattress and has been certified as such by the GOLS, GOTS, and the Control Union Fair Choice. The mattress is also certified as being carbon neutral. 

If you are searching for a high-quality handmade mattress that will deliver benefits for the planet too, this could be a great option to consider. The mattress also carries a 10-year guarantee, as well as a 100-night free trial.

5. Stompa S Flex Airflow Children's Mattress

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stompa childrens mattress
(Image credit: Stompa)
• Hypoallergenic, cushioning cover
• Removable and washable base cover
• 5-year guarantee
• Bunk beds
• Front- and back-sleepers
• Kids prone to allergies

The Stompa S Flex Airflow has a medium-to-firm level of support and comes with a 5-year guarantee. It has been made to fit the standard bunk beds also sold by Stompa, but you might find that it fits well with other brands if you have an existing bed frame that you want to use.

This mattress has several layers that help to make up its structure. At the top is the cushioning cover. This is made from hypoallergenic materials and has been quilted to help make it as soft and as comfortable as possible. It is also designed to help with temperature control so your child can have a peaceful night’s sleep.

Next is the airflow comfort layer that is also added to help regulate the temperature of the mattress. It is also meant to keep the levels of moisture down in the mattress, which can help to prevent allergic reactions. At the bottom of the mattress sits a foam base that is made from a durable and dense foam that is designed to properly support a body at rest. It also has a cover that you can remove to wash with the rest of your bedding.

6. Silentnight Healthy Growth 600 Mirapocket Mattress

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silentnight healthy grow mattress
(Image credit: Silentnight)
• Zoned spring mattress
• Free from chemicals that can be found in foam
• Pressure-relief on joints
• Sleepers in need of extra support
• Hot sleepers
• Kids prone to allergies

The Healthy Growth mattress makes use of Silentnight’s Mirapocket technology. It is home to 600 individually nestled springs. These are designed to properly support the body no matter how it lies on the mattress. Pocket springs are also helpful in supporting the spine of your child as they sleep. 

This particular mattress has also been zoned. Choosing a zoned mattress means that your child’s weight is more evenly distributed to avoid creating unnecessary pressure on the joints. It also uses Eco Comfort Fibres to help create a cooling layer that can help regulate the child’s temperature better as they sleep. 

The Healthy Growth mattress is also hypoallergenic and foam-free, making this an interesting option if you are worried about your child being exposed to some of the chemicals that can come with certain foam mattresses. Furthermore, this mattress comes with a guarantee of 5 years and the mattress measures 23.5 cm tall.

The Importance Of Good Sleep

It is common knowledge that getting enough sleep is vital for us to function properly and the same goes for children. Exactly how many hours a child should ideally sleep per night is however still a bit unclear. A study✓ shows that there are discrepancies between the sleep guidelines published by different reputable sources and that there is a lack of clear evidence that can support these recommendations.

No matter how many hours a child needs to sleep exactly, what is clear is the fact that a good sleeping routine matters more than we might think. Research✓ shows that a regular bedtime positively affects cognitive performance such as reading and mathematics in younger children, while another study showed similar results in adolescents with a set bedtime.

Good sleep habits can improve cognitive functions

Healthy Bedtime Routines

An article in The Guardian quotes Dr George Kitsaras, who led an article✓ that has defined a recommended bedtime routine for children aged two to eight:

"Bedtime routines are important family activities and have important implications on children’s wellbeing, development and health"

Dr George Kitsaras

Establishing a healthy evening routine can help make your child fall asleep faster as well as sleep longer. We have gathered some do’s and don’ts when it comes to evening routines based on what some of the experts say: 

✓ Calming activities such as reading a book or taking a bath.
✗ Encourage your child to use technology close to bedtime as the light from the device can suppress the hormones that cause sleepiness.
✓ Drink a cup of Horlicks or other warm beverages.✗ Let your child drink any beverages including caffeine, such as Coca-Cola, coffee or tea, in the evening.
✓ Have them go to the toilet the last thing before they go to bed to try to prevent them needing to go during the night.✗ Eat dinner too close to bedtime as going to bed with a full stomach can delay falling asleep.
✓ Create a safe and cosy sleeping environment for your child, starting with a comfortable mattress.✗ Encourage them to partake in too hectic activities during the last hour before going to bed.

Each sleeper is unique and some of these tips will work better than others. Always consult with a doctor if your child has a persisting sleeping problem.

What To Look For In A Kids Mattress

Children tend to have fewer needs in terms of firmness ratings and materials than some adults who could be suffering from back pain or have other, specific needs for certain mattress features. 

However, that doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t take some time to find the best possible kids pillow and mattress. Even though younger children might not yet have developed physical conditions or needs it is recommended to have them start sleeping on a suitable mattress at an early age in order to prevent any future problems. 

Best kids mattress


Although children may have less personal preferences when it comes to differences in materials such as pocket springs vs. memory foam or latex vs. gel mattresses, materials are still of importance. Some kids are prone to allergies and asthma and it’s important to find a mattress that contains materials that won't provoke a bad reaction while sleeping. 

Organic and natural mattresses are usually a good choice if your child is allergic or sensitive to synthetic materials. Some examples of great materials are:

  • Natural Latex
  • Coir (coconout fibre)
  • Bamboo
  • Horsehair
  • Wool
  • Cotton

If you are still unsure of what materials to look for in a mattress, check for certifications such as CertiPUR-US, GOTS, GOLS and similar, which ensures high-quality materials and low amounts of chemicals that could be harmful to younger sleepers.

Support & Firmness

Here is where prevention for the future comes into play. Even if we still don’t have any back problems we could develop them long-term if our mattress doesn’t provide us with the necessary support for our correct spinal alignment. 

The support of the mattress and the firmness rating often go hand-in-hand, meaning that the firmer the mattress is, the higher support it has. The recommended firmness rating in a kids mattress is quite individual to each person and depends on a few different factors including the weight of the sleeper and the preferred sleeping position among others. 

Keep in mind the sleeping position when looking for best kids mattress

Sleeping Position

Kids normally change their position a lot more times during the night compared to adults but they still tend to have their favourite sleeping position. Depending on whether they sleep on their back or on their side, different firmness is recommended. 

Side-sleepers often benefit from a softer or medium feel as they need their mattresses to “give” more in the area of the shoulders and the hips where most of the weight is placed. Front- and back-sleepers usually need a bit higher firmness in order to give their hip area the support it needs to not sink too deep into the mattress, bringing the spine out of alignment.

Temperature Regulation

Nightly sweats are not entirely uncommon in young children and can sometimes be linked to other health issues. But sometimes kids get overheated at night for no specific reason.

Did you know?
A study✓ showed that from the 6381 children that took part, 11.7% reported cases of nightly sweats.

Children that tend to sleep hot could benefit from a mattress with cooling properties and should avoid memory foam mattresses that tend to retain more heat than other types of mattresses and rather opt for spring mattresses or gel mattresses.

Edge Support

Many mattresses today come with reinforced edge support. It is no secret that many kids toss and turn at night and good edge support could make their mattress last longer, or even prevent them from rolling off the edge in more extreme cases. If your child is an active sleeper it might be worth checking for this feature when trying to find the best kids mattress.

Type Of Bed

Another good thing to have in mind when selecting your kid's mattress is what type of bed it will be used in. Is it a standard bed or maybe a bunk bed? If it will be used in a bunk bed it is recommended to check the height of the mattress and compare it to the bed to make sure it is not too high in order to prevent your child from falling over the edge of the upper bunk. If you are looking for a mattress for an infant you might want to check out our guide for the best cot mattresses.

The best kids mattress for a bunk best should not be too high


The price is of course a very important factor when it comes to choosing the best kids mattress. Since kids often don’t have as many preferences or needs as adults when it comes to sleeping we can sometimes get away a bit cheaper on the mattresses for the younger members of the family. Nevertheless, investing in a good mattress could turn out to save you money in the long run so you should not only look to find the cheapest deal. 

Take the previously mentioned factors into consideration and compare them to the price of the mattress you have in mind. If the price seems fair for the features your child wants and needs it should be a good match. 

Little Accidents

Research has shown that it is quite common for smaller children to sometimes wet their beds, and sometimes even for older kids. If your child has frequent little nightly accidents it might be worth considering getting a waterproof mattress for easier cleanup in the middle of the night. If the accidents only occur occasionally you can also opt for a good mattress protector.

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of mattress is best for kids?

The best mattress for kids is one that suits their needs in terms of support and added features, such as natural and clean materials, firmness, temperature regulation etc. It is individual as each sleeper has different needs and preferences.

How to choose a mattress for kids?

Have a look at its features and compare them to your children's needs. Do they tend to overheat at night? Then the mattress should have some cooling properties. Do they toss a lot? Look for edge support. Try to cover as many of your child's needs as possible and if the price seems fair for what the mattress offers it should be a good fit.

Where to buy a mattress for kids?

Many of the bigger sleep brands offer mattresses for younger sleepers as well. You can browse their webs and do your research but we recommend that you visit their shops as well in order to try the mattress you are interested in buying. If you don't have the possibility to try the mattress, look for brands that offer mattresses with trial periods for your kid to try the mattress at home.

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