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Best Guest Mattress 2022


Written by Lauren

Last Updated: 10th January, 2022

When you invite guests to stay in your home, you should want them to feel comfortable and well-rested. A big part of making your guests feel at home is getting a good night's sleep, which can be mainly down to the bed and mattress you decide to provide for them.

There is a wide range of guest mattresses available across the UK, and there are many different types, such as air beds, futons, sofa beds and folding beds. Please keep reading to discover out recommended guest mattresses and features they have to offer.

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Active Era Premium King Size Air BedAir Bed NA Years£99.99
EMOOR Japanese Traditional Futon MattressFutonNA Years£412.99
Dreams Bestway Fortech Air BedAir Bed1 Year£80
Highgrove Stayover Guest Bed Trundle Bed 20 Years£1199
JAY-BE® Prestige Folding BedFolding Bed Forever Years£215
Silentnight Mattress-Now 3 Zone Memory MattressMattress 3 Years£189
Prices are referring to the single or smallest size. Information may be subject to change, please check with the brand/manufacturer before purchasing.

1. Active Era Premium King Size Guest Mattress

Active Era Premium King Size Air Bed
(Image credit: Active Era)
•  Structured air-coils
•  Ergonomic design
•  Puncture-resistant material
• Couples
• Those seeking spinal alignment
• Individuals looking for fast inflation

The Active Era Air Bed is a king-sized bed that comes with a built-in electric pump and pillow. The product has received thousands of positive reviews by verified customers, who have highlighted how easy the air mattress is to use and inflate.

The air mattress has been constructed to provide comfort and support, with an ergonomic design that focuses on different parts of the body, such as the head, neck, hips and legs. Whatsmore, the air mattress also contains an integrated pillow and 35 structured air-coils, which offer additional support whilst helping to keep the spine aligned. For durability, the bed has been completed with a 15-gauge puncture-resistant material, which is waterproof and comfortable.

Upon purchasing the air bed, you will also receive an inflation pump integrated into the air mattress. The pump allows you to inflate the bed to its full firmness in less than three minutes. You can also deflate quickly by flicking a switch.

2. EMOOR Japanese Traditional Futon Guest Mattress

EMOOR Japanese Traditional Futon Mattress
(Image credit: EMOOR)
•  Teijin Mitghtytop II Eco filling
•  8cm thick
• Made in Japan
• Those with sensitive skin
• People suffering from back pain
• Individuals seeking portability

EMOOR offers their Japanese Traditional Futon Mattress, which comes in two different sizes and is made in Japan. The futon mattress is 8cm thick and arrives in a vacuum-sealed pack; once opened, the futon should expand to its standard size.

The Futon Mattress consists of a polyester pad and soft fillings, which are designed to create a balance between firmness and comfort. In addition, the futon also contains Teijin Mitghtytop II Eco, which is included to give the mattress anti-bacterial and anti-mite properties for between 2-3 years. The futon is encased with outer cotton fabric for added comfort. It's worth noting that the futon is non-washable; however, you can purchase covers if you are concerned about getting the product dirty.

The futon mattress has been positively reviewed by hundreds of customers, many of whom have commented on how the mattress helped with their back problems. Others have stated that the futon provides firm support while remaining comfortable.

3. Dreams Bestway Fortech Guest Mattress

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Dreams Bestway Fortech Air Bed
(Image credit: Dreams)
• Built-in pump
• Fortech technology
• Storage bag
• Individuals on a budget
• People seeking durability
• Those who enjoy outdoor travelling

The Bestway Fortech Air Bed is available through Dreams and comes in king size. Amongst the hundreds of reviews, customers have praised the product for its quality, design and value for money.

The air bed has been built as a guest mattress or a bed you can take on a camping trip; the air bed comes with a storage bag, making it easy to transport. The air bed is made from polyester fabric and PVC, which is designed to be durable. To help inflate the mattress, the air bed has a built-in 220-240V electric pump which allows you to inflate the mattress in five minutes. Moreover, the air bed includes Fortech technology which gives the product strong durability.

After ordering, the product should be delivered within two weeks via Royal Mail and should be delivered in a single package. The package should weigh a total of 10kg, with the box dimensions being 45cm x 40cm x 18cm.

4. Highgrove Stayover Guest Mattress

Highgrove Stayover Guest Bed 
(Image credit: Furniture Village)
• Coolmax technology
• 18cm deep trundle
• Mirage headboard
• Those with a bigger budget
• Hot sleepers
• People who prefer to buy British

The Stayover Guest Bed, found at Furniture Village, is a single bed with a pull-out 18cm deep trundle for guests. The guest bed was made in the UK and comes in three different colours; stone, granite and dove.

Included with the Stayover Guest Bed are the padded mattresses, which are covered with Coolmax technology to help wick away moisture and keep the surface fresh. The mattresses also come with reinforced sides, which are included to help maintain the structure and shape. The guest bed also comes with the Mirage headboard, upholstered with neutral shades and features horizontal fluting. The bed becomes slightly larger than a king-size with the trundle and can be tucked away easily with its adjustable legs.

When you purchase an item with Furniture Village, you can take advantage of their Furniture Collection Service, which allows you to recycle your old furniture with zero waste going to a landfill. You should expect delivery to take up to 28 days.

5. JAY-BE® Prestige Folding Bed

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JAY-BE Prestige Folding Bed
(Image credit: John Lewis)
•  360° leg castors
•  JAY-BE® J-Tex sprung base system
•  3D airflow border
• People seeking breathability
• Individual guests
• Those who value free delivery

The JAY-BE® Prestige Folding Bed comes with a 3D airflow mattress and is available in a small double size. Most reviews are positive, with customers stating that the mattress is comfortable and the product is good value for money.

The folding bed has been designed to be compact and easy to store away with 360° leg castors, meaning it can be a convenient option for when guests come and go. The mattress itself consists of 400 individual pocket springs, which are designed to react and contour to the sleeper's body. For added support, the mattress also includes the JAY-BE® J-Tex sprung base system, which has been created using stretch-resistant mesh fabric. Whatsmore, the mattress also has a 3D airflow border which encourages airflow and encourages temperature regulation.

The JAY-BE® Prestige Folding Bed is recognised by British, European and International safety standards and also comes with a lifetime frame guarantee. After purchasing the guest bed, you also receive free UK delivery and free returns.

6. Silentnight Mattress-Now 3 Zone Guest Mattress

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Silentnight Mattress-Now 3 Zone Memory Mattress
(Image credit: Silentnight)
• Medium firmness
• Memory foam filling
• Purotex treated
• Those seeking pressure relief
• People with allergies
• Those seeking a range of sizes

If you're looking for a suitable guest mattress but don't want to splash out, the Silentnight 3 Zone Memory Mattress could be a good option. The cheap mattress has a medium firmness rating and comes in several different sizes, ranging from Euro Single to King.

The mattress primarily consists of memory foam, which is designed to contour to the body and help provide pressure relief. The foam material can also support areas such as the shoulder and hips while maintaining a comfortable surface. Additionally, the 3 Zone mattress has also been Purotex treated, which helps to reduce moisture, harmful bacteria and dust-mite allergens. After making a purchase, the mattress arrives vacuum-packed and will require a few hours to expand to its entire shape.

The Silentnight 3 Zone Memory Mattress has received hundreds of positive reviews from those with confirmed purchases. Customers have pointed out how the mattress helped to improve their sleep by providing support and comfort.

Types of Guest Mattresses 

There are many different types of beds that could be suitable for guests, and finding the right one could help make a difference in your guests overnight stay. Here are some popular guest mattress choices that you may want to consider before making a final decision. 

guest mattress types
  • Air Bed: An airbed is an inflatable mattress that is available in various sizes. Air beds typically come with a pump that can be electrically built-in or operated manually. It’s worth checking out the inflation and deflation time; with an electronic pump, it should typically take no more than 10 minutes. 
  • Futon: Originating from Japan, a futon typically consists of a padded mattress which you can place on the ground, tatami or over your current mattress. A futon is a good option for guests as it can be folded away and stored easily when you’re no longer using it. 
  • Trundle Bed: A trundle bed typically consists of a single bed with a lower bed tucked underneath which can be wheeled or pulled out. Once the trundle bed is pulled out, the bed can turn into a double, king or two twin beds. 
  • Folding Bed: As the name suggests, a folding bed is a mattress and frame on extendable legs, which can be folded and collapsed when not in use. Folding beds are also great for manouvering as they can often come with wheels for portability. 
  • Cheap Mattress: If you want a guest mattress but don’t want to splash the cash, purchasing a cheap mattress may be a better option. There are plenty mattresses under £200 in a variety of materials and designs which you can find at most established mattress companies. 
  • Sofa Bed: A sofa bed in a great solution for those who prefer to have a living space and an area for guests to sleep. This multifunctional item of furniture can be used as a sofa during the day, and fold out to make a bed for your guests during the night.

Airbed Vs Futon 

If you’re looking for a guest mattress that you can easily store away, you may want to consider a futon or air mattress. Both can be conveniently set up and put away in a matter of minutes, as well as being easy to transport. Here are some key differences between the two guest mattresses to help you make a decision.

Air Bed Futon
▢ If the airbed has an electrical pump, it can take up to 10 minutes to inflate. Other air beds may require you to manually pump the mattress, which could take up to an hour.○ A futon should be simple to set up, as it typically only requires folding or rolling the futon out to its full size.
▢ Air beds come in a variety of thicknesses; for an elevated guest bed, you can find air beds that are between 38 - 56cm thick. For thinner air beds, you can find ones that are between 16 - 35cm.○ Futons tend to be considerably thinner than air beds and often have a thickness between 7cm - 22cm. This also means that futons are usually more lightweight and easy to manoeuvre.
▢ Most air beds are made from PVC (polyvinyl chloride), which is known to be durable and stretchy. You can also find air beds made from TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane), which is rubbery and long-lasting; although, it may be more expensive.○ There are a variety of materials that can be used inside futons; however, many include cotton, polyester and fibre fill. You can also get futons with latex, wool and memory foam for added cushioning and comfort.
▢ Extra features found in air beds could include an integrated pillow and waterproof materials. Many air mattresses also contain built-in pumps for faster inflation.○ Futons can have many additional features to enhance your sleeping experience. This could include an ergonomic design and anti-slip fabrics to keep the futon in place. Some futons also include anti-allergen and anti-mite treatment for those with sensitive skin or allergies.

Did you know?
A small study✓ investigated the difference in bed climate when using an air mattress compared to a futon. Their results showed an increase in temperature and humidity when using the futon; however, there was no significant difference regarding sleep quality.

Finding The Right Guest Mattress 

If you tend to have the same guests revisiting time and time, it may be a good idea to purchase a guest mattress that can adapt to the needs and preferences of the guests. Here are some guest mattresses and the types of guests who may be best suited for them. 

guest mattress guests
  1. Children: As children are lighter, they often don’t need as much firm support as adults, as lighter individuals tend to feel firmness more than heavier people. For this reason, a futon or folding bed could be a suitable mattress for kids as they tend to be thinner yet can still offer comfort and cushioning. 
  2. Couples: If your guests need to share a bed, you may have to consider getting a bigger guest mattress to accommodate two people. A sofa bed could be a good option as they can offer enough support for couples, as well as having plenty of larger options. 
  3. Heavy People: When selecting a mattress for heavy people, it may be more comfortable to get a guest mattress with more support as this could prevent sagging or sinking. A trundle bed or a pocket sprung mattress could offer some firm feel as well as breathability due to the air flowing through the springs. 
  4. Families: If you’re expecting a group of people, it could be a good idea to get two cheaper products that can accommodate both parents and children. Purchasing a couple of air beds could be a good idea as you can easily deflate them and store them away when you no longer need them, in order to save space. There are also plenty of cheaper options available if you’re looking to save money. 
  5. Elderly People: For older people, or those with mobility issues, an elevated guest mattress could be beneficial as it can be easier to access and prevents the individual from lowering themselves. A trundle bed with adjustable legs is often elevated enough, and can also serve as a double bed for couples. 

Tips For Hosting Guests 

Whenever you have guests staying over, there may be a little pressure to make their stay as warm and inviting as you can. It’s great knowing that your guests feel comfortable throughout their stay, and there are many simple things you can do to ensure this. 

hosting guests tips

Firstly, you should make sure you have a comfortable guest bed and mattress that suits your guests' needs and preferences. Alongside this, you should provide comfortable pillows and bedding, as well as earplugs or eyemasks for any light sleepers. 

If you have a guest bedroom, make sure to make space in the drawers and wardrobe so guests can store their belongings and not have to worry about living from their suitcase throughout their stay. Special additional features could also include providing tea and coffee, snacks and entertainment, such as a TV or books. However, don’t forget the basics either, such as the Wi-Fi password, towels and a mirror.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much to spend on a guest room mattress?

This can entirely depend on your personal budget; however, if you have frequent guests, it may be worth spending more as you will require durability. If you don’t often host guests, you can buy a cheap guest mattress, air bed or futon for less than 200.

What size bed for a guest room?

If you host many couples and have a larger room, it may be worth getting any size ranging from a double (135 x 190 cm) to a king (150 x 200 cm). If you have a smaller room or are only expecting individual guests, try a single (90 x 190 cm) or a small double (120 x 190 cm).

When to change a guest room mattress?

Changing the guest mattress shouldn’t be necessary until it starts to sag and loses its shape. However, to maintain hygiene and structure, you can clean, rotate and flip the mattress.

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