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Best Gel Mattress Topper 2021

Last Updated: July 5, 2021

It can be incredibly expensive to invest in a new mattress. Sometimes, there are just a few things wrong with our mattresses – they might be a little bit too old or just a little too firm for our liking. However, there are some things that you can do to fix it. One of the best options that you can pick for fixing the comfort of your mattress may be a gel mattress topper.

This is particularly useful if you overheat at night, as many gel mattress toppers have cooling properties. In addition to this, the gel can also work hard to support you in key places like your hips and back so you can wake up feeling refreshed and ready for the day ahead.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the best cooling gel mattress toppers on the market right now that you could choose (Important Considerations in Conclusion).

PandaThe TopperGel-Infused Memory Foam30 Nights
10 Years
LinenspaGel Infused Memory Foam Mattress TopperGel-Infused Memory FoamNA Nights
3 Years
InofiaMattress TopperGel-Infused Memory Foam100 Nights
NA Years
RECCIMemory Foam Mattress TopperGel-Infused Memory Foam30 Nights
3 Years
InofiaGel Memory Foam Mattress TopperGel-Infused Memory Foam100 Nights
10 Years
VesganttiMemory Foam Mattress TopperGel-Infused Memory Foam100 Nights
2 Years
Prices are referring to the single size. Information may be subject to change, please check with the brand/manufacturer before purchasing.

1. Panda Gel Infused Mattress Topper

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Panda Gel Infused Mattress Topper
(Image credit: Panda)

Panda is a well-known brand that creates a variety of products using breathable bamboo as one of its key materials. The Topper is their memory foam mattress topper which can be used to make a bed that little bit more comfortable to rest on. The memory foam used here has been infused with gel so it can support you in the places where you need it the most, while also keeping you cool. Temperature regulation can be a tricky thing, but gel can be an excellent choice for drawing away heat from those of us who are prone to over-heating.

Their use of bamboo in the cover of the topper also helps to create a breathable place for you to rest, but it also provides a hypoallergenic space too. If you find yourself suffering from allergens, switching to a material such as this may be a good move.

This topper uses Panda’s Hydro-foam technology to ensure that your spine is correctly aligned as you sleep. It is available in standard UK sizes ranging from single to super king, and in EU sizes from single to emperor so it should work comfortably with any size of bed that you might have already.

Panda offers a 30-night trial to help you work out if this is the right topper for you. You will get free delivery and returns, plus a 10-year guarantee. Throw in some of Panda’s other products like their pillows, and you should have everything you need to create a great place to rest at night.

(Video credit: Panda)

2. Linenspa Gel Infused Memory Foam Mattress Topper

Linenspa Gel Infused Memory Foam Mattress Topper
(Image credit: Linenspa)

This gel fusion memory foam mattress topper from Linenspa stands at 5 cm tall. Though this might seem like it is taller than you might expect, it will blend into your existing mattress very well to give you one stable place to sleep on. You can buy this topper in a variety of sizes from a single up to a super king, and this also includes the European sizes too.

This topper is made from memory foam that is designed to properly support your hips, spine, and other pressure points. No matter whether you sleep on your front, back or sides, this mattress will be able to offer you the support you need. Throughout the foam are temperature-regulating beads of gel. These are designed to draw the heat away from the sleeper.

Bundling it all together is a soft and breathable cover. This, again, will help with temperature regulation as it will work to ensure that air is able to circulate freely and drive down some of the heat. This cover can also easily be removed thanks to its zipper, so you will be able to wash it and return it to your bed quickly so you can always have somewhere soft to sleep.

Many people have rated this mattress topper thus far on Amazon. Buying through this online retailer means that you will get a secure transaction to track, and the deliveries are also controlled by Amazon so it should be easy for you to arrange. To help guarantee that this topper will last you for a long time, Linenspa has included a 10-year warranty with it.

3. Inofia Sleep Gel Mattress Topper

Inofia Sleep Gel Mattress Topper
(Image credit: Inofia)

If your current mattress feels a little bit too hard, you may wish to consider this gel memory foam mattress topper from Inofia. It is made to be soft and comfortable, but it also provides structure and support where you need it the most. ENJOU, the memory foam used in the construction of this mattress topper is made to adapt to how you sleep so it is able to best deliver support to your pressure points as you rest. This foam has also been certified by CertiPU-US. It ensures there are no harmful chemicals and meets many different safety standards.

The topper is also infused with gel to aid with sleep hygiene and temperature regulation. This will strip away excess heat from a body at rest and will help air circulation and other factors that will keep things nice and fresh for you. On top of this, the topper is engineered to work to draw away perspiration and other moisture so you can have a much more refreshing and hygienic night’s sleep.

This mattress topper can be bought in a range of different sizes, so no matter the mattress you currently have on your bed, there will be a topper to go above it.

When you order this topper, it will be delivered to you tightly wrapped up and vacuum packed, similarly to mattresses that come in a box. This is the most efficient way to transport goods like this. All you need to do is unpack it and let it adjust to your home. This process should take no more than a few hours, and then your topper will be inflated and ready to go again. The manufacturer Inofia also offers an extremely generous 100-night sleep trial so you can be certain that this is the right mattress topper for you over an extensive period of time.

4. RECCI Gel Infused Mattress Topper

RECCI Gel Infused Mattress Topper
(Image credit: RECCi)

Mattress toppers can often be a far more affordable option compared to replacing the entire mattress, and this memory foam option from RECCI is a great option that many should consider. It is 5 cm thick and can be ordered as a small double, a double, or a UK King.

This cooling gel mattress topper is made from foam that has been certified by CertiPUR-EU. This is important as it guarantees that your mattress topper will be free from specific chemicals such as mercury or lead. You should find that this topper feels nice to touch and it should not have too strong an odour since it has not been treated with any harsh chemicals.

The foam itself has been designed to cradle your body as you rest. No matter how you might sleep, it will work to relieve some of the stress and pressure on your body to offer you support throughout the night. The foam has also been infused with a special gel to help remove excess sleep from those in the bed. Its open cell structure means that air is able to circulate easily, helping to promote breathability so you can have a night’s rest that is refreshing in all sense of the word.

Purchasing this topper is through Amazon, which can give many peace of mind since it is coming from a trusted retailer. When your mattress topper does arrive, it is going to need to expand and acclimatise to your home as it will arrive packaged very tightly. Due to this, you should leave the topper in a well-ventilated room for at least 24 hours before you use it for the first time.

5. Inofia Gel Memory Foam Mattress Topper

Inofia Gel Memory Foam Mattress Topper
(Image credit: Inofia)

If you are searching for a robust mattress topper for your bed, you should consider this product from Inofia. Standing at 8 cm high, this topper has received over great ratings. You can purchase this gel mattress topper in a range of sizes going from single all the way up to a super king. If you are concerned about how much this topper might slide around on your bed, you need not worry. It has a strap in each corner that can help to secure the topper in place so it cannot shift no matter how much you might toss and turn.

There are two key layers at work in this mattress topper from Inofia. The first is a 2 cm layer of Gelex memory foam. This has been infused with a temperature-regulating gel, so a sleeper should not feel like they are overheating as they rest. In addition to this, the Gelex layer is made to be very strong and is made to work to avoid the body sinking and thus moving out of optimal alignment while it is at rest.

The other layer in this topper is a 6 cm layer of Laxender Reliefoam. This is a special memory foam that will help to alleviate any pressure that the body might be under when at rest. Good spinal alignment is key for a good night’s sleep, no matter how you might prefer to lie in bed.

This topper is finished off by its breathable cover. This can be removed for easy cleaning, so you can help to maintain the cleanliness and hygiene of your mattress.

Inofia also offers a 100-night sleep trial for this mattress topper. This should be more than enough time for you to find out if this is the right one for you. In addition to this, it gives you enough time to test out the mattress through several seasons, and with many different nights of sleep.

6. Vesgantti Gel Infused Mattress Topper

Vesgantti Gel Infused Mattress Topper
(Image credit: Vesgantti)

This gel fusion memory foam mattress topper from Vesgantti is a great option for those searching for the ideal topper to improve their current bed. The foam used in this topper has been certified by the regulators CertiPUR-US so you can be sure that it is free from harmful chemicals that could otherwise interrupt your night’s sleep.

The topper as a whole is 5 cm thick. Its foam has been infused with a cooling gel that will help with temperature regulation at night. If you struggle with over-heating in your sleep, choosing something with a cooling gel like this can draw some of your excess heat away so you can have a much more peaceful and restful night’s sleep. The mattress topper has also been designed to offer a good level of air circulation to aid with temperature regulation even further.

In addition to being very comfortable to rest on, the topper’s cover has been made from a special anti-slip mesh. This means that it should not be able to move around too much on top of your existing mattress – but it does also come with straps at each corner to help secure it better. This cover can also be removed to make washing and maintenance easier to handle.

You need to allow this mattress to properly expand when you first get it. It will arrive all packaged up and easy to move wherever you might need it to go in your home. Once it has been unwrapped, you should to leave it for up to 72 hours. Afterwards, it will be ready for use.


Choosing to buy a mattress topper can be a great way to improve your current mattress if it does not meet your needs in the way that you would best like. Whether you feel like you need a little more support as you sleep or you have a tendency to overheat as you rest, gel mattresses are a great choice.

By infusing memory foam with the right gel, these mattress topper manufacturers are able to create something that will help you rest easy and have a refreshing night’s sleep. Don’t think that you have to commit to a new mattress if your old one is getting tired. The right mattress topper, whether it is made from gel or another material, might be all that you need.


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