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Best Gel Mattress Topper 2022


Written by Lauren

Last Updated: 17th January, 2022

It can be expensive to invest in a new mattress. Sometimes, there are just a few things wrong with our mattresses – they might be a little too old or a little too firm for our liking. However, there are some things that you can do to fix that. One option to help adjust the comfort of your mattress may be a gel mattress topper.

This is particularly useful if you overheat at night, as many gel mattress toppers have cooling properties. In addition to this, the combination of gel and foam can also work to support you in key places like your hips and back so you can wake up feeling refreshed and ready for the day ahead.

(Important Facts, Studies, Advice, Considerations & FAQs In Conclusion).

Panda The TopperGel-Infused Memory Foam30 Nights
10 Years
Inofia Mattress Topper Gel-Infused Memory Foam100 Nights
NA Years
RECCI Memory Foam Mattress TopperGel-Infused Memory FoamNA Nights
NA Years
Inofia Gel Memory Foam Mattress Topper Gel-Infused Memory Foam100 Nights
10 Years
Linenspa Gel Infused Memory Foam Mattress Topper Gel-Infused Memory Foam NA Nights
3 Years
Vesgantti Memory Foam Mattress TopperGel-Infused Memory Foam100 Nights
10 Years
Prices are referring to the smallest or single size. Information may be subject to change, please check with the brand/manufacturer before purchasing.

1. Panda Gel Infused Mattress Topper

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Panda Gel Infused Mattress Topper
(Image credit: Panda)
• Hydro-foam technology
• Bamboo cover
• 10-year guarantee
• Eco-conscious individuals
• Those with allergies
• Sleepers seeking breathability

Panda is a well-known brand that creates a variety of products using breathable bamboo as one of its key materials. The Topper is their memory foam mattress topper which can be used to make a bed more comfortable to rest on.

The memory foam used within the topper has been infused with gel, and it can help support you in the places where you need it the most while also keeping you cool. The gel can be a good choice for drawing away heat from those of us who are prone to over-heating. Their use of bamboo in the cover of the topper also helps to increase breathability, as well as being hypoallergenic. This topper also uses Panda’s Hydro-foam technology to ensure correct alignment whilst providing support and durability.

The topper is available in standard UK sizes ranging from single to super king and from single to emperor in EU sizes. Panda offers a 30-night trial to help you work out if this is the right topper for you. You will get free delivery and returns, plus a 10-year guarantee.

(Video credit: Panda)

2. Inofia Sleep Gel Mattress Topper

Inofia Sleep Gel Mattress Topper
(Image credit: Inofia)
• ENJOU memory foam
• Dual-sided
• 100-night sleep trial
• Those who want a choice of firmness
• Sleepers seeking pressure relief
• Those looking for added support

Inofia offers this gel memory foam mattress topper, made to be soft and comfortable while providing structure and support where you need it the most. This mattress topper can be bought in a range of different sizes, so no matter the mattress you currently have on your bed, there should be a topper available for you.

ENJOU, the memory foam used in the construction of this mattress topper, is made to adapt to how you sleep and support your pressure points. This foam has also been certified by CertiPUR-US, which ensures there are no harmful chemicals. The topper is also infused with gel to aid with sleep hygiene and temperature regulation. This will strip away excess heat from your body at rest and can help with air circulation. In addition, the topper is dual-sided, with a firm and medium side, so you can choose what feel you prefer.

When you order this topper, it will be delivered to you tightly wrapped up, and vacuum packed, similarly to mattresses that come in a box. The unpacking process should take no more than a few hours, and then your topper will be inflated and ready to go. The manufacturer Inofia also offers a 100-night sleep trial, so you can be certain that this is the right mattress topper for you.

3. RECCI Gel Infused Mattress Topper

RECCI Gel Infused Mattress Topper
(Image credit: RECCi)
• Thermoregulating gel
• 5cm thickness
• CertiPUR-EU certified
• Those looking for increased airflow
• Sleepers seeking alignment
• People wanting added comfort

Mattress toppers can be a more affordable solution compared to replacing the entire mattress, and this memory foam option from RECCI is a great option. It is 5cm thick and can be ordered in various sizes.

The foam has been designed to cradle your body as you rest and can help to relieve some bodily stress and pressure by offering you support throughout the night. The foam has also been infused with thermoregulating gel to help remove excess sleep from those in the bed. The open-cell structure means that air can circulate easily, helping to promote breathability. This cooling gel mattress topper is made from foam that has been certified by CertiPUR-EU. This can be important as it guarantees that your mattress topper will be free from harmful chemicals.

When your mattress topper does arrive, it is going to need to expand and acclimatise to your home as it will arrive packaged very tightly. Due to this, you should leave the topper in a well-ventilated room for at least 24 - 36 hours before using it for the first time.

4. Inofia Gel Memory Foam Mattress Topper

Inofia Gel Memory Foam Mattress Topper
(Image credit: Inofia)
• 8cm thickness
• Gelex memory foam
• Lavender Reliefoam
• Sleepers looking for durability
• Those with a bigger budget
• People who prefer a sleep trial

The Inofia Sleep Gel Memory Foam Topper stands at 8 cm high and has received great ratings. You can purchase this gel mattress topper in various sizes going from single all the way up to a super king. The topper includes staps in each corner that can help to secure the topper in place.

There are two key layers in this mattress topper; the first is a 2 cm layer of Gelex memory foam. This has been infused with a temperature-regulating gel, so the sleeper should not feel like they are overheating as they rest. In addition, the Gelex layer is made to offer support and prevent too much sinking. This is followed by the 6 cm layer of Lavender Reliefoam. This is a special memory foam that will help to alleviate any pressure and promote relaxation. This topper is finished off with its breathable, removable cover and anti-slip base.

Inofia also offers a 100-night sleep trial for this mattress topper, giving you enough time to test out the mattress throughout the seasons. There is also a 10-year warranty to help protect your purchase over time.

5. Linenspa Gel Infused Memory Foam Mattress Topper

Linenspa Gel Infused Memory Foam Mattress Topper
(Image credit: Linenspa)
• 5cm depth
• Removable zipped cover
• 3-year warranty
• Those who enjoy a soft surface
• Sleepers seeking spinal alignment
• People looking for breathability

This gel fusion memory foam mattress topper from Linenspa stands at 5 cm tall. You can buy this topper in various sizes, from a single up to a super king, and this also includes the European sizes.

This topper is made from memory foam that is designed to properly support your hips, spine, and other pressure points. Throughout the foam are temperature-regulating beads of gel. These are designed to draw the heat away from the sleeper and provide a cooler nights sleep. Bundling it all together is a soft and breathable cover, which can be easily removed thanks to its zipper, so you will be able to wash it and return it to your bed quickly.

Ratings on Amazon indicate that the topper is comfortable and provides a good amount of support. Buying through this online retailer means that you will get a secure transaction to track. To help guarantee that this topper will last you for a long time, Linenspa has included a 3-year warranty with it.

6. Vesgantti Gel Infused Mattress Topper

Vesgantti Gel Infused Mattress Topper
(Image credit: Vesgantti)
• Non-toxic materials
• Anti-slip base
• 10-year guarantee
• Those with sensitive skin
• Sleepers prone to overheating
• People seeking a secure topper

This gel-infused memory foam mattress topper from Vesgantti uses non-toxic materials to create its 5cm topper. The topper comes with a 100-night free trial to test the topper at home and a 10-year limited warranty to protect your purchase.

The topper as a whole is 5 cm thick. Its foam has been infused with a cooling gel that will help with temperature regulation at night. If you struggle with over-heating in your sleep, choosing something with a cooling gel can help draw some of your excess heat away. The topper’s base has been made from a special anti-slip mesh. This means that it should not be able to move around too much on top of your existing mattress. The washable cover also comes with straps at each corner to help secure it better.

You may need to allow this mattress to properly expand when you first get it. It will arrive in a box, and once it has been unwrapped, you should leave it for up to 72 hours.

Gel-Infused Foam

When speaking of gel mattress toppers, we are often referring to gel-infused foam. In particular, gel-infused memory foam. The gel is usually inserted by adding tiny liquid gel beads into the foam, which can help with temperature regulation and wicking away moisture. 

gel mattress topper

Memory foam mattresses and toppers are popular amongst many due to their ability to provide cushioning and comfort. They can also use body heat to mould to the sleeper’s body shape, creating a hugging sensation. However, traditional memory foam is known to retain heat; therefore, gel infusions were introduced to help cool down the material. The combination of foam and gel means you can maintain the softness and comfort of memory foam whilst keeping cool. 

Did you know?
Studies✓ have found that the body temperature decreases when it’s time to sleep and increases upon waking. Bed climate temperature, such as bedding, is also important when it comes to sleep quality. 

Benefits Of A Gel Mattress Topper 

While gel mattress toppers can often be on the pricey side, they have many benefits that can make your purchase worthwhile. It’s helpful to consider the various advantages to see if a gel topper matches your personal needs and preferences. 

benefits of a gel mattress topper
  • Comfort: As the gel is usually infused with foam, you can expect the comfortable feeling and cushioning properties often found in memory foam. If you currently own a firm mattress, adding a gel mattress topper can also give you that extra comfort. 
  • Cooling: If you’re a hot sleeper, a gel mattress topper can help to cool down the surface of your mattress. Mattresses with a large amount of traditional foam tend to sleep hotter than other materials. 
  • Couples: It can sometimes be challenging for those who share a bed with a partner to find the right feel and materials to suit both preferences. Purchasing a single gel mattress topper can adjust the feel on one side of the bed; particularly useful if one person tends to sleep hotter than the other. 
  • Side Sleepers: People who sleep on their side could benefit as the gel-infused foam can provide cushioning for the knees, hips and shoulders. Research✓ has found that 67% of side sleepers experiencing shoulder pain were more likely to sleep on the painful shoulder; therefore, the foam could help alleviate this pressure. 
  • Durability: A gel mattress topper acts as an extra layer that could help protect the surface of your current mattress. The dense foam found in gel toppers can also add to the durability of the topper itself. 
  • Aches & Pains: When infused with memory foam, the cushioning properties could help relieve pressure. The gel can also add some firmness to the topper, which can be beneficial for those suffering back pain

Good to know!
A Japanese study✓ involving 41 volunteers found that after four weeks of sleeping on gel-infused mattresses and pillows, sleep quality was improved, alongside other mental and physical symptoms. 

The Science Behind Gel Infusions 

The primary purpose of gel infusion is typically to help cool down the dense foam material and to help regulate body temperature. This can be achieved by inserting liquid gel beads or by adding a gel layer. Different types of gel include thermal gel or phase-changing gel, both designed to help draw away bodily heat. The phase-changing gel has the ability to change from solid to liquid, depending on the temperature. 

gel topper science

In some cases, gel microbeads have been known to break down over time, which could decrease the overall effectiveness of the topper. In addition, the performance of the topper can differ, depending on the company and topper design. It’s worth checking verified reviews before purchasing to ensure the gel infusions have successfully achieved a cooler surface. 

Mattress Types 

Before purchasing a gel mattress topper, it’s worth considering how this extra layer will work with your existing mattress type. Different mattress types have various pros and cons, and a good gel mattress topper should help enhance the positives and reduce the negative features in your current mattress. 

  • Pocket spring: Mattresses with pocket springs tend to sleep cooler as the inclusion of springs can allow for increased airflow. Despite this, pocket spring mattresses tend to be more firm, so the foam found in gel mattress toppers may add some soft comfort to balance against the firmness. 
  • Foam: Memory foam can provide cushioning and comfort but tends to sleep hot. A gel mattress topper can help to regulate the temperature without compromising on comfort. If you’re a hot sleeper who enjoys memory foam, try an open-cell or gel-infused mattress for further cooling. 
  • Latex mattress: A natural material with an elastic feel, latex mattresses can be cooler and often more durable than foam. Adding a gel topper will enhance the cool feeling and add an extra layer of comfort. 
  • Hybrid: A hybrid mattress combines different materials, such as foam and springs. If the mattress has a lot of foam, the gel topper can add more cushion, although the extra foam may not be ideal for those who don’t enjoy the sinking feeling. Alternatively, if there are many springs, a gel mattress topper can help add comfort and counteract the firmness. 

Gel Mattress Topper Considerations 

Adding a gel mattress topper has the potential to impact the way you sleep; therefore, it’s recommended to consider some valuable points before making the decision to purchase. 

gel topper considerations
  1. Thickness: If you want to adjust the feel of your mattress significantly, a thicker gel mattress topper is advisable. Most gel toppers are 5cm, but some can go up to 8cm in thickness.
  2. Size: Before purchasing a gel mattress topper, you should check the dimensions of your current mattress to make sure it’s the right fit. A topper that doesn’t fit properly can cause problems with fitted sheets and for those who enjoy sleeping towards the edge of the mattress. 
  3. Materials: If you suffer from allergies or have sensitive skin, it’s worth checking whether the materials used are hypoallergenic. Some materials also have certifications to prove they are free from harmful chemicals. 
  4. Price: A good gel mattress topper usually costs around £60 - £100 for a single size. Despite the added gel, they are often around the same price as a good quality standard memory foam topper. 
  5. Sleeping Position: Side sleepers may benefit from the cushion found in foam. However, stomach sleepers may experience some sinking due to the excess foam, which doesn’t help with spinal alignment. 
  6. Trail & Warranty: It’s worth checking for a free trial period if you buy online and don’t want to fully commit without testing the product first. Warranty periods can typically last from 2 to 10 years and can give you that extra reassurance. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a gel mattress topper?

A gel mattress topper is an extra layer that can be placed over the mattress for extra comfort and protection. The topper is often made using foam which is then infused with gel to cool the material down.

What is the best gel mattress topper?

While this can depend on personal needs and preferences, a good gel mattress topper should help cool the mattress down and offer temperature regulation. Please take a look at our list for some recommended gel mattress toppers. It’s also worth checking reviews if you are unsure.

Why leave a gel mattress topper for 72 hours?

Since gel mattress toppers often contain memory foam, you may need to allow time for off-gassing. Additionally, if the topper was delivered rolled-up or in a box, it could take some time to regain its proper size and shape.

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