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Best Folding Bed 2022


Written by Kyle

Last Updated: 10th January, 2022

Folding beds are a great option for those households who always have someone over to stay, but can’t necessarily create a full guest bedroom. As a host, you will no doubt still want your guests to have as restful a night as possible. A folding bed can be better than just an air mattress or a kip on the sofa.

In choosing a folding bed, you need to ensure that you get something that is not just comfortable but is also convenient for you to store. This could be an important item that you have to pull out every week or so as someone crashes with you, or it could just get set up at Christmas.

Let’s take a look at some of the best options you could select when trying to find the right folding bed for you (Important Considerations in Conclusion).

JAY-BEValue Folding Bede-FibreSingle8.6 kgLifetime (frame)£50
MilliardDiplomat Folding BedMemory FoamSmall Single24.4 kgNA Years£189.99
JAY-BEPrestige Folding BedPocket SprungSmall Single, Small Double19 kgLifetime (frame)£179
JAY-BEJ-Bed Folding Guest BedMemory FoamSingle, Small Double29.8 kg5 Years£499.99
EVERGREENWEBFolding BedWaterfoamSmall Single10.88 kgNA Years£122.66
Happy BedsMetro Wooden Folding Bed/FutonFutonSmall Single, Small Double14.5 kg5 Years£129.99
Prices & weight are referring to the smallest size. Information may be subject to change, please check with the brand/manufacturer before purchasing.

1. JAY-BE Value Folding Bed

JAY-BE Value Folding Bed with Rebound e-Fibre Mattress
(Image credit: JAY-BE)

For those who want a folding bed that manufacturers can offer without having to pay a premium for a quality product, the JAY-BE value folding bed is a brilliant option. This can be procured through Amazon, making delivery easy for you to arrange and guaranteeing that you have a secure transaction.

This is a lightweight guest bed that weighs just 8.6 kg so it should be easy for even one person to move around their home. It has been rated over four stars out of five by its buyers for important features such as ease of use, ease of assembly, storage capacity, and ease to fold. It has also attracted many ratings from its customers, so it is clear that this is a folding bed that has been tried and tested by many so far.

When open, the bed measures 186 cm by 70 cm by 39 cm, and when closed it is 10 cm by 70 cm by 93 cm. This should hopefully make it easy to store around your home. The base uses a J-TEX sprung base system for some added support as you rest, and it should support a user of up to 120 kg.

The mattress for this bed is 100% foam-free and is made from rebound e-fibres. As a whole, the bed has been made from recycled materials that have been sustainably sourced. This is a little added bonus that no doubt many will be happy to see included.

(Video credit: JAY-BE)

2. Milliard Diplomat Folding Bed

Milliard Diplomat Folding Bed
(Image credit: Milliard)

The Milliard Diplomat folding bed is a fantastic option for those searching for a comfortable place for their guests to rest. It is made from a sturdy metal base with a lattice wite base so the mattress does not begin to sag through use. The bedframe has four durable legs that lock in place when unfolded and uses a clamshell pattern when folded up. It is secured by an adjustable buckle, so if you wish to add your own mattress or a topper, you will still be able to close the bed securely. Lastly, it has wheels to help you move it around your home with ease.

The foldable mattress itself is made from memory foam. It has a 45 kg density rating, and the fact that it is memory foam means that your guests should be fully supported as they rest. Memory foam contours to a sleeping body to better distribute their weight and support them as they rest. This mattress is also certified by CertiPUR and has a removable cover that is machine washable. This should help you keep this mattress as good as new for as long as possible.

You will be able to purchase this folding bed through Amazon, where it has thus far attracted multiple ratings from customers. Some have even favourably said that this folding bed is as close to a real one as it is possible to be.

The delivery of this foldable bed will be handled by Amazon. This should make it convenient for you to organise, as it would be with any Amazon delivery.

3. JAY-BE Prestige Folding Bed

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JAY-BE® Prestige Folding Bed
(Image credit: JAY-BE)

The JAY-BE brand is trusted and tried. If there is a contender for the best folding bed UK customers like, it is likely that you will find a JAY-BE bed as one of the options (they seem to own this market segment). The Prestige bed is one of their more expensive options compared to others.

This bed is sold exclusively through John Lewis. They are one of the UK’s most trusted retailers which then gives us a great indication of the quality of the product overall. It is rated highly on their website. Since you are ordering through John Lewis, you should be able to easily arrange delivery.

The frame for this bed has a lifetime guarantee attached to it and it is recognised by the safety standards of British, European, and international governing bodies. It is made from powder-coated steel and can support users of up to 160 kg. The weight of the entire bed, including the mattress, is 19 kg, and it comes with castors to help make it easier to move and store.

The mattress of the Prestige bed is one of its best features and should help many people achieve a good night’s sleep. This is an Airflow mattress. It has a special border to help with the flow of air through the mattress, and therefore the temperature of the sleeper overall. This could help sleepers who sleep hot to have a much more pleasant night’s rest.

The mattress also has 400 individually nested pocket springs. This is comparable to many full-sized mattresses used for fixed beds. These pocket springs will help to properly support the sleeper.

(Video credit: JAY-BE)

4. Jay-Be J-Bed Folding Guest Bed

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Jay-Be J-Bed Fold up bed
(Image credit: JAY-BE)

If you perhaps need something a little bigger than a standard single, you should consider the J-bed from JAY-BE. This comes in a single size, but also in a small double size. The small double offers a bit more space and could be perfect for those who do not mind getting a bit cosy with the person they are sharing with, or who want a bit more space than a single can give them but don't need a full double.

This bed comes with a 5-year guarantee attached to it so you can be certain that it will stay in good condition for some time. It was made in the UK and meets the safety standard for the UK, Europe, and North America. It can even be used in commercial settings such as hotels, so it is truly a great choice for someone who needs to get their hands on a bed quickly.

The bedframe of this J-bed is made from a light anodised aluminium. It sits on several premium castors, so you are able to easily manipulate and manoeuvre this around your home as you need. Even if you have to quickly trundle this bed from one room to another, you should be able to do so in the blink of an eye. The J-Lok clasp mechanism really helps to make this bed easy for someone to put up or down as needed.

The folding mattress on this folding bed is made from a high-density rebound foam. This is designed to be incredibly comfortable to rest on and should help your guest get a good night’s sleep.

It uses viscoelastic memory foam to properly support a body at rest. Memory foam like this will not just support the body well, but will also relieve some of the pressure certain body parts feel, and can evenly distribute someone’s weight for a better night’s sleep overall. For a folding bed UK manufacturers can rustle up, the J-bed from JAY-BE is a comfortable and affordable choice.


(Image credit: EVERGREEN)

Should you want a fold-away bed that is quick and easy to setup, and that folds away conveniently, all for an affordable price, you should definitely think about investing in this bed from Evergreen.

Since it is made in Italy, buying through Amazon means that you will be able to easily and securely ship this bed to you. This bed has been made using non-toxic materials when the time comes to replace it. It has an ISO 9001 certification, and a 2-year warranty.

The frame of this bed is made from high-strength steel that has then been further reinforced to create a sturdy place to sleep. It is supported by 4 scratchproof wheels that should not damage your floors. However, these wheels can also be easily removed if you do not want to use them.

Beneath the mattress lies beech wood slats. These will help to support your body as you rest and have been treated with an anti-squeak polyethylene so a sleeper should not make too much noise here even if they toss and turn.

The mattress of this bed is made from a comfortable foam which creates a great place to rest at night. It has been specially treated to be anti-allergen and anti-mite. It also comes with a waterproof cover to help keep things as good as possible for years to come. To make it easier for you to outfit the bed, EVERGREEN has also thrown in a memory foam pillow (check availability). Anyone who sleeps on this folding bed will hopefully have a very comfortable night’s sleep.

6. Metro Wooden Folding Bed

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Metro Wooden Folding
(Image credit: Happy Beds)

While the other beds in this guide are designed to be folded up and put into storage when not in use, this futon from Metro is designed to have a dual use of an armchair or chair bed. This could therefore be the perfect addition to a child’s room, particularly if they often have friends over for sleepovers.

It comes in a variety of colours – including cream, blue, pink, and red to name a few of them – and it has a very affordable price. You can also buy it in a single or a small double size, depending on which is best for you!

This futon has been handmade in the UK. The base is made from a solid pinewood which is easy to move around during the conversion from chair to bed and back. It is delivered flatpack, but it is incredibly easy to slot the pieces together so you should have it together in a matter of minutes. All the parts you need for the fitting with be included when you order the futon.

The mattress portion of this futon is made from cotton. This is a fantastic option as it is soft to sleep on and it should be supportive and able to carry anyone through for a good night’s sleep.

It can be bought through Happy Beds. They are one of the UK’s leading retailers for beds and other types of bedroom furniture, so purchasing through them can be a great option. It comes with a 5-year guarantee so you should be able to get plenty of use out of it.


Trying to track down a fantastic bed that folds away can be more of a task than you might first have thought. If you want to be able to move it around easily, check as to whether or not it has got castors. Some of these beds can be heavier than they might first appear, and the castors should help with this. Y

ou also need to double-check the quality of the mattress itself. There are so many great options for folding bed mattresses that frequently come with memory foam and other materials. If you are searching for a folding bed that still offers a great night’s sleep for a guest, the mattress needs to be top-quality.

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