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Best Firm Pillows 2021

Last Updated: July 5, 2021

Whether you are laying down to sleep for the night, nap or just to get comfortable to read a good book or watch a great movie, you need the right firm pillow. For a good night’s sleep, your sleep environment truly matters. You need to ensure your mattress, pillows, duvet and blankets are of high quality. Each of these can truly make a difference in your quality of sleep, so you need to find great options for each piece of bedding.

According to a piece published in the Harvard Medical School✓, firmer pillows are better suited for side sleepers as they aid in supporting your head.

Keep reading for an all-encompassing review of the best firm pillows you can purchase on the market.

We’ll discuss what to look for when researching and the different benefits of all the features embedded in the product design and creation (Important Considerations in Conclusion).

TempurTraditional PillowTempur MaterialFirm30 Nights
3 Years
ErgoflexHD PillowHigh-Density Memory FoamFirmNA Nights
2 Years
Kally SleepMemory Foam Contour PillowMemory FoamMedium – Firm14 Nights
2 Years
EmmaThe Emma PillowPolyfoam & Memory FoamSoft, Medium & Firm200 Nights
NA Years
John LewisSynthetic Soft Touch PillowPolyesterExtra FirmNA Nights
2 Years
SilentnightFirm Support PillowsHollowfibreFirmNA Nights
2 Years
Prices are referring to the smallest size. Information may be subject to change, please check with the brand/manufacturer before purchasing.

1. Tempur Traditional Firm Pillow

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Tempur Traditional Firm Pillow
(Image credit: Tempur)

When shopping for a high-quality firm memory foam pillow, you need to choose a brand that will meet your expectations. Tempur as a designer and manufacturer focuses on using quality products and aiming to offer customers the solutions they expect. They have been popular in the sleep market for several years and although their mattresses and some of their other products are at a higher price point, they aim to make up for that by providing quality products. With some complimentary reviews on third-party platforms, it is no wonder that the brand's products are popular. People have noted that the firm pillow is exactly what they needed, of course, firmness and comfort is subjective, so do keep that in mind.

When shopping for a pillow, you need to consider what it is you want to gain from it. Ultimately, this will probably lead to better sleep and a higher chance of getting some rest. Therefore, you should consider the different types of pillows that are available. Most of them fall into the firmness category – with soft, medium, medium-firm and firm being the options. The Tempur Traditional Pillow falls into the firm category and is made to cushion your head by maintaining extra support.

The pillow is designed with visco-elastic cells which mould your head and neck while you sleep. If you find yourself staying still each night (so, waking up in the morning in the same position in which you went to sleep) you need the maximum amount of support available to you. Comfort and support are key when you are staying still throughout the night as this increases the chances of you waking up with a stiff neck. The Tempur Traditional Pillow Firm is designed to prevent this and keep you comfortable. This could mean no more neck pain each morning, which could be useful if you get a lot of neck pain.

2. Ergoflex HD Pillow

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Ergoflex HD Pillow
(Image credit: Ergoflex)

Coming in at a reasonable price point, Ergoflex HD Pillow could be an affordable option. Ergoflex is renowned for aiming to offer great customer service and quality products, so the brand is trusted by many sleepers. There are many different qualities offered in the Ergoflex HD Pillow and each of them adds up to provide firmness that could help you get better sleep. Ergoflex is also convinced they have made a great quality product as they are offering a two-year guarantee with it. This means that if anything goes wrong, the team will be able to look into it and help sort the issue.

The Ergoflex HD Pillow features a moulded core that is made from visco-elastic memory foam. The foam is high-density which gives the pillow its firmness texture. The firmness means that you should be fully supported while you sleep and relieves pressure from the important points. Your head, shoulders and neck can often suffer from a lot of pressure and force while sleeping. As this is the case, you need to choose products that relieve this pressure and deliver great ergonomic posture.

The Ergoflex HD Pillow also comes with a TENCEL cover which is naturally anti-allergenic. This feature makes this firm pillow a great option for those who suffer from allergies and have sensitive skin. The TENCEL cover is also highly breathable and allows air to circulate your head while you sleep, keeping you cool. Ergoflex could be a good option if you want a cool but firm pillow.

3. Kally Sleep Memory Foam Contour Pillow

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Kally Sleep Memory Foam Contour Pillow
(Image credit: Kally Sleep)

Kally Sleep is well-known for its ergonomically friendly sleep products. They make it their aim to pillows for specific preferences or use cases. They have developed the firm Memory Foam Contour Pillow to help people to get good sleep and remain comfortable. It is affordable and loved by verified purchasers.

What makes this firm pillow different from some of the others discussed in this review is the fact that it has a curved wave shape. It has been designed to support your head, neck and shoulders. What is great about this feature is that it is made for both side sleepers and back sleepers. Depending on what type of sleeper you are, the products you choose must be fit for your purpose and suit your sleep style. Kally Sleep has created their Memory Foam Contour Pillow to suit most customers and provide added support where it is necessary. If this wasn’t enough, this pillow has been expertly designed to combat snoring. The waved design allows you to position your head correctly and slightly tilt it, so your airways open which may reduce snoring capacity.

Kally Sleep rates the pillow seven out of ten on the firmness scale, giving it a medium-firm texture. With this, you can purchase this product knowing it will give you the firmer support that you are looking for. The inner materials of the pillow consist of memory foam which is known to offer firmer support. All of this combines to help make this a potentially comfortable option for sleepers looking for something firmer.

4. Emma Pillow

Emma firm Pillow
(Image credit: Emma)

Over the past several years, new sleep brands have been popping up and offering sleep products that have been designed by experts. Famously known for their mattress in a box, Emma also offer pillows and other sleep products. The Emma Pillow is Woman and Home Approved and has hundreds of good reviews. It is very popular with many reviewers who like its firmness and think it's a comfortable option. People have continuously recommended it as the pillow has cured their neck pain and provided optimum comfort.

What is perhaps the best feature about this pillow is that you can suit it entirely to you. It has been designed so that there are three separate layers of memory foam, each of which you can remove to suit your needs and wants. Each of the three layers forms a firmer feeling, making it ideal for side, back and front sleepers. As the height of the pillow is entirely customisable, you can follow Emma’s guidance and keep the pillow low or prop it up slightly higher.

The Emma Pillow has three different layers to it. The bottom layer consists of ZeroGravity visco-elastic foam which has contouring properties. The second layer is made with a breathable Airgocell which keeps your head and the surrounding area cool throughout the night. The third layer is Emma’s most supportive layer, consisting of HRX Supreme Foam. These three layers are covered by a comfortable and soft cooling cover. The cover consists of Ultra Dry technology which helps you stay cool and comfortable as you sleep.

5. John Lewis Standard Extra Firm Pillow

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John Lewis & Partners Synthetic Washable Standard Pillow, Extra Firm
(Image credit: John Lewis)

Coming in at a cheap price with a two-year guarantee included, the John Lewis & Partners Synthetic Soft Touch Washable Standard Pillow is a great option when looking for an extra-firm pillow. Depending on whether you are a side or back sleeper, this pillow works for both. This means that it will suit everyone. John Lewis & Partners are known for designing and manufacturing very good-quality products to customers across the UK. It has many five-star reviews and it has been rated excellent in both quality and value.

When it comes to choosing a good pillow, it is important to consider the features that it can provide you. Firmer pillows (also known as extra-firm pillows) offer a lot of innovative features for you to help your sleep quality and how you feel when you wake up. The Synthetic Soft Touch Washable Standard Pillow promotes spinal alignment as it relieves pressure from the crucial parts of your head, neck shoulders and the top of your spine. The materials used in the design of this pillow will, hopefully, help users to sleep well and feel comfortable all night.

As well as this, John Lewis & Partners have used ultrasonic technology to seal the pillow’s seams. This helps the pillow stay intact, prolonging its quality and life. You can expect to have an even and balanced pillow with no loose threads or fraying.

(Video credit: John Lewis)

6. Silentnight Firm Support Pillows - 2 Pack

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Silentnight Firm Support Pillows - 2 Pack
(Image credit: Silentnight)

If you want two pillows in one pack, then Silentnight’s double pack of Firm Support Pillows might be what you are looking for. Both pillows in this twin pack have been designed to provide maximum comfort whilst still maintaining a firmer texture. They are also very affordable (one of the cheaper options in this review) and have great reviews.

The pillows are deep-filled with hollow fibre which provides consistent firm support and a soft, comfy feel. As well as this, the pillows are also made with hypoallergenic fibres, making this twin-pack a great option for those suffering from allergies or sensitive skin. You should not only expect head, neck and shoulder support, instead, keep an eye out for softer and hypoallergenic materials.

This product has been designed for side sleepers, but it is up to you when purchasing your ideal pillow. The inner materials of this product are covered by a soft-touch microfibre cover. When looking to maintain a safe and clean sleeping environment, you’ll want to ensure that you can wash your pillows and/or your pillow covers. With Silentnight, you can pop their Firm Support Pillows in the washing machine to keep your bedding protected against harmful materials.

If you’re looking for a twin-pack of pillows, then these might be the ideal purchase for you. The firm fibre core surrounded by the soft plump hollow fibre making it a great option to consider.

Best Firm Pillows In The UK Conclusion

We hope that our in-depth review of the best firm pillows in the UK has acted as a practical guide to help you find what you’re looking for. When shopping, remember to consider what it is you want to gain from a firm pillow. Is it more support, more comfort or both? If you keep in mind what you want and your budget, then you should be able to find a firm pillow that you will enjoy. Use this list to find inspiration and start your search for a good firm pillow.


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