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Best Firm Mattress Topper 2021

Last Updated: July 5, 2021

A firm mattress topper is placed on your mattress to provide additional support and prolong the mattress’ lifespan. They can help to prevent sagging, reduce pressure on the springs, and protect them from general wear and tear.

If you want to save yourself money in the long run, it may be worth investing in a mattress topper, so you don’t have to replace your bed’s mattress for another couple of years. Moreover, a mattress topper can promote good posture and regulate the temperature in your bed✓.

There are generally two types of mattress toppers: soft or firm. If you feel your back is sinking into your current mattress, then you may want to investigate a firm mattress topper for additional support. There are a lot of great (and not so great) products on the market for firm mattress toppers in the UK, so customers have a lot to choose from. But which are the best? That’s precisely what we shall be discussing in our article today.

Keep reading to find out more about the leading firm mattress products in the UK (Important Considerations in Conclusion).

DormeoOctasmart Essentials Mattress TopperMemory Foam60 Nights
8 Years
SimbaHybrid TopperHybridNA Nights
1 Year
Soak & SleepMemory Foam Mattress TopperMemory FoamNA Nights
5 Years
PandaThe TopperMemory Foam30 Nights
10 Years
InofiaGel Memory Foam Mattress TopperMemory Foam100 Nights
10 Years
TempurMattress Topper 7Tempur/ Memory Foam100 Nights
10 Years
Prices are referring to the single size. Information may be subject to change, please check with the brand/manufacturer before purchasing.

1. Octasmart Essentials Firmer Mattress Topper

Up to 50% OFF
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Dormeo mattress sale - Up to 50% OFF selected models | T&Cs apply. Show Less
Octasmart Essentials firmer Mattress Topper
(Image credit: Dormeo)

The Octasmart Essentials firm mattress topper is one of the most affordable products on the market right now. It comes in four different sizes – small, double, king, and super king – for UK customers. The product has a warranty of eight years and comes with a sixty-night sleep trial, allowing people to try the topper and return it if they are dissatisfied. Customers can also receive a free Octasmart Essentials pillow alongside their new mattress topper.

This product can be rolled out, so people are able to easily store their topper or take it with them when travelling. It is available in both ‘firmer support’ and ‘plush comfort’, giving customers a choice between the two. Those who are interested in saving the environment should be pleased to know that the Octasmart mattress topper uses 25% less material and creates less waste. Allergy sufferers will benefit from the hypoallergenic smart cover, too.

The Octasmart Essentials mattress topper has been designed with patented aerospace technology that helps to optimise comfort and support for the sleeper. The soft cover has hundreds of micro pockets that promote air circulation for a cooler night. Beneath this layer, there is a memory foam aerocell filling with 10,000 air channels.

As the Octasmart Essentials mattress topper is made from memory foam, it significantly reduces the transfer of movement. This is good news for couples who share a bed because it means they less likely to wake each other up by tossing and turning throughout the night.

If you want a mattress topper that is breathable and ergonomically designed to provide extra support, this may be a good product for you. People who struggle with allergies or hot flushes throughout the evening will appreciate this topper’s coolness and hypoallergenic properties.

2. Simba Hybrid Mattress Topper

35% OFF
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Simba Discount Voucher Code
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35% off on orders over £300 T&Cs apply. Show Less
(Image credit: Simba)

The Simba Hybrid mattress topper is available in five different sizes: single, small double, double, king, and super king (all UK sizing). This topper has been highly rated both by customers by ourselves in our overall top mattress toppers and been highly praised by well-known organisations such as the Independent.

Simba has engineered this topper to give an instant comfort boost to any mattress and/or bed. It has an anti-slip base to prevent the topper from sliding around during the night. The product is also quite portable – meaning sleepers can roll it up and take it wherever they might go. This might be an appealing feature to people who travel around a lot.

The Simba Hybrid mattress topper is made to be comfortable and cool. It consists of four separate layers; a soft and breathable surface, a cooling open-cell sheet, a layer with 2500 aerocoils, and a support base. The aerocoils are designed to contour to the sleeper’s body, ensuring that they are supported from all angles whilst they rest. Meanwhile, the breathable surface and open-cell layer help to draw heat away from your body.

If you are conscientious about the environment, then you will also be pleased to know the Simba Hybrid mattress topper is eco-friendly. The product hasn’t been manufactured using chemicals like TCPP and phosphate, which have a negative impact on the environment. Instead, the Simba Hybrid topper was created with a ‘purer’ foam that is free of toxic substances.

The Simba Hybrid firm mattress topper is a good choice for people who care about the environment and struggle to sleep without extra support. Looking through customer reviews you will notice that a number of them are in agreement that the topper is firm, a simple 'firm' search in the reviews will reveal the customers thoughts. Overall, it has glowing reviews on the Simba website, indicating the high-satisfaction of this product.

3. Soak & Sleep Memory Foam Firm Mattress Topper

Up to 40% OFF
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Soak & Sleep Discount Voucher Code
Up to 40% OFF | T&Cs apply.
Up to 40% OFF | T&Cs apply. Show Less
soak and sleep firm Mattress Topper
(Image credit: Soak & Sleep)

The Soak & Sleep memory foam product is a slightly more affordable mattress topper for customers who want a memory foam topper without spending too much money. It is available in several different sizes, even emperor. Both UK and Euro sizes are sold by Soak & Sleep. The brand also has a bundle deal, helping people to save money when buying a mattress topper and mattress protector together.

This product is filled with memory foam and has a casing made from a blend of 80% cotton and 20% polyester. It has an expertly designed non-slip base which means that it won’t shift during the night. The topper is 5cm deep with a flat profile. It is also designed to be suitable for all sleepers – whether you lie on your front, back or side.

The Soak & Sleep firm mattress topper has been specially crafted to provide as much orthopaedic support to sleepers as possible. Its memory foam filling helps to remove the pressure from the joints and spine. This material is made to soften with your weight and body temperature, neatly fitting the contours of your form to provide support in the places that you need it. The main problem with memory foam is that it can retain heat, so Soak & Sleep recommends purchasing a cooling mattress protector with this topper to ensure breathability.

Confident in their product’s quality, Soak & Sleep has applied a 5-year guarantee to this mattress topper. Another benefit of this product is that it is easier to clean than most other toppers. Its cover is removable and machine-washable at 40 degrees, so sleepers can keep their beds hygienic.

The Soak & Sleep memory foam topper has a high customer review rating, with most reviewers highlighting its good quality and value for money. This product tailors to all types of sleepers and provides a decent amount of support with its memory foam filling.

(Video credit: Soak & Sleep)

4. Panda Mattress Topper

Up to 30% OFF
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Panda Discount Voucher Code
T&Cs apply.
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panda mattress topper
(Image credit: Panda)

The My Panda Life mattress topper is made from memory foam and bamboo. It comes in 9 different sizes – UK single, EU single, UK double, EU double, small double, UK king, EU king, UK super king, EU emperor. If you have been struggling to find a mattress topper that fits your bed, the My Panda Life selection is worth looking at. This product comes with a 10-year guarantee and 30-night sleep trial, plus free UK delivery and returns.

One of the main selling points of the My Panda Life brand is that is it eco-friendly. This bamboo mattress topper has been made using ethically sourced, organic bamboo that was grown sans pesticides. It’s also delivered with recyclable packaging and stamped as vegan friendly. As such, customers who want to lower their carbon footprint might be attracted to this green product.

Moving on, let’s discuss the 'orthopaedic' benefits of the My Panda Life mattress topper. The product is filled with gel-infused memory foam that reacts to your body when you lie down. Moulding to your body and adjusting to your temperature, this mattress topper is able to provide both comfort and coolness to sleepers. Moreover, it is designed not to lose its shape or density over time.

The My Panda Life mattress topper is also fitted with a removable bamboo cover that is naturally made and smooth to the touch. As this cover can be taken off and washed, it is hygienic. Bamboo also has antibacterial properties, helping to deter microorganisms and parasites like bed bugs or dust mites.

Customers have shown their support for the My Panda Life brand, giving their products thousands of 5-star reviews. If you care about sustainability, this is one of the best extra firm mattress topper UK products. Those who are conscious about hygiene will also appreciate this product’s antibacterial properties.

(Video credit: Panda)

5. Inofia Gel Memory Foam Firm Mattress Topper

Inofia Gel Memory Foam Firm Mattress Topper
(Image credit: Inofia)

The Inofia Gel Memory Foam mattress topper is available in various sizes – UK single, EU single, small double, UK double, EU double, king and super king. Inofia offers a 100-night sleep trial with this product and allows refunds for those that aren’t satisfied with their new mattress topper.

The Inofia Gel Memory Foam topper can be rolled up and taken wherever you go, which is great news for people who travel a lot or often invite guests over to sleep. It has an anti-slip base, stopping the product from moving whilst you roll around during the night. People who like to keep their bed clean will appreciate the fact that the topper has a machine-washable cover, too.

This product is ergonomically designed to provide orthopaedic support to sleepers who suffer from back problems. The gel memory foam is pliable and removes pressure from your body, helping to promote a restorative night’s sleep. This mattress topper is 8cm of firmness, 2cm being made from Gelex memory foam and the other 6cm being made from Laxender relief foam.

The Inofia mattress topper is also made to prevent overheating whilst you sleep. It contains gel beads which are said to be cooling, drawing heat and moisture away from your body, so you remain at a comfortable temperature as you rest. This is especially helpful in the summertime.

The majority of customers gave the Inofia Gel Memory Foam mattress topper a 5-star review, with most people highlighting its comfort and pain-relief properties. The product can be easily returned during the 100-night sleep trial, so it might be worth testing out.

6. Tempur Mattress Topper

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Tempur Mattress Topper
(Image credit: Tempur)

The Tempur Mattress Topper 7 is easily one of the most expensive products on the market. It currently comes in 5 different UK sizes; small single, single, double, king, and super king. Customers who are worried about committing a large amount of money to this topper should know that it comes with a 10-year guarantee and 100-night sleep trial, plus free delivery and returns.

This product has a removable cover that is machine-washable at 60 degrees. It is made from a blend of 25% polyester and 75% cotton. The Tempur brand is also certified as number 1 for consumer satisfaction, so the company deals with any queries or complaints promptly.

The mattress topper is 7cm deep and made from Tempur’s famous memory foam, which is used by NASA and can be found in hospitals throughout the world. The material is said to provide unparalleled support, helping to relieve pressure on the joints and back whilst you sleep at night. It is viscoelastic, too. This means it moves like fluid.

Being one of the most expensive products on the market, we expect the Tempur topper to be incredibly high quality. The company does seem to deliver on this front by performing 67 quality checks on each of their products.

Customers who are looking for the best mattress topper on the market should consider the Tempur Mattress Topper 7. If you are at all dissatisfied, then you can safely rely on the 100-night sleep trial., make sure to read all the fine print.


These are some of the top firm mattress topper products on the market at the moment. Make sure to check them all out before making your final decision.


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