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Best European King Size Mattress 2022


Written by Andrea

Last Updated: 10th January, 2022

If you're on the hunt for a bigger mattress you might want to consider getting a European king-size mattress over a UK king size one. It can be a bit confusing when the mattress brands offer both EU and UK sizes as they are quite similar but at the same time, they're not. It's important to know the difference between the two as getting a European king size mattress for a UK king size bed would be problematic.

But in fact, it isn't that complicated once you know the measurements for the different sizes. In this article, we're clarifying the differences between the EU and UK sizes, what to keep in mind when getting an EU size mattress as well as listing some of our favourite European king size mattresses available on the market today.

(Important Facts, Studies, Advice, Considerations & FAQs In Conclusion)

OTTY Original Hybrid European King Size Mattress HybridMedium-Firm100 Nights
10 Years
Ergoflex 5G European King Size Mattress Memory FoamMedium30 Nights
10 Years
REM-Fit 500 Ortho Hybrid European King Size Mattress HybridFirm100 Nights
15 Years
Tempur Original Elite EU King Size Mattress Memory FoamMedium100 Nights
10 Years
Silentnight Memory 7 Zone European King Size Mattress Memory Foam Medium-Firm 60 Nights
5 Years
Hypnos Ortho Gold Deluxe European King Size Mattress Pocket-SprungFirmNA Nights
10 Years
Prices are referring to the European king size. Information may be subject to change, please check with the brand/manufacturer before purchasing.

1. OTTY Original Hybrid European King Size Mattress

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(Image credit: OTTY)
• Supportive spring layer
• Pressure-relieving foam layer
• Removable and washable cover
• Side sleepers and average weight back sleepers
• Hot sleepers
• Those enjoying the hybrid feel

The Otty Original Hybrid is a truly popular hybrid mattress that has gotten lots of recognition over the past few years. At a firmness rating of 7 out of ten, this is considered a medium-firm mattress which tends to be the most suitable firmness option for most sleepers. It is designed to provide support for your shoulders, neck and hips while comfortably relieving pressure.

Starting from the top, just underneath the cover sits a layer of memory foam, which is known to mould to the sleeper's body providing pressure relief. Next comes a layer of high-density support foam which acts as a transition layer in order to not feel the springs that come next. The core layer of this mattress includes up to 2000 individually encapsulated pocket springs of 16 cm, providing the support of the mattress and responding to the sleeper's movements.

Around the springs sits a study edge-to-edge support layer with airflow technology that is designed to aid in the breathability of the mattress. The base layer is a strong HD base foam, providing a solid foundation for the rest of the layers. The cover is a thick knit that is removable and washable up to 40 degrees and the mattress comes with a 100-nigh trial as well as a 10-year guarantee.

(Video credit: OTTY)

2. Ergoflex 5G European King Size Mattress

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(Image credit: Ergoflex)
• Orthopaedic pressure relief
• Cool-Sleep airflow layer
• Breathable Tencel cover
• People with back problems
• Side-sleepers
• Those who enjoy the feeling of memory foam

This mattress is designed to provide orthopaedic pressure relief to the sleeper, making the Ergoflex 5G mattress a potentially great option for those suffering from back pains, fibromyalgia or similar problems. The mattress consists of three inner layers, all wrapped together by a breathable Tencel cover with vented 3D mesh panels. The cover can be removed and washed at 30 degrees.

The top layer is a visco-elastic memory foam layer which is what provides the pressure-relieving support of the 5G mattress. At the core sits a Cool-Sleep airflow layer which is designed to allow for air to circulate more freely through the mattress and thus improve its breathability. At the bottom, you'll find a high-resilience foundation foam layer that further aids in the supportive nature of the mattress.

You can try the Ergoflex 5G mattress at no risk for up to 30 days and if it's not the right mattress for you the brand will pick it up for free and organise a full refund. If you decide to keep it, it is covered with a 10-year warranty. This mattress has been recommended by a professional specialising in back problems and is highly appreciated by its users.

(Video credit: Ergoflex)

3. REM-Fit 500 Ortho Hybrid European King Size Mattress

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REM-Fit 500 Ortho Hybrid European King Size Mattress
(Image credit: REM-Fit)
• 100-night trial and 15-year warranty
• Firm yet comfortable
• Removable cover for easy maintenance
• Heavyweight sleepers
• Front and back-sleepers
• Those in need of a firmer mattress

Those looking for a firmer European king size mattress might be interested in the REM-Fit 500 Ortho which is a hybrid mattress rated as firm. Featuring a core layer of full-sized premium pocket springs that respond individually to the sleeper's movement, this mattress is designed to provide great support wherever needed. Around the springs sits edge-to-edge support walls of 150 mm that are meant to hold the springs in place and to make it possible to use the entire surface of the mattress.

On top of the springs, we'll find an open-cell memory foam layer that can provide for better airflow through the mattress, making it suitable for hot sleepers. The memory foam is also zoned to provide pressure relief in areas such as the shoulders and the hips. The cover is made of knitted fibre and is thermo-regulating and breathable and can be removed for washing.

High-density foam provides a strong foundation layer at the bottom of the mattress, allowing for two sleepers of up to 20 stone per person to sleep on it comfortably. The REM-Fit 500 Ortho is a single-sided mattress that doesn't require flipping, only occasional rotating head-to-toe. It comes with a 100-night free trial as well as a 15-year warranty which speaks for the quality of the mattress.

4. Tempur Original Elite EU King Size Mattress

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Tempur Original Elite EU King Size Mattress
(Image credit: Tempur
• No flipping or rotating necessary
• Removable and washable cover
• Moulds to the sleeper's body
• Those enjoying the hugging feel of memory foam
• Couples
• People looking for a low-maintenance mattress

The Tempur Original Elite mattress is a popular memory foam mattress that also comes in European king size for those looking for some extra space when sleeping. It is 25 cm deep and consists of four layers, starting at the bottom with two foundation layers that features Durabase technology for a solid base.

Next comes a support layer made of 9 cm Visco-elastic memory foam that is meant to provide good support to the body at rest. The top layer is a 3 cm comfort layer, also made of memory foam, which is known to mould to the sleeper's body, providing great pressure relief in critical areas such as around the hips and shoulders.

The cover of the Tempur Original Elite mattress can easily be zipped open and removed for washing up to 60 degrees. This, and the fact that the mattress doesn't require any flipping or rotating, make it a low-maintenance mattress, suitable for those with busy schedules. The mattress also comes with 100 nights of trial and a warranty of 10 years.

5. Silentnight Memory 7 Zone European King Size Mattress

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Silentnight Memory 7 Zone European King
(Image credit: Silentnight)
• Purotex treated cover
• 7-zoned Miratex foam layer
• Lower-back support
• Those on a tight budget
• Sleepers in need of pressure relief
• People prone to allergies

For those looking for a bigger mattress that doesn't cost a fortune, Silentnight's Memory 7 Zone mattress could be a winner. This all-foam mattress comes comfortably delivered in a box and at a very affordable price compared to other European king size mattresses. The base consists of a durable foam layer that makes a solid foundation for the rest of the mattress.

In the middle sits a zoned Miratex foam layer which is designed to provide support and pressure relief in the right places to the sleeper. The cut-out zones allow for your hips and shoulders to sink a bit deeper into the mattress while providing the necessary support for your lower back and allowing for better spinal alignment. The top layer is a moulding memory foam layer that gently hugs you for enhanced comfort.

The cover is treated with Purotex technology that features friendly bacteria that help keep moisture and dust-mite allergens at bay, making it a suitable option for those with allergy problems. Silentnight offers a 60-day comfort exchange if you're not happy with the mattress and a 5-year warranty. The mattress comes comfortably delivered rolled up in a box and all you need to do is to open it and give it a bit of time to expand before using it.

6. Hypnos Ortho Gold Deluxe European King Size Mattress

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Hypnos Ortho Gold Deluxe European King Size Mattress
(Image credit: Land Of Beds)
• Handmade in the UK
• Quality fillings of cotton, wool and cashmere
• Orthopaedic firm support
• Those looking for a sustainable mattress
• Sleepers who enjoy a firmer feel
• Hot sleepers

Hypnos is a prestigious mattress brand from the UK holding a Royal Warrant which says a lot about the quality of the brand. Their Ortho Gold Deluxe is made exclusively for Land Of Beds, comes in European king size and is a good, luxurious option for those who are ready to spend a little extra on their sleep. The mattress is rated as firm but its layers of fillings are meant to provide a plush sleeping surface.

At the core sits a layer of ReActive 9 pocket springs and the 9 turns of each spring are designed to provide optimal support and comfort while also allowing for better airflow throughout the mattress. Around the springs sit several layers of cotton, wool and cashmere fillings which are known to be very soft, breathable and temperature regulating. The mattress also contains a layer of eOlus Sustainable fibre made from discarded polymer-based bottles which add breathability to the mattress and can help reduce pollution.

The Cocona cover is designed to keep you comfortable and dry as it features activated carbon that has been derived from recycled coconut shells. The mattress is meant to be rotated and flipped regularly and features flag-stitched handles for easy manoeuvring. It is also hand-tufted and comes with three rows of hand side-stitching for a luxurious feel.

(Video credit: Land Of Beds)

How Big Is A European King Size Mattress?

The European king-size measures 160 cm x 200 cm and is just slightly wider than the UK king size which is 150 cm x 200 cm. It might not seem like an impressive difference but when you're sleeping next to a partner, those 10 centimetres can actually make a difference to your comfort if you are one of those close, but not too close, kind of couples. For an average-sized couple, 80 cm each can let you both sleep comfortably in any sleeping position, regardless of how the other person sleeps.

UK Sizes Vs European Sizes

It isn't only the European king-size that differs from the UK king size but almost all EU sizes are slightly different from their UK equivalents. Here's an overview of the most commonly seen EU and UK mattress sizes:

EU Single90 x 200 cmUK Single90 x 190 cm
EU Double140 x 200 cm UK Double135 x 190 cm
EU King160 x 200 cm UK King150 x 190 cm
EU Grand King180 x 200 cm UK Super King180 x 200 cm
European king size mattresses are bigger than UK king size

Types Of European King Size Mattresses

You can find most of the common mattress types in European king size if you do your research well. Not all brands offer EU king size mattresses but if you look at retailers that sell different brands you should be able to find many different options including, but not limited to:

  1. Memory foam mattresses - These are often very popular among couples thanks to their ability to minimise motion transfer. If your partner is a restless sleeper who tosses and turns at night, we recommend that you have a look at some foam mattresses in order to not get disturbed when they move in bed.
  2. Pocket-sprung mattresses - Those couples who enjoy a more traditional, springy feel should look for a European king size pocket-sprung mattress which are often good for sex thanks to their additional bounce. Spring mattresses are also often more suitable to those who tend to sleep hot as they allow for better airflow through the mattress.
  3. Hybrid mattresses - If you can't decide between springs and foam you can also opt for a hybrid mattress that offers the best of both worlds. They come with the supportive nature of a pocket-sprung mattress and the pressure-relieving qualities of a foam mattress and also tend to isolate motion quite well so that you can both sleep undisturbed.
  4. Customisable mattresses - Should you still not be able to agree on certain things, such as the firmness of the mattress, there are also some customisable mattresses available in European king size. These mattresses often lets you customise each side as you see fit making it possible to adjust the firmness exactly the way you want it, ergo no need to compromise.
Couples often like a european king size mattress

What To Consider When Buying A European King Size Mattress

You might have a specific reason why you want to get a European king size mattress or maybe you just want to have that little extra space. Either way, you should consider a few things before purchasing a mattress for several hundred pounds as there might be more costs attached to your new mattress than you'd expect.

First, and most importantly, check the size of your bed. If your bed isn't big enough to fit your European king size mattress you'll need to get a bigger bed which could potentially exceed your budget. Secondly, you might need to invest in new bed linens as the ones you have are likely to be too small for your new mattress. Having to fix your fitted sheet that has come off the corners of the mattress during the night because it's too small is not a fun experience.

sheets for eu king size mattress

Materials And Certifications

Once you've checked that your bed and your linens aren't too small and you've decided what type of mattress you're looking for it's time to start thinking about the materials. This is especially important for those who are prone to allergies or asthma and, of course, those who like to act sustainably.

If you have allergies you'll want to make sure that your mattress is made with hypoallergenic materials and that the cover is resistant to dust mites and breathable. If you value making environmentally conscious decisions, have a look at sustainable mattresses as well as natural and organic mattresses. Check where the materials of your mattress originate and if the brand has a sustainable production, working actively on reducing their carbon footprint.

sustainable european king size mattress

Look for certifications such as CertiPUR, GOLS, GOTS and Oeko-Tex that will ensure the quality of the materials in your mattress and try to steer clear of foam mattresses that don't have any certifications as these could possibly emit high levels of VOC's (Volatile Organic Compounds).

Price, Trial Period And Warranty Of Your EU King Size Mattress

Now that you've checked that your mattress doesn't include any nasty chemicals or heavy metals and that it shouldn't provoke any allergies or similar, it is time for the final considerations. Make sure that the price of the mattress you want fits your budget and if it doesn't, have a look at our discounts page to see if the brand in question is running any special sales or discounts.

You should also check if the brand offers any trial period so that you can try your new mattress for some nights at home before you need to make your final decision and of course, check how long the warranty is and exactly what it covers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I buy a European king size mattress?

Not all retailers and brands offer European king size mattresses but some do. In this article, you'll find some of the top brands that offer this specific mattress size and we would also recommend looking at retailers that work with multiple brands for more options.

Is European king size the same as UK king size?

No. The European king size is 10 cm wider and longer than the UK king size. It measures 160 x 200 cm in comparison to the UK king that measures 150 x 190 cm.

Do I need a special bed for my European king size mattress?

You'll need a bed that measures 160 x 200 cm in order for your European king size mattress to fit. A normal UK king size bed will be too small.

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