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duvets for toddlers

Best Duvets for Toddlers

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If you’re looking for duvets for toddlers, you have come to the right place. The UK has an infinite amount of duvets for toddlers of which to choose from but that’s also exactly the issue.. which duvet is best for my child?

Well, we are here to cut down your time on researching and to advise you on the key important features every toddler duvet should have but also give you our opinion on the best duvets for toddlers for 2020. (SCROLL DOWN FOR OUR TOP 5 PICKS)

Research and Resources for our Best Picks

In making this “Best Duvets for Toddlers” page, we:

  • Researched multiple toddler duvets, taking a deeper look into the materials used, if available how it was made.
  • Looked at customer reviews, as customers usually only submit a review if their duvet was either exceptionally amazing or downright poor.
  • We then reflected on all of this weighed out all their pros and cons to finally highlight the most important facts to include.

Below you will find the main features and characteristics to look out for in duvets for toddlers. These duvets for toddlers advice can also be used by you if you wish to do your own online analysis of the toddler duvets.

NB* Please note that duvets are not suitable for babies (under 12 months old) as this could cause overheating and suffocation.

Toddler Duvet Tog

Before we explain what Tog is suggested for toddlers we may need to fully understand what Tog means in the duvet world.

The Tog measure or rating is the measure of thermal insulance of a unit area. British duvets are rated from 1.5 Tog (cool) and the way up to 16.5 Tog (extra warm).

So now you may be asking what Tog duvet for toddlers should I get? well, it is suggested that toddler duvets should not exceed 4 or 4.5 Togs as small children cannot effectively regulate their own body temperature. You will also have to judge for yourself as depending on the heating of your house this can also affect which Tog is best but you can’t go wrong around a 4 Tog.


This one is a no brainer, duvets for toddlers need to be washable, preferably machine washable and quick drying in nature. I think we don’t need to get into all the possible reasons as to how it can become dirty or messy.

Materials & Anti-Allergy

The materials you would be looking for need to make the toddlers duvet, lightweight, durable, breathable, hypoallergenic but yet still very soft and comforting. Some materials include:

Bamboo – has a texture similar to a cashmere/silk blend, excellent at absorbing moisture (up to twice that of cotton). Bamboo fibre also has natural antibacterial elements and is an eco-friendly and bio-degradable material making it an excellent choice for duvets for toddlers.

Cotton – is very comfortable, inexpensive and versatile.

Polyester – a very resistant material (resists abrasion and wrinkling) making it a very durable and long-lasting material. Polyester is easy to wash and quick drying in nature.

Down – the fine feathers are a touch of luxury with that can keep your child warm in winter and cool in summer. The luxurious life does not come cheap but maybe an investment going forward.

Here is our list of the 5 Best Duvets for Toddlers in the UK right now. (summary table at the end).

1. Panda Kids Bamboo Duvet – £59.95

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Panda toddlers duvet
Panda Kids Bamboo Duvet

The Cloud Duvet by Panda is our top choice if you are looking for a toddlers duvet. This duvet states to be cosy, fluffy and light all made in line with their ethical core beliefs.


The Panda Kids Bamboo Duvet is as its name suggests is crafted with a super-thin, breathable microfibre out of bamboo. As previously mention bamboo has excellent natural properties that make it naturally hypoallergenic and antibacterial, perfect for sensitive toddlers. The outer cover is 100% rayon from bamboo and the inner filling is half bamboo, half nano microfibre.

All of Panda’s products are according to Oeko-Tex Standard 100. Which basically means their products have been tested and are all safe for babies and toddlers with sensitive skin.

Finally, Panda thought the whole customer journey through and decided to create the duvet using a Bavarian sew through technique to keep the filling evenly distributed no matter how often your toddler tosses and turns, that way reducing cold spots.


This toddler duvet has a rating of 4.5 Tog, making it suitable for all year round. The bamboo fibre does well-regulating heat, keeping your child warm in winter and cool in summer.


120cm x 150 cm.


Additionally, Panda has included fasteners on each corner which can be used to secure the Cloud Duvet in place.

Yes, the Panda kids bamboo duvet is also machine-washable (40°) and suitable to be tumble dried at low temperature.

The duvet is delivered at no cost to you within the UK and comes with a 5-year guarantee, that way you really know its made to last.


– Antibacterial and Hypoallergenic Bamboo cover
– Machine Washable
– 4.5 Tog, 120cm x 150cm
– 5-Year Guarantee

2. Eve Little Duvet and Pillow – £35

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eve-little-duvet-and-pillow kids
Eve Little Duvet & Pillow

Now, this comes as a complete set, with Eve you get the Little Duvet and Pillow for the toddlers.


Toddler Duvet – The inner of the Eve toddler duvet is made with a complete hollowfibre fill making it very breathable. This is all wrapped in a 100% polyester duvet casing making it very durable and resistant to wear and tear.

Eve has also sewn the duvet to keep the fillings all equally spread and distributed throughout the duvet. That way it’s not too flat on one side and too bulky on the other. What we particularly like is that the stitching is made in the form of clouds, showing Eve’s dedication to the little things.

To avoid any allergic reactions, Eve has specially treated the duvet that keeps dust mites at bay.

Pillow – The 40×60 cm is made with the same filling and outer as the duvet and is also Allergy UK-approved.


The Eve toddler duvet is 3.5 Tog, which is lightweight yet still warm enough.


120 x 150cm (designed to fit a 70cm x 140cm cot bed).


The little duvet and pillow has also been created to be machine washed at up to 40° and tumble dried on low heat. That way you can easily pop it in the wash for a quick clean.

Interestingly enough, Eve provides free delivery and returns within 14 days, provided the set has not been used. This is all brought together with a 3-year guarantee, if it fails within this time period, Eve will send you a brand new one. Easy Peas.


– Toddler Duvet + Pillow
– Allergy UK approved
– Machine Washable
– 3.5 Tog, 120cm x 150cm
– 3-Year Guarantee

3. Silentnight Safe Cot Bed Nursery Duvet – £10.99

Silentnight Safe Nights Anti-Allergy Cot Bed Nursery Duvet
Silentnight Safe Cot Bed Nursery Duvet

The most affordable toddler duvet on our Best Duvets for Toddlers list. The Silentnight toddler duvet has excellent customer reviews and there is no wonder why.


For this duvet, Silentnight has combined polyester with cotton to create an outer polycotton cover (80% Polyester, 20% Cotton). Thus combining the long-lasting properties of polyester with the softness of cotton. The duvet is then fully stuffed with hollowfibre.

In order to prevent any allergies, the Silentnight Safe Cot Bed Nursery Duvet is coated with anti-allergy protection that way it is very unlikely to cause allergies as well as conditions such as asthma. Important to point out is that the factory producing this duvet for toddlers is OEKO-TEX certified. Which means that the materials used have been tested for harmful chemicals and cleared as harmless.


This lightweight toddler duvet is rated 4 Tog. Which is optimal as it keeps your child snug in winter yet also light enough for summer.


150 x 120 cm.


Happy to see this duvet is machine washable at 40 degrees Celsius and can be tumble dried on low heat. Included is a 5-year guarantee. This is rather rare to see for such an affordable toddler duvet.The Silentnight Toddler Duvet also received a Mother & Baby Award which adds to the confidence seen in this product.


– Anti-allergy protection
– Machine Washable
– 4 Tog, 150cm x 120cm
– 5-Year Guarantee

4. John Lewis Cotbed Duvet and Pillow – £19.20

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John Lewis & Partners Soft Touch Washable Cotbed Duvet and Junior Pillow Bundle
John Lewis Cotbed Duvet and Pillow

Another complete toddler duvet and pillow set. This John Lewis & Partners duvet ranks well on our Best Duvets for Toddlers page because of the great price-quality ratio.


Toddler Duvet – includes a polyester filling which as previously explained, polyester has excellent practicality properties. Not only is it quick drying in nature but also lasts long.

Pillow – Also the pillow has a 100% polyester filling to support your child’s head during the night.


 This toddler duvet is lightweight and received a 4 Tog.


120 x 150cm.


As all toddler duvets should be this John Lewis & Partners duvet is machine washable, making it easy to care for and very practical in this rushed world we currently live in. The polyester materials help for quick drying.

UK deliveries are free on orders above £50, with this toddler duvet and pillow set being really affordable we did bit of investigation and found that the shipping will cost an additional £3.50.

Included in this offer is a 2-year guarantee, ensuring you in the long run if anything goes wrong.


– Toddler duvet + pillow bundle
– Machine Washable
– 4 Tog, 120cm x 150cm
– 2-Year Guarantee

5. Junior Soft Wool Duvet – £35

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Junior Soft Wool Duvet

Finally, to end off our top 5 picks we have the Junior Soft Wool Duvet from The Fine Bedding Company and our only wool filled toddler duvet on the list.


The outer casing is made from 100% sustainably sourced cotton, which is good to see they’re showing their ethical position. The casing is non-allergenic so those toddlers prone to allergies should not have an issue with this duvet. The inner wool fibres are surrounded by a polypropylene liner which is breathable and also acts as additional protection from the fibres escaping.


A lightweight optimal 4 Tog.


The Fine Bedding Company offer this toddler duvet in a few sizes which you can choose from.


Finally, it can be washed at 40°C and tumble dried. Delivery is only free from orders over £50 so the delivery will set you back £3.50.


– Non-allergenic sustanably sourced cotton cover
– Machine Washable
– 4 Tog, multiple sizes

Best Duvets for Toddlers UK 2020 Summary

Panda pillow discount code120cm x 150 cm4.55 Years£59.95
eve mattress discount code uk120 x 150cm3.53 Years£35
Silentnight Discount code uk150 x 120 cm45 Years£10.99
John Lewis discount code120 x 150cm42 Years£19.20
fine bedding discount codeRang of Sizes4None£35

Best Duvets for Toddlers UK Conclusion

We hope this article helped you better understand what to look out for when buying a duvet for a toddler. Of course, you as a parent will know your child best and its important to get feedback from your child how he/she is feeling with their new duvet.

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