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Best Customisable Mattress 2022


Written by Andrea

Last Updated: 13th May, 2022

If you and your partner can't agree on what mattress to get, a customisable mattress could be the solution to your problem. Being able to tailor your own side based on your personal needs and preferences can be incredibly helpful in order to improve the sleep quality of both of you and potentially lead to a happier relationship. A customisable bed is, however, not only suitable for couples. People sleeping alone can also benefit from a mattress that can be customised depending on their current circumstances.

There are various different types of customisable mattresses available in the UK and depending on your needs, one might be more suitable than the other. In this article, we're having a look at some of the best customisable mattresses out there, comparing their different features and prices for you to hopefully find one that you like.

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Una Organic Mattress DeluxLatex24 cmYes100 Nights
10 Years
Tweak Customisable MattressFoam25 cmYes100 Nights
10 Years
Dormeo S Plus MattressFoam20 cmYes60 Nights
15 Years
Silentnight Yours&Mine MattressHybrid / Pocket sprung31-32 cmYes 60 Nights
5 Years
Bed Factory Customisable MattressPocket sprung / Hybrid25 cmNoNights
Prices are referring to the smallest size. Information may be subject to change, please check with the brand/manufacturer before purchasing.

1. Una Mattress Organic Mattress Delux

Una Organic customisable mattress Delux
(Image credit: Una Mattress)
• Customisable on both sides
• 100% Carbon neutral mattress
• Organic mattress with certified materials
• People looking for a sustainable mattress
• Couples with different firmness preferences
• Maximum body weight of 125 kg per sleeper

Those who share their bed with a partner know that sometimes you need to compromise on certain things. Una has made it possible to easily customise a bed entirely after your own needs, even if you're sleeping next to someone with entirely different ones. The Una Organic Mattress Delux is a customisable mattress that gives you the possibility to have the exact firmness that you prefer on your side of the bed while your partner can also have theirs.

The Una Organic Mattress Delux comes with 4 layers in total. Three individual layers for each side - one soft, one medium and one firm - and a top layer that goes across both sides of the bed. To set up your mattress, simply place the mattress cover on your bed frame and start customising each side as you want them by placing the layers as best suits you. Finally, place the top layer across the two sides for a feeling of a single-unit mattress and zip it all together. The layers come with 7 zones for optimal support and pressure relief.

As the name suggests, the mattress is made with organic latex and organic cotton and wool cover and the materials are certified by organisations such as GOLS, GOTS and Control Union amongst others. The mattress is 100% carbon neutral, comes with a 100-night trial and a 10-year warranty. This is a great option for those who don't want to compromise on their own comfort while making conscious choices for the environment.

(Video credit: Una Mattress)

2. Tweak Duo Customisable Mattress

Tweak customisable mattress
(Image credit: Tweak)
• Customisable comfort zones on both sides
• 100-night trial
• Washable, hypoallergenic cover
• People with allergies
• Those enjoying a hybrid feel
• Couples with different firmness preferences

Tweak has created a way of customising your mattress easily by rearranging the comfort zones in the mattress as per your and your partner's different needs. The mattress consists of 4 layers in total. Starting from the bottom with a layer of full-sized individually pocketed springs that adds to the support and bounce of the mattress. Around them sits a wall of sturdy base foam to provide edge-to-edge support while maintaining the springs in place.

On top of the springs goes the comfort zones which have a modular design that you can arrange as you please by connecting the corrugated bottom of the zones to the base. As a standard, you'll receive 3 super soft, 4 medium and 3 firm zones that you can place wherever you need more or less support. On top of the comfort zones goes a cooling comfort layer, designed to provide pressure relief and to wick away moisture thanks to its open-cell structure.

Keeping everything together is a hypoallergenic cover made of a visco-elastic polyester blend. The cover is washable at 30 degrees which can help to keep your mattress fresh for a longer time. This hybrid mattress can be a good option for those couples who don't want to compromise on springs versus foam or their desired firmness. It also comes with a 100-night trial for you to decide whether or not it is the right mattress for you.

3. Dormeo S Plus Mattress

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Dormeo S Plus Memory Foam Mattress
(Image credit: Dormeo)
• Anti-bacterial and anti-dust mite cover
• Breathable Octaspring foam springs
• 15-year warranty
• Those looking for a foam mattress with some bounce
• Couples needing support in different body areas
• Most bed frames except adjustable beds

This mattress from Dormeo features over 30 different comfort possibilities (excluding the single size) and a spring shaped foam layer, giving you the individual response of springs together with the comfort of foam. The core layer features the brand's patented Octaspring technology in an S-shaped curve, inspired by the natural curvation of the human spine and giving the mattress its name. This layer can be rotated head-to-toe depending on if you want higher support around your shoulders and less around your hips or vice versa.

The core layer is designed to offer higher breathability compared to normal foam while the Octaspring springs are arranged in different firmness levels, creating body support zones. Around the Octaspring layer of this customisable mattress sits two comfort layers made of breathable Ecocell foam and each side has its own density - pink for firmer support and grey for a softer comfort.

By zipping off the cover you can easily flip the layers and arrange them as per your preferred firmness and support. The cover is anti-bacterial and anti-dust mite and features quick-drying Climalite silver that is meant to wick moisture away from the sleeper's body, leaving them fresh and cool during the night.

(Video credit: Dormeo)

4. Silentnight Yours&Mine Customisable Mattress

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Silentnight Yours&Mine Customisable Mattress
(Image credit: Silentnight)
• Simple and efficient dual firmness design
• Hybrid design
• Three different comfort options to choose from
• King and Super King size beds
• Those looking for simplicity
• Couples looking for a sustainable dual firmness option

Silentnight now offers a customisable mattress for couples that, as the brand states it, puts compromise to bed. The idea is simple, yet effective. All you need to do is to decide on the type of comfort layer you want, choosing from three different types of fillings, and on the firmness that you want on your side of the bed.

The mattress consists of two separate units with a spring base containing 1000 springs in total and you can choose between a soft, medium or firm feel. On top of the two units goes a single comfort layer that is meant to make the mattress feel like a single unit and to provide the type of comfort you want.

You can choose between hugging memory foam, providing pressure relief, Silentnight's own Eco fillings that are breathable and kind to the earth, or gel-infused comfort fillings, meant to aid in spinal alignment and with pressure relief. You can zip the three units together to make everything stay in place and the mattress will come delivered in three different packages for easy manoeuvering and assembly.

5. Bed Factory Customisable Mattress

Bed Factory Pocket Customisable Mattress Builder
(Image credit: Bed Factory)
• Three different surface options
• Up to 3000 pocket springs
• Possibility of adding an additional comfort layer
• Those wanting a 100% personalised mattress
• Most standard-sized beds
• Sleepers needing an orthopaedic mattress

Bed Factory is a bed retailer and manufacturer with more than 30 years of experience in supplying and manufacturing mattresses and beds of high quality, both under their own brand as well as for other industry leaders. Their website offers a mattress builder tool where you can customise your mattress after your own needs. The tool allows you to decide on the type of surface you want, your desired firmness, the number of springs you'd like in your mattress as well as fillings and size.

You can combine up to as many as 3000 pocket springs with their standard, natural fillings, and if you'd like, you can also add an additional comfort layer of memory foam or latex. The brand offers two types of firmness ratings, medium for the average sleeper and orthopaedic for those who need some extra support due to back pains or sleeping positions that require some additional firmness.

For the surface, you can choose between hand-tufted damask, hand-tufted soft-knit and a micro-quilted cover, depending on what finish you're looking for. The brand doesn't offer dual firmness mattresses but if you and your partner have different preferences you can always order two singles that are tailored to your personal needs. This could be a good option for shoppers on a tighter budget.

What Is A Customisable Mattress?

A mattress can be customisable in a few different ways such as size and shape but what the brands are usually referring to when they say a mattress is customisable is the possibility of personalising your side of the bed differently from the other side. Depending on the brand you might be able to tailor every aspect from the firmness of your mattress to the materials used in the layers to the type of cover you want.

A customisable mattress is not the same as a zip and link mattress which is a mattress that can be attached to another one through a zipper or similar, although the user profile is often very similar.

Who Can Benefit From A Customisable Mattress?

Those who look for a customisable mattress often sleep next to a partner who has different needs than themselves when it comes to the mattress. This can be caused by personal preferences, as well as physical factors such as medical conditions or even differences in weight between the two sleepers.

Let's imagine a couple sleeping on a standard medium firmness mattress where one person is overweight and the other is lightweight. The person that is overweight might be too heavy for the medium mattress and sink too deep, misaligning his or her spine night after night while the lightweight sleeper feels like the mattress is way too firm and doesn't get the pressure relief that he or she needs.

In this case, the heavy sleeper could benefit from a firm mattress, suitable for heavy people while the lighter sleeper maybe needs a soft mattress. By getting a customisable mattress you could combine these two mattresses into one and thus obtain better sleep quality for both parties.

Did you know?
Research✓ suggests that poor sleep quality could possibly affect the quality of your relationship.

Bad sleep could affect your relationship

Customisable Single Mattresses

Some mattress brands don't even offer single-sized customisable mattresses as it's usually quite easy to find something from their standard collections that is suitable for a single sleeper. But nevertheless, there are also those who sleep alone who can benefit from a customisable mattress.

People suffering from Sciatica or other types of pains in their backs and legs can occasionally want a slightly firmer mattress or a mattress with castellated zones to provide better support and pressure relief to certain points of their bodies. A customisable mattress where you can rearrange the layers depending on your current needs can be of great help in these situations.

Single customisable mattresses exist

Different Types Of Customisable Mattresses

There are different types of customisable mattresses available on the UK market and not all mattresses are structured the same way. Some brands offer mattresses that are entirely made of foam which often come with several foam layers of different firmness ratings that you can connect to one another like a puzzle, placing the layers the way it works best for each one of you. Once you have connected all the layers you simply encase them with the zippable cover and you're good to go.

Others come with two base units, often including pocket springs and giving you the possibility of selecting different spring tensions for the two units depending on your needs. On top goes a layer or two of fillings that are usually identical for both units and on top goes a single-unit comfort layer. This can sometimes be customisable too, giving you the possibility to choose between materials such as memory foam, latex, natural fillings or gel-infused foam, depending on what additional preferences you both have apart from the firmness.

How To Choose A Customisable Mattress

As previously mentioned, there are a few different types of customisable mattresses available so you might want to have a sitdown with your partner and discuss what your exact needs are to see which type of mattress suits you both best.

If you agree on most things except for the firmness of your mattress, you could possibly benefit from one with two base modules and a single-unit top in order to get the sensation of sleeping on a single-unit mattress. However, if your preferences also vary in terms of areas of support and pressure relief you should check out a brand that offers a customisable mattress where you can personalise each layer. Even these ones often come with a top layer that spans across the entire mattress and takes away the feeling of two separate mattresses.

There are also those brands that offer customisable mattresses that don't come with a dual firmness rating. These could be an option for those couples who have completely different needs as you can order two single mattresses tailored to your personal needs and just place them next to each other on the bed frame. If it's important to you that it looks and feels like a single unit mattress you can always place a mattress topper on top of the two mattresses.

A customisable mattress can feel like one single unit

Things To Look For In A Customisable Mattress

Apart from the type of customisable mattress, you should also consider a few other things in order to find the most suitable one for you:

  1. Springs vs. Foam - Some people love the hugging feel that memory foam mattresses offers while others feel suffocated and prefer a bouncier spring mattress. Take a momento to consider what type of mattress you are currently sleeping on and whether or not you enjoy it.
  2. Materials - Those who are prone to allergies or asthma should put some thought to the type of materials they want in their comfort layer as these can be crucial for your health. Steer clear of foams that aren't certified by organisations such as CertiPUR, GOLS, GOTS or similar, ensuring that no harmful chemicals have been used in the process. Look for green and organic materials that are healthy both to you and the environment if possible.
  3. Additional needs - While you're anyway designing the optimal mattress for you, don't just settle for the right firmness level, dream big. Think about what gives you a good night's sleep and see if you can include that in your mattress. Is it being able to sleep cool without waking up feeling overheated? Then look for a mattress with cooling properties such as gel-infused foam or other breathable materials. Do you need additional support in your lumbar area in order to not wake up feeling sore? Check for a mattress where you can customise the zoned parts.
A customisable mattress can be a single or a larger size

Is Sleeping Next To Your Partner Always Good For The Relationship?

Most people who live together with a partner also sleeps next to them and research has shown that it's not uncommon to experience behavioural and physiological changes when being separated from our romantic partner momentarily due to travels or similar.

But is it always a positive thing to sleep next to someone, or are there moments or circumstances where it might be better to sleep in separate rooms? A study✓ shows that there seem to be bidirectional associations between interpersonal interactions and sleep habits, meaning that couples who have had more negative interaction throughout the day slept worse at night and couples who had a good night's sleep experiences a more positive interaction between them during daytime.

Couples that sleep well tend to be happier

The Importance Of A Good Sleep Environment

It is clear that getting good sleep is important for us to stay healthy and functional and while sleeping next to a romantic partner can bring many benefits it also comes with more risks of interrupted sleep, both for you and your partner. Some disruptive factors can be harder to solve, such as snoring or a restless partner, but there are things you can do to minimise the risk of your sleep getting disturbed.

Setting up a suitable sleep environment that works for both is crucial as it could help solve some of these possible problems and it starts with finding a good mattress that works for the two of you. A few things to keep in mind when setting up your ideal sleep space and routines are:

✓ Look for a couples mattress that suits both your needs. If you can't agree on one, a customisable mattress with dual tension could be the right choice for you.✗ Sleep in a too hot or cold room. Find a temperature that works for both of you and try to always sleep in that temperature.
✓ Be respectful of each other's sleep schedules. You might not always go to bed or get up at the same time but respect the other persons rest while you're up and they are asleep.✗ Use a mattress with high motion transfer if one is a restless sleeper as this will disturb both of you. Look for memory foam or hybrid mattresses rather than springs.
✓ Communicate your needs for a good night's sleep to your partner and ask what they need.✗ Sleep in the same bed or room if you don't think it's beneficial for your sleep long-term.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I customise my mattress?

Yes, some brands offer the possibility for your to customise your own ideal mattress by selecting things like firmness, comfort layers, materials etc. Some brands even offer dual firmness options, meaning that you and your partner can have your own firmness.

Which is the best customisable mattress?

Our sleep preferences are very individual. While some only care about the firmness of their mattress, others want to control every aspect of it. Depending on the brand you can customise more or fewer parts of your mattress so do your research and find a brand that meets your needs.

How do I know how to customise my mattress?

Have a think about what you like and what you dislike about your current mattress If you are unsure of what you want, look for a brand that offers customisable layers where you can experiment with different firmness ratings to find the right one for you.

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