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Best Coverless Duvet 2022


Written by Kyle

Last Updated: 10th January, 2022

Are you looking to upgrade your sleep environment? If so, a coverless duvet might be exactly what you are looking for. Nowadays, the sleep market is full of high-quality products that promote optimum comfort and support meaning there is always something to suit everyone’s needs. With that being said, there is also now more competition within the industry as new and established businesses are beginning to develop the best products for their customers.

One product that people are longing for is a coverless duvet. It might sound odd to some to have a coverless duvet, but they are popular as they can be easily maintained. Maximising how comfortable you are while you sleep should be a priority, which is why you should do enough research before you purchase a product.

This article consists of an all-encompassing review of some different no cover duvet products sold right here in the United Kingdom (Important Considerations in Conclusion).

Night Owl100% Smartfil® Polyester from Recycled PET Bottles4.5, 7 & 10.5£35
UtopiaSiliconized Fiberfill Alternative10.5£24.99
HansleepHollow Fiber10.5 & 13.5£19.99
Scotts of StowPolyester10.5£39.95
Prices are referring to the smallest size. Information may be subject to change, please check with the brand/manufacturer before purchasing.

1. Night Owl Coverless Duvet

Night Owl Coverless Duvet
(Image credit: Night Owl)

One coverless duvet that customers are loving is that of Night Owl. Coming in at an affordable price, this coverless duvet might be the perfect upgrade for your sleep space. The Fine Bedding Company have been designing and manufacturing high-quality bedding products for over 100 years. The brand was founded in 1912 and soon began supplying bedwear to cruise liners and then delved into creating luxurious bedding for customers and hotels across the world. The Fine Bedding Company team are wholly innovative as they ensure their products are suitable for domestic use. If this wasn’t enough, they also ensure all materials they use are responsibly sourced, ethical and sustainable.

All too often peoples’ sleep schedule is tarnished due to having poor quality bedding. This is specifically the case when a duvet does not stay put in a duvet cover. With this, a coverless duvet is a perfect alternative. It is available in 4.5 tog, 7 tog and 10.5 tog meaning you can choose how warm it will keep you throughout the night. If you prefer to remain warm while you sleep, then a higher tog is preferable.

The Night Owl coverless duvet is protected with its very own cover, so you don’t need to bother popping another duvet cover on top. The cover tightly envelopes the inner materials of the duvet, so you can sleep peacefully with everything around you tight and intact. The cover is also made of microfibre which is described as a very soft and sumptuous material.

This specific duvet comes in five different colours – Dusk Pink, White Seersucker, Aurora Green, Twilight Blue and Cloud Grey. It is also safely packed in a reusable duffle bag. You can pop your duvet in this bag if you enjoy switching duvets between seasons, or you can keep some other products inside. It is also machine washable at 40 degrees; it’s useful to double-check the care instructions before you wash so keep this in mind. All of these features might make The Fine Bedding Company’s Night Owl a great option for a coverless washable duvet.

2. Utopia Bedding Coverless Duvet 

Utopia Bedding Coverless Duvet
(Image credit: Utopia)

With thousands of excellent reviews and coming in at a reasonable price, the Utopia Bedding Box Stitched Duvet could be a great option. Reviewers believe it is very cosy and comfortable which is what you should be looking for in a coverless duvet. You can expect the product to come vacuum-packed in a reusable zipped back which is perfect for storing away.

Utopia Bedding has designed its Box Stitched Duvet in four different colours – Grey, White, Navy and Black/Grey. The design has remained neutral, so it should suit your sleep environment. When shopping for a coverless duvet, some people worry that they won’t find the right colour to suit their bedrooms. However, the fact that Utopia Bedding has chosen neutral colours can allow you to have peace of mind that the colour you choose will suit your sleep space. To get the best of both worlds, you can opt-in for the Black/Grey option as this is reversible, allowing you to choose which colour you want when you make your bed each day. This particular duvet also comes in four size options (Single, Double, King and Super King) at a 10.5 tog. With this, you can expect it to be a little warmer than other duvets so you should keep this in mind.

One of the best features that customers love about Utopia Bedding’s Box Stitched Duvet is the box pattern and piped edges. This keeps the duvet fillings balanced and even across the whole surface and prevents the fillings from clumping in corners. The fillings consist of a plush siliconized fibre fill down which should help keep you warm.

3. Hansleep Coverless Duvet

Hansleep Coverless Duvet
(Image credit: Hansleep)

As apparent in the name, Hansleep has designed and developed a coverless duvet that is designed to be perfect for all seasons. It comes in at a reasonable price and is 10.5 tog, so you can trust that it’ll keep you warm in the colder months whilst regulating your temperature throughout the summer. Reviewers note how soft and luxurious the coverless duvet is, making it a good duvet without a cover option for some homeowners.

Hansleep develops all of its products with the customer in mind as they ensure each product fulfils customers physical and comfort needs. The Hansleep team want to help their customers develop a healthier sleep space and a comfortable lifestyle, and their coverless duvet allows them to do so. This duvet is made from hypoallergenic microfibre polyester, coming in at 300-450 GSM. This means that it will be breathable and fluffy which aids comfort and sleep ease. Moreover, the hypoallergenic nature of the duvet’s fillings means that it is suitable for those who tend to suffer from allergies. This can give you peace of mind while you sleep, knowing that you shouldn’t be disturbed by dust mites or harmful bacteria.

This particular duvet is entirely machine washable but as with all bedding, it comes with specific care instructions. For instance, you must wash, and tumble dry this duvet at a colder temperature, separate from all other materials. It is also useful to keep in mind that it’s not suitable for bleaching, ironing or dry cleaning.

4. Scotts of Stow All-in-One Coverless Duvet

Scotts of Stow All-in-One Coverless Duvet
(Image credit: Scotts of Stow)

This coverless duvet is sold at a slightly higher price range than some of the others discussed in this article. It comes in five different colours – White, Pink, Mint, Lavender or Blue – which allows you to suit the colour to your bedroom’s décor. It is also available in a Single, Double, King or Super King size so they’ll certainly have one for you to choose from.

The ‘All-in-One’ description refers to the 10.5 tog, making it perfect for the colder and warmer months. With this, you wouldn’t have to worry about switching your duvet as the seasons pass, you can simply rely on this coverless duvet. The 10.5 tog is also an easy weight to wash, so you can expect it to wash and dry in no time at all. There are also matching pillowcases available.

Many people tend to opt-in for a coverless duvet because they want to easily maintain it and because the duvet may be getting lost in a duvet cover. This is often the case, and this becomes even worse when people find themselves moving around a lot throughout the night. If you are one to constantly toss and turn during the night, you might find that your duvet bunches up in one corner of your duvet. This can often result in waking up feeling stressed and uncomfortable. Scotts of Stow All-in-One Coverless Duvet might be the best option to prevent this and to help you stay comfortable throughout the seasons.

5. ZTBXQ Coverless Duvet

ZTBXQ Coverless Duvet
(Image credit: ZTBXQ)

The ZTBXQ Duvet Cover is currently being sold on Amazon and is loved by many customers. It comes in a variety of colours including pink and grey and weighs approximately 2.5kg. The fabric is made from a pure cotton antibacterial fibre which is known as a fleece or ‘teddy bear’ material. It is very soft and sumptuous and keeps you perfectly comfortable all night long. What’s also great about the materials used to create this coverless duvet is you don’t need to spend money on extra blankets and materials to keep you cosy while you sleep. The fleecy nature of the duvet keeps you comfortable.

ZTVZQ’s Duvet Cover is also fully machine washable which allows you to maintain a clean and hygienic sleep space. When washing this duvet, a note of advice would be to check the washing instructions that come with the cover. The fact that it is machine washable and comfortable means you can take it to the sofa with you stay cosy while you relax! It’s also useful for transporting so if you can pack it with you if you decide to travel or if you are a student leaving home.

The nature of the antibacterial cotton fibre also means that the cover is very breathable. Cotton as a material is known to have cooling properties meaning this duvet will regulate your body temperature while you sleep. This makes it a great option for people who want to stay comfortable and cosy while being cool at the same time. It might be the best of both worlds!

6. Dunelm Coverless Duvet and Pillow Set

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Coverless Star 4 Tog Duvet and Pillow Set
(Image credit: Dunelm)

If you live in the UK, then you’ll know how trusted Dunelm are as a designer and manufacturer. They are well-known for creating excellent quality products at affordable prices and usually feature in family homes across the country. Parents know they can rely on Dunelm to deliver safe products for their child’s bedroom and the Coverless Star 4 Tog Duvet and Pillow Set meets these expectations.

Coverless duvets and pillows are very popular among families with younger children as they do not present the same safety concerns as a duvet cover or pillowcase (BS5335). For example, free-flowing bedding can sometimes be a choking hazard, and this becomes even more of a hazard if the child constantly rolls around while they sleep. This is why families opt-in for a coverless duvet, so they can sleep with peace of mind knowing their children are sleeping safely.

Dunelm’s Coverless Star 4 Tog Duvet and Pillow Set comes at a very affordable price and features a star design. It is made from polyester and has a soft outer layer which makes it a great option to keep your child comfortable all night long. Another feature about this cover is that it is machine washable, which is required when it comes to children’s bedding.


Overall, this article has discussed some coverless duvets currently on the market. Each one varies in price, but all are affordable in most circumstances.

When choosing your coverless duvet, the main thing to consider is the duvet’s materials as this will influence how comfortable you are. Moreover, the materials will also largely impact how warm you are each evening. This is when it’s useful to consider what tog to purchase.

To conclude, before you purchase a coverless duvet, you must consider your personal circumstances, preferences and affordability.

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