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Best Cooling Pillow 2021

Last Updated: July 5, 2021

When you head to bed in the evening, you want to ensure that you get a good rest. So, what happens if your room is too warm, or your bedding isn’t suitable for your body temperature? Without a cooling pillow or cooling mattress topper, you may find yourself tossing and turning at night, leaving you feeling tired when you wake up and affecting your day.

According to a study published✓, heat exposure affects slow-wave sleep (SWS) and rapid eye movement sleep (REM), whereas cold exposure does not affect sleep stages.

Different pillow types✓ can affect its temperature retention. Some of the best cooling pillow options are designed to maintain the correct temperature and circulate the air in your bedroom at night. They can also wick away the moisture so that you wake up feeling refreshed rather than warm and sweaty.

To help you find a cooling pillow, we have searched online and come up with our top recommendations.

Read on to hear more about these pillows – hopefully, we can help you to find the right solution (Important Considerations in Conclusion).

TempurComfort CoolTouch PillowTEMPUR® Material Micro-cushionsCoolTouch™ coverNA Nights
3 Years
REM-FitSnow PillowMemory Foam CrumbNordic Chill FabricNA Nights
5 Years
SilentnightWellbeing Cool Touch PillowHollowfibreCooling Gel PadNA Nights
2 Years
SimbaHybrid PillowNanocube FoamAir Vent System & Stratos coverNA Nights
1 Year
Kally SleepCooling PillowFoam & HollowfibreAir Vent System14 Nights
2 Years
JMLChillmaxGelInner GelNA Nights
1 Year
Prices are referring to the smallest size. Information may be subject to change, please check with the brand/manufacturer before purchasing.

1. Tempur Comfort CoolTouch Pillow

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Tempur Comfort CoolTouch Pillow
(Image credit: Tempur)

The Tempur Comfort CoolTouch pillow from Dreams is a pillow that offers a medium or firm comfort grade. It has been designed to suit any sleeping position and offers support where you need it. Not only is it comfortable for a range of different sleeping styles, but it is designed to keep you cool thanks to its impressive design.

This pillow features the same materials that you would find in other impressive Tempur material micro-cushions. This allows you to enjoy a firm feel and your head, neck and shoulders should all be supported as you sleep. Dreams has a range of other excellent cushions and mattress toppers that feature this material for an all-round comfortable sleep.

The cooling properties come from the CoolTouch cover that has been added to the Tempur cushion. Cooler yarns have been woven into this cover that allows any heat to be absorbed by the pillow. This ensures that the pillow is cool to touch. This allows you to enjoy a restful sleep without having to flip the pillow.

When you purchase this pillow from Dreams, you’ll get a 3-year guarantee. It can also be easily washed in the washing machine at 40 degrees to keep it fresh for longer. The Tempur Comfort CoolTouch Pillow has hundreds of reviews. These reviews suggest that it can help with back pain, as well as keeping you cool at night.

Overall, we believe that this pillow is most suited to those who need to relieve pain and enjoy a comfortable night’s sleep. Thanks to the unique cover, you’ll also stay cool each night.

2. REM-Fit Snow Pillow

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REM-Fit Snow Pillow
(Image credit: REM-Fit)

Are you looking for something that can dissipate your body heat quickly? According to REM-Fit, their Snow Pillow can do this up to 10 times faster than another pillow that is made from cotton. This allows you to have a restful sleep and get ready for the day ahead. The Snow Pillow is suitable for any sleep position.

This pillow has been made with Nordic Chill fabric which creates a cooling effect on your skin. It is made to dissipate the heat coming from your body and even cool through the sheets. On the inside, you’ll find memory foam which adds to the overall comfort levels of the pillow. By wrapping the memory foam in the Nordic Chill fabric, you’ll find that it is effective in regulating the temperature.

If you are looking for something that blends advanced cooling technology and memory foam comfort, this option might be worth looking into a bit more closely. When you buy this pillow directly from REM-Fit, you’ll get a 5-year guarantee on the workmanship and materials. So, if you start noticing yourself overheating at night again, you can get in touch and request more information on how to proceed.

The Snow Pillow is very reasonably priced considering the technology that has been used to create it. You’ll get free next day delivery when you purchase from REM-Fit. This brand is very respected in the home interior industry and they have a range of products that come highly recommended.

Overall, it is clear that this pillow is suitable for those looking for something completely different. It appears to be much more effective than cotton pillows.

3. Silentnight Wellbeing Cool Touch Pillow

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Silentnight Wellbeing Cool Touch Pillow
(Image credit: Silentnight)

Do you find that you have excess body heat when you sleep? If the answer is yes, then you may benefit from the Silentnight Wellbeing Cool Touch pillow. This premium cooling pillow comes with a cooling pad that is touch-activated, allowing you to remain cool throughout the night. It has a medium firmness that supports you as you sleep. This pillow is suitable for those who sleep on their side or back.

The cooling technology and materials in this product are really quite impressive and innovative. On the pillow, you’ll find a cooling gel pad that is activated when you put pressure on it. This allows you to stay cool as you sleep and wake up feeling refreshed. The gel is made to absorb any heat as you move around and cool over time.

Comfort is also considered in this cooling gel pillow thanks to the super-soft knitted zipper cover. You won’t need to flip the pillow during the night, allowing you to rest. The good news is that this Cool Touch pillow can be washed in the washing machine, allowing you to keep it fresh and hygienic.

Silentnight is a tried and tested brand and is a household name in the UK. When you purchase from their website, you’ll get free UK delivery. They have a range of pillows so, if the cooling pad isn’t for you, you can find something else more suitable from their collection.

Overall, it is clear that this innovative design is something to consider. Not all cooling pillows come with a cooling pad and so you might find that this is perfect for you.

4. Simba Hybrid Pillow

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Simba Hybrid cooling Pillow
(Image credit: SImba)

The Simba Hybrid Pillow has been designed using astronaut-inspired technology to ensure your temperature is properly regulated as you sleep. This cooling pillow is one of the leading options for consumers in the UK and it offers a range of benefits. There are six layers that blend together to ensure you are both comfortable and cool.

One of the most notable advantages of the Simba Hybrid pillow is that it comes with hundreds of Nanocubes. These allow you to create your perfect pillow by adjusting the firmness and height before you sleep. This means that you’ll always be comfortable as you will be in control of the nanocubes.

So, how does it keep you cool? The cooling properties are down to the variety of layers making up this pillow. Starting from the bottom, you’ll find that the breathable cotton comes from BCI sources. This is topped with a microfibre filling that is hypoallergenic and soft. Air flows carefully through the pillow thanks to the mesh border and the Aerelle cool night fibres. These help to dissipate the heat and ensure you are cool until the moment you wake up.

You’ll also find that the top layer includes Stratos active temperature regulation that works alongside your body to keep you cool. Thanks to the open-cell foam Nanocubes, you’ll also benefit from air escaping to keep you cool.

This pillow comes highly recommended by customers who have given it a try. It has thousands of reviews with many noting how it is supportive, flexible and keeps you cool. Clearly, this option is best for those looking for something innovative.

(Video credit: Simba)

5. Kally Cooling Pillow

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Kally Cooling Pillow
(Image credit: Kally Sleep)

The Kally Cooling Pillow offers a medium firmness at around 6 out of 10, allowing you to remain comfortable and cool as you sleep. According to Kally Sleep, it helps to ventilate the air and it is suitable for both back and side sleepers. Weighing in at 850g, you’ll find that this pillow may be suitable for keeping you cool at night.

This pillow has been designed by experts and it combines an air-permeable inner air vent with hollowfibre. This filling ensures that there is a cool layer that regulates the temperature as you sleep. In addition to this, you’ll find that there is a 100% cotton cover added to this pillow which helps to absorb minimal heat, allowing you to always find the cool side of the pillow.

If comfort is also a priority to you, you may benefit from the elastic inner-foam layers that will mould to your neck and head as you sleep. This pillow has a medium firmness and can be easily fluffed and plumped by hand to keep it in a good condition.

According to Kally Sleep, this cooling pillow is suitable for those experiencing hot flushes caused by menopause. Thanks to the air-vent system, you will be kept perfectly cool as you sleep. If you aren’t sure about purchasing this pillow, you should know that you’ll get free delivery and a 14-night sleep trial to make sure that you are happy with the product.

Customers who have purchased this cooling pillow have rated it highly with a few mentioning both the comfort levels and the cooling effects. Overall, it should be suitable for anyone hoping to find the cool side of the pillow and get through the night without overheating.

6. JML Cool Pillow

JML Cool Pillow
(Image credit: JML)

A cooling pillow UK doesn’t have to break the bank and that’s why the JML Chillmax Cool Pillow has made our list. This product features naturally cooling gel which ensures that you aren’t overheating when in bed or even driving your car. It can be used on top of a pillow, or a cushion, depending on your requirements.

The inner gel on this pillow reacts to the temperature of your body as you sleep. This then absorbs the heat and is designed to cool you down. This makes it the perfect budget option for those who are looking for a natural cooling effect and hoping to get a better night’s sleep.

One thing to note about the JML Cool Pillow is that it needs to be used alongside another pillow in bed. So, you will want to find something comfortable to pair it with. You can easily place it inside your pillowcase or have it directly in contact with your skin. It can be cooled further by placing it in the fridge before use. This is mostly advised on hot summer nights.

JMX also recommend that the JML Chillmax can be used to soothe aching joints. Thanks to its cooling properties, you can relax and wake up feeling refreshed. Of course, make sure to talk to your doctor before using this for medical purposes.

This product is portable and easy to roll up. You don’t need to refill it so don’t worry about that. You can purchase this directly from Amazon, where you’ll find some excellent reviews. Customers note that it allowed them to cool down and enjoy a calming rest.

Overall, this product may be the preferred option for those who are not yet ready to commit to a high-end cooling pillow or mattress. You can try out this budget option before investing in something a bit more effective. Of course, portability is certainly an advantage that is worth considering.

Cooling Pillow Conclusion

With the right cooling pillow or cooling pillow pad, you can stop waking up tired. Why not check out some cooling pillows UK have to offer.

Just make sure to consider your budget carefully and check out some of the benefits of each option. Some might use cooling pads while others will focus on inner materials to create the cooling effect. Hopefully, we have helped you to find something suitable.


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