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Best Cooling Pillow 2022


Written by Daniella

Last Updated: 29th January, 2022

Many factors contribute to the quality of our sleep, and one of the most common complaints from sleepers is that they get too hot. "Hot sleepers" may experience this discomfort for many reasons, and the addition of specialised bedding for cooling purposes may help to eliminate or at least minimise the problem.

Cooling pillows are designed and constructed specifically for this purpose, ensuring a cool and comfortable sleep. In addition to the cooling qualities, always be sure you consider factors such as firmness, loft, and materials used so that the pillow is optimal for your specific needs and preferences. Discussed below is a review of some of the most highly rated cooling pillows on the market.

(Important Facts, Studies, Advice, Considerations & FAQs in Conclusion)

Tempur Comfort CoolTouch PillowTEMPUR® Material Micro-cushionsCoolTouch™ coverNA Nights
3 Years
REM-Fit Snow PillowMemory Foam CrumbNordic Chill FabricNA Nights
5 Years
Silentnight Wellbeing Cool Touch PillowHollowfibreCooling Gel PadNA Nights
2 Years
Simba Hybrid PillowOpen-cell Nanocubes® FoamStratos® layer and open-cell foam Nanocubes®NA Nights
1 Year
Kally Sleep Cooling PillowFoam & HollowfibreCooling foam insert 14 Nights
2 Years
JML ChillmaxGelInner GelNA Nights
1 Year
Prices are referring to the smallest size. Information may be subject to change, please check with the brand/manufacturer before purchasing.

1. Tempur Comfort CoolTouch Pillow

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Tempur Comfort CoolTouch Pillow
(Image credit: Tempur)
• TEMPUR® Material Micro-cushions
• CoolTouch™ cover
• 3-year guarantee
• Those with a higher budget
• Any sleep position
• Individuals who prefer a firmer feel

The TEMPUR® Comfort CoolTouch™ Pillow uses specially developed TEMPUR® Material Micro-cushions to offer a firmer feel and support as well as comfort for your head, neck and shoulders. This pillow is suitable for all sleeping positions and comes with a Dreams exclusive CoolTouch™ cover. The technology offers cooler yarns woven into the cover that combine conductive and heat absorption qualities and gives a cool to the touch sensation.

This standard-size pillow comes with a 3-year guarantee and has a removable cover that can be washed in the washing machine. The manufacturers recommend that you plump the pillow regularly to help keep that sumptuous feel. This pillow is on the pricey side; however, customers overall rate this product very highly. Some commenting that in addition to keeping them cool throughout the night, it has helped reduce back pain.

2. REM-Fit Snow Pillow

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REM-Fit Snow Pillow
(Image credit: REM-Fit)
• Memory Foam Crumb core
• Nordic Chill fabric cover
• 5-year guarantee
• Those who prefer memory foam
• Any sleep position
• Individuals seeking a mid-range buy

The REM-Fit Snow Pillow may be a good potential option if you're looking for advanced cooling technology combined with memory foam comfort. This pillow consists of a viscoelastic (memory foam) crumb filling, a 100% polyester inner cover, 45% Ice yarn and 55% polyester outer cover.

Manufacturers claim that the Nordic Chill fabric helps dissipate body heat ten times faster than cotton for a restful sleep climate. In addition, the material feels cool to the touch and effectively regulates temperature for optimal comfort. The outer cover is machine-washable at 40 degrees Celsius, and the inner foam core can be sponge-cleaned.

The Snow Pillow is suitable for all sleep positions, and a 5-year guarantee against defects in workmanship or materials is offered. Customers reviews are generally excellent, many people commenting that it is both cooling and comfortable.

3. Silentnight Wellbeing Cool Touch Pillow

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Silentnight Wellbeing Cool Touch Pillow
(Image credit: Silentnight)
• Gel cooling pad
• Pressure-activated
• 2-year guarantee
• Those who prefer a medium firmness
• Back or side sleepers
• Those who prefer to buy British

The Silentnight Wellbeing Cool Touch Pillow comes with a specialised cooling gel pad designed and constructed to absorb excess body heat, ensuring a cool and comfortable sleep. The gel is cool to the touch and pressure-activated, so there is no need to flip the pillow through the night.

This pillow is of medium-firmness offering an optimal balance of comfort and support. Manufacturers claim it most suitable for side or back sleepers. There is a super soft knitted zipped cover for ultimate comfort. The Cool Touch pillow is machine-washable making care and cleaning easy. Silentnight offers free UK delivery, and there is a 2-year guarantee.

4. Simba Hybrid Pillow

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Simba Hybrid cooling Pillow
(Image credit: Simba)
• Stratos® active temperature regulation layer
• Open-cell foam Nanocubes®
• 1-year guarantee
• Allergy sufferers
• Those seeking an adjustable height
• Eco-conscious individuals

The Simba Hybrid® Pillow has been designed with space-inspired temperature regulation and could be a good option for those searching for a pillow with cooling qualities and adjustable height and firmness.

Six different layers have been combined in this hybrid pillow to ensure optimal comfort and coolness. You'll find a breathable cotton covering from the bottom up, then a soft, breathable, hypoallergenic microfibre fill above this. Next is the layer of breathable and lightweight open-cell foam Nanocubes® with a mesh border facilitating maximum airflow. The nanocubes can be added or removed to customise the height and firmness of the pillow. Then, there is the Stratos® active temperature regulation layer, which absorbs, stores and releases heat when you need it, ensuring optimal sleep temperature.

This product is CertiPur certified and therefore not harmful to you or the environment. In addition, Simba-Pure foam is free from pollutants and made with sustainability in mind. Simba offers a 1-year guarantee on the Hybrid pillow, and customers review this product very highly - many people mentioning how comfortable and supportive the pillow is.

(Video credit: Simba)

5. Kally Cooling Pillow

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Kally Cooling Pillow
(Image credit: Kally Sleep)
• Cooling foam insert
• 14-night sleep trial
• 2-year guarantee
• Back and side sleepers
• Those seeking a 6/10 firmness
• Individuals happy to hand-wash

The Kally Cooling Pillow is made up of 100% cotton outer cover with vented walled sides surrounding blown hollowfibre with a cooling foam insert. In addition to functioning as an air-permeable "air vent", the elastic inner-foam layer offers flexibility, moulding with your head and neck to ensure natural spine alignment. The lightweight cover absorbs minimal heat whilst its advanced foam core technology regulates surface temperature.

Manufacturers describe the firmness as a 6/10 and claim the pillow is suitable for back and side sleepers. It is recommended that this pillow is hand-washed and dried naturally on a flat surface. A 14-night sleep trial is offered as well as a 2-year guarantee. Customers who have purchased this cooling pillow have rated it highly, some people commenting that it gives them the desired cooling and comfort they require.

6. JML Chillmax Pillow

JML Cool Pillow
(Image credit: JML)
• Cooling gel pad
• Can be refrigerated for extra cooling
• 1-year guarantee
• Those on a tight budget
• Frequent travellers
• Multipurpose pillow

The JML Chillmax pillow is essentially a gel inlay that can provide cooling as an addition to your existing pillow. It can be inserted into your favourite pillow - under the pillowcase or placed on top for maximum cooling. The gel inside the pillow reacts to your body temperature to absorb excess heat, drawing it away from your skin to produce a natural cooling effect for up to three hours.

It can be used as a pillow, mat, or cushion, and for extra cooling, can be refrigerated before use. There is no need for water or refilling. In addition, this pillow could be used for its cooling effects around sore joints - however, one should always consult a doctor before using it for medical purposes. The Chillmax is portable and travel-size and can be wiped clean when necessary. Manufacturers offer a 1-year guarantee on this product, and overall, customers seem to be satisfied with their purchase, commenting that it is both useful and affordable.

What Is A Cooling Pillow

The term “cooling pillow” refers to any pillow that prevents heat retention and provides a cool or neutral temperature sleep surface. Cooling pillows are designed and constructed to facilitate increased airflow, prevent heat retention, and encourage heat to be drawn away from the body. They may be made from different materials, such as gel-infused memory foam or latex. In addition, the pillow cover materials are often breathable and moisture-wicking.

What is a cooling pillow

Why We Sweat

We all know what sweat is but perhaps haven’t thought about why it happens and how it helps to cool us. Our body core temperature✓ is usually around 37 degrees celsius. When our body temperature starts rising, a small region in our brain (the hypothalamus) sends a message to our eccrine sweat glands, which are distributed all over the body, to start producing sweat to cool us down. Our bodies then use energy in the form of heat to remove the sweat from our skin - evaporation. As our excess body heat is used to convert beads of sweat into vapour, the skin’s surface cools. Sweating thus helps to regulate body temperature.

Why Sleeping Cool Is Important

It is well understood that sleep deprivation can be debilitating and compromise our quality of life. An appropriate sleep environment is critical to achieving adequate quality and quantity of sleep. Many factors affect sleep, and temperature plays an integral role✓.

  • A decline in core body temperature has been shown✓ to increase the likelihood of falling asleep and may facilitate a deeper sleep and sleep duration.
  • People generally tend to sleep better in a cool environment✓ and the best room temperature is said to be between 15.6 to 19.4 degrees Celsius.

We usually experience a drop in body temperature✓ while sleeping; however, some people “sleep hot” without any underlying pathologies or apparent reasons. 

Causes Of Night Sweating

It is well documented that night sweats can be a symptom of menopause, autoimmune diseases, malignancies, and infections; however, many people without these conditions experience overheating at night. Research✓ shows that questions about night sweats to be among the most frequent questions asked by patients, yet any evidence-based explanations are still lacking.

Causes of night sweating

systematic review✓ focusing on night sweats concluded that the cause and management of night sweats remain largely unexplained. However, certain things that were shown to make people sweat at night include blood pressure medications, antidepressants, alcohol, or eating too close to bed. These things can disrupt temperature control mechanisms.

Regardless of the reason, some bedding may help alleviate these night sweats, and some may exacerbate them. The best way to maintain your bed at the right temperature is to choose appropriate bedding. A cooling mattress, cooling mattress topper, or cooling pillow may potentially be a way to offer hot sleepers a cool, comfortable, restful sleep. It is worth noting that if you have any concerns that your overheating is due to any medical issues, it is advisable to see a doctor.

Cooling Pillows: Considerations

A cooling pillow should draw heat away from the body, and certain materials can do this better than others. In addition to cooling properties, your pillow should also offer the optimal comfort and support for your head and neck. Therefore, it is essential to be clear on your personal needs and preferences and well-informed about your options to make the most well-informed decision.

Cooling pillows considerations
  • Cooling properties: Cooling pillows are constructed with materials that naturally promote airflow, actively draw heat away from the body, and do not retain heat. Natural materials such as cotton are naturally breathable and prevent heat retention. In addition, gel, copper and graphite are materials that can draw heat away from the body and dissipate it.
  • Sleeping position: Different sleep positions usually require a pillow with different firmness and loft (height). Side sleepers usually need a softer pillow with a higher loft that fills the space between the neck and shoulders. Stomach sleepers generally prefer a firmer, thinner pillow that doesn’t lift the head too much, and back sleepers need somewhere in the middle.
  • Firmness level: Cooling pillows commonly have a medium-soft to medium-firm feel. The softer pillows may be composed of down, or shredded memory foam and the firmer pillows are often made of solid foam or latex.
  • Pressure relief: The correct pillow should provide optimal support, comfort and pressure relief in the neck and shoulders. It should contour to the head and ensure correct spinal alignment.
  • Loft: Loft refers to the height of the pillow, and the choice of loft will depend on your sleeping position as well as personal preference. Some cooling pillows have an adjustable loft, which may be useful if you want to remove or add filling to change the height of the pillow.
  • Price: As with all bedding, the price will be largely determined by the materials and quality. The more expensive pillows are more likely to be made of higher quality materials, use more advanced technologies, and have a longer lifespan.
  • Trial period: Some manufacturers offer a trial period with the pillow - this may be useful for those who are not sure of their needs and what will suit them best. Be sure always to read the fine print.

Cooling Pillow Fill Materials

The type of pillow fill often comes down to individual needs and personal preferences. Certain materials have specific qualities that can offer you optimal cooling, as well as other benefits.

Cooling pillow fill materials


Natural latex is harvested from the sap of rubber trees and is known for being soft and supportive. It is biodegradable, flame resistant, quiet, and resistant to mould, mildew and dust mites. In addition, this material is durable and helps with temperature regulation making a latex pillow a good potential choice for hot sleepers.

Memory Foam

Memory foam (often called viscoelastic) is made using polyurethane material that is sensitive to body heat and allows it to contour to your body, providing pressure relief, comfort and motion isolation. However, traditional memory foam is known to trap heat due to the density of the material, so be sure to look for an open-cell memory foam pillow or one infused with gel or copper to draw heat away from the body.


Gel particles or beads can be added to other fill materials (generally foam) and can pull heat away from the body, maintaining a cool surface, thereby facilitating temperature regulation. These gel-infused foams are, however, often on the more pricey side.

Down Alternative

Down alternative is a synthetic form of traditional down, made with the down feathers of ducks or geese. It is usually constructed with a polyester microfibre, and the material mimics the soft plushness of a goose down pillow. Down alternative is less likely to retain heat than down and is also usually more affordable.

Sweating: Interesting Facts

As we know, sweating is a bodily function that aids in temperature regulation. Below are a few things about sweating you may find interesting:

Sweating interesting facts

Frequently Asked Questions

How to use a cooling gel pillow?

Gel pillows can be used directly as your sleep surface, or you can put them into a pillow case - this will be dependent on the pillow itself and be sure to always read the instructions first.

Which cooling pillow is best?

The best cooling pillow will be largely dependent on your individual needs and preferences. There are, however, certain factors to consider, such as the cooling properties, feel, support, sleep position, and price.

How does a cooling gel pillow work?

Cooling gel pillows are designed and constructed to facilitate increased airflow, prevent heat retention, and encourage heat to be drawn away from the body. They may be made from different materials, such as gel-infused memory foam or latex.

2 comments on “Best Cooling Pillow 2022”

  1. Is there a gel pillow suitable for placing at the bottom of the bed to keep feet cool at night ?

    1. Many gel pillows have cooling effects and should be suitable to be placed at the end of the bed. If you prefer a flat surface, a thin gel pillow could be a good option. Bamboo pillows are also a good choice as they also have cooling effects.

      If you prefer some elevation for the feet, you can try a wedge pillow - look out for materials with cooling effects or materials. There are also many cooling pads that would be suitable for your feet that you can find on Amazon.

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