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Best Chair Bed 2022


Written by Kyle

Last Updated: 10th January, 2022

Creating space for guests can be difficult in smaller houses. We do not always have the space to be able to commit to a full guest bedroom, but we also don’t want to leave our guests with no-where but the sofa or a makeshift mattress if they do decide to sleepover. This is why chair beds are a fantastic option.

Chair beds are not as bulky or as heavy as their sofa bed counterparts, making storage easier. This makes them perfect to tuck into the corner of a room as needed. A chair bed could also be the perfect option if you have a social child who enjoys holding sleepovers with their closest friends. Having a chair bed in their room gives them an extra surface most of the time, but the option for a single bed if they need it.

Adding extra places to sleep in a home can be very difficult, but there are some clever ways to do it for those willing to add them in and convert chairs into comfortable beds with style and function. A chair bed is a stylish way to have an extra sleeping surface hidden away. Though it might get more use as a chair over a bed, it is still a worthy investment to make. You will also often find that these are more affordable than full sofa beds. A sofa bed might be out of your current budget, making a chair bed the perfect inexpensive addition to your home.

Here we have compiled some fo the best chair beds UK wide (Important Considerations in Conclusion).

MADEHaru Single Sofa Chair BedNA£199
Natalia SpzooFold Out Guest Chair BedNA£55
KyotoKelso A-Frame Sofa Bed1 Year£499
CASART2-in-1 Armchair BedNA£117.95
John LewisKix II Single Chair BedNA£179
NAVersatile Fabric Chair Bed20 Years£499
Prices are referring to the smallest size. Information may be subject to change, please check with the brand/manufacturer before purchasing.

1. Haru Single Chair Bed

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haru single sofa chair bed
(Image credit: MADE)

The Haru chair bed is available from MADE. They are a well-known furniture supplier that create high-quality pieces without an expensive price tag. If you want a chair bed that unfolds to create a proper bed and not just a mattress that unfolds on your floor, the Haru bed could be the right choice for you.

This is a modern-looking chair bed that will no doubt fit into many people’s homes. You have the option between a single bed or a 2-seat bed that will offer a bit more room, but both are inexpensive options.

The chair cover is available in a range of colours. A more neutral option would be their Marshmallow or Cygnet Grey colours, but you could also choose Quartz Blue, Butter Yellow, or Sherbet Blue. You can also pick a faux sheepskin finish. Each of these colour choices comes with a different colour chair leg for the bed. Some come with chrome, others with light wood and others with black metal.

The mattress for this bed is made of foam. It stands at a height of 78cm, with a width of 77cm and a depth of 86cm. If you want to find a bed that is inexpensive while offering the chance to grab an actual bed for your guests to rest on, this is a fantastic option.

(Video credit: MADE)

2. Natalia Spzoo Fold Out Sofa Chair Bed

natalia spzoo chair bed
(Image credit: Natalia Spzoo)

The Natalia Spzoo chair bed is a simple yet stylish futon-style guest bed that will sit neatly in any room you could place it in. When unfolded, it measures 200cm in length, with a width of 70cm and a height of 10cm. This makes it long enough even for most adults to be able to enjoy a good night’s rest on it.

It has a foam core and a 100% microfibre polyester cover. This makes it very comfortable whether you are just sitting back on the chair or you need to unfold it for a restful night’s sleep. It

This bed comes in a variety of colours. Some of these beds come in colours that are brighter than others, so you could easily pick a new bed that fits in with your interior design choices. More neutral options include grey, beige, and brown. However, as well as a range of soft, neutral colours, you can also find pink, red, orange, purple, and green on offer.

This chair bed comes highly rated by those who have bought it thus far. It can be bought through Amazon. This is a fantastic option if you want to ensure that the transaction is handled securely.

Delivery is also easy to arrange so you can receive the chair bed at a time that is the most convenient for you. If you are searching for an inexpensive chair bed that requires no assembly – just unfold and it’s good to go – this is going to be a brilliant option for you to consider.

3. Kelso A-Frame Sofa Bed

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kelso frame chair bed
(Image credit: Dreams)

Some people like their furniture to be multifunctional, with extra storage and other benefits. If you are searching for a bed that could be sleep multiple people and not just the one extra, the Kelso A-frame is going to be the right product for you. This quality bed comes in single, small double, and full double.

If your household are the social butterflies who always have someone needing a place to kip for the evening. You need not think about where you are going to squeeze in the extra bedding for this bed – the Kelso comes with an optional storage section that you could use to stash some blankets and pillows! This concealed drawer is accessed by lifting the base of the bed and measures 24cm in height by 71cm in width, and 44cm in depth.

When opened out into a bed, a single-sized Kelso A-frame measures 190cm in length and stands 40cm high. This chair looks like a comfortable and inviting surface that anyone would be happy to curl up on when visiting your home. Should they decide to spend the night, they get to take advantage of the responsive foam that will support their body perfectly as they sleep.

The Kelso A-frame comes in 6 stylish colours. You could opt for something more neutral in charcoal, mink, nickel, or nutmeg, or you could choose a bold but still attractive mulberry or teal for your bed.

The cover itself is crafted from faux suede, so it is soft to the touch and very comfortable to relax on. Should you buy the bed through Dreams, one of the UK’s most popular bed suppliers, you also get the advantage of a 1-year guarantee.

4. CASART Armchair Bed

casart armchair bed
(Image credit: CASART)

For those who want an armchair bed that can deliver both form and function, the CASART is the perfect option. This product has two wheels in addition to its legs so you should not have any issues moving it around your home as you need. So often, we have to rearrange furniture to be able to unfold extra beds, but the wheels of the CASART make this an easy task to master.

The design of this futon chair is rarer than most you will see on the market as it actually comes with armrests. You need not worry about these getting in the way when the chair unfolds, however – they neatly end up underneath the bed. The CASART also has an adjustable backrest to make it a comfortable chair to recline in if you just want to kick back and enjoy your day.

The bed itself is made from a thick sponge that is designed to be comfortable to rest on. It has a removable and washable polyester cover that comes in an attractive terracotta colour called Coffe or a light cornflower blue. These eye-catching colours could very easily make the CASART the centrepiece of any room it is placed in.

It also comes with a pillow that you are going to be able to use both with the seat and as a place to rest your head when the bed is folded out.

This armchair bed can be ordered through Amazon, though the product will be dispatched from CASART themselves. However, having a third-party seller will help you give you some peace of mind about the security of the transaction.

This is an inexpensive option that comes highly approved from those who have already purchased it.

5. John Lewis Kix II Chair Bed

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john lewis single chair bed
(Image credit: John Lewis)

Anyone searching for a practical and utilitarian chair bed for sleeping and sitting on should check out the Kix II product from John Lewis. This is a simple boxy design when folded up into its chair position, but it unfolds into a comfortable bed for a restful night’s sleep.

The bed is made of foam, designed to properly support the body no matter how someone might choose to sleep on it. You should also find this is still a comfortable option when assembled into a chair.

John Lewis is one of the most trusted brands in the UK. They have a reputation for lasting quality, and this seems evident in the Kix II bed.

When ordering from them, you will get free delivery for the UK mainland. They will try to deliver the item within 7 days, though this can be dependent on where you live. The night before your delivery, you will recieve information about the 2-hour window of delivery when you can expect your chair to arrive. The delivery team will make sure that this chair goes where it is supposed to within your home.

The chair itself has a height of 41 cm, and a height and width of 60cm. It comes in two colours, Hatton Dark Pacific which is a pleasant blue, and Hatton Steel which is a grey. Both of these would fit in nicely with many wider colour schemes and will help this chair bed to tie perfectly into the room you want to place it in.

6. Versatile Fabric Chair Bed

fabric chair bed
(Image credit: Furniture Village)

If you are searching for a chair bed that is close in design to a futon, this Versatile Fabric Chair Bed is going to be a brilliant option. This bed can be bought exclusively through Furniture Village. Their delivery services are quick and affordable, and you can pay to have them either bring the bed to your doorstep or into its new room within your home.

This chair bed comes with a 20-year structural guarantee and you can also purchase an optional 5-year protection policy from Furniture Village to help keep things looking fresh and neat for much longer.

This elegant chair unfolds into a comfortable bed for visitors to enjoy. The bed comes in a variety of neutral or muted colours that would fit with any number of design schemes within a home. Whether you want to select a truffle, a sapphire, a lilac, or something more natural like latte, you are going to find a colour for this bed that suits you.

When open as a bed, this measures as being 41cm high, 189cm in length, and 72cm in width. This bed is a perfect size for a variety of size of people, whether you are an adult or a child. If you want to be able to offer guests a brilliant bed to rest in, this bed is a great option to have in your home.

Chair Beds Conclusion

Chair beds are a lot more convenient than their sofa or day bed, trundle bed counterparts as they are far more space-saving. If you have limited room in your property but need to make sure that you have somewhere your guests can sleep, investing in a chair bed is always going to be a great move. This means that you can stretch out and chill out on a surface that will be comfortable enough for a night or two, though a real bed will always top them.

The manoeuvrability of these sofa chairs also cannot be denied. We often have our rooms set up in very specific ways. It can be difficult to fit additional furniture in here and also leave space that will allow them to unfold and create a whole bed.

The advantage of a chair bed is that it is often lightweight and very easy to manoeuvre. No matter how your rooms are currently set up, you should have no trouble moving the sofa chair to an empty space where you will be able to unfold it and create a space where any visitor will be happy to have a kit. They are an affordable way to add extra sleeping areas to your home and are most definitely worth the investment.


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