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Best Caravan Mattress 2022


Written by Andrea

Last Updated: 10th January, 2022

A caravan mattress can have pretty much any shape or size and not all mattress brands are able to offer this type of mattress as it requires special knowledge of the industry and good craftsmanship. Caravanning is very popular in the UK and many people even live in their caravans all year round. According to statistics by the NCC there were over 1.1 million leisure accommodation vehicles being used in the UK in 2017.

The importance of a good mattress for your caravan is just as big in your home on wheels as in your regular home. In this article, we're having a look at some of the brands in the UK that specialise in mattresses for caravans or other leisure vehicles, as well as brands that offer custom sized and shaped mattresses. We're also covering the most important things to consider when looking for the best caravan mattress for you and your needs.

(Important Facts, Studies, Advice, Considerations & FAQs In Conclusion)

DuvalayFoam, Pocket-SprungMedium,
JonicFoam, Pocket-Sprung, HybridMedium-Soft, Medium, Medium-FirmYes£199.99
MattressmanFoam, Pocket-Sprung, HybridSoft, Medium, Medium-Firm, Firm, Extra-FirmNo £106.25
Linthorpe BedsFoam, Pocket-Sprung, HybridSoft, Medium, Medium-Firm, FirmYes£174.95
Made 2 Measure MattressesFoam, Pocket-Sprung, HybridSoft, Medium, Medium-Firm, Firm, Extra-FirmYes£99.99
Prices are referring to the smallest size. Information may be subject to change, please check with the brand/manufacturer before purchasing.

1. Duvalay Caravan Mattresses

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Duvalay offers products both for the home and outdoors
(Image credit: Duvalay)
• Specialised in caravans
• Can be cut to any shape
• Limited firmness ratings
• No hybrid option

The exciting success story behind the Duvalay brand started back in 2003 when the founders Liz and Alan Colleran, who are both outdoor enthusiasts, suffered from insomnia caused by uncomfortable caravan mattresses and decided to do something about it. Soon they had developed their first caravan mattress topper and shortly after they appeared on Dragon's Den and got funding to further build the brand.

From there it went straight uphill and today the brand offers both normal mattresses but also caravan mattresses, toppers, bedding and more. Their custom caravan mattresses are very popular and come in three different types- D-Roll, D-Lite and D-Luxe. Each one has its own characteristics, such as D-Lite being up to 45% lighter than other traditional caravan mattresses, which can help you save money on fuel, or the D-Lux that comes with supportive pocket springs.

Ordering a custom caravan mattress from Duvalay is easy. All you need to do is to select the approximate width and length in a menu of options, as well as the make and model of your caravan and they will send you a drawing of the mattress for that caravan to confirm before proceeding. Should anything be unclear they will contact you to make sure your bespoke caravan mattress arrives just the way you want it.

(Video credit: Duvalay)

2. Jonic Caravan Mattresses

Jonic caravan mattress
(Image credit: Jonic)
• 12-month guarantee minimum
• Specialised in caravans and other leisure vehicles
• Higher priced than others
• Limited firmness options

Jonic is a family business specialised in custom made mattresses and bed linen for caravans, motorhomes, boats and other types of leisure vehicles. Their mattresses are handcrafted in the UK using high-quality materials and fillings and all mattresses have at least a 12-month guarantee for you to sleep more peacefully.

With many years of experience in the industry, the brand has partnered with several of the most common caravan and motorhome manufacturers to be able to offer a tailored mattress service that fits the bed frames perfectly. To buy a mattress, simply scroll through the drop-down menu of the brands, models and years and select your exact vehicle. Should it not be on the list you can always call the brand and give them your model or the exact measurements that you need.

Once you've found your vehicle's brand and model you can decide on the type of mattress you want between different types of foam, spring counts and hybrid options and then the founders Jon and Nicky (hence the brand name) and their team will get to work on your new custom made caravan mattress.

3. Mattressman Custom Size Mattresses

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Mattressman Discount Voucher Code
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Mattressman sells caravan mattresses
(Image credit: British Bed Company)
• Lots of special sizes to choose from
• Wide variety of firmness ratings and types
• Predetermined sizes
•  No special shapes available

Mattressman started out in 2004 with a single store in North Walsham, Norfolk and today they are one of the UK's biggest mattress specialists, selling hundreds of different mattress models across the country, both in stores and online. Mattressman takes great pride in its customer service team and quick delivery service. You could receive your new mattress already the next day if you place your order before 4 pm and the delivery is free to the UK mainland.

While mostly known for their standard mattresses, Mattressman also offers a wide array of special sized mattresses for caravans and other sleep spaces that might require some more rare dimensions. You can select your desired size easily through a grid on their website and it will take you to all available options for that size, including memory foam mattresses and pocket-sprung mattresses from a variety of different brands.

In total there are more than 200 different sizes to choose from so there should be something for all shapes, preferences and budgets. Mattressman also has a trade option for those looking to buy custom mattresses in bulk for a hostel, hotel, university dorms or similar.

4. Linthorpe Beds Caravan Mattresses

Linthorpe Beds caravan mattress
(Image credit: Linthorpe Beds)
• Up to 6 years warranty
• Can be cut to any shape
• No extra-firm options available
• Brand is mainly focused on standard mattresses

Linthorpe Beds has been in the retail game for over 30 years now, offering a wide selection of products and focusing on good customer service and competitive prices. The brand has come a long way since its humble beginnings at Linthorpe Road Middlesbrough, today operating out of 3 bigger showrooms and their website which launched in 2012.

This has made the brand grow to the point where it was crowned National bed retailer of the year in 2020 which says a lot about its success. Apart from regular mattresses, the brand also offers custom made caravan mattresses in any size or shape that you might want and they offer it fast. Next-day delivery is available for most rectangular mattresses and should you need a different shape, such as a cut-off corner, there's no problem and it will likely take between a few days up to a fortnight for the mattress to arrive.

The website clearly explains what you need to send the brand in order to receive your bespoke caravan mattress and there's a number you can call if you have any doubts. They offer foam mattresses, open coil and pocket-sprung mattresses, some with reinforced borders and they have a 6-year warranty on their DuraLite range. On top of this Linthorpe Beds offers free delivery and disposal of your old mattress.

5. Made 2 Measure Mattresses Custom Sized Mattresses

Made 2 Measure Mattresses caravan mattress
(Image credit: Made 2 Measure Mattresses)
• Budget-friendly options available
• Offers old mattress disposal service
• Brand is mainly focused on standard mattresses
• Delivery times of up to 3 weeks

With over 20 years of experience, the family-run business Made 2 Measure Mattresses knows how difficult it can be to find a good and comfortable mattress for your caravan, boat or other special sized sleeping areas. The couple, Gemma and Ben, decided to put together a collection of high-quality mattresses made to measure and at an affordable price.

If you've decided to get yourself a custom made caravan mattress you should have a look at what Made 2 Measure Mattresses offers. Their mattresses span across most firmness levels and even offer extra firm options for those needing added support. They come with pocket springs, all memory foam or hybrid options and offer different thicknesses depending on your needs.

Once you've found a mattress that suits your preferences, you'll be asked to fill out an online form Made 2 Measure Mattresses make their mattresses in the UK and their delivery times are approximately 2-3 weeks at an affordable rate. For a smaller extra cost, they also offer a disposal service for your old mattress.

(Video credit: Made 2 Measure Mattresses)

Finding The Perfect Caravan Mattress

Getting a caravan is something that many people have dreamt about for years and those who finally decide to take the leap and go for it rarely regret it. The freedom that a caravan can bring you is unparalleled and can be the perfect compromise between luxury travel by aeroplane and budget travel, such as going camping.

But nevertheless, a caravan comes with big initial expenses and we often have a clear idea of what we would like it to look like and what things it should include. Some people go all-in on decor and smart features, while others choose to keep it more minimalistic. But something that most people would agree is fundamental is a proper bed.

A caravan mattress, unlike a camping mattress, is likely to be slept on for a slightly longer period of time so it's important to make sure that we do our research to make sure that we find one that is a good substitute for our normal one at home. The last thing you want is to have to cut your trip through Italy short because your back has had enough of your terrible bed.

Take a moment to consider the following points to make sure that you've thought of every detail before purchasing your caravan mattress and you should be good to go on your next adventure.

Do your research to find a good caravan mattress


At home, we usually have some spare space and can be a bit more flexible when it comes to the size of our bed but in a caravan, size most definitely matters. Not only can the space be extremely limited and we might need to size down from what we're normally used to, but caravan mattresses are often not standard sized and shaped mattresses.

While some caravans can actually fit standard sizes such as single, double or even bigger in some cases, others can have very random measurements and even shapes. These are some of the most common caravan mattress shapes:

  • Rectangular - Standard, rectangular shaped.
  • Nearside - Rectangular shape with the lower left corner cut off.
  • Offside - Rectangular shape with the lower right corner cut off.
  • Island - Closed U-shaped, flat on the upper part and rounded lower part.
  • Island with bolster - Same as the island but with an added bolster on the upper part.

Should your caravan bed not be any of these shapes, you should opt for a mattress from a brand that makes them 100% to order. You can usually fill out a form on their website with the exact measurements that you will need for your caravan mattress and then they will contact you with a quote and go over material options and mattress types before making your final decision.

Size matters in a caravan mattress

Caravan Mattress Types

Caravan mattresses can be just as good as any standard mattress if you look underneath the cover. Some brands offer custom-sized mattresses with advanced features such as cooling gel layers, breathable latex or natural and organic mattresses but there are three types that are the most common ones:

Type Of Caravan MattressDetails



Foam mattressesThere are different types of foam, such as memory foam and latex infused foam. Usually cheaper and more lightweight than mattresses with springs.
Foam mattresses tend to retain heat and be less supportive than spring mattresses are.
Spring mattressesThere are different types of springs, such as Bonnell springs and pocket springs.Bonnell springs are lighter and pocket springs offer better support.Pocket-sprung mattresses are heavier and mattresses with Bonnell springs tend to sag over time.
Hybrid mattressesHybrid mattresses are a combination of springs and foam layers.
Offers a combination of the support of the springs and the comfort of the foam.
Hybrid mattresses are often more expensive and can be heavier depending on the thickness of the springs.


While the weight of the mattress at home isn't really relevant, unless you need to manoeuvre it regularly, the weight of a caravan mattress can be really important. One of the biggest expenses when it comes to caravanning is the gas cost and the heavier the vehicle the larger the consumption. Caravans tend to be minimalistic for a reason so make sure your mattress doesn't cost you extra each time you want to go for a drive.

All-foam mattresses tend to be thinner and lighter than mattresses that include normal sized pocket springs and still provide decent support while being comfortably cradling. Some hybrid mattresses include a layer of very small springs which can be a good way to keep the weight down but make sure that these springs actually fulfil a purpose and aren't just added to be able to call the mattress a hybrid.

Mattresses that have a layer of connected coils, such as Bonnell springs, are usually lightweight but are usually not great at providing pressure relief to the sleeper. These mattresses also tend to sag much quicker than mattresses with individually pocketed springs do.

A heavy mattress can increase fuel consumption

Your Preferred Sleeping Position

Just like with any mattress, you should think about how you like to sleep as this could affect which caravan mattress you should buy. Ensuring a correct spinal alignment is crucial to maintain a healthy back and neck in order to avoid future problems and this all comes down to how well your mattress adapts to your sleeping position.

Some positions, such as side sleeping, requires the mattress to "give" a bit in order to allow for our hips and shoulders to sink a little deeper into the mattress than the rest of our body to maintain the spine's natural curvation. Other positions, like back-sleeping, and more so, front-sleeping requires a slightly firmer mattress to provide the necessary support to our lower back and stomachs for the same reason.

Take a minute to consider how you sleep for the bigger part of your nights and then check out some mattresses that are suitable to your preferred sleeping position. Remember that there are no exact rules here, your personal preference also comes into play, but generally speaking, this is the firmness rating recommended for each of the three most common sleeping positions:

Side sleeper on caravan mattress

Fabrics And Materials

Sleeping comfortably doesn't only depend on the firmness and the type of mattress that we choose. Selecting good materials can save you from itchy nights and from waking up with a runny nose. If you're prone to allergies or asthmatic it's even more important that you look for hypoallergenic materials that are anti-bacterial and resistant to dust mites, especially in an environment that is more likely to attract some road dust than your home.

Latex is a natural material that is often present in mattresses and could be a good option for those suffering from allergies. Latex mattresses are often more breathable than other types of foam mattresses and can be suitable for those who tend to overheat at night. Latex is also often the main ingredient in sustainable mattresses thanks to the amount of carbon dioxide that is absorbed by the rubber trees from which the latex is sourced.

Did you know?
There were 9,26 million caravan holiday trips taken in England in 2019.

Final Considerations When Buying A Caravan Mattress

Buying a mattress for your caravan or motorhome is not too different from buying one from your home but some of the considerations become more important than others. Once you've found a caravan mattress that ticks most of the boxes that we've covered so far you're pretty much good to go, but there are a few last things to keep in mind.

Check the price of your desired mattress and try to stay within your budget. If you decide to go over it, make sure it's for a valid reason such as cleaner materials or a more suitable type of mattress for your aching back. Always compare a few mattresses that you like and see if they offer any guarantees. This is usually a good sign that it's a high-quality mattress that will last you for years.

Finally, have a look at what other customers say about the brand you're looking to buy from as customer reviews often cover smaller details that can be important for you to know before making your purchase. If it all seems correct, you should be all set to go on your next trip.

Ready for your next caravan adventure

Frequently Asked Questions

How to clean caravan mattress?

Make sure to air out your caravan mattress regularly and using a vacuum cleaner to get rid of hair, dust and other smaller particles on the surface of the mattress. For more thorough cleaning and to remove different types of stains, read our guide on how to clean a mattress.

What is the best caravan mattress?

The best caravan mattress is one that fits the size of your caravan and that isn't too heavy. It should also be as similar to your bed at home as possible in terms of firmness, materials and type of mattress in order for you to sleep comfortably in your home away from home.

How much does a caravan mattress cost?

Good caravan mattresses usually cost between a few hundred pounds up to around one thousand pounds, depending on the size, material, brand etc.

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