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Best Bed Frames 2022


Written by Lauren

Last Updated: 17th January, 2022

A bed frame can be a worthwhile investment as it can often take centre stage in the bedroom. For this reason, it's handy to know all the different features and options before making a purchase. Bed frames can come in various materials, designs and constructions, so there should be plenty to choose from.

To help you make a decision, here is a diverse list of recommended bed frames that have all received positive reviews and feedback. We have also included information on the different types of bed frames and the various features you can consider.

(Important Facts, Studies, Advice, Considerations & FAQs In Conclusion)

Emma Signature BedFabric200 Nights
10 Years
Woodstock Wooden Low Rise Bed FrameWoodenNA Nights
1 Year
Aurora Side Lift Ottoman Bed Frame Fabric NA Nights
20 Years
Westbrook Metal Bed FrameMetalNA Nights
1 Year
Mission White Storage BedWoodenNA Nights
NA Years
Berlin Black Leather Ottoman Storage Bed LeatherNA Nights
5 Years
Prices are referring to the single or smallest size. Information may be subject to change, please check with the brand/manufacturer before purchasing.

1. Emma Signature Bed Frame

Emma Signature Bed Frame
(Image credit: Emma)
• Scandinavian design
• Padded edges
• 200-night trial
• Those looking for durability
• People seeking an easy-to-assemble bed
• Individuals who value breathability

The Signature Bed by Emma is a popular choice for those seeking a fabric bed frame. Customers have praised the bed frame for being comfortable and easy to assemble. Upon purchasing the Signature Bed, you should receive a 10-year warranty and a 200 night trial period so you can test the bed frame at home.

The Signature Bed has been constructed with wooden slats to provide sturdy support and pressure distribution. The plywood slats also encourage airflow as the air is able to pass through the spaces. The bed frame has also been upholstered with premium fabrics and a tufted headboard, which helps to give it a minimalist Scandinavian design. In addition, the Signature Bed is complete with padded edges, so you don't need to worry about walking into any sharp corners.

When you purchase the Signature Bed, you will receive free delivery straight to your door. Emma states that the bed is easy to assemble and arrives in three boxes. There is also a detailed instruction booklet, and Emma claims it should take 30-40 minutes to complete with a friend.

2. Woodstock Wooden Low Rise Bed Frame

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Woodstock Wooden Low Rise Bed Frame
(Image credit: Dreams)
• Horizontal wooden slats
• Free delivery
• UK Fire Safety Regulation certified
• People who prefer a wooden bed frame
• Individuals seeking a sturdy base
• Those wanting to recycle their old furniture

The Woodstock Bed Frame uses a wooden construction to create a solid and sturdy base. Upon purchasing, you should receive free delivery and the option to recycle your old furniture. You can also have your bed assembled for you by an expert delivery team at an extra cost.

The bed frame, available at Dreams, has been built with horizontal wooden slats to provide solid support. The slats are made from solid ash and ash veneer; however, you can upgrade to spring slats if you're looking for extra comfort. In terms of design, you can choose from ash wood or white, as well as choosing from three different sizes.

The Woodstock Bed Frame has received hundreds of 5-star reviews and has been praised for quality, design and value for money. Customers have also stated that the bed was easy to assemble with excellent delivery service. It's also worth noting that the bed frame subscribes to BS7177 and has passed UK Fire Safety Regulations.

3. Aurora Side Lift Ottoman Bed Frame

Aurora Side Lift Ottoman Bed Frame
(Image credit: Furniture Village)
• Side-lift storage feature
• Buttoned headboard
• 20-year structural guarantee
• Individuals with a bigger budget
• People seeking extra storage
• Those ¡who prefer a choice of colours

Furniture Village offers the Aurora Side Lift Ottoman Bed Frame, which is part of their Aurora collection. The bed frame comes in three colours and fabrics; brushed velvet silver, velvet smoke and wool grey. You can also purchase the bed frame in three different sizes, ranging from double to super king.

One of the main features of the ottoman bed frame is the side lift, which can be opened on either side of the bed and allows for plenty of storage. To support the storage space, it has been underpinned with metal bars so you can place heavy items under the bed. The Aurora bed frame has been designed to appear elegant and luxurious, with a scroll-end at the foot of the bed and a buttoned headboard. Moreover, there is metallic studding at the lower edge of the bed and turned dark wood feet.

Regarding the delivery, you have the option to upgrade to Premier delivery service, where someone can help you to assemble the bed. Furniture Village promises a lowest price guarantee on their products and also offers a 20-year structural warranty.

4. Westbrook Metal Bed Frame

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Up to 60% OFF selected items | T&Cs apply. Show Less
Westbrook Metal Bed Frame
(Image credit: Dreams)
• Choice of solid or sprung slats
• Rounded edges
• 1-year guarantee
• People who prefer a metal bed frame
• Those who want assembly assistance
• Individuals seeking value for money

The Westbrook Metal Bed Frame is available to purchase at Dreams and comes with either solid slats or sprung slats. The bed has received hundreds of positive reviews, with customers highlighting the product's quality, design, and value.

As previously mentioned, when you purchase the Westbrook Metal Bed Frame, you have the option to get spring or solid slats. Spring slats can offer more cushioning and comfort, whereas solid slats tend to be more sturdy and supportive. To provide further support, the bed frame also comes with a centre support leg to help keep the mattress lifted. In addition, the Westbrook Bed Frame has been completed with rounded edges and clean-cut lines.

Dreams state that both the single and double bed should take approximately 45 minutes to build with two people. Alternatively, you can pay extra to have the delivery team assemble the bed frame on your behalf.

5. Mission White Storage Bed Frame

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Mission White Storage Bed
(Image credit: Dunelm)
• Storage drawers
• High slatted headboard
• White painted finish
• Children and guests
• Those seeking air circulation
• People looking for a single bed

The Mission White Storage Bed from Dunelm is a traditional single bed with added storage. The dimensions are 80cm x 100cm x 196cm, which could make it a good option for a children's bed or a spare guest bed.

The bed frame has been constructed to be durable, with a solid slatted base that gives the frame sturdy support. In addition, the slats also offer breathability as they allow for air to circulate around the mattress. The Storage Bed also comes with three drawers, which can be placed on either side of the bed to suit your preferences. The drawers allow for extra storage space and bedroom organisation. As well as the drawers, the bed frame also comes with a high slatted headboard and white painted finish.

On the Dunelm website, you can access customer reviews to see what others thought of the bed frame. Positive reviews state that the instructions were clear and easy to follow while assembling. Others have commented on the excellent quality and the good amount of space in the storage area.

6. Berlin Leather Ottoman Storage Bed Frame

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Berlin Black Leather Ottoman Storage Bed
(Image credit: Happy Beds)
• Faux leather upholstery
• Line-stitch decoration
• Gas-piston storage function
• Those on a budget
• People who prefer spring slats
• Individuals seeking a luxury design

The Leather Ottoman Storage Bed is a traditional box bed frame with faux leather upholstery. Trusted customers have noted that the bed frame is sturdy with spacious storage, as well as being good value for money.

A key feature of this bed frame is the faux leather upholstery, which is available in brown or black. The upholstery was intended to offer luxury and elegance while being economically friendly. The design also features a tall headboard, line-stitch decoration and square edges. In addition to the design elements, the bed frame also used spring slats, which can offer both support and bounce to all body types and sleeping positions. Whatsmore, there is also a large under-bed storage area that can be easily accessed with the gas-piston function.

Upon delivery, you should receive the bed frame flat-packed and ready to assemble. It's worth noting that some customers pointed out that the instructions are a little challenging to follow, so it's recommended to take your time or get some extra help.

Bed Frame Types 

There is a wide variety of bed frames available across the UK, and many consists of different materials, features and purposes. In order to find the right bed frame for your preferences, here is a list of some of the most popular bedframes to help you make the right choice. 

bed frames
  • Wooden: These types of bed frames are often made from a variety of different wood, such as pine, beech, oak, mahogany and ash. Pine is a popular option for wooden bed frames as it is easily shaped, whereas maple tends to be more durable.
  • Metal: Bed frames made from metal typically use materials such as steel, brass or iron. Metal bed frames can come in a range of appealing designs and are known for being very durable, which makes them a good choice for heavier mattresses. 
  • Box Spring: A box spring bed frame consists of a solid platform for durability with springs inside, which can offer added bounce. The platform is typically made from wood and is a good option for those who prefer a firmer feel. 
  • Storage Bed: If you’re looking to save space or organise the bedroom, a storage bed could be a handy solution. Storage beds are often made from wood and can contain pull-out drawers. Alternatively, some bed frames will have under-bed storage which can be accessed by lifting the upper frame. 
  • Adjustable: An adjustable bed frame allows you to alter the structure of the bed frame to suit your preferences. This typically involves raising the head of the bed to create an incline. This could be beneficial for those with health issues of people who enjoy sitting upright in bed.

Bed Slats Explained 

When browsing for bed frames, you’ll likely see many references towards slats, which are a standard feature found in many bed frames. Slats are essentially horizontal planks of wood that reach from one side of the bed frame to the other. Slatted beds help to support the mattress and keep everything in place. 

wooden slats

Sprung slats are designed to bend under pressure and can benefit those who prefer more sinkage and cushioning while sleeping. The downside to sprung slats is that they may be more likely to dip over time. Alternatively, solid slats are much more rigid and provide a sturdy base with added durability. Despite this, the firmness of the solid slats may not be ideal for soft mattresses as it could damage the mattress by creating ridges. 

Metal Vs Wooden Bed Frames 

While there are many different types of bed frames, wooden and metal are consistently popular choices. As always, everyone has their personal preferences; however, there are some differences worth noting that could help you decide between the two options.

○ Metal bed frames can come in a variety of designs due to being able to weld the metal into a variety of shapes.▢ While wooden beds may not offer as much diversity regarding design, they are easily customisable and can be painted, stained or distressed easily. 
○ If metal bed frames are not fitted correctly, it can cause metal on metal rubbing, which can lead to a squeaking sound. This could be prevented by tightening any loose bolts.▢ Wooden beds are often cumbersome, and while this can make them more sturdy, it may be more challenging to move them around when cleaning or changing rooms.
○ Metal bed frames are typically very durable and do not require much maintenance. For this reason, they can last up to 15 years.▢ It’s true that wooden beds can be very durable and sturdy; however, they may not be as long-lasting as metal beds. You can expect a wooden bed to last around 7-10 years.
○ If not maintained correctly, metal beds can be prone to rust. To avoid this, try adding a thin layer of paint and make sure the frame doesn’t get damp or wet. ▢ Due to the small gaps and spaces found in wooden beds, they may attract bed bugs and other insects. To combat this, you can purchase special sprays to help eliminate any unwanted pests.

Not so fun fact!
A study✓ into 16 apartments struggling with bed bugs, found that on average, 60% of bed bugs were found in box springs and 4% in the bed frame. In addition, 22% were found in the mattress and 13% in sofas and chairs.

Bed Frame Considerations

A bed frame can be just as important as purchasing the mattress as it can affect the firmness and feel of the surface. In addition, the materials, construction and size of the frame can also impact the overall appearance, so considering these various factors can prove beneficial.

bed frame considerations
  1. Materials: The materials used can affect the structure and design of the bed frame. Popular materials include metal, wood or plastic, while bed frames can also be upholstered with different fabrics. 
  2. Construction: Bed frames are often constructed with slats, platforms and box springs. The construction can effect the firmness, durability and feel of the bed frame. Solid slats tend to be firmer, whereas sprung slats and box springs may add some extra bounce. 
  3. Design: There is a wide range of bed frame designs that should be suitable for your personal preferences. Many metal bed frames can have both a modern or vintage design, whereas wooden frames with visible slats can appear more traditional. 
  4. Size: Bed frames can come in a variety of sizes, ranging from single to super king. It’s important to check the dimensions before purchasing to make sure it aligns with your mattress. 
  5. Storage: Many bed frames feature under-bed storage to help save space. The storage compartments are often accessed through drawers or by lifting the upper bed frame upwards. 
  6. Price: The cost of a bed frame can vary depending on the brand, construction and materials. Typically, for a single size, bed frames tend to range from £200 - £800. 
  7. Warranty: To help protect your purchase over time, many bed frames comes with a warranty period. These warranty periods can often range from 1 - 10 years and can cover any damages or malfunctions. It’s worth checking the terms and conditions surrounding the guarantee periods.

Eco-Friendly Bed Frames 

Amongst all the headlines surrounding the 2021 Olympics, the cardboard beds provided for the athletes were particularly subject to rumours and speculation. While many claimed the beds were designed to be anti-sex, it turns out that the cardboard construction was due to environmental reasons. The surprisingly sturdy beds were designed to be eco-friendly and would be recycled into paper products after use. It was also noted that all Olympic beds and bedding were made almost entirely from renewable materials. 

eco friendly bed frames

If you’re looking for an eco-friendly bed, a cardboard construction may be a stretch; however, there are plenty of wooden bed frames available. It’s worth looking out for materials that have been sustainably sourced or made from repurposed or recycled materials.

You can also be aware of different certifications which confirm that the bed materials have been ethically and sustainably sourced. This includes the Timber Trade Federation, which follows a strict Sustainability Code of Practice to help protect the environment. Additionally, there is also the Forest Stewardship Council certification which prioritises sustainable forest management. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How to build a bed frame?

If you want to make your own bed frame, there are plenty of video tutorials and step-by-step instructions on building a wooden bed frame online. 

Before building, you will need to consider the dimensions and type of wood carefully. After planning and measuring, you need to construct the headboard, footboard and slats, which can be fixed with interlocking joints of screws.

How to attach a headboard to a bed frame?

This can depend on the type of headboard and bed frame. However, it is possible to attach a headboard by drilling holes into the top of the frame, then inserting the headboard legs into the holes. You can tighten and attach using nuts and bolts.

How to paint a wooden bed frame?

Firstly, you need to make sure the frame is clean and sanded to give it a smooth surface. You can then apply the primer and wait until dry before applying the paint.

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