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Best Bamboo Pillow 2021

Last Updated: July 5, 2021

Your pillow is a very important part of your night’s rest. It is a key part of supporting your neck and ensuring that your spine is properly aligned as you sleep. While we all have our preferences when it comes to our pillow softness, but some people pay little attention to the material of that the pillows are made from.

Pick a good quality material for your pillow, and it will help you to have a much more restful night’s sleep. Bamboo is an excellent choice here, as bamboo is naturally flexible and comfortable, giving you great head and neck support. It can easily adjust to your body’s needs to look after you. The product will properly support your head and align your spine in a neutral position. It is a great option for those who want to sleep on their back, front, or sides. No matter how you choose to sleep, a bamboo pillow can support you.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the best bamboo pillows currently on the market that you could choose to invest in, so you can find the perfect one to give you a comfortable night's sleep (Important Considerations in Conclusion).

PandaLuxury Bamboo PillowMemory foam30 Nights
10 Years
SupportibackBamboo PillowAdjustable memory foam100 Nights
5 Years
Martian MadeLuxury Bamboo PillowAdjustable memory foamNA Nights
5 Years
TminnovSoft PillowDown feather alternativeNA Nights
NA Years
Mastery MartBamboo PillowAdjustable memory foamNA Nights
NA Years
SilentnightBamboo PillowPolyesterNA Nights
2 Years
Prices are referring to the smallest size. Information may be subject to change, please check with the brand/manufacturer before purchasing.

1. Panda Memory Foam Bamboo Pillow

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panda bamboo pillow
(Image credit: Panda)

Panda has created many beautiful duvets and other bedding, and they have created this luxury bamboo pillow product to support your neck and help aid in a restful night.

With over 2500 reviews, it is clear that this product is a favourite amongst many customers. When buying directly this memory foam bamboo pillow from Panda, you will get a discount on the number of pillows that you buy. You will also get a soft bamboo pillowcase for each pillow, which is perfect for those who want an all-in-one solution.

Panda’s memory foam bamboo pillow comes with a 30-night sleep trial. You obviously need to thoroughly test it out to find out if it is the right one for you, so they have given you a straight month to see if it will make a difference to your sleep quality. This product also comes with free delivery and returns, and a 10-year guarantee to help you look after it.

A great reason to choose a memory foam bamboo pillow like this one is that it is naturally antibacterial. This can help to protect its user against allergies and skin irritation. If you suffer from issues caused by dust mites or eczema, switching to the Panda Pillow could help you out. Bamboo is also a highly breathable material which keeps the air in the Panda Pillow is moving. This helps to keep things feeling fresh.

This bamboo pillow from Panda is made from three layers of super soft material to make it comfortable for your head. The core part of this is the visco memory foam. This is often recommended by doctors and orthopaedic experts for perfect support (make sure to check with a specialist if you have any medical issues). This is a bamboo pillow that will help support your neck and back no matter how you sleep.

2. Supportiback Bamboo Pillow

supportiback derived bamboo pillow
(Image credit: Supportiback)

An affordable yet premium option is the Winner Premium Loft Pillow. Those who want the benefit of a bamboo pillow without paying a premium price for the material should take advantage of this deal. Ordering through Amazon like this means that you get the benefit of secure transactions and delivery. However, if this pillow is not for you, you just have to contact the selling company for a full refund. You get a 100-night check to ensure that this is the right pillow for you. On top of this, you will get a 5-year guarantee.

One of the most interesting features of this pillow is its adjustable insides. Everyone has a different preference when it comes to selecting a pillow. Some prefer one that is firmer, while others like one that is softer. You can access the inside of the pillow to get at the memory foam fill used here. This will allow you to change the inside to meet your ideal preferences, thus allowing you to get a higher quality of sleep at night.

This pillow has undergone a lot of testing to ensure that it is safe for use. The team who made it sent it to a third-party lab and made sure it is CertiPUR and GREENGUARD Gold certified! This helps to guarantee that it is safe to use and that it is free from toxic chemicals that we could have an adverse reaction to.

If all of this wasn’t enough, you also get a free eBook. A bad night’s sleep and back pain often go hand in hand, so the creators of this pillow have thrown in their Back Pain cure eBook to help you get to the bottom of your uneasy night’s sleep.

3. Martian Made Bamboo Pillow

martin made luxury bamboo pillow
(Image credit: Martian Made)

A great option for those who want a soft-to-the-touch yet supportive pillow is the Martian Dreams. This measures 75x48cm to ensure that it fits inside many of the standard pillowcases you could purchase on the market. This means that you can still use all of your favourite bedding without having to worry about the pillowcases bursting at the seams to keep the pillow inside.

The Martian Dreams pillow uses a 280GSM fabric on the outside. This is what gives it its ultrasoft and incredibly smooth feeling. On the inside, you will find 100% bamboo rayon. This gives the pillow its strength and comfort, in addition to contributing to the breathability of the pillow overall.

Bamboo fibre is a great choice for pillows because it has natural moisture-wicking properties. Any heat that you give off in the night will encounter a cooling effect from the combination of the bamboo and the memory foam core. You do not have to worry about a sweaty head in the night, and the natural anti-bacterial properties of the bamboo mean that things will stay cleaner and fresher for longer.

You can adjust the inside of the pillow to your own preference in terms of firmness. Some people prefer their pillows to be quite soft, whereas others might want one a lot harder. The big advantage of many bamboo pillows like the ones from Martian Drams is that they are filled with shredded visco memory foam. This allows you to pull out the foam if needed to help you create the pillow that is just right for you.

4. Tminnov Bamboo Pillow

tminnov soft bamboo pillow
(Image credit: Tminnov)

Ever gone on holiday to a hotel and wanted to steal the bedding for your own room at home? Tminnov offers you the chance to get a bit of hotel luxury at an affordable price with their bamboo pillows. As you get two in the pack, you are getting a real bargain and you might not have to purchase any extra – depending on how many pillows you choose to sleep with.

These have over 450 ratings on Amazon. Buying them through Amazon means that you can have a guaranteed secure transaction and a delivery that is easy to arrange at your convenience.

They are very soft pillows but they still manage to be very supportive. No matter what position you like to sleep in, you should find your head and neck properly supported to allow for spinal alignment and a good night’s sleep.

The pillowcase is made from 25% bamboo and 75% polyester. Mixing these two together creates a blend of fabrics that is much softer and kinder to the skin than cotton. Inside the pillow is a down feather alternative. This is what makes these pillows so soft to the touch. These materials are all hypoallergenic, so they should be a great option for anybody who suffers from allergies and wants to find a pillow that could help with this issue. What’s more, the cover is machine washable. You will need to remove the insides, but the cover can easily be removed and thrown in the washing machine to get clean once more.

If you want a little bit of luxury in your life and pillows fit a boutique hotel, the pillows from Tminnov should definitely be a small investment you should think about making.

5. Mastery Mart Memory Foam Bamboo Pillow

mastery mart shredded memory foam pillow
(Image credit: Mastery Mart)

For those who want a pillow that has a plethora of extra features, the Mastery Mart shredded memory foam pillow is an excellent choice. This is available in two sizes. The Queen size measures 50x75cm while the King size is 50x90cm. Make sure you have pillowcases to fit when you order.

This memory foam pillow can be purchased through Amazon for an affordable price. It has collected over 350 ratings so far, so you can be certain that it is a pillow that many others of your fellow consumers have enjoyed. Should the pillow not be to your preference, you can get a full refund.

If you are not sure whether you prefer a softer or firmer pillow, this is going to be a great choice for you. It is filled with a shredded visco elastic foam that you can add or remove as you prefer. This allows you to change up the memory foam pillow as you need to meet your own tastes. You will then always have the perfect pillow on hand!

This foam is certified by Certi-PUR, OEKO-TEX, RoHS, and SGS. This means that it is free from chemicals that could disrupt your night’s sleep. It is free from allergens that could seek to disrupt your night’s sleep. Throw in the bamboo pillowcase, and you have a hypoallergenic pillow that should help you to get the high levels of rest that you need.

Choosing a pillow with memory foam like this means that your head will always be perfectly supported. This pillow can aid in a restful night’s sleep regardless of whether you sleep on your back, your front, or in any other position.

6. Silentnight Bamboo Pillow

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silentnight bamboo pillow
(Image credit: Silentnight)

Silentnight have brought out many products over the years to help people achieve a restful night’s sleep. It is therefore unsurprising to find that they also offer a bamboo support pillow. The Silentnight Bamboo pillow measures in at 74x48cm, so it should fit inside your existing pillowcases with little issue.

It comes with a 2-year guarantee from the manufacturer but you hopefully won’t need to use it. One of the big advantages of using bamboo is that it is incredibly durable. It should be able to hold up to wash after wash and still look as good as new. Though you can’t wash the core in the washing machine, you will be able to wash the cover.

On the inside, this pillow is packed with a 100% recycled polyester hollow fibre fill material. This fill material is made from recycled plastic bottles. If you like to think a little more carefully about where you buy your products from, this is definitely going to be a choice you should consider. With its affordable price and greener origins, it is an ideal option for those who want a high-quality product without having to compromise on their personal buying preferences.

Comfort is also incredibly important when choosing a pillow. This option from Silentnight is naturally hypoallergenic, so anyone who suffers from allergies should have no issues using this type of pillow. On top of this, bamboo pillows are more naturally breathable than others. The air circulation in them is much better, so if you find that you overheat often then investing in a bamboo pillow like Silentnight’s could be a great option for you.


Anyone who is a little unsure as to what firmness of pillow they like should definitely consider investing in a bamboo one soon. These are designed to be incredibly comfortable on your neck, comfortable and support your body, they're breathable and are soft to the touch. However. Should you choose one with a shredded memory foam core, you will be able to adjust it so it is either firmer or softer depending on your preferences. This is an added level of comfort that many dream of, and it can really help you in your quest for the perfect night’s sleep.

For those who struggle with overheating, it can’t be denied that the breathability of bamboo will help air circulate. This can help you stay fresher at night, in addition to helping with the regulation of your body. Throw in these pillows’ ability to cradle your neck and spine, and you can be certain that they will help you achieve a high-quality night’s sleep. With so many bamboo pillows offering a more affordable alternative to other types of luxury pillow, they are well worth your consideration and your investment.


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